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February 13, 2016

Steve King: Speaker Never Apologized for ‘Indelicate’ Insult

Rep. Steve King

House Republicans had some tough discussions at their annual retreat this week, but at least one thing was left unsaid: “Sorry.”

Rep. Steve King said Speaker John A. Boehner has not apologized for reportedly calling him an “asshole” while speaking with Democratic members, despite the fact the two Republicans spent the past three days together in Cambridge, Md., discussing policy at the GOP’s House Conference retreat.

King said he does not doubt the speaker made the remark for one simple reason: “The speaker didn’t deny it,” he said.

“We have not had that discussion. I don’t expect we will,” the Iowa Republican said when Roll Call asked whether there has been an apology. “That’s decorum on the floor of the House that shouldn’t have happened.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, wrote about the remark in an article he penned for Texas Monthly magazine. It apparently came in response to King’s comment that some DREAMers are drug smugglers with “calves the size of cantaloupes,” a remark Boehner denounced.

“Another Texas Democrat and I were standing a few feet away, and as the speaker passed us we thanked him for denouncing King’s offensive comments. He slowed his stride and then paused to turn toward us. ‘What an asshole,’ he said. My thoughts exactly, Mr. Speaker,” Castro wrote.

“I expect the press and the public will hold folks accountable who use that indelicate language,” King said.

A Boehner spokesman declined to comment.

  • Raylusk

    Steve King is exactly what Boehner called him. Real republicans need to go on the offensive against these tea party idiots who are destroying the ability to govern through their no compromise stance. Push them out of the party before they completely destroy it.

    • grey_ghost1

      Spoken as a true DIMocrat…

      • Neal Atkins

        No compromise stance??? What about the pResident ? NO negotiations on budget, borrowing, Fast & Furious or anything else. The prog/socialists think “compromise” is them ALWAYS getting what they want. To hell with them. We’ll see if enough of the people that get handouts show up to vote for more “free” stuff.

  • wrigney

    Its a genetic abnormality.

  • 1Prop

    Never apologize for the telling the truth.

  • bruce b

    That’s one thing that Boehner got right.

  • Ryan

    I don’t believe Rep. King ever apologized to the entirety of Latinos and Hispanic Americans for the comment he made that PROMPTED Boehner to call him that. To demand an apology from Boehner without offering any kind of retraction to the statement he made himself is akin to King actually asking Boehner to sign on to those same comments – comments which are directly, irrefutably racist.

  • spbigger

    What is there to apologize for ?

  • ThyOracle

    If anyone deserves indelicacy, it is King.

  • pitch1934

    Truth is truth. Truth needs no apology.

  • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

    Agreed. Steve King is not an a**h****.

    Steve King is a gaping rectal orifice, a chasm of Grand Canyon-like proportions.

  • DrGeneNelson

    While Rep. Steve King likely employed hyperbole when describing Mexican drug smuggler’s calves, that is not an excuse for House Speaker Boehner using such coarse language. Boehner’s lack of an apology is consistent with the Speaker’s paymasters likely pressure to attempt to discredit Rep. Steve King, who is pursuing U.S. immigration policies that serve the national interest, not narrow special interests. Projecting from the Sunlight Foundation’s 2013 analysis, the interests desiring further liberalization of the already-generous U.S. immigration policies have expended about $2,000,000,000.00 ($2 billion) just on (ahem) “lobbying.”

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Many things we rely on today, such as antibiotics and software, were developed by people who could only take the chance that others might find their products useful.

  • Plow Comms

    Even though the concepts of cultural evolution & biological evolution share some similarities, there are critical differences between them.


    Pot calling kettle black. Boehner needs to apologize to all Americans for breathing.

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