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February 6, 2016

Video Shows Boehner Mocking Colleagues on Immigration

A video clip has been posted of Speaker John A. Boehner mocking his colleagues’ reluctance to take on an immigration overhaul today while campaigning for re-election in Ohio:

“As the speaker often says to his colleagues, you only tease the ones you love,” Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck said in an email.

Boehner tried to rally his troops earlier this year to support leadership’s immigration principles, but less than 10 percent of his conference has publicly supported them according to our immigration whip count.

Boehner’s broader comments today on health care, immigration, the tea party and more are covered here.

  • polioliroli

    Is this what it sounds like when someone inserts a male’s reproductive organ up the “exit-only” pathway of Mr. Boner’s solid waste canal?

  • Leftshot

    Everything he said screams that he is unfit for office. For example: “We get elected to make choices. We get elected to solve problems,” Boehner said. No, check your oath of office and the Constitution Mr. Boehner. You are to defend and uphold the Constitution. Instead you spend your day cooking up unconstitutional legislation, looking the other way or excusing those in government who are subverting our Constitution, trampling on the American People’s freedoms and rights, or grandstanding that you are interested in holding people accountable, while accomplishing nothing.

  • Kaye Messina

    I want to state that the person who took the EASY WAY OUT on immigration reform was Mr. Boehner. He decided to vote with President Obama and the majority of the Senate against the 22 Republicans in the house who had the courage to speak out against dismissing all of America’s Immigration laws
    and in doing so voted WITH the majority of American citizens who would like to see 22 million American citizens get jobs, and borders controlled, and laws obeyed in America. We break our laws and go to jail. What is this freeing illegal immigrants, even ones who have committed serious crimes, and then pushing amnesties for them, instead of helping immigrants who have jumped through hoops FOLLOWING RULES to EARN citizenship in America? I am so very disappointed in Mr. Boehner who is supposed to LEAD REPUBLICANS in the house. When it comes to getting elected to solve problems, Mr. Boehner should pay attention to polls that show the American public are tired of lowering standards in America, and disregarding our Constitution, and Immigration laws..

  • wigglwagon

    The solution to the problem of illegal immigration is very simple and very cheap.

    Congress should institute a bill mandating prison time without parole for the employers of illegal workers. That would virtually end the problem of illegal immigration. That would also put at least 8 million American workers back on jobs and paying taxes instead of needing to collect unemployment and welfare.

    Actually, it would not just be cheap. America would come out hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars ahead. Just think, 8 million families off of welfare and back to paying taxes like they used to do when America was solvent.

  • crosxb

    Wow, Wow, he’s been there so long that he has totally forgotten to honor his
    oath of office. He’s there to uphold those immigration laws created to protect Americans and American citizens. Ohio, please do your part and vote this disloyal clown out of office, please!

  • mike077

    Wow. This guy is speaker of the House? Mocking his fellow Republicans, his “troops”? What kind of general, what kind of leader, does that? Here the nation is facing the greatest threat to its foundation of liberty in history and this is how he acts? However it really says more about the members who elected him than it does about Boehner.

  • erick

    The republicans do many things that are tough. They impose tough love. Love the privileged few and tough for everyone else.

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