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February 14, 2016

Immigration Reform Will Happen ‘Later Next Year,’ Walden Says

Walden told reporters Friday that the House could take up an immigration overhaul next year. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Walden told reporters Friday that the House could take up an immigration overhaul next year. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

An immigration overhaul in the House isn’t dead, but it won’t happen this year, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee said Friday.

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., said the House would likely pass legislation to fix the nation’s broken immigration system by the end of next year. He made the comments at a Friday breakfast briefing with reporters that was sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor.

“The speaker has said on more than one occasion that this is a federal problem. I’ve said this is a federal problem. It needs to be dealt with by the federal government, so I think you’ll see it come,” the first-term NRCC chairman said. “It’s a matter of timing, in part because of everything else that hasn’t been done yet with the whole government funding issue and all of that has eaten up a lot of time. So my guess it it will happen later next year.”

Conventional wisdom had been that if the House was going to address immigration, it would have to be before the end of 2013 to avoid narrowing in the 2014 elections. But some House Republicans have been worried that moving anything as controversial as immigration legislation might imperil members facing right-wing primary challenges.

Walden was specifically asked if it would be easier for the House to wait until after the primary season to pass any immigration-related legislation. He dismissed that premise, saying that most members know how they’re going to vote anyway.

“People know their districts pretty well and what they can and cannot support going into it, so I don’t think [timing is] that big of an issue,” Walden said. “And you’re going to have primaries all the way to August.”

Walden reiterated other points on immigration that kept with the party line, namely that any overhaul would be accomplished piecemeal rather than comprehensively.

“The American people are skeptical of big, huge comprehensive bills,” Walden said. “And we are looking at real reform that’s done a piece at a time, step by step, so that you can have it be transparent so that people can have a chance to actually understand each step of the way and how it’s sequenced.”

Earlier this week, Speaker John A. Boehner told reporters that he would never move to conference any House-passed immigration bill with the measure passed by the Senate earlier this year. The Senate measure would create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, among other things.

“Frankly,” Boehner told reporters, GOP leaders “have no intention of ever going to conference” with the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration overhaul bill, even if Republicans pass a bill of their own.

“We’ve made it clear that we’re going to move on a common sense, step-by-step approach in terms of how we deal with immigration,” the Ohio Republican said.

  • MigrantReporter

    If they couldn’t do it in year since the 2012 election, they’re never going to do it. The Republican game plan is to sound like they are working, so Latino groups will lay off the attack. This is a delusional strategy and it will likely cost the GOP the White House in 2016.

    • ggm281

      Obama gets a positive 52 – 42 percent approval rating for handling terrorism, with negative grades for handling other issues”38 – 53 percent on foreign policy;
      35 – 53 percent on immigration;
      32 – 62 percent on the federal budget;
      36 – 60 percent on health care;
      38 – 59 percent on the economy.
      You might think this is a “priority issue” for voters, but you are wrong. Pew showed the same results, but another poll showed a MAJORITY of registered voters opposed to amnesty (regardless of how it get labeled). AP tried and failed to convince people that all their friends and neighbors support amnesty.
      A simple reality: millions of baby boomers are about to retire and draw their SS/Medicare. We don’t have enough highly skilled workers to pay for comfortable lifestyles for retired workers and there sure isn’t any money left over to subsidize 11 million poor families who draw more from social welfare programs than they even earn in income. Most people understand that.

      • Amala_Gbegiri

        You have been sitting and concocting lies. Your mutilated butt can’t work to replenish the SS fund enough to cater for retiring baby boomers.

      • MigrantReporter

        Those numbers aren’t surprising, considering the President’s over-all approval is 38 percent after Obamacare roll-out got botched. All the other issue related numbers got pulled down with it. I’d like to see how happy America is with Congressional Republicans on those same issues. The Tea Party has destroyed the GOP brand, they are less popular than pond scum.

        • ggm281

          I think you must have missed the CBO report floating around the internet this week on the 20-year costs of “reform”.
          I suspect that you are right and the GOP has lower numbers than the President on everything BUT budget and immigration. Poor GOP on immigration. Damned in the short term if they do it, damned in the long term if they don’t.
          People’s feelings don’t change the math. We have declining numbers of jobs for uneducated people. And people with less than college have double digit unemployment numbers. It drives wages down and taxes up to supplement all those families.

          • MigrantReporter

            I did see the CBO report, it was actually quite optimistic. It said GDP growth would go up and the deficit would go down because of reform and illegal immigration will be cut by 50%.

            It also said average wages would go down a bit. That may sound concerning, but it’s not. When a baby is born into a family, the average age of the family goes down, but no one got younger. This is because there is a new person in the group starting at the bottom. Immigrants like wise represent a new person in the group starting at the bottom, pulling the average down. It doesn’t mean any of the original members of the group lost wages, just that the average went down.

          • Pamela

            50%? We demand 100%, no more or less. Illegal immigrants have to leave. NO AMNESTY!! EVER!!

          • Braveheart

            More people/workers either freezes or lower wages on every level. Business owners from the tech industry’s all the way down to McDonald’s want reform for that simple reason, not to mention the fact that the 50% decrease will allow another 5 or 6 million more illegal aliens in the country.

        • svetistephen

          The President’s incompetent rollout of ACA and there’s more to come has destroyed whatever advantage he gained from the government shutdown. I’ll make a gentleman’s wager that the Republicans either re-take or come awfully close to doing so in the Senate in the midterm elections and increase their majority in the House. Sorry old chum.

        • Layla

          Are you blind? Which party is scoring higher? The GOP.

      • Layla

        You’d better run that by the UNEMPLOYED BLACK GRADS first. They are the ones getting the shaft by the administration’s policies and they resent it big time.

    • Amala_Gbegiri

      It will cost the house GOP in 2014, before landslide for the dems in 2016.

      • Pamela

        BS. All this constant Rabid Racism coming from Racist Illegal hispanic aliens, and the Racists that support them is going to get the GOP more white American votes, and a win in every election, from this day forward.

        The more the Rabid Racist illegal hispanic aliens make this about the “old white men” in the GOP party, they will lose. Every time you attack “white” people, you are attacking every “white” American, who a lot of them happen to be WHITE DEMOCRATS, who have GOP “white” family members who they love, you RACIST MORONS.

        • Trem

          You have all the white racist vote you are going to get, not all white americans are as racist as you so your racist views are not gaining you any more votes than they already have. Congrats, you have the racist south locked up, it won’t win you any presidential elections for the next generation.

          • Pamela

            BS, RACIST. There are still approximately 34,000,000 white Democrat voters, and MILLIONS of white voters who don’t vote.

            In the 2016 election, the Racist Democratic party cannot afford to lose Millions of white voters.

            Don’t take my word for it, RACIST. Just watch the next 2 elections, if the Racist Democratic party doesn’t start talking about AMERICANS, instead of skin color.

            The only way to be all INCLUSIVE is to talk about all American U.S. citizens, which includes everyone who is a Citizen, regardless of skin color.

            ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are not AMERICAN U.S. CITIZENS. No matter what skin color, they are.

        • Braveheart

          I agree,minorities tend to forget where the VAST majority of Obamas votes came from.Piss of white people and there won’t be another democratic president for a long time.BTW, I’m Hispanic, so you can put the race card back in your Pocket.

      • Layla

        Amala, you must have government insurance. Millions do not and millions are losing their policies. If you think there will be any Democrats standing after 2014, you’re dreaming.

    • Pamela

      Why should “white” GOP Reps, from predominantly “white” districts do anything for these RABID RACIST “LATINOS”, who are more loyal to their RACIST ETHNICITY, than they will ever be to our United States?

      White Americans are sick and tired of being told, we must do for these invading Illegal Racist hispanic aliens. Every time we hear “LATINO” or “HISPANIC” we rightly think, ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIEN INVASION and TREASONOUS AMNESTIES!!! That is how the majority of them got here, and that is how we must force the ones here, ILLEGALLY OUT. Of COURSE, that does not include our fellow U.S. CITIZEN PUERTO RICANS.


      These RABID RACIST HISPANIC ALIENS need WHITE MEN in the GOP, who come from PREDOMINANTLY WHITE DISTRICTS to give them what they want, AMNESTY. They can go “you know what” themselves.

      See, where constant use of the RACIST SLUR “RACIST” gets you? PO’d white people, who don’t have to do jack for you.

      Bite on that, RACISTS.

      • MigrantReporter

        Pamela you need to take a break from posting on the internet. Try meditation or something it will help you calm down. You’re liable to pop a vein with all that anger.

        • Pamela

          It is not anger. It is justified rage. Don’t worry about my rage. It is the majority of enraged Americans on this issue, you need to worry about.

    • Layla

      The LEGAL immigrants I know resent the administration’s plans for amnesty. I agree. Illegal immigrants have knowingly broken the law. We owe them nothing. I’ll not support immigration reform unless it states that ALL illegals must return to their home countries and APPLY LEGALLY.

      If that bothers anybody, tough.

      • MigrantReporter

        Legal immigration is good because we get records, no one gets an advantage unfairly, and we assimilate the immigrant into our culture. All of this does not require needless deportation when we know they will eventually come back. Let the illegal immigrants go through the process while they are in America.

        • Pamela

          Nope. The illegal immigrants have to leave. No jumping in front of the line in America. You have to Obey the Laws, and rules, like everyone else.

        • Braveheart

          Eventually they will come back? Then eventually we will have to put “deadly force authorized” signs throughout the borders.

  • Amala_Gbegiri

    This is the real republican party, the party of NO ,since a black man is in the white house. Name one big achievement the house under the inept leadership of John Boehner has done to help the struggling American middle class? Come Nov 2014, if these knuckleheads are not voted out, then America will be retrogressing to the stone age

    • Pamela

      Do you realize you Racists who constantly scream “RACIST” every time someone criticizes a non-white official, you make us not vote for non-white candidates.

      Why should any “white” person ever vote for a “person of color” again, when it denies us the rights to criticize his wrong decisions. This is pure unadulterated Racism. We dare not, can not criticize a “person of color” or you will be allowed to “racially profile” each and every single person, with the RACIST SLUR “RACIST”?

      BS!! White Americans in predominantly “white” districts will stop voting for “people of color”. Not because we hate their skin color, but because the RACIST “PEOPLE OF COLOR” hate ours.

      Done. We “white” people are done, trying to get along with RACIST “PEOPLE OF COLOR” who continue their RACIST HATE, against us. Screw you. We do not need you. You need our votes, and you need our tax base.

      • Trem

        People call you a racist because you are an obvious racist. You couldn’t be more racist if you wore a KKK hood with a Hitler mustache painted on. It has nothing to do with opposing Obama.

        • Pamela

          You don’t want to hear people talk about RACISTS, like you, then RACISTS like the one I responded to, shouldn’t bring up race.

          ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is about nation vs nations. We the United States vs. ILLEGAL ALIENS invading our sovereign United States.

          You want to talk about that, we will. Moment you throw out the RACIST SLUR, RACIST, you become the racist making it about race.


    • ggm281

      Kept the “Bush Tax Cuts” from expiring which would have meant many in the middle class (and even the working poor) would have seen a substantial tax increase this year. Tried to get ACA delayed or repealed to spare millions of middle class families and small businesses from a 40% increase in their insurance premiums/out-of-pocket costs.
      And keep framing it as a racial issue. It is working out so well. (Approve-41%, Disapprove-54%)

    • Pamela

      Name one achievement American Speaker John Boehner has done? STOPPING AMNESTY for INVADING ILLEGALS. Making it clear to INVADING ILLEGALS, he does not do what they say, because ILLEGALS are not American U.S. CITIZENS. Therefore, SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER, or any AMERICAN SITTING U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS owes invading ILLEGALS, from other countries, absolutely NOTHING.

      SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER has saved the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, from being taken over by MEXICO, just by doing nothing on AMNESTY.

      SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER has stood up for the RIGHTS of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. The right to their SOVEREIGN UNITED STATES, that their AMERICAN ANCESTORS have fought, bled and died in every single AMERICAN WAR, since the birth of this SOVEREIGN AMERICAN NATION.

      That is what AMERICAN SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER has done. He has saved the United States of America, by simply denying ILLEGAL ALIENS, AMNESTY. He has simply told them, NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

      • Amala_Gbegiri

        Yep, GOP want to take back their “America” or they want to take back their confederation either way. The party is sinking fast and tealiban will sink it faster. John Boehner is leading the most unproductive house in history. Mind you these are not my words.

        • Pamela

          Watch, Racist Traitor. Watch what happens in this country, in the next several years, if these ILLEGALS are not forced out.

          This is not a Race issue, although you made it one mentioning race in your 1st post. This is not a political party issue. This is a SOVEREIGN UNITED STATES issue, which affects every American.

          ILLEGAL ALIENS are not Americans. They are a rabid racist foreign invasion, that must be pushed back, and if need be, eliminated at all costs. This is serious stuff. This is what causes evenutal war. That is why, I am screaming loud and clear, to stop that eventual severe conflict that is coming.

          Unlike the Illegals, the American people have no way to run. They will do what they do best, fight and win.

          • Amala_Gbegiri

            Keep on ranting. Obama is still in WH Romney lost hands down.

          • Chin Kim Chong

            Pamela, where is Speaker John Boehner bill to deport all illegals before the end of the year?
            Stop fooling your self, support immigration reform, they do not want to deport all illegals before Christmas not even before thanks given day

          • Braveheart

            Why create a bill that’s goin to get crushed by the senate? The better question is why didn’t amnesty come up during Obama’s first term? Democrats controlled the senate, house and the white house, so please tell us why it didn’t come up?

    • Braveheart

      They’ve killed amnesty, enough said.

  • svetistephen

    Even the Republicans –its national leadership aside, a few mendacious Senators and members of the House, and money Republicans who want cheap labor no matter what the political price — aren’t stupid enough to commit suicide, which is what “comprehensive immigration reform” will do by making this a one-party state.

    • Amala_Gbegiri

      Ask Lou Dobbs, Meg Whitman and top GOP shots, how they were paying illegals under the table.

      • svetistephen

        Point? They’re hypocrites, how surprising! And of course the Democrats, left-liberals and others of their ilk have never known any. All you’re pointing out is the original Adam in all of us. By the way, how about stop ranting on this site and do something more productive — like reading a book? You are coming across as though you’re possessed with a massive amount of hatred of America, white people, African American who are being savaged by illegal immigration, etc. You’re making a very ugly impression.

        • Amala_Gbegiri

          Your arguments is a belie to the facts on the ground.I thought your prince of the tealibans Marco Rubio read enough books, yet he is more of a chameleon than congress man. America is a nation of immigrants except the native Indians. we all came here somehow.

          • svetistephen

            Your English is so poor and unidiomatic it’s difficult to follow you, though I suspect the problem goes deeper. Your pun on “Tea Party” is not clever, whatever you think of them, and Marco Rubio is no hero of mine. He is a turncoat who defended an indefensible piece of legislation. By the way, the Indians aren’t indigenous, they just got here first from Asia. WE ARE NOT ALL IMMIGRANTS. By definition, an immigrant is here legally. Those who are here illegally are not immigrants. They are illegal alien lawbreakers who have committed scores of felonies if they’ve hidden below the radar screen and scammed our welfare system. I don’t know which stinking hell-hole you left, but I wish you hadn’t.

          • Amala_Gbegiri

            Certainly your command of English is no better than an average Ebonics. Your anger depicts typical KKK who are angry at a black man in WH. You can’t change anything, 68 senators voted for the immigration bill and you’re no better than any one of them. America will continue to welcome millions as immigrants. And by 2040 America will be 50%Hispanics. Your probably on SNAP being paid by those ” lawbreakers”.
            Responding to your ranting is complete waste of time.

          • svetistephen

            This is the last time I’ll bother replying to a cretin.
            You have the audacity to call me a racist — I have fought racism all my life — while you attack my supposedly poor English (I have a PhD in English literature from a British university) while you use the ugly racist term “Ebonics?” ). The fact is that African Americans are being devastated financially by low-skill Mexican immigration because the chief fiscal impact of immigration of this kind is to transfer wealth from poor Americans to poor illegal aliens and migrants. You don’t know a bloody thing but are simply a chauvinist and idiot.

        • Amala_Gbegiri

          maybe if you stop pallying around Sarah Palin, you might feel better.

          • svetistephen

            The first word in a sentence is capitalized and you ought to consult a dictionary about your spelling in general. There is no such word as “pallying.” You are obviously young and not overly intelligent and I won’t be reading any more of your pathetic efforts to write. Please don’t waste your time as everything you send will be instantly deleted.

          • Braveheart

            Let me guess, your an anchor?

      • James Adams

        What a stupid name

    • Pamela


      • svetistephen


  • Chin Kim Chong

    “By the end of next year” better say we don’t want to fix the problem we profit from it.

  • Layla

    It is looking more and more as if we’re going to be forced to vote BOTH SIDES of Congress out in the elections next year. Neither is going to keep their word.

    We have 91 million Americans no longer in the work force. Enforce the immigration laws already on the books, such as fining employers, and this situation might improve.

  • Layla

    If this article is true, you’ve just lost yourself another loyal Republican.

  • HeSaid1

    Obama’s high “deportation” numbers are fallacious, as well. The amount is pumped up with those merely turned away at the borders. In fact, interior deportation is down19%, lowest since 1973:

    The newest Pew poll shows that 60% of US Citizens are against CIR:

    GOP will not introduce a bill because then it would force a conference with the Dems. And, as Reid has said, “We’ll get our own bill anyway.”

    Amnesty for over 20 Million Illegal Aliens will not improve the economy nor reduce the deficit. Wages for blue collar and working poor will be depressed for up to 20 years: Blacks (15% unemployment), Hispanics (10%), native-americans (poverty).

    CBO statements that S. 744 would decrease the budget deficit are misleading, as CBO counts the $200 billion to be paid in during the first 10 years by the newcomers and amnestied illegals in FICA taxes as “revenue”, when actually these dollars are SS trust fund money which is fully obligated to be paid back to the immigrants in the future. During the their first 10 years in the U.S., of course, the immigrants will not be collecting SS payments.

    And, Alabama had to adjust and hire LEGAL Immigrants:

  • earth

    House Tea Party Republicans Dead Angry with African American President and Hispanic Communities——-Immigration Reform will never in the interest of Tea Party Republicans- Instead of Reform they are finding ways to enforce the laws and only Deport as much as they will take time to do their part and destroy people’s lives. It’d not be more terrible for people’s lives…..

  • Dave Francis


    I am kind of worried that the GOP lead by House Speaker John Boehner is
    going to spring upon the unsuspecting public, some disgusting arrangement in
    line with Liberal left. Enacting a policy something similar to the Senate
    immigration Amnesty, before any of us gullible public is even aware? Secret negotiations
    might be going on right now, behind those proverbial closed doors. Both willing
    to compromise; the socialist Democrats so they can obtain millions of cheap
    votes and GOP elitists, so they can pacify the business special interests, as
    they are not specifically happy with the millions plus them import into the
    country now, but want to promote 30 million more, while sacrificing American jobs.

    The problem with Obamacare is the illegal alien invasion, as

    in the fact of using Social Security numbers to determine who’s eligible? So

    the question is can an illegal alien applying with a ITIN number gain

    eligibility to what should only be available for citizens and legal residence.

    But what I want to understand that when you sign up your Social Security number

    is collected and then added to some massive data base. But then what about the

    ITIN numbers given freely by this incompetent government to millions of illegal

    aliens? Has this government found an excusable way, to add unknown numbers of

    foreign nationals, who shouldn’t be here in the first place? The Individual

    Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing number issued by the

    Internal Revenue Service. IRS issues ITINs to individuals who are required to

    have a U.S. taxpayer
    identification number but who do not have, and are not entitled to

    obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration


    The ITINs are issued regardless of immigration status

    because both resident and nonresident aliens may have a U.S.

    filing or reporting requirement. As I see it the only winner in Obama health

    care are Deadbeats and spongers. These are the individuals who call work “A

    dirty word” who have lived of the taxpayers, most of their lives and drawn

    public assistance and are a stain the benefit system. Only the truly disabled,

    sick, veteran warriors and single mothers with children, impoverished should

    have access. This President devastating repercussions are beginning to hit

    Individuals are losing the plans they like and hundreds of thousands are being

    cancelled. Our elderly are losing their doctors. Doctors are refusing to

    participate. Medications are being denied. Referrals are being denied. People

    are at risk of severe penalties because can’t sign up on the website—as it does

    not work. Obama and his administration blatantly lied to and deceived Americans

    purely in an effort to gain power and control. We’ve had enough of their

    tyranny! Get your message to Congress now. Find out more details of the

    corruption in the highest political power brokers in Washington
    and every one of the 50 states at judicial watch.

    There is a basic, easy way to cut the job market from the

    thousands of illegal aliens arriving here daily: We demand for—ALL THE

    PEOPLE—ALL THIS NATION—(Lawful Residence have a green card) a bio-metric Social

    Security ID card, that will slash the illegal foreign workers arriving here to

    a dribble; stopping voting fraud by non-citizens and halt criminals stealing

    credit, welfare and other citizen benefits. This programmed card that you would

    slide through a machine, just the same way you slide a charge card through

    would deny illegal alien parents from appropriating billions of dollars

    annually in child credits.

    Your picture, your thumb-print and even an iris eye scan

    would differentiate you from anybody else. The manic fools in Congress of both

    political parties (not the TEA PARTY) are willing to keep spending trillions of

    dollars, but shy away from this federal issued ID card for a meager $2 Billion

    that the legislators say would cover every U.S.

    citizen. A card more powerful than E-Verify or means of enforcement internally

    or at the borders; a national ID card that Americans need urgently. I only hope

    some Patriotic American begins a petition, to Command the legislators in Washington

    to get a biometric ID law in the Federal law books. DO AMERICANS HAVE TO BE



  • Layla

    Vote out ANY POLITICIAN who supports amnesty. Time to pass a Fair or Flat tax, do away with the IRS and then even the illegals will be paying taxes without having to give law breakers citizenship or the right to vote.

    Any wanting to be citizens MUST RETURN and apply. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Layla

    There are 91 MILLION AMERICANS out of the jobs market. Any Member of Congress who supports amnesty is a traitor. ANY.

  • John Rivas

    Where there is uncertainty and variability regarding possible outcomes, the differences between rewards for merit and utility become clear.

  • 44219

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