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February 8, 2016

Where Do House Republicans Stand on Immigration Principles? (Updated Whip Count)

Updated: Mar. 13, 4:10 p.m. | Where do House Republicans stand on the set of immigration principles released by GOP leadership in January? Journalists at CQ Roll Call spent two weeks asking each House Republican’s office and combing through their public statements to answer that simple question. We have recorded the answers, which suggest weak support within Speaker John A. Boehner’s conference for overhauling the nation’s immigration system.

The initial CQ Roll Call tally found 19 Republicans backing the principles, two who said “possibly yes,” 30 Republicans openly opposed, 22 who refused to say and 25 who were undecided. Three others had nuanced responses. The other 131 did not respond to calls or emails from our team. Matt Fuller broke down the categories in this original story.

(Check out our Tuesday story detailing the new breakdown: 19 House Republicans say they support the principles, two Republicans could possibly support them. There are 34 Republicans in the “no” category. Three have qualified their answers. The tally stands at 26 Republicans either undecided or with no position yet and 21 who have declined to comment. And 127 have not responded to our queries made over a two-week period.)

We expect this will continue to be an evolving document over time, as the House decides whether it will move forward with legislation.

Have an update to this list? Please email


Mark Amodei, Nev.

John A. Boehner, Ohio

Ken Calvert, Calif.

Eric Cantor, Va.

Jeff Denham, Calif.

Charlie Dent, Pa.

Mario Diaz-Balart, Fla.

Renee Ellmers, N.C.

Joe Heck, Nev. (Asked to be moved 2/25 after initially not responding. His office told us he “supports immigration reform and an earned pathway to citizenship.”)

Peter T. King, N.Y.

Kevin McCarthy, Calif.

Michael McCaul, Texas

Howard “Buck” McKeon, Calif.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Wash.

Paul D. Ryan, Wis.

Glenn Thompson, Pa.

Marlin Stutzman, Ind.

David Valadao, Calif.



Steve Pearce, N.M. (He “thinks it’s a good start. Doesn’t support 100 percent and has long recommend other principles as a way forward.”)

Dave Reichert, Wash.



Michele Bachmann, Minn.

Lou Barletta, Pa.

Andy Barr, Ky.

Jim Bridenstine, Okla.

Mo Brooks, Ala.

Paul Broun, Ga.

Bradley Byrne, Ala.

Michael C. Burgess, Texas

Tom Cotton, Ark. (“Opposes amnesty”)

Rick Crawford, Ark.

Ron DeSantis, Fla. (Asked 2/25 to be moved from “Yes” to “No”)

Scott DesJarlais, Tenn.

Jeff Duncan, S.C.

John Fleming, La.

Cory Gardner, Colo.

Phil Gingrey, Ga.

Louie Gohmert, Texas

Tom Graves, Ga.

Tim Griffin, Ark.

Ralph M. Hall, Texas

Jeb Hensarling, Texas

George Holding, N.C.

Walter B. Jones, N.C.

Steve King, Iowa

Jack Kingston, Ga. (Moved 2/25 at request of his office from “Declined to comment” to “No”)

Tom McClintock, Calif.

Tom Price, Ga.

Tom Rice, S.C.

Dana Rohrabacher, Calif.

Steve Scalise, La.

John Shimkus, Ill. (Moved 2/25. His office told us he “does not support amnesty or citizenship for those who broke the law. … believes we should address the issues of border security and streamlining of agriculture and technology worker visas before discussing any legal status for illegal immigrants.”)

Lamar Smith, Texas (Asked 2/25 to be moved from “Did not respond” to “No”)

Steve Stockman, Texas

Randy Weber, Texas



Robert W. Goodlatte, Va.



Doug LaMalfa, Calif.



Raúl R. Labrador, Idaho



Larry Bucshon, Ind.

Kevin Cramer, N.D.

Rodney Davis, Ill.

Kay Granger, Texas

Vicky Hartzler, Mo.

Tim Huelskamp, Kan.

Duncan Hunter, Calif.

Doug Lamborn, Colo.

Blaine Luetkemeyer, Mo.

Thomas Massie, Ky.

Luke Messer, Ind. (Moved 2/25 from “Declined to comment” to “Undecided” because his office says he is still reviewing the principles.)

John L. Mica, Fla.

Randy Neugebauer, Texas

Kristi Noem, S.D.

Robert Pittenger, N.C. (Moved 2/26 from “Possibly yes” to “undecided” at request of his office. He initially had told us any plan “Must focus on border security first.”)

Tom Petri, Wis. (Added 2/25, was left off the list in error)

Martha Roby, Ala.

Harold Rogers, Ky.

Pete Sessions, Texas

Aaron Schock, Ill.

Christopher H. Smith, N.J.

Lee Terry, Neb. (Added 2/25, was left off list in error. His office said he hasn’t seen the plan but that “any plan must have border security and e-verify components.”)

Pat Tiberi, Ohio

Lynn Westmoreland, Ga.

Rob Wittman, Va.

Steve Womack, Ark.

Don Young, Alaska



John Carter, Texas

Howard Coble, N.C.

Doug Collins, Ga.

Steve Daines, Mont.

John J. Duncan Jr., Tenn.

Paul Gosar, Ariz.

Gregg Harper, Miss.

Doc Hastings, Wash.

Mark Meadows, N.C.

Devin Nunes, Calif.

Phil Roe, Tenn.

Mike Rogers, Mich.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla.

Peter Roskam, Ill.

Dennis A. Ross, Fla.

Keith Rothfus, Pa.

Matt Salmon, Ariz.

Mike Simpson, Idaho

Frank R. Wolf, Va.

Rob Woodall, Ga.

Todd Young, Ind.



Robert B. Aderholt, Ala.

Justin Amash, Mich.

Spencer Bachus, Ala.

Joe L. Barton, Texas

Dan Benishek, Mich.

Kerry Bentivolio, Mich.

Jaime Herrera Beutler, Wash.

Gus Bilirakis, Fla.

Rob Bishop, Utah

Diane Black, Tenn.

Marsha Blackburn, Tenn.

Charles Boustany Jr., La.

Kevin Brady, Texas

Susan W. Brooks, Ind.

Vern Buchanan, Fla.

Dave Camp, Mich.

John Campbell, Calif.

Bill Cassidy, La.

Steve Chabot, Ohio

Jason Chaffetz, Utah

Mike Coffman, Colo.

Tom Cole, Okla.

Chris Collins, N.Y.

K. Michael Conaway, Texas

Paul Cook, Calif.

Ander Crenshaw, Fla.

John Culberson, Texas

Sean P. Duffy, Wis.

Blake Farenthold, Texas

Stephen Fincher, Tenn.

Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Pa.

Chuck Fleischmann, Tenn.

Bill Flores, Texas

J. Randy Forbes, Va.

Jeff Fortenberry, Neb.

Virginia Foxx, N.C.

Trent Franks, Ariz.

Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J.

Scott Garrett, N.J.

Jim Gerlach, Pa.

Bob Gibbs, Ohio

Chris Gibson, N.Y.

Trey Gowdy, S.C.

Sam Graves, Mo.

Morgan Griffith, Va.

Michael G. Grimm, N.Y.

Brett Guthrie, Ky.

Richard Hanna, N.Y.

Andy Harris, Md.

Richard Hudson, N.C.

Bill Huizenga, Mich.

Randy Hultgren, Ill.

Robert Hurt, Va.

Darrell Issa, Calif.

Lynn Jenkins, Kan.

Bill Johnson, Ohio

Sam Johnson, Texas

Jim Jordan, Ohio

David Joyce, Ohio

Mike Kelly, Pa.

Adam Kinzinger, Ill.

John Kline, Minn.

Leonard Lance, N.J.

James Lankford, Okla.

Tom Latham, Iowa

Bob Latta, Ohio

Frank A. LoBiondo, N.J.

Billy Long, Mo.

Frank D. Lucas, Okla.

Cynthia M. Lummis, Wyo.

Tom Marino, Pa.

Vance McAllister, La.

Kenny Marchant, Texas

Patrick T. McHenry, N.C.

David B. McKinley, W.Va.

Patrick Meehan, Pa.

Candice S. Miller, Mich.

Gary G. Miller, Calif.

Jeff Miller, Fla.

Shelley Moore Capito, W.Va.

Markwayne Mullin, Okla.

Mick Mulvaney, S.C.

Tim Murphy, Pa.

Rich Nugent, Fla.

Alan Nunnelee, Miss.

Pete Olson, Texas

Steven M. Palazzo, Miss.

Erik Paulsen, Minn.

Scott Perry, Pa.

Joe Pitts, Pa.

Ted Poe, Texas

Mike Pompeo, Kan. (Added 2/25, was left off list in error)

Bill Posey, Fla.

Tom Reed, N.Y.

James B. Renacci, Ohio

Reid Ribble, Wis.

Scott Rigell, Va.

Mike D. Rogers, Ala.

Todd Rokita, Ind.

Tom Rooney, Fla.

Ed Royce, Calif.

Jon Runyan, N.J.

Mark Sanford, S.C.

David Schweikert, Ariz.

Austin Scott, Ga.

Jim Sensenbrenner, Wis.

Bill Shuster, Pa.

Adrian Smith, Neb.

Jason Smith, Mo.

Steve Southerland II, Fla.

Chris Stewart, Utah

Steve Stivers, Ohio

Mac Thornberry, Texas

Scott Tipton, Colo.

Michael R. Turner, Ohio

Fred Upton, Mich.

Daniel Webster, Fla.

Ann Wagner, Mo.

Greg Walden, Ore.

Jackie Walorski, Ind.

Edward Whitfield, Ky.

Tim Walberg, Mich.

Brad Wenstrup, Ohio

Roger Williams, Texas

Joe Wilson, S.C.

Kevin Yoder, Kan.

Ted Yoho, Fla.

The tally was conducted by Fuller and CQ Roll Call staffers Abby Livingston, Alex Lazar, Christina Bellantoni, Chris Nehls, David Michaels, Daniel Newhauser, Emma Dumain, Eric Naing, Hannah Hess, Jay Hunter, Katey McGettrick, Nell Benton, Steven T. Dennis and Warren Rojas. This post was done with assistance from intern Bridget Bowman. Read Matt Fuller’s story here.


Editor’s note: This post was corrected to reflect that the principles were released on Jan. 30 and edited because John Carter and Randy Hultgren were each listed twice. We have indicated further changes made to the list in parenthesis with the date. We also added Abby Livingston’s name to the list of CQ Roll Call staffers who made phone calls.  On Mar. 13, we clarified that CQ Roll Call mistakenly placed Steve Pearce on the “yes” list in our initial version of the post.

  • devan95

    I would love to know how they contact all these reps without going to each individual web site……

    • Beth Dadin

      Numbers USA

  • keninil

    Missing Peter Roskam, IL-6 Imagine he is a YES or hedging in some way.

  • John Bibb

    Looks like lots of our “representatives” are afraid to commit on embracing this cross between a porcupine and a skunk!

  • bittman

    It is beginning to look like one of our political elites will have to be shot or otherwise killed by a terrorist who illegally crossed our borders before the American public has a chance to obtain any substantive border security enforcement. This is becoming more and more likely since over 60% of the people crossing our borders illegally are OTMs (Other Than Mexicans).

    • 2formetoo

      Has anyone heard where the CA paralysis disease, similar to polio, effecting children comes from?? Or why its focus is in CA?

    • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

      “This is becoming more and more likely since over 60% of the people crossing our borders illegally are OTMs (Other Than Mexicans).”

      Your source for this comment, patriot?

      • bittman

        I attended a meeting where the speaker from Texas who worked as a Border Volunteer. Actually, I just checked my notes and noticed that he said TX has the the largest number of people crossing the border — 57% of the illegals who cross the border illegally enter via crossing the TX border. In 2013, 65%- 70% of these were OTMs. I think he said the statistics came from the DHS but that is going solely on my memory.

        • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

          “Border Volunteer” / “He” / “speaker from Texas” does not:

          1. Have a name;
          2. Actually work for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service;
          3. Actually work for the FBI or Department of Homeland Security; or,
          4. Offer any attribute, per you, to his “57 percent” claim.

          Please find the factual basis for said “57 percent” claim. Thank you.

          P.S. One hopes you do not balance your checkbook in the same manner that you offer claims of factual accuracy on policy issues. If you do, expect a call from your bank any day now regarding an overdraw on your part. One cannot spend what one does not have.

          • bittman

            (1) I gave you the percentages and I told you the speaker worked with the TX Border Volunteers. He is an honest person and I believe his statistics. Fortunately, our government still allows you to have your own opinions so have yours. (2) You must be a liberal to resort to immediately belittling others — it must make you feel so very powerful. It is sad that you resort to rude tactics. (3) Our government has spent $17.3 trillion dollars that it does not have and has unfunded liabilities estimated to range from $60 trillion to $200 trillion.

          • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism


            OK, again, from the top.

            “(1) I gave you the percentages and I told you the speaker worked with the TX Border Volunteers.”

            It’s simple. S-I-M-P-L-E.

            I asked you to provide:

            1. The “name” of said “speaker”. You declined.

            Further, I pointed out that said “speaker” works neither for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service nor the FBI nor Department of Homeland Security, which, to varying degrees based upon legal statutes, regulate said border security.

            “He is an honest person and I believe his statistics.”

            You claim “he is an honest person”. I ask, on what basis? By what metric? What proof do you have of the “honest person” quotient in said individual?

            You “believe his statistics”. OK. But you failed to offer his or your factual basis for said statistics. He and/or you may well believe the Earth is roughly 6,004 years old because a Born Again preacher that you judge to be “honest” has told you so. Science, however, clearly and without question dispels this belief.

            You may believe in Santa Claus because your Mama and/or Bill O’Reilly told you so. Your Mama is and/or was probably an honest person. I have no quibble with Mamas. But if I were to fly you and your Mama (we’ll leave O’Reilly home) to the North Pole to find Santa Claus’s hideaway, I think you’d both be disappointed.

            Also, backpedaling all the way, you typed: “You must be a liberal to resort to immediately belittling others — it must make you feel so very powerful. It is sad that you resort to rude tactics.”

            Facts are not rude. Facts are facts. Period. End of story. Exclamation point!

            Belief ain’t fact, son.

            I’m glad you believe, really I am. But belief won’t get you a cup of coffee at your local diner in the a.m. A buck or two will. That ain’t rude. That’s a fact. Don’t believe me? Fair enough. Walk into your local diner tomorrow morning, sit down at the counter, and tell the waitress you “believe” you can get a cup of coffee on belief alone. Post what happens on this thread – after, of course, a member of your family bails you out of the local pokey on charges of petty theft.

            Now, either put up the factual basis from your volunteer pal, or fall further down the Eternal Conservative Victim Path.

          • bittman

            I reminded you that you had the option to accept the statistics or not; I will not relay who the speaker was except that he is a former military officer. I don’t care whether you accept his numbers or not — I hope other Americans reading this will because terrorists ccrossing

          • NepotismIsDomesticTerrorism

            The speaker/former military officer may have been someone you met in a public men’s room.

            The statistics that you provided, having no factual support whatsoever, carry all of the intellectual, ethical, and moral weight of the graffiti scrawled on the walls of said men’s room.

          • bittman

            You haven’t convinced me that your opinion is of any value.

          • ggm281

            Nor have you convinced me that you added anything to the conversation. I’ll add something though. According to the Houston Chronicle, 39,000 unaccompanied minors presented themselves to Border Patrol agents in 2013 to obtain their protected status, and be flown on (at taxpayer expense) to join their parents who were already illegally residing in the country. Of course immigrants once they arrive in the US quickly figure out in this country that the government steps up to pay your rent and food if you have children. So of course they want to send for their children. They come with either attached contact information (when too young to operate a cell phone) or with a cell phone to call mom once they are in ICE custody. You see, it used to be that we required the parents to pay for the plane ticket. But that led to too many kids languishing for months in detention facilities waiting for their parents to save $400. So instead, the administration decided it would be better the taxpayers to ease even that expense.

          • bittman

            While I’m concerned about illegal immigration from the perspective of the American taxpayer and worker, I am more concerned that the terrorists illegally entering our country will eventually end up with huge numbers of Americans being killed or seriously wounded by massive bombs, chemical weapons, a nuclear device smuggled into the country, etc. Al Queda leaders are on record saying they will do this. If 65% of the people entering our country illegally are OTMs (and are primarily from the Middle East), we have a serious lurking problem that all Americans should know about.

          • fbpdplt

            This character is an ignorant asshole…most definitely a liberal….and Obmaa/Holder lover….hell he may be Holder himself…

          • fbpdplt

            Well there it is! He ends his demand rant with a shot at conservatives. You didn’t even have the decency or honesty to answer His question. but you demand he answers your. …Typical… Ignorance and Liberalism -hand in hand.
            I believe bittman…given the choice as to who would be more truthful ..well nespo…that certainly leaves you out! Someone who would go to great lengths as you do to be so damn ignorant is usually a BS artist. In other words …a true liberal -socialist-communist……I have no facts either…just lifelong experiences with ignorant jerks,,,usually libs…your no exception

      • Midwestmike

        Who is crossing the border illegally is irrelevant. Finish the dam fence.

  • notyranny

    Voting yes to Immigration is Republican suicide.

    • Marrkedman

      Voting yes on immigration is United States suicide.

  • johnob1

    Our Congressman Richard Hanna of New York must think all upstate New Yorkers are stupid. He already made clear that farmers need these illegal aliens to work their farms, either off the books or pay very low wages in order for them to make a profit, rather than hire American-born workers. This is how Congressman Richard Hanna creates jobs in upstate New York.

    This is why he refused to respond on the question of immigration principles. Our immigration laws has worked extremely well for many years and should never be tampered with.

    The Democrat’s only purpose for immigration reform, or total amnesty is to secure absolute power in America….period! If we allow them to get away with “amnesty,” it will certainly cement “communism” in America. Think very carefully about this patriots.

    USAF (RET)

  • Peter Furman

    There is Federal Law that says “Illegal” i,migration is ILLEGAL! The remedy is to DEPORT “illegals and hold them accountable for any,if any crimes they committed here!
    Obama has already committed a serious “High Crime and Misdemeanor” by declaring the law invalid! He reversed the Federal Law that HE and every one of these Oath Breakers has committed ! They have NO authority to dictate the law and criminally ignore and reverse it PERIOD! There is a process for changing Federal Law they have Ignored as the have betrayed,broken their sworn oath to defend and enforce the Constitution and the Law of this country!
    This country was founded and built,protected and defended by millions and millions of “Legal” immigrants who followed the path to citizenship as written! These people risked everything to come here “legally” shedding “blood,sweat and tears to embrace our Constitutional Republic.They worked indefatigably and fought to protect,too often died doing so!
    This act by Obama and the vermin,his cadre of Vermin is an impeachable offense as are hundreds of other acts they have committed are!
    America has fought wars,lost lives,suffered for generations to honor and uphold the sanctity of the United States!
    We have been attacked,terrorized,murdered,tortured,imprisoned both without and now within for decades as in 9/11 where I lost a family member and two friends! They were “guilty of going to work to support themselves and their families Never to return! There have been wonton acts of murder,rape,terror and war committed by “illegal” aliens yet these demagogues,these Sociopath’s,these criminals betray the vast majority of American Citizens which is a crime against the very people they are sworn to represent!
    Never Forget!,Never Again,”Live Free Or Die” remember?
    Our economy is in shambles,50 million on food stamps,as many as 15% unemployed,millions and millions underemployed which IS the legacy of the last 50+ years! We are NOT Free,our Inalienable,G-D given rights have been eviscerated,betrayed by those who swear an oath and LIE!
    There is NO Law in America and No One sworn to enforce it,prosecute offenders !
    Freedom,Opportunity,a present and a future have been taken. There can be NO Freedom where there is NO law,No penalty for breaking the law which is why America is FAILED!

  • John J.Johnson

    The yes column provides a nice list of congressmen that need to be primaried out of office.

  • 2formetoo

    I cannot believe that so many GOPers either said yes or undecided!!! Sounds too fishy-like the GOP leadership is cooking something up.

  • iJustMadeThis

    As an independent and someone who’s been waiting for green card in legal channel for the past 9 years, I urge that the House acts on immigration reform this year, whether it’s step-by-step or comprehensive. I can argue for reform from the policy perspective, but I’ll on political side this time. Delaying the reform till next year will force GOP presidential candidates lean more to the right than they’d have to, and lose the moderate base crucial to winning an election (if the issue’s already dealt with, it’ll be much less of a problem as arguing for a repeal is easier than doing the same for an enactment). The changing demographics will continue to turn away from the GOP without reforming the current immigration system; there are many people in the minority groups who’d like to vote for the GOP (such as I, given that the party turns more liberal on social issues). However, I’ll note that with the current GOP stance objecting to a reform millions of lives count on, the party will fail even attempting to deliver its message about fiscal conservatism and individual responsibility. If the White House were to turn red, it’s essential for this reform be implemented this year.

    • ggm281

      You actually cannot be an “independent” and waiting for a green card. You see, you are ineligible to participate in the political process until you are a naturalized citizen.
      And frankly, “reform” isn’t going to change ANYTHING. Because you see, it will be at least a decade before ANYONE benefiting from “reform” can vote.
      I truly hate dishonesty. But I particularly hate dishonest “interns”. Get a freaking job. Trolling the internet really isn’t something to put on a resume. Do you really think future employers don’t know what political “interns” do???

      • iJustMadeThis

        You’re right—I’m not “an”independent because I’m politically unaffiliated. I meant to say that I’d not votefor either party (but maybe Libertarian Party), should I decide to eventually naturalize,because neither really represents my views at least at this moment.

        Yes, S.744/H.15 won’tlet those here illegally to naturalize for at least 10 years (except for DREAMers), so their political voice won’t be heard for a while. However, the bill will strengthen border security and interior enforcement in first few years, and improve the economy in a long run by taking in the taxes and
        disabling those here illegally to “bargain” to work more for less with theirstatus, which is better than the status quo.

        And what makes you think that I’m an “intern”? Because I’m not.

      • fbpdplt

        I remember during the Clinton campaign in the early 90’s They actually had use of Soldier Field In Chicago (YUP- Crooked Town) and filled it with over 10 to 12 thousand Illegals and swore them in en masse and as they were exiting the stadium they were handed voter registration forms stamped Democrat….The coverage-all liberal said “it was a great day for democracy”…un -F…ing believable!

  • Web Watcher

    Support a 100% Candidate, not these rinos. KicinskiForCongress dot com

  • amberdru

    John Boehner has been bought by the Chamber of Commerce. Pat Tieberi is for another amnesty too- no matter what he says. The Vineyard Church pushes for Tieberi and his support of amnesty.

    • Steve Salvi

      Thanks for shining some light on the Ohio Cong. delegation. It needs it!

  • Barb3000

    All of the politicians from California will be more likely to favor amnesty simply because of having Latinos in their districts. Darrell Issa didn’t respond to the poll because last summer he claimed he was in favor of legalization and with his district loaded with legal Mexicans and illegals he knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    • Borderhawk

      Rohrabacher is strong against amnesty. So are others in California. Issa has amnesia. He donated a million to a campaign to oust the Governor for giving driving licenses to illegals. McClintock and Hunter are against it. They wont outpander the Democrats.If enough white Republicans stay at home the Democrat just uses the Hispanic supermajority to steal a close trying to outpander. Also it is clear whether it is citizenship or legalization the illegals in California will get Obamacare and welfare.

  • Borderhawk

    Adam Kinzinger is a strong yes. He wants to work with with Luis Guiterrez, Rahm Emmanuel, and Mark Kirk on immigration. Ken Marchant is a no. He said if you give a right to vote to 10 illegal Hispanics in Texas, 6 or 7 will vote Democrat. He’s wrong. 9 will vote Democrat because illegal aliens are even poorer than most Hispanic voters. The governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory is more conservative than the Congressmen in deep red districts. Thom Tillis the house speaker in NC is for amnesty. He over rode Pat’s veto of an amnesty bill.

  • trojan1972

    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1787

    • fbpdplt

      This TOTAL lie that Wash DC keeps hammering on- “The immigration laws are broken….must be fixed” How would they know? …They never enforced the ones on the books now!!! Why…make new ones…well to benefit future aliens.thats why, ….so that they can just get an express lane to citizenship and be an instant Demo-RAT

      • trojan1972

        So much for “representatives”, huh? That’s why a whole lot of them need to be brought home. If they can’t do what they were sent to do, then we need to fire them. I agree with you completely. Someone needs to take the executive branch to court since they are the ones with the enforcement responsibilities. You know what would happen to us if we picked and chose what laws we would obey? Our butts would be in the slammer.

        • Beth Dadin

          Agree. No incumbent no matter what State or Party they belong to. No family members of those who serve or have served. They have not been representing the Legal Citizens of this Country for a long time. This is my opinion.

  • WhatsHappenedToOurCountry

    Pat Tiberi of OH is the president of the John Boehner fan club so we have no doubt he’ll be voting “yes” if John tells him to! Mr Tiberi, can you say, “kiss a$$”?

  • captainjack65

    We call them mugwumpers, those undecided and those non-responders. These are the type of birds who sit on a fence with their mug over one end and their wump over the other. I say we make an effort to vote all the “yays” and the “mugwumpers” out of office and throw all our support to those who clearly understand the downside to the invasion of our borders by the illegals. One suggestion to address the 40 million or so of illegals, that we give them legal notice to return to their motherland taking all their children with them within the next 90 days and not to return until they go through the legal and proper process. For those remaining to have open season on those failing to abide by the law.
    Enough of these mealy mouthed politically correct politicians who straddle the fence. I know and recognize we are all God’s children but we are all commanded to uphold the laws of the land. We have the laws on the books just an administration that choses to overlook these laws and the U.S.Constiltution in the flawed attempt to buy their votes. This practice has to end, we are broke and cannot afford such acts of charity at the expense of legitimate taxpaying citizens.

  • Twoiron

    Q: What will we call our country when the vote on amnesty is passed and we cease to have any national sovereignty?

    A: “Curtains.” Or perhaps, “Game Over.”

  • Bob Stauskas

    Due to the ongoing invasion by illegal aliens, California has one of the lowest credit ratings in these united states.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Impeach Boehner…YES!

  • Midwestmike

    The only immigration discussion I want to hear is when is the border fence going to be completed and staffed to keep the criminal aliens out.

    • Newt

      You have no idea how much Ds are counting on that….

  • Beth Dadin

    No incumbents next election, no matter what party. Also no votes for any family member of the ones who have served. They all took an oath to represent the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN. Not the ILLEGAL. Look who is doing the construction work, the restaurant work, Hotel and House cleaning. Sure not the Legal Citizens who are out of work. Mad, you bet I am. And I don’t think I am the only one who is tired of those now in office in Washington.

  • Tina Goodman

    Mr, Bachus, from Alabama, is listed in the “did not respond” column. I know that he is not seeking re-election, so this probably explains his lack of response.

  • Boxhawk

    Our party is irredeemably stupid.

  • Newt

    Voting no to immigration is Republican suicide.

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