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February 10, 2016

Unemployment Extension Fight: Democrats Share Sad Stories to Pressure GOP

Hoyer hugs Maryland man Kevin McCarthy during a press conference about extending unemployment insurance benefits. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Hoyer hugs a Maryland man during a news conference about extending unemployment insurance benefits. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Democrats brought seven unemployed people to the Capitol steps Tuesday to tell their stories in a deeply emotional — and deeply political — news conference designed to paint Republicans as heartless for not allowing a vote on an extension of emergency unemployment insurance benefits.

The people hosted by the Democrats — hailing from Baltimore to Lorraine, Ohio — one-by-one told their story about losing their jobs and about applying for work hundreds of times, only to not hear back. They described watching their unemployment benefits, benefits they need to pay their mortgages and make ends meet, disappear.

“You have no idea how soul crushing it is to have your daughter tell you she’s a burden,” one unemployed man, Kevin McCarthy of Boonsboro, Md., said from the lectern in tears.

Lettice Brown, from Fort Washington, Md., worked as a geographic information systems technician with a contractor for the Census Bureau for six years. She was happy and she loved her work.

Less than two weeks after moving in with her boyfriend, and one week after her 30th birthday, Brown was laid off along with half of her office, after the contractor had to cut back under budget pressure from the sequester.

“I have never been unemployed before, and believe me, if you haven’t been unemployed, you have no idea what it’s like,” Brown said.

She lost her unemployment insurance in March, and without the federal aid, she’s going into credit card debt to keep up with rent and car payments — with no end in sight.

Helene Laurusavage from Sanatoga, Pa., told her story of being laid off last spring from her longtime job as an environmental health and safety officer when her company was outsourced. Despite a competitive résumé — Laurusavage has years of experience, a degree in physics and is an Air Force veteran — she can’t find work. She gets calls back, but she hasn’t landed a job, even though she has sent out 229 applications for specific job postings and has had 26 interviews. Her unemployment benefits ran out at the end of December, at the same time Congress allowed the program to expire.

“I was appalled at the time to see your attempts to renew federal jobless aid callously dismissed and rejected,” Laurusavage said.

The lawmakers themselves focused on theatrics related to where the event was staged, after an earlier spat with Republicans transformed the affair from a hearing into an outdoor news conference.

“We invited you to a room in the Rayburn building,”Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said. “This morning, the Republican majority told us that, for the purpose of talking about unemployment insurance extension, we no longer had access to the room. Perhaps they thought we would cancel the meeting. Instead we have taken to the steps of the Capitol.”

Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md., said there was a room available for the unemployed Americans to come to the Capitol — “their Capitol!” he shouted — and tell their story.

“They cut us off,” Hoyer said. “They tried to silence the voices of those who are in deep pain because of Republican failure, because of Republicans ignoring the pain of so many people in America.”

Laurusavage said from the lectern that the Senate’s bipartisan passage of a short-term extension was a ray of hope, but that her hope has diminished as House Republicans oppose the legislation and refuse to take up the bill.

Pelosi said Tuesday that “the votes are there” to pass the Senate’s extension.

Democrats continue to hammer Republicans on the issue. And, if the spat over meeting rooms is any indicator, neither side seems to be speaking the other’s language.

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  • Gary Donofrio

    Now the house refuses to hear testimony from the long term unemployed?!! I will never respond to this issue again. The uncaring representatives-present nothing for the people. It is written US government is a government “for the people by the people”….what happened? The House especially with Boehner should transfer to govern Russia. Boehner go on recess for the next 5 decades and everyone in hardship turmoil can get what they deserve, which is HELP!!

  • DHFabian

    Amazing. America got exactly what they said they wanted — before they changed their minds (when their own tails were on the line). Remember when Bill Clinton wiped out welfare (i.e., former cash aid, General Assistance and AFDC? Gone since 1996.) Clinton said that there “is NO excuse” for long term joblessness, and America agreed. He said that ANY aid allowed must be strictly time-limited, to “serve as an incentive to get up every morning and find a job.” America cheered! Welfare WAS extended UI — far lower benefits than UI, but usually enough to keep people fed and sheltered. This generation insisted that aiding people “created a culture of dependency.” We have to live with the rules we chose.

    • cindy

      President Clinton passed a bill against ‘dead beat dads’, who until then were able to get away without providing for their children. among other laws he passed. True their was no excuse for long term joblessness – back in 1996. Times have changed. Back in 1996 one went on a job interview, was hired right then and there, or not. You started work asap. Today it takes an average of 4 months to go through phone interviews – person to person interviews, just to hear in most cases the job went to another candidate, because their are 100+ indivduals going for the same job. In 1996 one could knock on doors, today you need to have the internet to apply for jobs, and that costs money – if your lucky enough to score an interview in person you need transit fare or a car filled with gas, which cost money. The fact that there is month long cycles before a hiring manager gets to your resume, means the unemployed need benefits longer then 6 months. This is the job hiring process system. There are also other obstacles for ‘older’ applicants. I never thought I was ‘too old’ at 47 to not get the job, and yet I have been told in 2 seperate interviews, not that I was not the best person for the job, but the department is ‘very young’ and I was not seen as a goog fit because of that. What else could be the real reasons of not getting a job, the wrong color, the wrong sex, the wrong ‘look’. Too heavy, too slim, crooked teeth?? It is not as far fetched as you think. I think the decision of not extending benefits because it makes people lazy is an excuse not backed by facts. I made a salary 3 times more a week than what unemployment gives me, and excellent health benefits. What I am grateful for, and what unemployment gave me was enough to pay for food for my family, utility bills and doctor car, and the ability to go on the internet research and apply for jobs. Now that being taken away, I had no heat all winter, I could not take blood pressure medication, my car is being taken away and I cannot make the rent. There are many of my peers that are in this same position or worse. Government needs to stop making excuses, stop fighting with one another, view these problems, understand them and solve the issues.

      • Arrest Obama

        Yes and imprisoning ‘deadbeats’ is the equivalent of debtors prisons.

        People who cannot see their kids shouldn’t be forced to pay, most noncustodial parents nowadays are forced to relinquish their parental rights.

        My ex is the father and a noncustodial parents and the only time I got to see my kid was when CPS took her from him. I applied to the court for custody to get her, i’m the mother and he legally kidnapped her and gave up rights to my oldest who is now in a residential treatment facility (Autism) and probably wouldn’t need such extreme treatment if my ex (her kidnapper) was prosecuted.

        I paid my child support and the Attorney General sent it all back. Now I can file him in contempt – but I have to comb Texas to find him again, and he is a horrible man who beat me and cheated on me constantly and has a Dishonorable Discharge from the US Army for having affairs with members of MS13.

    • Arrest Obama

      Welfare only lasts the average family 6-9 months then it cuts off.

      Also it has been cut since Obama took office.

      He is a socialist who believes the government should distribute to the peasants as he sees fit.

      Stop pretending the food stamp rolls don’t decrease because of sanctions and people exhausting welfare or having records and not being able to get any welfare.

      Welfare is a temporary safety net and if the numbers keep increasing it is because we now have a huge, uncounted underclass of homeless people who cannot get food stamps who are the MS13 and Talibans big trafficking pool. Welfare sheds people off its rolls and lets face it the rolls are higher than before the recession and Obama is good at two things: Fabricating and lying.

      These things will affect everyone, regardless because they aren’t having access to sanitation and are not counted or considered employable by the elite. That needs to stop.

      Everyone is employable to some degree.

  • Derfallbright

    The poor and unemployed have been a challenge to societies throughout time. There is always the question in all societies of how to deal with those who can not help themselves vs. the person that is too lazy to help themselves.

    Society has changed to some degree in the past 50 years. In the past private charities and churches took a lead role in addressing the needs of the poor. Government to some degree pushed aside these groups, but they have never been able to fill the gap. The best thing the Government can do is to create a climate to grow the economy and create more jobs.

    • Matthew Pieri

      But it will never do that when said businesses RUN the government. Record profits, unheralded political contributions, direct access to Washington D.C., Wall Street subsidized by the Fed and stratospheric CEO pay with a bailout on top is just not quite enough. Historically low effective tax rates. Our companies have EXACTLY the economy they want…jobs and workers just do not matter. Do you still believe mindlessly in capitalism, or do you like your cows with cancer and TB cause regulations are bad? Go ahead America, neither party is great, but go ahead, vote in the Republicans in November and let them destroy and disassemble this great nation more for the big special interest corporations who plight our Earth.

      • Jim T.

        Amen Brother….It’s like the fox watching the hen house….and everyone believes it’s not really a fox.

        Capitalism was meant to thrive in an honest environment….not in a price-gouging one. Also, government prospers from taxes of astronomical prices,- so are they going to fight to bring greedy prices down? Doubt it….They haven’t done it so far…..

        The term Capitalism has been used too long to disguise the thievery that goes on to destroy the working people.

        • Arrest Obama

          And Socialist Venezuela is an improvement?

          Our economy is not capitalist, it is partially subsidized and socialist under Obama.

          You couldn’t blame Capitalism under Bush or Clinton because people had jobs.

          US >USSA

      • Scott

        Will our society be lucky enough to see justice for all that has been done to screw this country?

    • richcreamerybutter

      I’m not sure why some people believe that private charity should take precedence over government-based help. Is this because private organizations are denied the paternal satisfaction of taking credit?

      In any case, the government won’t discriminate. Private charities can deny help for any reason, especially in the case of religious organizations:

    • Scott

      You’re full of so much garbage I’m surprised you can get up and walk. The LARGEST wellfare recipients are the1 percent. They get more free money than all of us combined. Don’t get it twisted. It takes a fraction of that money to help the needy, but most of the fake money goes to the corporations. Corporations are the biggest financial leeches the world has ever seen or known. Get this and get this straight.

    • Arrest Obama

      Don’t expect Islam or Obama to feed the poor.

  • Matthew Pieri

    We need to figure out what corporations are his (Boehner’s) biggest contributors and tell them we will boycott their goods and services.

    • Oni Mtz

      Good idea.

    • cindy

      The shame is government cannot play nice and put their own personal gains above the needs of the American people. When republicans wanted to extend unemployment benefits, democrates fought against it, now generally democrates want benefits extnded and the house is running away from the issue and will not even bring it to a vote. Min wage increase is dead too, thanks to the house. The House wants to increase jobs but have not a clue on how to do this. Due to lower wages offered by corporations that are hiring, children are living at home much longer, foreclosure is at all time high along with car repos and students unable to pay off their loans. Default default default, and the House will blame that are lazy americans. The poor working class and low middle class suffer from so much stress and hardship while government goes on long vacation breaks — who is lazy???

      • Arrest Obama

        Your leader is the bad apple, the house cannot do much with an inept, corrupt Commander in Chief.

        • Truthbetold1

          Normally I wouldn’t even bother replying to an
          uneducated troll such as yourself. However I have read all of your comments and it is obvious you have not a clue as to what is really going on.
          The President (regardless of party) does not control
          the house or the senate.
          You must have missed that day of school in the 4th grade
          when most of us learned the branches of government and their roles.
          Secondly Mr. Obama did not cause this problem.
          He has done very little to help the situation but he did not cause it.
          Third Mr. Boehner has the ability to bring possible relief to the millions that are suffering including trolls like you
          by bring the BILL to the floor for a vote.
          He refuses to do so of his own accord and not because
          the President told him not to.
          I agree that Mr. Obama has disappeared on the subject
          and could probably put more pressure on congress
          to vote but he cannot force them into it.
          Finally most large companies in this country are reaping the benefits of huge tax breaks (whether left or right leaning) and none of them are complaining.
          There is no simple solution for what ails this country
          but ignorant people such as yourself are a good reason
          why we will continue in a downward spiral.

          • Capo Chino


          • Truthbetold1

            Capo Chino,
            Did you leave the caps lock on by accident or are you yelling at me?
            You have know clue what my political affiliation is and proved my point that ignorance is rampant on these forums.
            Cute name btw.

            Have another Budweiser and leave the discussion
            to the adults that are not blinded by rage and party

          • Murphy Louviere

            English 101 would help you!!!

          • Kevin Yates

            Again, you troll…. hmmmmm

          • spamblaster

            I agree that Obama is a weak president at best. He did not cause this problem, Wall Street greed did, and we half to pay the price. He could go after the banksters but stopped the FBI from doing their job. I know this from personal experience. Not taking care of victims of this contrived economic meltdown is sadistic. While we give billions to countries all over the world to promote our tainted democratic government. So what is the answer? Unemployed need money to find work. I had to retire early and am better off than most, but I loved my work and would have continued if I could find work. I am looking at other avenues of interest as a form of income, but most don’t have this either. Let us stop the bickering and find a resolution. Stopping the bickering and boot Boehner out of a job. He needs a wake up call.

          • Kevin Yates

            Truthbetold, you need to wise up. You are calling a someone a troll and yet, what comes from your retort?

          • Truthbetold1

            I admit I should have just ignored the comments.
            It is frustrating that people are so bent on hating and blaming the president for everything.
            Mr. Obama did not cause what is ailing this country
            nor did Mr. Bush before him.
            (they both did very little to stop or fix the problem)
            It has been happening for decades and both parties are to blame.
            Its frustrating that someone who obviously doesn’t understand basic civics posts ignorant replies to every post they don’t agree with because they are blinded by plain old hate and add absolutely nothing to what the real issue is.
            The fact is REAL AMERICANS are suffering and they are not all LIBERALS. There are numerous REPUBLICANS suffering as well.
            For all the extremist Right Wingers on all these forums to claim that this is a Democratic/ Liberal problem is false logic.
            This isn’t about being Republican/ Democrat

            It’s is about real American Families suffering because
            our elected officials have refused to do there jobs properly for decades and the wasteful spending both parties are guilty of during those decades.
            So Yes I went TROLL out of frustration.
            Do I apologize for my reaction to these fine people?
            The simple answer is no.
            Why can they post all the ignorant hate filled rants they want and not be held accountable for their ignorance toward the simple civics most of us learned in grade school.
            Both the Senate and The Legislature are to blame.
            They write policy not the President.
            As far as wising up I have.
            It is useless to have productive conversions with those lacking the mental facilities to do so.
            So I bid all you Trolls and non Trolls a Happy Friday.

          • Les Jemme

            I think you miss something here. Obumnuts is the damn reason for the LAY OFFS in the first place. His shady Obummercare is trash, and companies can NOT afford the healthcare idiot.

        • rostraw

          I am so sick of hearing this bull shet, It’s because of Obama I have healthcare insurance 2 years before I qualify for social security @$$ wipe and it’s because of reflublicans I’m still unemployed by killing the jobs bills he has tried to pass butt face

          • StillWatching2

            Oh are you one of the Wall Street bankers he provides money to? Perhaps your green energy company went under and he can’t get you another bailout just yet? If you thinnk “reflublicans” are killing his “jobs bills” you may not have any real business experience either…

        • blame obama


      • since1791

        All that with a Democrat president and senate. 2008 to 2010 they had a lock on house, senate, and presidency.

        Unemployment benefits are just an extension of welfare. The real question is why there are no jobs. Right now 84 million working people are pulling the wagon with 147 million people in it. Could it be the EPA going on a regulation binge? For those without critical thinking kills, regulations equals more costs for companies already over regulated.

        Obama’s energy policy is really helping the poor he claims to care so much about. When he took office the national average for gasoline was $1.82 a gallon. Can you remember the last time it was under $3.00? Federal permits for drilling on government land are constantly held up and denied. Almost all of the oil and gas production is on private land. The Keystone XL Pipeline is being held up by a billionaire Democrat donor. He thinks he can save the planet by destroying the American coal industry. The Democrat Party is his accomplice in that effort. Never mind the fact that he is investing in Chinese coal. See, he’s only saving the western hemisphere of the planet.
        I love it when you spout off about the minimum wage. The only reason we are hearing about it now is because of the staggering loss of jobs and terrible economy caused by this regime. When government gets out of the way, job prospects are greatly increased. Raising the minimum wage in a poor economy only makes things worse. If the effort to raise it is successful, you can look forward to major price increases on just about everything minimum wage workers produce.

        • Your name

          You’re an idiot! Please lose your house and car and see how fast your on the street!

          • Kevin Yates

            No, you’re an idiot.

        • erick

          To answer your question-Why are there no jobs? Because the top income earners invest their surplus income overseas where it creates foreign manufacturing jobs. If the senate would have passed S 1549 the “Bring Jobs Home Act of 2012″, then companies would have been encouraged to move their manufacturing back to the USA. The U.S. chamber of commerce and the republicans opposed this bill, so it did not pass in the senate. If the “Inclusive Prosperity Act of 2013″–HR 1579 passes, then small businesses and working Americans will receive tax relief. To answer your question–When was gasoline under $3.00 per gallon? I was working in the oil refineries in 2002 and I paid $1.80 to fill up my company truck in the refinery. The production cost of a gallon of gasoline is 27 cents per gallon. The CEO’s of the oil companies decided to price gouge the public an extra dollar a gallon and then use it to buy their own company stock back on the stock market. That was because the CEO bonus is tied to stock performance. If we would nationalize the oil industry, then you could buy gasoline for under $2.00 per gallon.

          • Lil gma

            We need to stop out sourcing our jobs to other countries, hire the unemployed into the Senate, Congress, and especially get rid of JOHN BOEHNER HE IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE…HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN BROTHER OF AMERICANS. THE GREAT DECEIVER. A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. OVER PAID. INHUMANE. HEARTLESS. DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR FAMILY STARVES. HE IS PURE EVIL.


            Spoken like a true Democrat. ‘Working Americans’ already receive ‘tax relief’ – 47% receive their FICA taxes back in the form of a refund each now, since Bush was President. Some receive more than they paid in due to Earned Income Tax Credits. I am a small business owner with seven full time employees. The only real help we receive as far as taxes are concerned is the Section 179 expense deduction, that alows us to immdiately deduct the entire amount of our captial expenditures in the year they were made. Obama’s Health Insurance Tax credit is a sham – it only provides a $1000 credit, and is limited to companies that pay employees under a certain amount, and only if the employees pay a share of the premium. We pay 100% of the premium for our employees on our insurance, so we don’t qualify! How is that for relief?

            Finally, energy prices are determined by the market, are were back in 2002 when you filled up your company truck for $1.80 at the refinery. The CEO does not determine the cost of gasoline. We do not need to nationalize the energy sector – Hugo Chavez did that, and he ran Venezuela into the ground. I can guarantee that will happen here as well: demorats like you with apparently no business sense will end up raising prices. We need to do two things: one, encourage more production in North America to eliminate he need for foreign oil altogether. Second, we need to establish a North American Commodity Market that only sells oil and refined products, that is drive solely by supply and demand, not Market Makers determining the price in their own little bubble based on ‘fears’ of an uprising or interruption of oil supplies in the Middle East.

      • Murphy Louviere

        Get rid of the dems and we will prosper!!! They will lose the senate in 2014!!! Bye! Bye!

        • cynthia

          we will really be in trouble then

    • Jerome

      Koch Brothers.. Oil, Paper products. They need the XL pipeline so they can move their Canadian Oil to the Gulf of US and on to EU. In the long run it would be cheaper and more profitable for them..

    • rollipolliolli

      I think “We” aint doing jack sh.

      • Rolexjobrani

        You are being ignored you worthless troll! Get the message and piss of you rancid rolling polli

    • Arrest Obama

      I’d rather boycott the dem owned corps committing wage theft/payroll fraud who get SNAP subsidies and make it impossible for small business to compete.

      Democrats are too black and white and lie too much. The word of a liberal is worthless..

      • Matthew Pieri

        I’d rather boycott the Rep owned corps committing wage theft/payroll fraud who get SNAP subsidies and make it impossible for small business to compete. Not to mention record profits, unheralded political contributions, direct access to Washington D.C., Wall Street subsidized by the Fed and stratospheric CEO pay with a bailout on top is just not quite enough. Do you still believe mindlessly in capitalism, or do you like your cows with cancer and TB cause regulations are bad? Go ahead America, neither party is great, but go ahead, vote in the Republicans in November and let them destroy and disassemble this great nation more for the big special interest corporations who plight our Earth.

        Think of it this way, Republican policy is to kill people in foreign lands and keep them from prospering so we can burn sunlight in the form of oil from 200 million years ago. Republican owned corporations frack our backyards, pollute our rivers and flatten our mountain tops for barrels of oil for electricity when we could get more than we could ever use for free from the sky.

        You are just a mindless 8th grade educated mindless Christian afraid of progress and the potential within every human, not just your nit picked white ones.

        • Donald Wade

          You have totally memorized your DNC provide talking points, Mathew. Do your slave masters give you a gold star for that?

          • Matthew Pieri

            You have no comprehension. I have no love for either party but point out that under Republican policies we won’t last as long as a species. See you have mastered your Rush Limbaugh parrot style attack.

        • StillWatching2

          So why haven’t you STARTED a solar company if it is so EASY and CHEAP and SACRED? Think – if it was THAT CHEAP the oil companies would be selling ELECTRICITY they got for free for the current RATE! ook what they have done with oil…

          • Matthew Pieri

            You are clueless. Look what Iceland is doing with geothermal. If they develop it further they could save Scandinavia and Northern and Western Europe from the Russian gas station. Tool.

          • StillWatching2

            Let me get this straight – you WATCH all this “stuff” like Finland’s geothermal, and when I suggest you get involved to save the planet (and money!) – YOU think I am CLUELESS? Too funny..Glad SOMEONE is keeping you inactive…You probably aren’t a good tool anyway!

      • cynthia

        I think you got that wrong republicans would sell all of us down the river to protect their rich buddies.If anybody should be boycotted its them

        • Donald Wade

          Explain why poor people keep voting for Democrats and we just keep getting more poor people. Coincidence, I think not.

          • cynthia

            You are right your not thinging…

          • Lil gma

            Because of the INHUMANE like John Boehner

      • cynthia

        Besides the republicans cannot tell and would not tell the truth if it slapped them in the face

      • Frank

        Reply to Arrest Obama.- I have read your posts on this board. I believe in freedom of speech. Another point of view is always welcome but you should research and backup some of the things you are claiming. I know for instance, SNAP has a very low percentage of fraud and the amount of fraud regarding SNAP has dropped over the last twenty years. Bush left office with an unemployment rate of 6.7 percent and the start of the recession. In any case I don’t think either President can be held totally responsible for the decline in the economy. But the fact is that under Bush congress extended unemployment. Congress should be allowed to vote on the extension but Boehner is using it to stick it to Obama. FYI I voted for both George W and his father. You have the internet at your fingertips, do a little research.

        • IMPACT1

          Frank – when the recession hit in 2008 it was found out the former NJ Governor Corzine, a democrat of the worse kind, had stuck both his hands into the funds reserved for emergency unemployment in that state. The critical unemployment benefits money was…. Gone.

          The State of NJ had to sell it’s soul to the ‘Federal Government and borrow the much needed money from them to fund and to support the unemployed in NJ. Unemployment is a taxpayer/employer funded benefit program, a ‘true entitlement’ since the taxpayer worked and paid into the fund, as well as the employers, all through their working years.
          This Governor went on to make several more and ever increasing money loss ‘blunders’ but, of course got a pass.

          Corzine,a democrat of the worse kind, left the good citizens of NJ and it’s new Governor at the mercy of the Federal Government. It is a disgrace on any public official (s) who feel they have ‘the right’ to betray the public trust in such a reckless manner.

          • Frank

            Impact1- Everything you said about Corzine is true. He bought his way into office. Before the election he would walk into bars, restaurants and union halls buying everyone in the place drinks. He was also investigated after the election when the brokerage firm, MF Global which he was the chief of the firm. I think he skated on that one too.
            New Jersey is a tough place to live. With one of the highest, if not the highest property taxes in the nation. And that is with state income tax, lottery, and gambling. And we still have a 800 million dollar deficit and high unemployment.

    • cynthia

      Good ideal but that s.o.b. has more money than god. It would not bother him one bit

    • Annie Rose

      The only thing they understand is how much….

    • Matthew Pieri
      • Donald Wade

        I see you got your Harry Reid provided talking points. Nice job, parrot. When did you have your last ORIGINAL thought? Was that before you became a brain dead partisan for “your” team?

      • StillWatching2

        You are talking hypnotically about the KoCHH Brothers ! You must be RAISING Money! Where do I DONATE to stop the eViL kOCh Brothherss.???

    • Francie
    • erick

      Join the boycott on the Koch brothers companies. See

  • Frank

    The Republican party tried to stuff a sock in the mouths of the unemployed who came to tell their story instead of food.

    • Arrest Obama

      Its your vote that brought Obama who won’t even acknowledge the unemployed exist.

      Why do you ignore this and blame Boehner every time?

      • Michael Mlyniec

        I think most rational people blame ALL government officials in Legislation, Executive and Judicial branches together. For you to just completely ignore facts and make it seem as only Obama is the bad guy, they are all evil, greedy, manipulative bastards that need to be given the boot and hanged. We are your fellow WORKING countrymen who had gotten laid off who can’t find jobs, stop arguing against us, and unite. This is exactly what they all want.

    • Lil gma

      Of course they did they didn’t want to hear the TRUTH.

  • Emily Armijo

    I have a daughter who has a college degree and her job got outsourced. At the age of 63 with both my husband and I working we have had to take on her bills so that she doesn’t go under financially. We were just keeping our own heads above water. I personally, would love to find out who Boehner’s contributors are and what business he is invested in I would boycott in a minute. Don’t these people realize they are not only hurting the people collecting the unemployment but others in their family as well.

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    I am an aged out 61-year old bookkeeper who qualified for Tier 1 extension just before BOEHNER lowered the boom. We’ve all read stories as we’re trying to keep up on what’s happening on the other coast (I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area).

    The first story I read from a fellow long-term unemployed person was in the online Stanford Daily on February 17 (Compassionate Conservatism). The name the poster used was “hopeless.” Not stated whether the writer was a man or woman.

    “hopeless” ‘s story was that life had gone downhill so quickly that they were ready to take the final step — a running car in an enclosed garage.

    I always wonder if “hopeless” took that final step. I’m sure BOEHNER doesn’t give a crap.

    I am heartened to see California’s Nancy Pelosi speak up and drive the point home that 3.5 million people (not to mention their children if they have them) are being buried just a little deeper each time BOEHNER bats down any attempt to reinstate the Unemployment Insurance Extension.

    I am sending snail mail and e-mails to Nancy’s office to thank her for her outspokenness and courage and urging her to see what she can do about getting mainstream media exposure about our plight. We are the invisible Americans — 3.5 million of us. That’s a lot of people, not to mention we are 3.5 MILLION VOTERS!

    • Frank

      It is obvious Shizue that the Republican party wants to squash any media attention. Pulling the plug on over three million Americans is not news worthy? Maybe the BBC news would be interested in this story?

  • toil fields

    I think for at least clarity reasons, The U.S. should rename the House of Representatives, to the House of Corporate Vetted Pawns.

  • Thomas Wise

    No story about this unemployment fiasco I liked better than reading Obama threatening to veto the tax credit for corporations bill…paybacks a B they say…

  • singer9

    thank you for keeping us up to date. all i can say is HELP! HELP! HELP!

  • jh443

    Boehner is right – a five month extension is pointless…. so they might as well start work on a 12 month extension instead.

    • Disappointed In California

      a 5 month extension would help millions, it’s better then nothing… but at this point so many have lost everything…

      • DHFabian

        Then what? Just keep extending it? That’s far too expensive. People say, “I paid for it!” How far would most people get if all they could get back in UI was the amount they paid in, like a savings account?

        • Disappointed In California

          Far to expensive? Was sending a billion to the Ukraine too expensive? How about the tax extenders they’re talking about with no offset for them? Why was it fair to extend it for 99 weeks before under a Republican president but not now? And not ok to extend it for less then half that time? This isn’t about then what… this is about helping millions NOW!

        • Disappointed In California

          This isn’t about a then what… it’s about HELP NOW!

        • jh443

          I paid into the system for 40 years, and haven’t received even 10% of what I put into it. I realize it’s not a savings account, but it is supposed to be a safety net. What good is a safety net that disappears when you need it most?

    • Arrest Obama

      At this point I might be able to do some things but then I will be income less unless I find a job.

  • DJMiles

    John Boehner says he’s willing to Compromise on extending unemployment! Obama says he will not negotiate….Who seems at fault here?

    • Disappointed In California

      The KeyStone Pipeline is not a compromise.

      • DJMiles

        Senate is voting on keystone this week

        • Disappointed In California

          It won’t pass.

    • Arrest Obama

      True I am tired of party pandering, Obama has tied Boehners handstoo many times.

      Boehner should not allow Obama to scapegoat him or those of us who support Boehner.

      Obama only cares if Democrats are employed who voted him in. Thats it.

      • DHFabian

        That’s… a unique perspective. I think if you did some research via mainstream sites, you would see a complex and quite 9interesting situation where Boehnner is struggling to keep the TParty fanatics from destroying the Republican Party completely.

    • DHFabian

      Boehner & Co., who have been managing budgets by blackmail for years. Democrats have handed over one thing after another, ultimately wiping out poverty relief (welfare aid), job skills training for the poor, targeting disability, schools, etc. Since Reagan, Dems have compromised-away their souls, and got virtually nothing in return. Republicans have been going for single-party govt for years. The line has to be draw.

  • PortageMain

    anecdotes ≠ data

  • JoblessMom

    How come we don’t help our own people !!! Boehner is a disgrace he lives a very nice life … He needs to go!!

  • davidglenncox

    I’m sorry, I’m a life long Democrat, but I don’t believe them anymore. Both parties are corporate and will use us for headlines to bolster their good guy image, in the end, they’ll talk and do nothing. The problem with Capitol punishment is we don’t use it at the Capitol.

    • Michael Mlyniec

      Couldn’t have said it better myself sir.

    • DHFabian

      Yes, this happened by the end of the 1980s. A couple of legitimate traditional (FDR/LBJ) Dem candidates came along, but voters choose what they choose.

  • Tim


  • Tim


    • rollipolliolli

      your kidding right?!
      you cant be that bland minded?
      Mr. Bohner is a very powerful man…

      • DHFabian

        Some people do have a strange knee-jerk reaction to tobacco smoke, never quite “getting” that it’s far less harmful than exposure to traffic fumes (which put soot and oil particles in your lungs with every breath).

      • Lil gma

        Evil is not power

        • rollipolliolli

          You must be living in a dream world..
          It’s clear to me and many others that currently Mr. Bohner is the most powerful person in direct relation to the Emergency Unemployment issue….

          It isn’t Obama or the U.N.
          It isn’t you or me..

          • Lil gma

            You must be stupid if you can’t see the poverty this power tripping man is causing. Me living in a dream world because I’m speaking the truth? You must be one of those rich people who have everything they need. Do you have the necessities of life such as toilet paper, heat, lights a car?? Tell me what you mean about living in a dream world???

          • rollipolliolli

            so wait is Evil power or not?
            cause on this planet evil seems to win more.

          • Lil gma


          • rollipolliolli

            that’s nice, but I thought we were talking about a human being named John…
            A human who seems to be very powerful, not even the president can bend his will!!

          • Lil gma

            He is an EVIL MAN POSING AS A HUMAN BEING.. Humans do not act like he does he acts as if he was special and he is a joke. Possibly the devil in disguise

          • rollipolliolli

            shouldn’t we blame ourselves though?
            in a democracy isn’t everything supposed to be fair and that’s what voting is for? The people hold the power?
            How did we get here in the first place?!

            Democracy isn’t everything its cracked up to be :D
            Took a couple hundred years for people to realize that though?!?
            Boy our guns must be big LOL!

            Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t right that part of the solution to better the economy and job problem was to push many able bodied American citizens who have worked hard for decades out of the job market to make room for the young in’s entering the job market with massive debt’s brought on by a lot of fruitless schooling.

            I guess the gov’t foresees Sally Mae not being repaid as a bigger problem then a buncha’ bout to retire old folks, who are on the verge of never adding anything to the economy ever again.

            It’s sad but it’s true.
            Looking to the future who would you invest in?
            A group of tired older people on their last leg who will be retiring soon vs. a group of fresh young naïve malleable minds, with bodies full of energy?

            With that mindset the gov’t doesn’t feel the need or any urgency over helping those who lost benefits Dec 28th.

            IF…..and only IF somehow this Gov’t passes a bill that includes reinstating some form of extended emergency unemployment, IT WILL NOT INCLUDE BACKPAYMENTS to any who lost their benefits already.
            That includes anyone From Dec 28 2013, until the day such a bill would pass.

            IF and only IF such a bill is to pass, it will only apply to people still currently collecting their initial 26 weeks of State Unemployment.

            If this is not clear enough, WE HAVE BEEN LONG FORGOTTEN!!
            We were made to think this fight was about us, but NO! that was just the “show you care” arc.
            We are now moving in to the “ok boy’s lets actually do something here!” arc..
            But don’t be confused by the fancy title, we already had our chance and at the end of May it is all over for us.

            Not that the current Unemployment Bill sitting under Boner’s assistants trash can has any hope to make it out from under the assistant’s trash can, all the way to the bottom of Boner’s own trash can :D
            We can hope though :)

            Think of this though.
            Every single person with any form of power in the US government will die one day!!
            They’re all old anyways, it shouldn’t take long.. I don’t know why they like to hire old white dudes so much.. But the thing is we all die one day!! they’re just up first :D

            So there is hope for a United States of America unlike the America of today.
            An America in control by the people, not this select group of whites so far disconnected from the reality that makes America what it is, A big fu___ng mixture of it all!!

            Yet you look to the power in charge and all you see is a single shade of color, the absence of color.

            They ain’t gone help cause it cost money.
            I guess they haven’t realized that everything cost money, helping your own people cost money, the same way ya’ll send money all over the globe to help others.

          • rollipolliolli

            Well guess what the good ol’ boys are on vacation?
            Where’s your Democracy now?
            It’s not a secret that people are suffering, people of all ages, but older people especially. Strong older people.
            Where is you Democracy now?

          • Lil gma

            He should not be allowed to be in a power position if all he cares about is the rich getting richer and the poor and disabled living in poverty for he blatantly will not do anything to restore benefits to those who worked so hard all their lives. He won’t do anything for the millions losing everything they have worked so hard for. Probably wouldn’t even help one of his own family members.. He is over paid and needs to be removed from his position for he is not for the people, he wants us to starve and die and just go away. He hasn’t done a single thing to help the American people, he is greedy and only cares about himself.

          • Lil gma

            He fits the definition of EVIL

          • Lil gma


          • rollipolliolli

            well duh, too bad evil seems to be in control worldwide…

          • Lil gma

            Wow!! That’s all a bland mind has to say. Maybe you should stop watching rollipolliolli .

          • rollipolliolli

            what’s that?
            I don’t listen to the radio :/

          • Lil gma

            He is the reason so many millions of families are living in poverty, for HE REFUSES TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND BACK PAY ALL THE LONGTERM UNEMPLOYED GET SOME MONEY COMING INTO THEIR HOMES (IF THEY STILL HAVE ONE) but he doesn’t seem to care about all of us. HE WONT EVEN DISCUSS THE SITUATION HE HAS PLACED PEOPLE IN.. Yes we are discussing John…..

        • rollipolliolli

          Another bland minded citizn or Amerka!!

    • Lil gma

      Rollipolliolli thinks like a 3 year old. Which is a tv show for 3 year olds for the bland minded. He’s an idiot stop blogging with him he knows nothing about life’s hardships.

  • Deanna

    We need to put more pressure on the media too. Start flooding the lines of local stations because this situation is not getting the coverage it deserves.

  • BOB

    about time now get congress and the Prs to sign it asap

  • EagleEye

    Because none of the politicians in congress, or the house, don’t really CARE! We the unemployed are being used as POLITICAL ponds, in a Game, OF WHO WILL “CONTROL THE WORLD”… Boehner, and the Republican, are in thepocket of the 1% Elite of this country, the true “Kings”, like the already mentioned the KOCH BROTHERS/KOCH PIPELINES, of the OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY! And we the “PEASANTS” (AKA.. ALL AMERICANS), we are asking for to MUCH, when we asking for an “Increase of Minimum Wage”! How DARE WE!! So, logically, most folks, especially our Veterans, who serviced, and fought to protect our country, who are coming back from a war, fighting once again for OIL AND GAS! So these Vets, can LIVE AND SURVIVE in this country! But, now this Government and Politicians are saying to our Vets, TO BAD, YOU NEED TO JUST GO OUT FIND A WAY TO SURVIVE IN THIS COUNTRY, FIND A JOB! …. And the only thing the Democrats and the President have in response to all this injustice.. Obama is threaten to VETO THE BIG CORPORATION TAX CREDITS! AGAIN, BIG CORP BEING BIG PART MADE UP OF THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY!… Check it OUT FOLKS, because of yesterday’s, breaking new on climate change, the 1% Elite,which includes of course the Oil and Gas industry KOCH BROTHER, like already mentioned. They are also very angry, because they took a HUGE SHOT yesterday, from tbis newly released 800 page Report on the Climate Change, Stating “CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, and its all due to HUMAN CONSUMPTION, of Fossil FUELS, OIL AND GAS!! And the impact on our CLIMATE is GETTING WORST! This report I heard, alone has a 150 page summary. Its one in a serious of reports, dating back to 2000, this report, was 4 years in the making….WOW! YES IT IS saying, OK IT IS OFFICIAL… “CLIMATE CHANGE IS HAPPEN NOW.. ITS REAL, ITS UPON US, AS WE SPEAK!!!l….. GEEZZEEE WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! …. OK, SO WHAT NEXT, YOU ASK?? …We NEED TO BUCK UP AND FACE REALITY FOLKS, I BELIEVE!! BECAUSE, PEOPLE , WE ARE NOW TALKING ABOUT “ALL” HUMAN SURVIVAL PERIOD!! ITS NOT JUST ABOUT US EITHER…THE UNEMPLOYED, verse the EMPLOYED, who the 1% keep controlling the MEDIA TOO TO SAY… “OH the UNEMPLOYED ARE JUST LAZY!… If they wanted a JOB THEY WOULD GO OUT AND FIND ONE!!! OR IT’S NOT ABOUT how the Government is supposed to be taking care of us! And WHY ARE THEY TAKING CARE of ANOTHER COUNTRY PROBLEMS, instead of TAKING CARE OF US! …. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE WE NEED TO WAKE UP TO THE FACTS!!! ITS TRUE… WHENEVER, or WHOEVER has NOW DECIDED WHO WILL BE CONTROLLING THIS WORLD… ITS NOW GOING TO BE UP TO HOW, AND WHO WILL BE CONTROLS THE CLIMATE NOW! And thats A FACT PEOPLE!! AND ITS DEFINITELY IS HAPPENING NOW!!! ITS CALLED BIO ENGINEERING!! And THEY are saying if they DECIDE to STOP MESSING WITH WHAT THE UNIVERSE CREATED, our WEATHER PATTERNS, AS WE HUMANS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR DECADES!! WE MESSED WITH MOTHER NATURE! BUT NOW WE are facing immediate dangers, especially the Folks in COUNTRIES, AND STATES with SEVERE DROUGHTS, and WILD FIRE! Like, here in the States, all the states ranging from right above Colorado, across and down to California! Seriously FOLKS in all those states, if I were you, I would be thinking about a major EXODUS, Right about NOW! Cause come this summer, We will ALL need to Watching OUT! According to this report in warming months, over the next 10 to 20 years, droughts, and wild fires will wipe out states and countries… And after all this devastation, from all the CATASTROPHIC STORMS, Again WE CAN SEE THEY ARE HAPPENING NOW! There could very well be VERY LITTLE LEFT, if ANYTHING LEFT!!! YOU HEAR THAT? WE MIGHT NOT HAVE ANYTHING LEFT TO TAKE CARE, OR PROTECT, PEOPLE!!! OK so this reports, states CLIMATE CHANGE IS ALREADY OUT of CONTROL! THUS THOSE PEOPLE WHO CONTROL THE WEATHER WILL CONTROL THE WORLD! I BELIEVE We need to start TALKING ABOUT “ALL OF MAN KIND SURVIVAL NOW”!!! ….WE NEED TO START FIGURING OUT HOW “WE ALL” WILL SURVIVE THESE WEATHER CONDITIONS!!! AND WHO IS GOING TO CONTROL AND HOW THEY WILL CONTROL IT…. And ITS ALL MAKING SENSE TO ME!! …. Seriously, the Americans created the BABY BOOM THING, FOR A REASON RIGHT?… YUP, IT WAS A RESULT OF WORLD WAR II …THE BIG WORLD WAR…THE BIG FIGHT TO STOP ONE COUNTRY, FROM TRYING TO TAKING OVER, AND RULING THE WORLD!! AND ALL THE MAJOR RESOURCES LIKE OIL AND GAS!! OK Back to the subject, BOEHNER IS JUST THE MONTH PIECE OF THE 1% ELITE, like the KOCH BROHTERS/OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY!! WE MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, IN THE BIG SCHEME OF THINGS, IN THIS WORLD!! SORRY FOLKS I AM JUST STATING FACTS!!! SO, I PROPOSE WE ALL START LEARNING TO LOVE EACH OTHER! ITS ALL I GOT LEFT TO SAY ABOUT THIS WHAT I CALL A “WHOLE SORTED AFFAIR” THIS THING CALLED LIFE!!!!

    • DHFabian

      At the risk of sounding mean, you should have figured out that the rich care about the middle class the way the middle class cares about the poor. There are only so many jobs available, so only so many workers are needed. We chose the policies we have today (back when we thought they would harm only the poor.)

  • Millie Stevens

    This story affects millions of Americans yet nothing on any of the network news about this. Very strange….

    • DHFabian

      No, there’s only so much that can be said. Apparently, the more recently jobless are only now waking up to what has been going on for so long. We’re living with the consequences of an agenda begun (with the support of the middle class) back with Reagan. Years of massive tax cuts/handouts to corporations have continued to be used to build factories and offices outside the US, shipping our jobs out. The jobs are gone. Again, this has been ongoing for years. As a matter of policy supported by the middle class, one is given a sort of grace period following job loss (unemployment insurance), and they are expected to use this time to get a job, any job. After that, you’re on your own.

      • 1234heythere5

    • Mike

      I agree, the sad thing about all of this is so many American are effected, we as a nation cannot come up with a plan of action, jobs bill, immigration, you name it we can do it!! I am so tired of party’s affiliations, we are one nation under God. Yet as men and women we cannot for one moment think of the countless families. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • tparty patriot

    I have been a significant contributor to the Conservative, Republican factions in the past. I am now considered long-term unemployed. After watching both parties dither away at this issue with their lame arguments while, at the same time, sending new $Millions overseas to answer every political crisis, I will NEVER contribute one cent to these people again.

    I am sick and tired of Boehner and company’s cat fighting. They come in with a loud roar and end up finishing with a whimper on nearly every issue; all the while trying to convince us that they’re fighting for us.

    This is like loving strawberry ice cream and being able to buy only vanilla or chocolate.

    It’s time to replace them all or to insert a new party responsible to the people and not government/corporations.

    • JayMS

      same boat here. I supported many of these candidates and am sickened that our government wastes all the money they do but can’t extend unemployment. If our govt. has money to send overseas, they sure as heck can help those of us who are long-term unemployed.

      • DHFabian

        For how long? Welfare aid WAS extended UI, providing a fraction of the income provided by UI, but enough to get by until the job market improved. A good many people already lost their UI, and any chance of getting back in the job market, out of deep poverty (you can’t get a job once you no longer have a home address, phone, bus fare.) We chose these conditions.

        • 1234heythere5

          While i gave you a 1 up I don’t understand what you mean by “We chose these conditions’

    • DHFabian

      We tore the safety net out from under some of our least employable, people with significant barriers to employment — the ill, illiterate, those experiencing family crises, etc. We said there “is no excuse” even for those with significant disadvantages not to find a job. Those who are “long-term unemployed” need to (as Clinton stated) “get up every morning and find a job.” Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Any job is a good job. Etc.

      • 1234heythere5

        well said.

    • 1234heythere5

      The laws are made by the rich for the rich.

  • rollipolliolli

    cant believe this issue is still being talked about so much….
    for what??!
    no extension is going to be allowed by house.. I mean its already may….
    there isn’t anything to talk about or report on… there hasn’t been for months.. yet everyday the same retaarrdaar “news articles” are posted and the same retaarrdaar people like me come and post the same ol’ carp…

    dissa issa ahh joke-aaa

  • Larry Reed

    We the PEOPLE need to Organize a Protest at our city hall simultaneously.If u have all 50 states march down to city hall at the same time that will bring a lot of media press to this situation.We can’t rely on these Politicians to work this out.Lets use out freedom speech and freedom of protest to out advantage.Complain on the web is not helping out all.Lets try to set something up amongst us.

    • rollipolliolli

      would be nice

      • Larry Reed

        WE can make it happen if we organize and stand together

    • DHFabian

      Call for what? Extend UI for how long? How will you know that recipients aren’t just sitting back watching TV? If roughly $100 per week welfare aid drained people of their incentive to find jobs, then clearly, extended UI is creating a culture of dependency. (Before anyone yells, “We paid for it!” remember that we, including recipients and their relatives, all paid into welfare aid as well.)

  • Cynde A

    I hope all voters remember this issue at voting time. Boehner should not be in charge of anything as he an incompetent and an uncaring individual. If he decides to run at the next election, I will put together a petition and boycott him using social media myself. I think it is ridiculous that they cannot support their fellow americans who put them in office to do just that. He should be ashamed standing there with his pompous attitude.

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    Are we just getting used to the stench of politics? Stench as in having JOHN BOEHNER as Speaker of the House who is 3rd person in line to the Presidency of the United States.

    Maybe it’s my age (61), but no one seems worried. BOEHNER runs the House like a Teflon Don — members vote his way or else no kickback. BOEHNER makes it impossible for 7 long-term unemployed citizens to tell their stories within the House and BOEHNER gets his way again.

    Bob Herbert in the New York Times in 2010 described BOEHNER as “sleazy” for the money BOEHNER circulated in the House for certain fellow members from Big Tobacco.

    The base salary for the Speaker of the House is $223,500. Yet BOEHNER managed to take home over $900,000 in 2013.

    In 1968, while the U.S. still had the draft and the Vietnam War, BOEHNER showed how he could game the system and on a medical condition. In 1968 he enlisted in the Navy. BOEHNER was honorably discharged 8 weeks later for a BAD BACK.

    In the old days, these revelations would have been grist for any good investigative reporter.

    Nowadays, it’s all press releases, and if it “doesn’t bleed,” not only will it not lead, it won’t even get a mention in mainstream news.

    I think it’s because we, all of us including reporters have become so used to the stench of politicians like JOHN BOEHNER, we just let them slide.

    In September 2013, BOEHNER was under investigation by the Federal Election Committee for misuse of campaign contributions (and matching federal funds). What happened? Doesn’t look as if there’s been any follow-up since. Maybe BOEHNER is up to his old game of paying people off or having them look the other way.

    Look the other way. Just like he has with we long-term unemployed. JOHN BOEHNER asks the news media to look the other way from the 5-month debacle he created and they agree.

    .3.5 million long-term unemployed! How did we become so invisible, so dispensable? JOHN BOEHNER found a way to “REDACT” our existence. It’s the stench. We’ve gotten used to it somehow.

    • rollipolliolli

      stench politics it is!!

    • DHFabian

      We the People got exactly what we said we wanted. Extending aid “turns the safety net into a hammock.” We need strict time limits to prod people to go out and get jobs. Any job is a good job, pull yourself up by the bootstraps (and all the other cliches we threw at the poor – those who suffered long-term unemployment before – when we wiped out welfare aid.)

      • Shizue Leigh Hicks

        UI Extension Benefits are not welfare. You have to have worked the required number of quarters and been laid off.

        You do not qualify if you caused your own termination.

  • sirsmith2cool

    Well from what it is being seen they are not just waging a business issue with are lives but a waiting call for a business issue too settle an agreement, yea boehner have some thing too do with but who’s pulling his strings too say there are millions unemployed and need a extension too get them out this rut, they have these puppetician begging the house using are stories of struggle too allow them too extenten it but who can say, but are lives are in the most saddest way a business issue that means the next person is no more than a dollar your family, wife, husband, children are all a product.

    • rollipolliolli

      John is one of the few lucky Americans who gets to smoke while at work!!!
      I think everyone here just jelly!

    • DHFabian

      Millions of these saw their UI run out some time ago. Middle classers didn’t notice, but the US has a poverty crisis.

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    Will someone please let the investigation into JOHN BOEHNER and his
    misuse of campaign funds continue unhindered? In September 2013 the
    Federal Election Committee (FEC) began an investigation about many
    “irregularities” in his campaign bookkeeping.

    Every time BOEHNER screws around and stalls around with the reinstatement of Unemployment Insurance Extensions, I think he’s doing a bit of theatrical
    MISDIRECTION so that the FEC will keep its investigative eyes from seeing what’s happened with those “irregularities.”

    “Look, I am Speaker of the House, I have 3.5 million people to starve and leave twisting in the wind. Do you mind?

    • rollipolliolli

      Honestly 3.5 million people is a small number compared to the 300+ million American citizens out there….
      As much as they downplay the issue in Washington we sure like to exaggerate.

      • Shizue Leigh Hicks

        3.5 million is approximately the population of the State of Oklahoma — practically negligible?

        By the way, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Report May 2, 2014 is where I got my total for the long-term unemployed = 3.5 million. It is Publication

        USDL-14-0701 for your reference.

        • DHFabian

          Well, the newly jobless/impoverished already have plenty of company, those who lost everything already. Government was serious when it “got tough on the jobless poor.”

          • Shizue Leigh Hicks

            I see people, mostly men, with signs standing in the median asking for change, I always wonder if they’re there because of this BOEHNER DEBACLE.

            The 3.5 million of us are so widely dispersed. Our circumstances are all different. I’m plodding along with part-time and temp jobs. Nothing steady. I keep reading these blogs because this long-term unemployed status is still me. I lost my full-time, benefited job because I aged out just about a year ago.

            My heart sank on February 17 when I read the letter from “hopeless” in the Stanford Daily. It followed an article on “Compassionate Conservatism” and UI Extension.

            Life for “hopeless” had hit bottom and suicide — a running car in an enclosed garage — was the next step.

            Every time I see JOHN BOEHNER’s smug face, all I can think about is “hopeless” and all the other long-term unemployed who had no other support to get them through this tragedy.

            JOHN BOEHNER’s orange mug makes me sick to my stomach. But, I believe in karma — Eastern and Western style (I’m half-Japanese and half-American — and I hope BOEHNER gets “his” big time and soon.

            FEC (Federal Election Committee) is taking a look at some of BOEHNER’s campaign fund irregularities. Hope they nail him.

    • DHFabian

      Check how Democrats voted on this.

    • Derfallbright

      The FEC is an agency…..they would not be impacted one way or another by Congressional action on Unemployment Insurance. If they have an issue with Congressman Boehner, they will proceed at what ever pace they would normally follow in these matters.

      However, when you have someone that is two heartbeats away from being President of the United States, I’m sure they want to make sure the have their ducks in a row before making any unfounded accusations.

      • Shizue Leigh Hicks

        As citizens, shouldn’t we remind these agencies that they work for us and nothing should be done “sub rosa” as it was in the Nixon years until somebody blew that big fat Watergate whistle?

        • Derfallbright

          I agree……in fact that is at the bottom of the point about the whole Benghazi issue. The message must be sent that it is not OK for government employees to lie to the American people. (In the case of Benghazi…’s yet to be fully determined if we are dealing with lairs or people that are just incompetent.

  • charles

    Hey guys, yall wanna hear something funny? Unemployment extension hahahahahahahahahah

  • charles

    My fellow Americans why are we lamenting? lets laugh this off, (1 )john bohner pahahahaha (2) They care about us ahahahahah (3), five months of debate buahahaha (4) intentional delays till another recess OMG ahahaha lmfdaooo
    (5) We are lazy ppl aaahahahaha (6) Unemployment extension omg this is the funniest one lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • DHFabian

    I don’t think there has been any time since WWll when the US had jobs for all who needed one, and remember, we shipped out a huge number of working class jobs since Reagan. Before Clinton ended welfare (cash aid – both General Assistance and AFDC), people whose UI ran out before they could secure jobs turned to welfare. Welfare WAS extended UI, providing far less income than UI, but usually enough to remain housed and fed until they could secure jobs (over 80% of recipients were short-term.) Clinton ended that, saying that “there is NO excuse for long-term unemployment.” America agreed. He said that any aid allowed (by any name) must be strictly time limited, to “serve as an incentive to get up every morning and find a job.” America cheered! Nothing is new. Those who are losing their UI now are simply the latest batch, no different from all those who came before them. We periodically experience economic downturns like this. This is just the first one without a safety net. Americans got what they asked for.

  • Advocate

    The participation rate is pitiful and since millions stopped looking for work the unemployment rate dropped. This is NOT a good sign. When the long-term unemployed do not have funds to pursue employment they stop looking. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this is a problem.

    Contact John Boehner and have him move the extended unemployment bill forward.

    John Boehner:
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    (#1 to leave a message #2 to speak with his assistant)

    • Lil gma

      Check out the you tube video Koch Bros-It’s the Evil thing

  • Annie Rose

    We pour money into war, greedy people on both sides with their religious and ideological differences or hallucinations. We don’t want war, nor do the people of the countries we attack. We all know this to be true. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking there’s another reason. When it comes down to taking care of our own it’s some other reason like we have to “tighten our belts”. The lobbying for favors by pouring money into politician campaigns has ruined our governmental process’. We can replace all the politicians over and over again but what remains is the lobbyist waiting to buy another politician, year after year the same people (lobbyists) end up running the country and the cycle continues. If we can’t find a way to change our election process’ we might as well pull the plug on everything.

    • Annie Rose

      Everyone donate $1 per year for elections, not allowing candidates to use any other money…$300,000,000 divided among all elected candidates who stand out and have proven their business and character ethic with honor in the local society. If you don’t meet that criterion you are not eligible. We have had convicted felons for mayors in cities, this is awful. For the $300 mil you get a listing for that office, a profile photo, and an explanation of your platform….let the people decide, then hold them accountable for who they elect. NO LOBBYISTS! Anyone caught paying money to a politician should be tried for treason…They have to pay for their own health care, transportation…just like any other working American.

  • Gar

    Doesn’t take much for them to spend billions in foreign countries but for American people who have worked for their country, we get this?

  • bigbanglasers

    Boner would drill a hole in his mother’s head if he thought he could find oil there…

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      So right! Now, would that be before or after he throws her under the bus?

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    Those people who think that the unemployed are “lazy”, and prefer collecting unemployment benefits, have no clue of the reality facing these families. Most of these people had long term employment, and had families to support. The majority of them are “older” Americans, who had worked for many years, paying into the system, should they become unemployed, and needed financial assistance. These workers through no fault of their own, found themselves victims of corporate downsizing, and were laid off from their jobs. Given the current economic recession, they have had a particularly difficult time finding employment. Also, many companies are not motivated to hire “older” workers, due in part of the higher cost of health care insurance for older workers. Older workers, just on the basis of their age, would be placed in a “higher risk” group, which would affect the potential employer’s bottom line cost. As we all know, it’s all about profit and “the bottom line”. Since last December, more than 2.6 million workers have been without unemployment benefits. The republican senate has held the extension bill “HOSTAGE”, in the hopes of getting the XL Oil Pipeline passed by the president. This has NEVER been about these unfortunate families, but only about pleasing the lobbyist for whom they truly serve. While the republicans continue playing “party politics”, and using these families for political leverage, and as bargaining chips, these families have had to face evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. Most of them have watched their credit being destroyed, because of lack of money to pay their bills on time, or at all. How many more families have to become homeless and destitute before the senate finally PASSES the extension bill? This truly is a national crime against the American family. While the politicians live their affluent and privileged lifestyles, with all the perks of office, these families continue to suffer and struggle to eat and to live.

    • Lil gma

      BOEHNER is the true definition of an EVIL PERSON. And the Koch Brothers are his leaders

  • Capo Chino

    Democrats just make unemployment a life time benefit .Its headed that way anyway so just do it and get it over with by making more people gimmie gimmie goons who will never look for a job long as GOVERNMENT SUPPORTS THEIR LAZY HABITS. ok !

    • ex-Republican

      Ahhh now you feel good huh, Does your Mommy share your viewpoint, tell us about your childhood, Daddy was hard on you I bet, mmmm I know I will call myself mmmmm Capo Chino, then I will go around picking on people who are down, Good Luck w/ ole St Peter. Your a shameful little boy….Capo Chino, Capo Chino, Capo Chino, Capo Chino, hey Mommy I named myself Capo Chino, oh Capo you my good little boy, mmmmm come give Mommy a little hug Capo, Capo Chino, Capo Chino….now go pick on people Capo Chino Capo Chino…..make sure your home before Daddy comes home, you what he will do to us, Capo Chinoooo

  • Guest

    The Bible said “Man’s Hearts would become Waxed Cold” ALL of those who oppose this are Evil and Wicked and they are the ones God was referring to in the bible. Hearts that are Waxed Cold

    • Mark

      So//…you know what God is referring too?/..who died and left you “God” to judge??…there is a breakdown in your brain..

  • Al Bumen

    Hot garbage? In 2012, three man-made global-warming knaves serving our resident marxist agitator were paid more than $370,000.

  • SolidBro

    The Democrats want to get something for nothing. The unemployment extension would pass if the Democrats (1) found the money in the existing $3.2 TRILLION dollar budget to offset the cost of the extension – and quit with the budget gimmicks claiming savings over 10 years that will either never stick past next year or automatically reverse after that 10 year period and wind up costing MORE in the longrun, and (2) agree to job creating legislation like mandating approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

    But NOOOOOOO, the Democrats want something but they refuse to give anything that would cost them anything.

    OK. so the Democrats are the ones who are preventing the extension of unemployment benefits. They need to kick in something to get and agreement to what they want. But the Democrats don’t want an extension, they just want a political football for the fall elections.

    • ex-Republican

      Solid Bro, bet you have a huge bank account, bet you think the Moon is made of cheese too, XL is Canadian Oil, it’s the dirtiest most flammable kind of oil, the Canadian Government does not want it moved around in Canada, haven’t you seen all these explosions carrying this crap, anyway what would you care about harming Mother Earth, these pigs are rich enough, aren’t they in the end. Put your thinking cap on, I am the type of Christian who will fight you double fisted…People are hurting out there, and all you can do is spew this BS, so have at it. Answer this blog a question, then you can spew this non-sense. Are you a rich MAN?

  • Demogorgon9

    Here’s an idea, just claim that you’re from a foreign country and see how fast you get it. Foreign countries get money faster than Americans.

  • jh443

    My point is, it’ll be July at the earliest before anything materializes – and THEN what? Why not start the fight over something that will materialize JUST as “quickly” but won’t immediately disappear.

  • Fred

    If your unemployed like I am, do yourself a favor and go online and apply for SNAP and General Assistance until you find a job. If your approved for that you may qualify for Rental Assistance. Boehner is not going to pass UI, period. Stop waiting and take action for yourself and your family before it is too late.

  • Liam Asher

    Sounds like a simple “power trip” to me. Boehner has complete control of this issue? I don’t understand how ONE MAN can call the shots. Not even the president can make this decision, but Boehner can? He is EVIL!!!!! I say yes lets boycott! How do we get that information?

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    As a former republican supporter, it sickens me the way the senate republicans have held” hostage” the passing of the unemployment extension bill in the senate. When there are more than 2.6 million families affected by unemployment in this country, many of whom have lost everything and have become homeless, while waiting for the extension bill to finally be passed. It saddens me to think that my party who claims to represent “family values”, have shown itself, to be the party that represents big business interests, and lobbyists. Senators such as John Boehner, have put the interest of the XL Oil Pipeline lobbyist, before his own constituents, and countrymen. The republican party has shown us their “new face”, and it’s not a pretty one. When millions of families in this country have had to face evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness, the senate are still playing “party politics” as usual. Since late last December the republican senate have used these poor families as bargaining chips, and for political leverage, to advance their own political agenda. As Benjamin Franklin once said “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”, and the republican party will see a tremendous backlash by these millions of voters in the coming election. Many of voters who were once long time republicans, are disillusioned, and disgusted by the republicans uncaring and unsympathetic policies and decisions. I nor any of my “former ‘ republican friends, will not ever AGAIN VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY

  • sabuscott

    Wow, this is is *still* going on, like 5 months later, when pretty much most everyone with nothing are now living under a bridge in a hobo camp and will pretty much never be helped by congress?

    This isn’t a conservative or liberal thing. Both majorities in both houses of congress play games, and WE are the ones who end up paying. On pretty much everything. Both sides lie and fashion arguments to suit themselves, their ideologies, and whatever corporate fund owns them.

    • Lil gma

      The Koch Brothers

  • Michael J. DeMarco

    Through gross regulations business are being forced to close or hire fewer workers. America is being ‘fundamentally transformed’ into depression. Obamacare, the White House controlled EPA and Census Bureau, quantitative easing (printing money) are ending this country. Obama said it in his book “Dreams From my Father”, he hates America and the western way of life.

  • carol trzeciakiewicz

    I believe the John beohner is the only person who stands in the waty of the euc extension getting past. Who does he think he is GOD and why is everyone so afraid of him. He’s not GOD he’s a DOG!!!!!!!!

    • Lil gma

      He is the definition of PURE EVIL

  • Richard Genco

    GAO Report: Sequestration Has Led to 1 Job Loss Across 23 Federal Agencies
    A new report shows only one job lost due to the sequestration cuts that took effect last year, despite the doomsday predictions by the White House and Democrats in Congress. The Government Accountability Office report looked at the effects of sequestration cuts across 23 federal agencies. Can’t believe anything the MSM tells you. Period. They all said we were going to lose up to 750,000 jobs. Now they will not report this little item.

  • Murphy Louviere

    No extension!!! There are jobs galore in North Dakota!!! Pack your bags, like I did and travel!!!

    • Lil gma

      Hard to do without money

  • Guest

    Whenever I was on unemployment, it was with the expectation that it would run out. I worked for 10 years over the road as a truck driver. I quit and could not find work. Because I quit there was no unemployment. I found day labor work. I would have went to work at McDonalds if I had to. I did find work, but continued to work anything I could until I did. The work is out there, if you’re not too proud. From one who’s been there….without unemployment. What are you willing to do?

  • Kevin Yates

    Whenever I was on unemployment in past years, it was with the expectation that it
    would run out. More recently, I worked for 10 years over the road as a truck driver. I
    quit and could not find work. Because I quit there was no unemployment. I
    found day labor work. I would have went to work at McDonalds if I had
    to. I did find work, but continued to work anything I could until I did.
    The work is out there, if you’re not too proud. From one who’s been
    there….without unemployment. What are you willing to do?

  • rostraw

    When the reflublicans didn’t extend unemployment befits in 2010 and said to have yard sales to supplement income, it ruined me, I lost my house, my car, and my retirement, I haven’t stopped falling, homeless now, and still unemployed after 50 years of working, I will never vote republican again ever, and if you don’t want to end up like me, you shouldn’t vote republican ever either, 50 years in the printing industry


    Americans have been continually warned about their ‘reliance’ on the Government on ANY LEVEL. Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money…what the Government gives…the Government can also take away…and this is true on BOTH sides of the aisle.

  • Oliver Ales

    The US government’s debt on January 20, 2009 was 10.6 trillion dollars.

    • erick

      Most of which was due to the wall street bank bailouts for 7.7 trillion dollars. Now the working class will be reduced to the status of 3rd world peasants who must accept austerity and poverty. The republicans will give tax breaks to corporations that outsource jobs overseas.

      • Lil gma

        But they won’t bail out American Families so disturbing

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    So, sad stories? Let me guess: Sandra Fluke is reduced to collecting aluminum cans along county roads to earn enough money to by her BC pills and other “necessities”?

  • Cynthia Dobbins

    It is just a shame that the guy who threatened Boehner’s life was not the right man for the job … damn, just our luck he had to run his mouth rather than getting the job done. Oh well probably won’t be long before the right person for the job takes care of business. When you play with the fate of three million people something bad is sure to happen. All we can do is pray.

  • Cynthia Dobbins

    When the Koch brothers say Boehner can extend unemployment it will happen, but not until he gets the word from them.

  • Cynthia Dobbins

    Why don’t we just put the Koch brothers in charge of the country, they have more power than the president does. Not to mention they have Boehner to do their dirty work.

    • erick

      Join the boycott on Koch brothers companies. See

    • Lil gma

      BOEHNER enjoys doing the dirty work for the Koch Bros pay him to keep us in poverty.

      Watch YouTube video Koch Bros- It’s the Evil Thing

  • cynthia

    The one thing we have got to remember is that our country is to busy helping other countries with their problems, they do not give a damn about us the people their suppose to serve. I am sorry but these other countries need to learn to take care of themselves. None of them would help us. since my family has to do with out I really do not care any more



  • Water Dude

    Ten years ago, the interest on the Federal debt was about $100 billion less per year than it is today.

    • satoshi n.

      w.d. The multinationals purchased from congress the right to offshore profits in tax havens like the isle of mann off Ireland who have more corporations inhabited than livestock plus people. In that way they can stash trillions in profits to avoid u.s. i.r.s. taxation for many decades, trading a golf trip to Scotland and a massage with some cash or the right purchased from congress. Lesson learned once the corporate jet has congress out of u.s. legal jurisdicition you can hand him/her a brief cash of cash.

  • Lil gma

    Our Country tis of thee. The land of Poverty. Children and families starving and homeless. I love my country and RESPECT ALL WHO FOUGHT IN WARS FOR OUR FREEDOM AND TO MAKE THIS A GREAT COUNTRY FOR US ALL.

  • Lil gma

    Watch YouTube video Koch Bros- It’s the Evil thing

  • Lil gma

    The Mayans were right… The world as we knew it ended the end of 2013.

  • David

    Boehner should be executed for what he has done to good American citizens and for the damage he has done to our economy. His family should be deported. It would take a civil war for the people to restore our political system and that would be a good idea seeing how corrupt is the new standard on the hill. Too bad one of the guys who threatened Boehner didn’t just do the job rather than talking about it. A world without Boehner would be a better place.

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