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February 7, 2016

Sex Ed Is Useless to Louie Gohmert

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert has his doubts about sex education.

Like, sex-education-runs-contrary-to-Natural-Law-and-is-an-instrument-akin-to-the-Soviet-Union-taking-children-away sort of doubts.

On Monday, in an interview with conservative podcast “Wallbuilders Live” — first widely publicized by the blog “Right Wing Watch” of the liberal think tank People for the American Way — Gohmert told the radio hosts that “mankind has existed for a pretty long time without anyone ever having to give a sex-ed lesson to anybody.”

“And now we feel like, ‘Oh gosh, people are too stupid unless we force them to sit and listen to instructions,'” Gohmert said. “It is just incredible.”

Gohmert was on the conservative radio program to discuss “the current system of indoctrination that is occurring in American education,” according to a program summary provided by Wallbuilders Live.

“Let the kids be innocent,” Gohmert implored. “Let them dream. Let them play. Let them enjoy their early life. You don’t have to force this sexuality stuff into their lives at such a point. It was never intended to be that way.”

Gohmert said the sex education system reminds him “so much” of the Soviet Union in the ’70s, when “if any parent said anything in front of their children negative about the wonderful Soviet Union, then we will take their children away and give them to somebody more deserving.

“And we know how well that worked out,” Gohmert said.

The Texas Repubican also said that sex education is contrary to natural law; parents, he said, should be involved in sex education. “That’s a law of nature. Alan Keyes was just talking about it this weekend when we were together. That is such an important part of nature and yet that is the very thing that some of these liberals want to take away.”

Sex education has been taught in U.S. schools since the early 1900s, and became part of the curriculum to stop the spread of venereal diseases.

  • ajr86

    I don’t understand why the editor is all bent out of shape with Gohmert speaking the truth. Sex ed classes of today don’t teach abstinence and sexual morality, rather if it feels good then do it- here’s a condom.

    • Angella Patches Wessel

      really it was all pretty technical when I took it, and yes they did discuss condoms and other forms of birth control…no one that was in that class with me got preggy so I’d say it was pretty effective!

    • lightningbug54

      i think you missed sex ed….

    • Renee Reinhardt

      We wouldn’t have a problem if it was the truth and not willful ignorance. That is not what is taught. They are taught if they are going to do this against the suggestion to wait, then they need to be aware of all the things that can go wrong- especially Aids. So let’s not teach our young adults to be careful, but trust a willful ignorant parent to do what medical and teaching staff does and be attentive to the reality of not pretending the child may hide their activity and needs from the parent? Or not ask questions they might of a trained professional instead of being too embarassed to say they need more info or know how to ask for clarity? How about if the child is rebuked and threatened for needing to know any information? Trust that this could never happen and abuse doesn’t happen to these children either… wow- fantasy land thinking. ~ R. R. ` RN, LMP, CR III

      • hepette

        babies having babies.then they want to do away with planned parenthood. why are repubs always so focused on a woman’s reproductive system??>???

    • LawGeekNYC

      I don’t know what you went though, ajr, but that wasn’t sex ed. maybe it was a creepy teacher hitting on you.

      Now try finding out what sex ed actually teaches, and base your opinion on facts instead of straw men.

  • LawGeekNYC

    Yes, by all means. Let’s go back to the time when people died at much higher rates from treatable venereal diseases, when women were raped because they didn’t know what sex was, and when girls had panic attacks because they didn’t know why they were bleeding. Just because we did something in the past doesn’t mean it worked. Anyone who thinks the past was some mythical paradise instead of a nasty, brutish, and short existence needs to take a history class.

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