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February 13, 2016

Unemployment Extension: Senate Passage Puts Bill in Boehner’s Court

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The Senate’s vote late Monday to pass an unemployment extension doesn’t mean the more than 2 million people who have lost their benefits can rest easy — the House isn’t likely to touch the issue until the end of the month, if at all.

While a band of House moderates have written to leaders asking them to consider the issue promptly — either with the Senate’s bill or an alternative — Speaker John A. Boehner has been clear that the Senate measure fails to meet his tests of creating jobs and being fiscally responsible. The Ohio Republican hasn’t put forward an alternative of his own.

The real question for House Republicans seems to be this — is there something they can get out of the White House and congressional Democrats in return for releasing benefits to the unemployed?

Boehner and House Republican leaders have been pounding the table for the past year on any number of House-passed bills rolling back regulations, boosting energy exploration or overhauling government programs for things such as job training. But the Senate has become a killing ground for GOP bills, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocking an effort by Senate Republicans to simply hold votes on many of those House GOP proposals last week.

Republicans had offered to put the bills into one smorgasbord amendment but the Democrats ultimately rejected that approach, too, given that they already had the votes in hand for a bipartisan bill hammered out over months.

Having gotten a bill through the Senate on a 59-38 vote Monday, Democrats have less incentive to compromise.

The broad, partisan power play leaves the unemployed held hostage to both procedure and the legislative calendar, with lawmakers headed toward a two-week recess as early as Thursday.

A majority of House Republicans believe long-term unemployment insurance is not necessary, members and aides said, and so far, Democrats and advocates have yet to show that inaction will lead to political repercussions.

A senior Obama administration official told CQ Roll Call that the White House would be willing to have constructive talks with Republicans on an unemployment extension. But the official cautioned the White House hasn’t seen Republicans propose anything that could pass the Senate.

Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, said in an interview last week that despite Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s assistance passing the bill in the Senate, his influence will not do much persuade Boehner, his home-state colleague.

“I don’t anticipate that there’s going to be a lot of support amongst most members in the House as far as doing anything about the unemployment insurance, unless we’re assured that it actually is going to create jobs. On its own, I don’t think it does that,” he said.

Chabot said he would potentially consider the extension if other jobs-related legislation were attached to it, for instance a measure spurring action on construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. A few other House Republicans have expressed similar sentiments.

Still, within the GOP conference pressure to act on the extension is minimal. Of the 233 members, just seven signed on to a letter in December and again on Monday asking Boehner to act. Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo, R-N.J., spearheaded the latest communiqué, which was also signed by Reps. Chris Gibson, Michael G. Grimm and Peter T. King of New York; Jon Runyan and Christopher H. Smith of New Jersey; and Joe Heck of Nevada. If those seven joined all 200 Democrats in voting for an extension, it still would not have enough votes to pass.

“As many Americans continue to struggle without benefits, we respectfully request that the House immediately consider this bill or a similar measure to restore unemployment benefits to struggling Americans,” they wrote.

The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call finds Gibson, one of the letter’s signatories, in a Tilts Republican race and Grimm and Heck in Lean Republican contests this fall. The others are not considered to be in difficult races. If the House does act, it will be for the benefit of those few vulnerable House Republicans. Boehner has been careful to leave the door open to action, and his spokesman, Michael Steel, reiterated his position that the extension is not out of the question.

Steel told reporters Monday that the House GOP is “willing to look at extending emergency unemployment insurance as long as it includes provisions to help create more private-sector jobs,” and complained about Senate Democrats dismissing the House’s proposals.

“The speaker has said since before Christmas that we are open to looking at extending emergency UI again — as long as it is paid-for, and does something to create more private-sector jobs,” Steel added.

Boehner has rarely allowed a bill on the floor that passes with a majority of his conference opposed. Doing so in this case could invite criticism for Boehner and his leadership team — problems more politically harmful than the current complaints coming from the left.

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  • Tears of a Clown

    Wow….the censorship….

    • honeyc

      it is controlled media, and trust me they want to control us more and they are watching and recording every key stroke !

      • satoshi n.

        No media coverage. I listen to npr and they were trying to rationalize more people working and the G.D.P. drops 1%., no mention of 3 million people lost a unemployment check.

  • Ray

    And there the bill will rot, or have amendments added up the wazoo.

  • Bob Interi

    Bottom line Boehner is wrong. Pennsylvania for one is ready
    to go on the extension. As a matter of fact Pennsylvania will be laying off
    employees at Labor and Industry if it is not passed.

    Shame Gov. Corbett won’t stand up and say so. Guess this is another
    reason Pennsylvania will have a Democratic Gov. come November.

    Perhaps Gov. Corbett should offer to assist those states not
    prepared for the extension. A little compassion, a little truth, a little
    showmanship, maybe just maybe a two term Governor.

  • Daniel Ryan

    This bill will easily pass the House. The march on Washington will seal the deal. The first camera finally allowed to finally film an unemployed Republican voter and the GOP will cave in and find something else illegal to do with their time. Oh by the way great “jobs bill” McConnell calling for the 1% to pay zero in federal income taxes but hasnt that always been there solution for everything?

    • kiontra

      There is going to be a march?? When??

    • John

      When do we march! Hell ya! I’ll go! If Boehner wants to be the lightning rod to touch off a civil insurrection good on him. I’m damn tired of being told “sorry it was your fault this all happened”. Like “we” decided to spend ourselves into oblivion, or decided one day to just walk out of work and condemn our families to loose everything. My personal favorite is the congress spending billions ( were talking hundreds of billions here) of dollars to support foreign fighters and hostile governments. What the hell?!!! I’ve always been a working man, doing for my family with the knowledge that eventually my hard work would pay off. It hasn’t. In fact I’m told that it never will. Apparently I’m not in the right age demographic or the right economic bracket to win. So screw you Bonehead you wanna war lets do it!

  • Daniel Ryan

    If Boehner really cared about job creation he would quit voting to allow all our jobs to leave the country untaxed!!

  • Daniel Ryan

    I feel sorry for the GOP in November Its going to be a Democratic landslide next election. Im sure they will try to shut down the government after the polls are in. Their credit card has expired

    • Layla

      Daniel, I don’t know what it is you are smoking, but I’d like some…..Democrat landslide? You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Lol.

      • jack

        Obviously you can’t handle the Palin kool aid.

  • erick

    Why did the republican job creators not create more private sector jobs? Because the top 1% invests their money overseas where they make a higher rate of return by exploiting child labor. If you want to increase jobs for American citizens you should give tax penalties for outsourcing jobs, and tax credits for creating domestic jobs. When I apply and interview for jobs I am told that I can not be hired because I am over qualified.

    • Layla

      Both sides are doing this, let’s be clear and honest with the voters. The President’s own Jobs Czar has sent more jobs overseas than anyone else. We can play politics, or we can fix this. But it will require a bipartisan solution.

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    I hope John Boehner’s critics will make full use of this stalling. John Boehner has a very low approval rate in his own state of Ohio where his alcoholism and spendthrift ways (at taxpayers’ expense) are well-known.

    No one, in any way, in the media has tackled the question of how did John Boehner, with a base salary of $223,500, managed to take home $900,000 last year? As the king in the King and I said, “It is a puzzlement.”

    $900,000! And yet, here is the man, the “leader,” who has caused evictions, homelessness, hunger for at least 3 million LONG-TERM unemployed men and women and their children since December 31, 2013.

    The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics said, in their April 4th report, that there are now 3.7 MILLION LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED in this country — the tally includes all of March.

    The casualty rate is rising as John Boehner takes another swig of his Jack Daniels and lights another cigar while people literally get kicked to the curb.

    This arrogant, blubbering alcoholic needs to be exposed for what he is.


    • Layla

      Yes, he does have a very low approval rating. And somehow your insults and personal attacks make it past the censors, but mine are stopped. I will try again. John Boehner is making his money the same way every other Member is doing it, with insider trading.

      When running for Congress, all investments should be set aside and locked up until the Member is no longer serving in office. Members of Congress should be required to live on the salary which comes with the office.

      • jack

        The same thing should apply to the supreme court.

    • papal

      Is this all you have of bobblehead wisdom and don’t confuse me as a Boehner fan.

      • jack

        Hey Bohener fan why don’t you start supporting Americans for a change.

    • honeyc

      Let’s take him out

      • Shizue Leigh Hicks

        Boehner is like a Teflon Don. He’s a racketeer who knows how to game the system and no one seems to care.

        The Federal Election Committee as recently as September 2013 was looking into some of John Boehner’s campaign financing and the sources of much of his income. Why they haven’t brought him in for questioning is beyond me.

        • jack

          The answer is ISSA.

    • Ondine54

      I just want to know how many of Boehner’s family members are unemployed & awaiting extensions. I would venture to say none. They take care of their own, putting them into jobs that the rest of us are actually qualified for. He is done in politics after this.

  • Jack Everett

    If it was more welfare for the wealthy the house would have an instant vote. This is where people will find out how worthless the house is.

    • Layla

      Jack, your partisanship is showing. It isn’t the GOP who has given billions to failed energy companies, it is this administration. Are you interested in solutions or just playing partisan politics?

      Whatever happened to the focus on JOBS, from both sides? There are cities in this country experiencing BOOMS in employment, cities like Dallas, New Orleans. Are we even doing a decent job of making sure people are still looking?

      • alyssa terranova

        I don’t know about other states but in ny you hand in job searches. They have to include all the information, like the address, phone # of the employer, & be a minimum of 3 weekly. If you hand it in with only 3 They ask for more though. You also go to seminars.

  • Hutch King – HK

    In 2013, the central government paid about $416 billion dollars in interest on the debt it owes.

  • Santiago Alemedia

    Dems want to extend unemployment compensation, but also want to increase number of legal employees looking for work. That will maintain and increase unemployment that will require further unemployment compensation

  • Carolyn Spikes

    I pray that Boehner will look into himself at his true motives. He says that the President is acting like a dictator; I ask him what is he representing? If it meets my test; is he the only congress person in congress?

    God will prevail.

  • Andre Leonard

    It is truly pathetic that 15 million illegal aliens can come and obtain jobs here in America and that there are those in congress who will push for yet more unemployment.

    Congress has proven impotent to truly govern America.

  • VinnyFromIndy

    The GOP in the House is throwing millions to the wolves. The are minting thousands of new Democrats every week they obstruct the passage of this bill. There are a million or so laid off Republicans that are in desperate need and they know which party is killing them and their families. When people are losing everything they tend to hold a grudge against those that could have helped but didn’t. Make no mistake! This will cost the GOP many votes in November. And, rightly so!

    • honeyc

      VOTE FOR HONEYC !!!!

  • William Chamberlin

    Vinny, So true. Since I have been able to vote, from Regan till present. I have voted Republican in Every election. That has now changed, I will never vote for ANY Republican running for ANY office until my last breath, and I have explained to those I know in this boat with us why. Unfortunately few of them vote regularly, but I believe now they have been give Motive to return to the Poll’s. As far as John Boehner being concerned of being voted out of office, He still will receive a annual salary FOR LIFE in the $ 275,000 per year along with a lifelong Secret Service detail for his protection, Again FOR LIFE. His decision to not act on this bill has nothing at all to do with the needs of the citizens he represents, his action/non action is a political pissing contest with the Democratic party, plain and simple. His insistence for a push for job creations is credible, but that should be a Priority that has no part in this bill. If the jobs were here we wouldn’t be asking for this assistance, Denying the assistance Still doesn’t create the needed job’s. If you could have created these jobs, why are you waiting until family’s are loosing their homes or abilities to pay for needed healthcare and utilities. I could go on and on but I’m sure most of you get the point here, I’m done with the Republican Party !

    • honeyc

      republican, democrat ??? They are all THE SAME

  • Mary Klymkiw

    America, the greatest country in the world! I don’t think so…

  • papal

    John could pull a “Harry Reid” and let the bill sit on the shelf and not be debated or brought up.

  • Realist555

    Look, this bill or any bill to extend the unemployment 3 or 5 months is just a bandaid, it doesn’t solve the real problem. We all know this. That solution is going to take years if not decades to fix.

    The obvious fact is that an unemployment extension will help those people who are late on payments, people who are actually forced to try to get other aid like food stamps, SSDI, people who may be on the verge of getting a job but there in the process of getting hired but are barely making it. There are people with children that have both parents unemployed, like my family, there are families that have had to move out on the streets, to live from their car, there are those who have disabilities yet keep getting denied by SSDI (social security disability), and they have a hard time getting employed because they are older and have medical issues that require work restrictions, and being unemployed for a long period of time makes it even harder. It’s those people with similar needs and countless other types of situations that need some aid, it doesn’t matter how little or for how long, any thing is better than nothing.

    If the Tea Party and republican lawmakers don’t see the plight of the struggling unemployment and act on it, then they are the judge jury and executioner of these peoples’ livelihood. If this is the case, then the Tea Party and republicans are saying we don’t care about the people of the United States and their struggles and problems. These so-called lawmakers seem to only care about how to knock the struggling masses down and finish them off for good because they don’t make money, they are lazy, they don’t have any way to contribute to our campaigns and help us in our cause to screw up everything in government, and shake up the people, so they can build a new government of their liking. This is most evident in the way the Tea Party and republicans panicked so much after the passing the ACA, and they tried everything under their power to repeal it. So what did they do? They had a standoff at the expense of communities, government workers, and the national parks by causing a government shutdown (which incidentally is still impacting the communities around national parks). The tea party and republicans is to upset society and introduce their plan, their way of government. If the ACA is a success just think of all those struggling people it may help, just think of the peace of mind people will have after not having health insurance for years and suddenly they are covered and don’t have to worry about going into deep debt should they have a hospital stay. This would be bad for the republican and tea party, because they couldn’t get the society to side with them that every thing’s running so terribly in the government.

    Here’s the problem, if we (the People) let these so-called lawmakers manipulate the society, as they are trying to do, by undermining programs, holding the government and the people hostage, like with the shutdown and now with the unemployment extension, then we’re allowing terrorist inside our government to screw up the working of the government at the people expense and pain, to reach their agenda. This is not politics, it’s terrorism, it feeds on weaknesses, it shoots down any government aid, it basically tries to put society in a state that it will bend to the tea party/republican way. Do they have the right to do that? Sure they do, this is America, we can have any kind of party run for office, there are no restrictions. Do we want these kind of anti-lawmakers in our government? You better think twice about that when it comes to polling time. This is America, and we, the people, have one fantastic, powerful and important right, and that is the right to vote. I don’t know what these internal government terrorist did to get into office, but just as easily, they can be taken out of office. You know what to do, Use Your Vote, and choose the politicians that are for the People, not politicians who are only there to push their agenda for ulterior motives.

    • Layla

      Many people have been on unemployment so long they are not eligible to collect anymore from their home states BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT LOOKING. There are jobs in other cities, other states. MOVE.

      • satoshi n.

        Layla how do they move? unemployment pays less than what they made working. It only barely covers the basics and if you make at the cut off point of food stamps guess what no f.s.So when you move to another area it requires gas, car repairs , food , and oh ya housing , deposits etc. Boehner and his ilk are trying to cut $20 billion out of food stamps, they feed the rich farmers tax breaks and potus agreed to and in the same bill cut $5 billion out of food stamps. Farmers pay $0.0 for estate taxes up to $7 million per single farmer and $ 0.0 per couple on the first $9,000,000.00. Do you get an charged $0.0 on yours? Layla it is very ignorant of you to say that these 3 million people choose to loose everything they have cause they have jobs available to them but would rather be thrown out on the street , than work. 9.8 million if believe the government is u.e.. How many applications per job opening does that average? Are you a right wing republican?

      • Right99

        Move, just like that, really ? That is your answer. If people don’t have money to meet their basic needs, how on earth do they just pick up and move to another state ? How on earth would you know people are not looking for work ? You have no idea what these people are doing. These are people who were receiving unemployment benefits because they were once, clutch your pearls, WORKING ! So, we are obviously dealing with people who seek employment, and clutch your pearls again, take the employment when offered.

      • jack

        Why don’t you show some numbers for available jobs?

  • zyxwwxyz

    Of course, of course, it’s all Reagan’s fault. Uhh, I mean Bush’s fault. Uhh, I mean the Republicans’ fault. Maybe I meant Abraham Lincoln’s fault? I think he was a Republican…
    – – –
    Boehner may be a well-known alcoholic, but then again, so are most Ohioans. The Win-Win way to get EUC reinstated, is to allow the Keystone Pipeline. The Canadians desperately want it and are willing to provide sweetheart low-cost rates (per barrel) to their cross-border buddy (us, the U.S.), the U.S. oil industry wants it, the construction and trades industry wants it, the U.S. could always use more oil to bring per-gallon gas prices down to $3 or maybe $2.50, and it would even benefit Dems — in that they could portray themselves as pro-business for once. And Boehner has publicly stated that a little tit-for-tat quid-pro-quo will get EUC passed in the House.
    – – –
    But NOOO, it’s George W. Bush’s fault. Or Gerald Ford’s fault. Or Boehner’s fault because he’s an Alcoholic (whatever that has to do with unemployment benefits or oil pipelines). Never, ever anything to do at all with Dems. Of course not.

    • David Ramirez

      Sounds like you’re drunk. In this case, it’s all the fault of the republicans. Pretty obvious to anyone with even a little bit of sense.

    • jack

      The Koch pipeline has nothing to do with the House obstruction being played on the unemployed.

  • Ray

    There are more than four million jobs available and an INFINITE number of small business opportunities you can do. Create and work hard. Not this sad, bunch of whiners complaining that $600,000,000,000 isn’t enough spent already on unemployment in just the past five years. I’ve seen it done. You can start a successful small business. You can learn a new, invaluable skill, and get MULTIPLE job offers TODAY! Stop whining and do something! Because the House of Representatives is NOT passing this bill.

    • polioliroli

      lol u go around postin this same crap
      u really are a smart one..
      shouldn’t you be busy making millions off your genius business skills…

  • Daniel Ryan

    I am sick and tired of hearing about how unemployment lasts 99 weeks!!! I only received 12 weeks of UI before I was denied by my government. I dont care how this gets funded the need is real and all polls show 98% citizen approval rating. Why is there need to have any more discussion? The people have spoken.

    • polioliroli

      yea, but instead they like to group everyone into the same single statistic…
      it was us who took 600,000,000,000 dollars away from the American people we don’t deserve anything else.. :D

  • James Morillo

    I feel so disgusted today that I need to rant. The Republican view on the cause of the 2008-2009 financial crisis is that a bunch of “hippies” all gathered in the woods one day and decided to quit their jobs and stop paying their mortgages. They want you to ignore the fact that Wall Street “paper shufflers” were using crude financial engineering techniques that tried to squeeze 15% returns on mortgages that were simply paying 8%. Sounds like a simple pyramid scheme to me, but on an unbelievably large scale. They sold these ‘pyramid scheme’ mortgages, cut them up, and sold more until the pyramid tumbled down and caused one of the greatest recessions this country has ever experienced. The Wall Street people made HUGE profits. What does the US Government do? It immediately starts to lending to these Wall Street casinos. HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! The Federal Reserve is still printing HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars a year to lend to these WALL STREET CASINOS! These are the SAME CASINOS who are calling the Americans families who were devastated by this crises MOOCHERS! So what about the American people who LOST TRILLIONS of dollars in housing values, lost their jobs, lost their livelihoods, and are barely crawling back to put their lives back together? What about these people, Speaker Bohener? Your solution is to STEP ON THEIR THROATS! Tell those hippies who caused the recession to GET A JOB. YOU DISGUST ME, Mr. Speaker. JUST BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS SOME OF YOUR DONORS, WE CAN STILL VOTE YOU AND ALL OF YOUR CRONIES OUT OF OFFICE!

  • Jackie

    Why would john bonehead rush to help people?? He about to go on a 2 week vacation AGAIN! While people STARVE!! I hope when you sit down to eat your Easter dinner that you remember the children and famililies not having Easter dinner! Welcome john bonehead to the unemployed!

  • aaaa aa

    Now these unemployed people have to wait another two weeks or more.This is totally silly that our government is acting this way to over TWO MILLION AMERICANS,more added as every week goes by
    I have 3 families in my neighborhood that are in desperate need of this assistance.Some of us help them out with meals and such.
    These are good people that just cant get a full time job.Two of them finally was able to get part time jobs,but that money only stretches so far
    Obama has no problem using his executive power for other issues ,why not this issue.He did say he had a pen and would use it.
    Damn shame ,that’s all I have to say

    • Jack Everett

      The president is not a dictator. Funding for any project has to come from congress.

      • honeyc

        hahahahahahahahah, he is right in Putin’s pocket

    • honeyc

      executive powers like the ndaa???

    • honeyc

      what executive power was signed that allows them to spray us like roaches or flood us or send 200 tornadoes or 9/11, or allows George Soros to speak?

  • Advocate

    3million without benefits and 75,000 added weekly. Our GDP dropped over 5 billion since January 2014.


    Unemployment benefits need to be extended immediately.

    Contact John Boehner’s office until the phones are unplugged:
    John Boehner says the re-implementation will be “difficult”? Is that really the attitude you want to have towards long-term unemployed seeking jobs? Its “difficult” so give up?

    John Boehner
    Phone: (202) 225-0600
    (Press 1 to leave a message or 2 to speak with his assistant)

  • Rod Dainjer

    Medicare’s unfunded liability is around 43 trillion dollars – approximately $143,000 of liability for each US inhabitant.

  • luis araud

    Mr boehner you are truely evil How you can turn your back on the American people is go ahead and vacation freely while so many millions of people are stricken with starvation, homelessness, poverty and despair.I agree that we need job creation but these benefits are desperatly needed also until these jobs are made available. These political figures don’t have to worry about where their next meal comes from or their children crying themselves to sleep due to hunger they have their political bubble to seperate them from us its time his bubble gets bursted he should live in any of the over 3million peoples lives and experience first hand the pain and heartache associated with thisssituation and then tell them they are lazy and don’t need help you need a reality check

    • Jack Everett

      Alcoholic Bohener is only interested in keeping his bar tab paid up.

    • honeyc

      what’s wrong with his face? he always takes a bad pic

    • honeyc

      they are taking us down, i swear we are going to be living in poverty, it is in the plan

  • DJMiles

    Hopefully today a few of the unemployed could find the time to contact their house Rep’s
    If you live in a district that has a Democrat Rep then use your time to call a nearby Republican Rep.So far house Republicans are claiming they haven’t been getting calls about extending unemployment in their districts.
    The purpose of calling is not to just let them know that u r unemployed and would like the extension to pass they already know the unemployed want it extended.
    What needs to happen is we must disrupt their office by keeping every aid busy answering phones all day…I call 15 times or more a day even reps in other states, I fill their email inboxes using address and zip codes I look up that are in their district.

  • terri conley

    It’s very sad that the American people are paying the price for the differences between the politicians. At the end of the week I’m sure they go home with a nice paycheck….who pays for that???? The American people.

    • jack

      Yes their three day work week is very profitable for them,.

  • John Mhaon

    What !?
    The broad, partisan power play leaves the unemployed held hostage to both
    procedure and the legislative calendar, with lawmakers headed toward a
    two-week recess as early as Thursday.
    Republican House… I will have not been able to pay my mortgage by the time you come back from another recess…How dare you, all of you…

    Where is the peoples President now… Shameful…

    This does not only impact us but our sons and daughter, strain on families and friends. We all will remember!!!!

    America First not in Washington

    • honeyc

      hahahahah it was all a lie, a big fat f i n g LIE plus the elections was fixed, it was fixed, it was fixed, honeyc can see, she has special powers and it was fixed

  • terrance browder

    Even though I am on unemployment and its due to run out on may 3 2014 i decided
    not to wait around with the hopes of them extending those benefits. After 17 years of working for a DoD contractor and being laid off at the age of 45 I decided to go through approved training provided by the Virginia employment commission which allows me to collect unemployment while Im in school to be retrained in an employable career. Im due to graduate in June and been laid off since December and already getting job offers. In other words you can make and find work just gotta change you mindset so what you might have to sacrifice that sprint cell phone or Verizon cable for the time being but you can make it. Hey you can finish an rn program in 18 months and make $24.00 per hr so why after a year of getting unemployment your situation has not changed?

  • Orval Burk

    the longer it takes,the more i make. we wanted change,well here it is.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    The Republicans have really made voting in the next elections a priority, for those more than two million unemployed workers, which were affected terribly by the failure of the Republicans to pass the unemployment extension bill in the senate. Their total lack of compassion and human decency has caused these millions of families untold suffering and financial damage over the last four months, since running out of their benefits. Senators such as John Boehner, had made every effort to have the bill killed in the senate, and him and his Republican cronies have intentionally dragged their feet and made countless delays, hoping it will go away. These politicians, in their soft jobs and affluent lifestyle, have paid little concern to the plight of these families who had to face evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. They continued taking their numerous senate breaks and vacations, while these families were struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and food on their tables at home. This is the party that represents itself as being “the party for family values”. It’s clear that these senators have no family values, but perhaps for their own families. Last week the congress approved a billion dollar or more foreign aid package for the Ukraine. The passing of the package in the congress was swift without delay. However, the same can’t be said about the passing of the unemployment bill. When it comes to spending tax payer’s dollars on foreign aid, and corporate welfare, and Banking and Airline Bailouts, but there’s always a “budgetary concern” when the subject are the poor in this country. This surely isn’t right in a great country like ours

    • NutCracker1

      John Boehner is a Congressman in the House of Representatives.
      Hopefully for not too much longer.

  • honeyc

    Dear James : it is ok to rant, I am with you and it is nothing more than a bunch of smoke and mirrors, and this issue is not my first rant ..apparently we do not have the pull to worry them and let’s face it….Americans take no interest in our government…and I am disgusted also about a lot of issues

  • The Crying Boozer Tangerine

    “Oops we’re broke!” When working Americans that paid into this system need 10 billion But somehow we have 700 billion for good ol’ GE for their tax breaks.

  • Bogdan M

    Don’t even bother to come back from your vacations. I am sure there are some of the unemployed Americans right now that would love to take your seat in the House. And they would probably do a better job…
    By the way, do you know the average American worker gets 8.1 vacation days after a year on the job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 15.7 vacation day full-timers get after 25 years on the job.
    Enjoy your vacation, and I will make sure to cast my vote for a better team next time!

  • Allison Duncan

    I don’t know about any other states, but in our state of Idaho programs are being implemented such as the Work Inforcement Act that helps people like me that is over 50, have health issues and haves been denied SSDI twice! This program offers folks like me who are now homeless, rebuild my resume, and on the job training efforts with companies in our areas. Yes it’s still difficult without my unemployment to pay for living expensive a, because that’s really all it covers. All other debt can get theirs if ever possible , even considered bankruptcy! But wait! That costs 600-700 dollars!. But as far as putting plans in motion along with The “unemployment extension act! It’s already happening! What else does the House need! Check your Labor Dept. And ask about such programs. But in the meantime give people back what they so desperately need just to face the day without fear! You want more people employed? Then why make it so difficult to get employed? Unemployment is not a handout as you may think, it’s a way to be ok as we go out and face the work industry, with a smile on our face instead of desperation!! Quit stalling and pass the bill for God’s sake!!

    • satoshi n.

      Alison it is true that the credit checks to obtain employment is harsh and weeds people out. The criminal checks do that as well. Companies are increasing the hurdles to getting hired by adding more tests

  • Patrick Gourley

    Hey Congress-let’s start taking care of the American People. Immigration reform and all the nonsense that going on in Russia can wait. We have thousands of American suffering because they lost their life line to at least buy groceries. All this nonsense of giving 1billon dollars in aid to the Ukraine. Boehner-do what is right for America-Thanks

  • Honestly

    When one man decides in some god complex fashon that he is the only voice of the House of Representatives, actng like a dictator, it is time for him to be stripped of his power because he is not acting in the democratic way our country is based upon. When one man stands up and says boldly that “he” won’t allow any bill to be voted upon by the full House of Representatives, I ask him who does “HE” think he is!
    We elect our representatives to speak for us so all should have a voice in whether or not a bill passes or not. When this man stands up and says he thinks he is the only and deciding vote, his party should recognize what an anti-american disgrace he has become and replace him.
    It is disgraceful he is allowed to carry on in this fashion, deciding what should be brought to a vote alone, and yet still receive a paycheck that at least would be 4 to 8 other peoples’ paychecks combined.
    When one man thinks he alone, should, can, and does decide on his own, the crumbling futures of over 2 million other Americans, by preventing a bill from being voted upon, he should step down because he does not deserve his position any more! That the Republican party allows him to continue says so much more about them now too. An embarrassment to our country and belief system, which I will never forget each voting day in future.

  • Payton Manning
  • Barbara Sue

    Recess? Why do they always seem to be going into two week recess? I guess because they act like children on the playground?

    • satoshi n.

      Barbara will you post when their vacations were, and how any days each?
      Also would you make 20 phone calls or at least one to major media or government officals?
      I think most people would figure they donot give a ………. unless your a rich corporation looking for government welfare in form of tax break. btw I consider a government paid position as a union welfare check with union benefits. most would agree that a similar job in non government job gets less in benefits and pay. Boehner what about your welfare check from the government paid for by taxes redistributed to you of $235.000.00 per year?

  • Barbara Sue

    Waiting for the revolution at the next election, but thinking many people will still vote mindlessly for the familiar over the new. I hope I’m wrong. Get the old out, put in term limits, and have a real discussion on bringing back the WPA.

  • NutCracker1

    “problems more politically harmful than the current complaints coming from the left.”
    Really… do you think ?
    Don’t pass this bill, Boehner and see how we will come out to send you into retirement.

  • NutCracker1

    Speaker of the House John Boehner recently spent $835,000 on a condo in Marco Island, according to property records.
    Some of the unemployed need to demonstrate near there.

    • satoshi n.

      Nutc if you know of this address post it.

  • Sharon Dempsey

    John Boehner I challenge you to live on my non-existing extension of my unemployment that I worked for 30 yrs. In fact live on my income from last year—you’ll be jumping off the tallest building you could find. (making the wages you get now, you couldn’t cope!!!!!!!!

  • Shizue Leigh Hicks

    You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Proud American

    This is why most republicans are mad and there Is so much conflict between the too parties. This is just one example. Unemployment extension bill won’t pass either. Stay involve in what’s going on don’t depend on the news or articles for updates. Go straight to the source and watch it live on what’s going because the news and articles don’t post everything.

    1. The knew health reform “Obama care” there trying to take it out by 2015.
    Why? Because they know that knew health reform is meant to help the American people take better care of them selfs by eating more natural foods. I blame the FDA administration for allowing the food industry to be controlled “By you know who”
    That’s right the same ones that are controlling the game in the “house” the ones that don’t care about you and me. That’s why the hospitals are full of sick people
    And guess who invest in all these hospitals “investors”

    There will be a lot of changes
    Wait to they start closing all the food industries you’ll be surprise that nothing in a grocery store is worth buying unless you grow it your self.

    Stay away from and don’t buy anything that is sweet!

  • Ondine54

    Not allowing a vote on an issue is a “power” which should not be granted to any one politician. Let the House speak! Although I have always supported the President, I find his inaction unacceptable as well. We are your people; do what must be done to move the issue forward.

    • satoshi n.

      o. potus could use the executive order but chooses not to restoring benefits, he signed the feed the rich farmers tax break bill that stripped $5 billion out of foodstamps making the most venerable due with less.

  • John

    “Shitters”?…you are not being very cordial, “Truthe””John”…… have a hard time living up to you own expectations. You’re nothing but a lazy, good-for-nothing-free-loader with his hand out. Its time to cull the herd for the health and strength of the herd. You have no facts. You have no merit. move along you piece of unemployed low-life garbage. How about a..nice…game..of..chess..

    • Mark

      When people troll other people, then the language used must come down to the level of the instigator from time to time so their ingnorance can grasp a hold of the inflection of someones attitude. Simply put, your mind is to shallow and your mindset is that of a troll, so you would not respond to any other word. Who is Truthe? Who is John? I see your name is John…. A true sociopath. If you are referring to me, then you are incorrect, I do not have a hard time at all living up to expectations. Furthermore you would not know what is expected of me so that sentence simply doesn’t make any sense and therefore can not be replied to. I am not a Lazy, good… wait you can just say good for nothing. There is no need to put dashes int he middle of words. Your grammar is terrible. Anyway, I am not a good for nothing free loader and my hand is not out. It is not time to cull the herd for the health and strength of the herd. If you consider yourself a sheep though, which is what you are referring to, then by all means, head out of these threads and make it better for the rest of us. Good idea. That could be one way for you to move along. I have nothing but facts, and responses to every single trolling sentence you utter. I have full merit, as anyone who reads my responses to you, and sees how I am actively engagged in making sure your plan to move profiles from one person who exoses you to another, is constantly refreshed, so the validity of my responses is seen by all as your sociopathic behavior fails at doing anyhting else by showing how truely insane you are. I will not move along, for the 3rd time because that was my response to you, weeks ago when we realized how terrible of a person you were and how you exist here to make others feel bad. You exist to bring ill will upon others. That is your legacy and it will never go unresponded to because people liike you are easily dealt with by simply responding to and then watching and nothing intelligent ever comes from you. Nothing intelligent. you just try to be slick and can’t even manage to do that since people just stay one step ahead of you. You fail at life off the internet, and you fail at trolling on the internet. You should reevaluate your situation and continue to try and move along.

  • Orval Burk

    dont forget to bring a bottle of vodka with you on your march,bonner will need it.

  • Leslie Grogan

    Truly amazing, my dad’s family had a dream some 45+ years ago, migrating from Liverpool England to the great NYC. I am first generation american on my fathers side, and the dream that he longed for for his children is now just a flicker of some hope. How can we live in a country that takes care of everyone other than their own. How can we justly sit aside and watch children, families just lose everything that they worked so hard to get. The comments back in February were that the unemployed were lazy and looking for handouts, I am going to go ahead and speak for most if not all of the unemployed; Mr. Boehner we are not lazy, we are not looking for a handout, most of us have swallowed our pride and asked for some assistance, to the proud I can say this was no easy task. Again, most if not all of us have been in the workforce for more than 40 years, we are talented honest hard working individuals alot of us with a degree if not two. I am going insane home, I have attended numerous job fairs, my resume is on every available internet site, I have gone to so many interviews I have lost count. I utilize my local workforce agency and thank god they have the funding, I can use their fax machine, telephone, and computer Mon-Fri with no cost, this has served as a viable tool for me. How can we make it any clearer?? What else do we have to do to get your attention?? We are such an important part of america, we are an important part of her economic health…Is it because we do not have millions to aid in your election campaign??? We are the backbone; we have our children to consider, what, Mr. Boehner, would you like me to tell my kids when we do not have a place to live??? You are lucky not to have to experience this, so I am goijng to put it in terms you may understand, we are trying to feed our children, ourselves, we are trying to maintain our homes, we are trying to keep our spirit and the light in our reach. Here is what I propose to you for you to attempt to understand……try explaining it to your wife that she has to wear Payless shoes instead of Jimmy Choo or Prada, tell her to buy Dove Body Spray instead of Dior or Lancome, have her drive the Ford Contour instead of the Lexus, go to Red Lobster instead of the 5 star French Restaurant you are used to. Now try telling your children or grandchildren that they have to share a bowl of Ramen noodles and a can of tuna fish. Can you relate now???? We arent looking to be rescued, we are looking to keep all that we worked so hard for in the first place. I have a culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute, when I wanted to go to school my dad made too much money on paper for me to receive financial aid, my dad made a deal with me, work a full year in a restaurant of your choice, if after the year this is what you are passionate about I will support you thru school. Mr. Boehner no one would, at that time hire me, I had no culinary experience and I was fresh out of my freshman year of college. My first job, in a restaurant, was a pot washer, and prep. It wasn’t easy, it was one of the hardest jobs I have ever worked. This taught me to persevere, it taught me to respect all aspects of the kitchen and how it worked, It taught me how to swallow my pride and work super hard for what I wanted. I did the year, and my dad was proud and he sent me to school. I wanted you to see that I am a hard worker and that I wouldn’t turn a position down because I thought it was beneath me. I have worked and paid my taxes for 23 years, I have always been proud of what I have done. More than 95% of the extended unemployed are not lazy, we are not looking not to work, we dont want to sit home and get more depressed. We need the extension Mr. Boehner to survive, we need this. All of the unemployment money, including the retro pay will be circulated immediately into America’s economy; I ask you, what the hell is the problem?? The wasn’t an issue sending money to the Ukraine….there are no issues with the tax loop holes that protect the wealthiest of wealthy…..why are you so damn determined not to let the American people survive??? What side are you really on???? and by the way, I have the healthcare that is now affordable in the country…..without an income, I have to pay 50.00 per month for my health insurance, and I do because I need the coverage. Lets say I didn’t make this payment, lets say I did not have health insurance when 2014 comes to an end…….I get a fine (yes, more money for the government to steal from Americas middle/low class families) I conform to the rules, why cant you let the UI Bill be heard on the Floor??? Here is one more fun fact: there are 25 top hedge fund financial men in America, they are protected by the so called tax loop. If the government lifted this loop hole on just 25 of them, their income tax money alone would fund Unemployment (extended federal) through the end of 2015; is there a reason these 25 men are protected????? And lets not forget the millions that we sent to the Ukraine, I do believe that part of signing that bill, allowed for the EUI to be moved forward in the House. Can you reach deep inside yourself, and just make the right move……just do the right thing. Responsibility should be guarded, respected and utilized the right way. Do the American people proud, be the right one, be the responsible one, be our hero.

    • satoshi n.

      Leslie good comment, but I do not believe you have health care, you stated it was affordable does not ring true. If you had o health care you would know before you can use it you must pay $6500.00 in deductible making it worthless.

  • Katherine Alexander

    Did you hear about the man arrested for making an attempt on John Boeher because he would not extend unemployment? Hmmm, you have to wonder … what’s happening with Boehner, and his Republican entourage, is covert.

    Logic dictates that Boehner and Republicans are attempting a silent genocide against those who fall victim to the economy. Face it, if you don’t extend unemployment, you make qualifying for food stamps, or any other public assistance, impossible, then what are you doing? What happens to people who find themselves without any resources? Well, they die? What do you call it when it happens to people en masse? You call it a genocide.

  • FedUpInNJ

    John Boehner has ruined the Republican party with these tactics. Ohio has one of the HIGHEST unemployment rates! Considering it was the 11th hour discussion (right before the emergency spending for God only knows what foreign country) if its not one of the FIRST things discussed when these idiots return than the Republicans can kiss their a**es goodbye in the November elections. People have had more than enough.

  • FedUpInNJ

    This is all just the same bs hype because its an election year, only difference is there literally are almost 4 million people being affected, are Republicans that stupid and pompous they really don’t think it will effect the pols in November? Where the hell is Obama? NOWHERE! This is Boehner’s ONE CHANCE for redemption… bet he blows it by continuing to “refuse” to “allow” a vote… smh :(

  • FedUpInNJ

    Dumb John Boehner has ruined the Republican party with these tactics. Ohio
    has one of the HIGHEST unemployment rates! Considering it was the 11th
    hour discussion (right before the emergency spending for God only knows
    what foreign country) before their 5 week break if its not one of the
    FIRST things discussed when these idiots return than the Republicans can
    kiss their a**es goodbye in the November elections. People have had
    more than enough. All we see is a room full of grown men arguing about
    who is personally right or wrong and getting NOTHING DONE FOR THE
    PEOPLE. We see foreign countries be handed money like water but when it
    comes to 4 million AMERICAN CITIZENS we are ignored. SHAMEFUL!

    • jack

      Exactly right these hacks need to start thinking about our unemployed and if the chicken hawks want to play endless war let them go fight them.

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