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February 12, 2016

White House, Perez Continue Unemployment Extension Push (Updated)

Perez (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Perez is Labor secretary. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Updated 4:40 p.m. | The White House and Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez continue to press the House to pass an unemployment benefits extension — but so far there’s no word of a new offer to sweeten the pot for Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio.

“We continue to press Congress to take action to restore those benefits,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday. “Extending them would be, of course, hugely impactful to the families who receive them directly, but also of great benefit to the economy, and Congress ought to take action.”

Carney said he didn’t have an update on what the White House might be willing to offer Boehner.

Before leaving for the spring recess, Boehner reiterated his demand that the White House come up with a new offer before he considers an extension.

“What we’ve seen in the past in these kinds of situations generally are, you know, an attempt to throw spaghetti against the wall on sort of ideological things that have nothing to do with making sure that these benefits get to the people who need them,” Carney said.

Perez also tweeted Monday about the issue.


But Brendan Buck, a spokesman for Boehner, said the effort hasn’t yet involved reaching out to the speaker’s office.

“Nothing recently,” Buck replied when asked if the White House had gotten in touch to try and work out a deal.


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  • J Zebulon Israel

    Can’t keep waiting for an unemployment check! In LESS than a minute from now your phone could have made you some money without you having bought or sold a single thing @ least 2 completed surveys 6 days a week earns you weekly check!

  • Mike

    Boehner is a piece of shit!!!!

  • eric

    I’m a military veteran and purple heart medal recipient. I served 4 years in the marine corps and served 3 combat tours in iraq. I see many of Americans struggling financially and its unfortunate that our government wont step up and do the right thing. I’m embarrassed to be an American, we need to get these benefits approved for our brothers and sisters. How many more families need to suffer or go without, Congress put the golf clubs away and do your job for the american people

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      eric, how many letters and posts on blogs like this one have we seen
      from veterans decrying Boehner and explaining their plight? TOO MANY!

      The following was posted by “hopeless” in the Stanford Daily back on February 17 this year as a comment to “Compassionate Conservatism: The Unemployment Debate.” It may not have been written by a veteran, but it typifies many comments I have read over these past four months where the writers identified themselves as vets:

      “lost my job 8 mos. ago. I cut all spending, cancelled cable, internet, I don’t go out and waste gas, etc. Living like a hermit AND with unemployment, I spent only half of my $10k in savings. The UE ran
      out on New Year’s and I cut back more, with a budget of $2 per meal
      instead of $6. Well the ice storm in Atlanta messed up my car and now
      it needs $2300 in repairs, cutting my savings in half again. So I can’t
      renew my apt. lease, I’m currently selling all my furniture so I can
      stay at a friend’s house in their spare room.

      I apply to at least 3 jobs a week. Out of the 100+ apps, I’ve been on 5 interviews. There’s nothing more I can do. You can’t apply for anything that you’re not totally perfect for, as there’s too many candidates and you won’t be considered.

      Republican and democrat super-rich politicians DO NOT CARE about people in need. It’s VERY OBVIOUS. They will say and do anything to maintain gridlock instead of doing their job, which, per the Constitution, is to “PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE”.

      Of course no job = no healthcare, so I haven’t had treatment for
      depression since I was employed. I’ve heard about some kind of free
      health care but I haven’t bothered trying to sign up; I suspect as soon
      as I do the Repugnants will eliminate it so no point in getting started.

      But it’s ok. I am hoping to leave this place soon. My depression and
      apathy toward living has evolved to suicidal thoughts. I have a
      detached garage for another 4 weeks and I’m trying to get the courage to go sit in there with the truck running. As I watch the rich get richer
      and the rest get poorer, I realize this country isn’t worth living in
      anymore. It’s not a land of opportunity, it’s a land of greed and
      corruption. No one wants me here anyway, so removing one applicant
      seems to be the best I can do to help alleviate unemployment. Good
      luck to the rest of you who are not comfortably wealthy. You’ll surely
      need it.”

      eric, let’s hope our leaders, the RESPONSIB

      • Felecia Warner

        I agree Leigh he is so pathetic, and to top it off I read he has a Jamaican son-n-law who was arrested for Weed possession. To me while he is trying to block the UI he need to get his family affairs in order because that kind of publicity makes him look even more like a idiot.

        • Shizue Leigh Hicks

          Good morning, Felecia. This is a cut-and-paste ( quotation marks, caps and all) YouTube title of a video posted by one of John Boehner’s opponents, but it’s very telling of where John’s priorities lay. :

          “JERSEY SHORE” JOHN BOEHNER: Spends $150k on Steak, Cigs, Booze & Spray Tan — “”LET THEM EAT STEAK”

        • PoliticalMayhem

          I’m sure he is pro prohibition and is overjoyed our tax dollars are going to jail his son for a medically productive plant.

          We need republicans who represent the below 45 population NOW..

    • Georgia Bronson Becker

      Eric- Thank you for your service to this country. I too am embarrassed to be an American – however then I look at people like you and our military and I am grateful to you for being an American and fighting to keep us free. My husband is a USN retired disable Vet of 22 yrs active duty. I have served myself as a Navy Ombudsman for one of the ships. I am now fighting for my unemployment benefits to be reinstated as I pray every night to may sure I have food on the table and a roof over our head. I think it is truly disgraceful what they are doing to us. But we give money to other countries and also the lives of our military personnel to help them. God Bless you and thank you again for all you have done, and continue to do as a TRUE AMERICAN!!!!!

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      eric, I’m surprised that the veterans’ organizations haven’t come out with louder condemnations of John Boehner and his arrogant stupidity in not reinstating the UI Extension. I only hope he never goes to any veterans’ commemorations or celebrations considering what’s he’s done and is doing to you veterans who are among the long-term unemployed.

      Wikipedia on John Boehner’s military “career”: 8 weeks after he enlisted in the Navy (during the Vietnam War years), John Boehner was honorably discharged for a :medical reason” — a bad back.

      John Boehner is a disgrace!

      • ichabodcranesh

        We should not fault Boehner for his bad back excuse… he has shown himself to be spineless. He’ll wear a flag on his lapel and he’ll discard Americans who served this country and Americans who have worked all their lives and paid into the system.

        • Ruth

          Love what you said, you helped me to smile for the first time in days.

      • ex-Republican

        Look at John McCain, evidently he could care less about his long term unemployed fellow veterans. Imagine that, Imagine we just left him there in Vietnam. This goes to the Republican problem, they are cold hearted and hypocritical. They hate anyone who is not in their economic class. My eyes have seen the light and I just pray that there many more like myself. I will never vote for a Republican again. Vote for your local Democrats, get involved, in my district we have a solid congressman, so I plan to be canvassing in the district just south of me. This ten term congressman is about to be unemployed. I would hope all others will be doing the same. Get out there and Just do it.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      America might come up with another use for the lawn greens as well as golf clubs and find another definition for the word stocks if they don’t stop playing rich elite/serf pauper. The Chinese even grew some I hear.

    • Ruth

      Horary for the RED, WHITE AND BLUE and you too Eric. God bless

  • FedUpInNJ

    What Congress is doing to the American people is criminal. We WILL NOT FORGET come mid term elections! People are fed up! When the Labor Secretary tells us it can be reinstated with no problem it must be true, unlike Boehner is said it “was too late”. Boehner needs to go! If these benefits aren’t restored ASAP meaning the FIRST day they return from yet ANOTHER break there will be riots in streets, they leave people no choice. Shameful!

    • ex-Republican

      I will be canvassing in Morristown area this September and October, I hope to meet you at the Democratic Hall down there. We will see who is lazy, I can not wait to see him call his Democratic opponent and concede the election. Then and only then will he see that you do not turn your back on your fellow American hardworking taxpayer who can not find a job in this miserable jobs market. NJ march employment net loss of -1200 jobs. We got this FedUpInNJ, “Don’t give Up, Don’t give Up, Don’t give Up” Peter Gabriel/Paula Cole. youtube

    • Ruth

      I am in when and where. Everyone should meet in Washington with our signs and voices. Let’s bring back the 60’s and voice our opinions in person!

  • eric



  • Disposal mind

    Republicans are such low rent pond scum. Not that the democrats are much better. Looking at these lazy bastards taking yet another vacation this year I dont feel so bad asking my local election board to please remove me from the voter rolls.

  • Imherenowandready

    Mr Boehner, I would like to thank you personally for being a bullheaded ignorant politician. I have been unable to find work that would accommodate my education requirements being I am in college. With the loss of my job last summer, and the inablilty to re-enter the workforce being my schedules conflict, unemployment was a huge aid to my self and my family. Being that has expired, I am now forced to enter the welfare roles in order to feed my family somewhat. We are also behind on our mortgage payments now due to this shortfall. I have worked full time for the past 17 years, paying into the UI plans all along, and never using them. Thank you for affording others this extension in the past on my dime. I am happy to know that when I needed to use it, politicians such as yourself show your true colors, you don’t give a damn about the American taxpayers who pay your salary. Also, I’d love the ability to vote myself a pay raise every year, and have bennifits after I get voted out of office. I get laid off, I loose my income, my insurance, gee.. talk about a SHAFT deal!

    • Tony

      Boehner will get his just do, when he gets replaced! Hope your Easter went well john, several people could not afford to celebrate! Make it easy, why wait, RESIGN!!!

    • Erik

      Why don’t you “thank him personally” with a phone call or a letter.

    • PoliticalMayhem

      I’m so glad your state allowed you to be in college while receiving Unemployment.

      My employer paid $300 for me to enroll in H&R Block ITC and then laid me off after studying like a dog for 15 weeks of a very hard, intensive tax law class with 6 reams of papers worth of books and statutes to study.

      I had to drop out of the class to be eligible for Unemployment thanks to NV and Reid..

      Now they want me IN training offered by the state but they made me drop a important accounting class that would have gotten me at least a seasonal job at H&R Block for the tax season almost guaranteed??

      WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE, and I am nowhere near the state I received my UI from because I was located there FOR WORK so why would I stay now that I have NO WORK???

    • Christian

      I believe what Christ taught, give your shirt off your back to help the less fortunate. What’s happing to our great nation and it’s spirt of coming together to aid our family of people, our bothers and sisters. They need us and right now.

  • Barry

    Why in the hell are we letting John Boehner hold this country hostage? He needs to GO! NOW!! He has done nothing but fight President Obama. Republicans beware, you are going to pay politically for not standing up to this bully SOB. Think about it Repubs while you are all out lounging around this week (again).

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      Barry, I could not have said it better. Since December 31, 2013, just how many “breaks” have Boehner and his House had? Boehner strikes me as some sort of Teflon Don. He’s in complete control of the Republican-controlled House. Like a mob boss, Boehner must have something that’s keeping the majority of his fellow Republicans in line, no?

      John Boehner is a big-time “bully” and a well-known drunk. He alone has stood in the way of reinstating the Unemployment Extension since the end of January. Makes you wonder how he keeps everyone in line while he lets yet another month go by with even more long-term unemployed go hungry and homeless and destitute while Boehner puffs on his Camel cigarettes and drinks his Jack Daniels.

      This is the United States of America! How did we end up with this mob boss yanking so many high-powered chains?


      • Johnny Medina

        what you need to do is listen to those in the right wing spin machine…..listen to Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush……let Boehner step out of line and see how he gets crucified by them? THEY are the ones who have the BULLY PULPIT of the republican party. I feel sorry for Boehner. I am sure he would LIKE to bring up extending unemployment for all of us who are out of work. He has Eric Cantor just waiting in the wongs to stab him in th eback if or when he brings this up for a vote. He has Tea Party people in his caucus who do not want anything to pass. There are always gonna be people who are gonna blame Obama and the democrats

  • Anakin818


  • charles

    Those that are against this extension
    must be filled with hate. To have that kind of hate creates a lot of inward pain. I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you. Having that kind of hate is to be absent from God.

    • Moshika

      I agree per my input just below yours

    • erick

      The republican party hates you and hates your way of life. The working class is viewed as just working family trash. They are ready to reduce the working class to the status of 3rd world peasants who will be forced to accept austerity and poverty.

    • JoeyBonts

      I know a few ppl who describe unemployed ppl as “lazy”. A friend of mine tells me I should take a commission job in which you pay for your $800 of training upfront and receive a very low base salary for the first 3 months, after which is straight commission. Does that sound like a very promising job? It has a turnover rate of 85-90%, but these are the only types of jobs I’m hearing back from at the moment. I stopped hanging out and talking to this friend, and he is a Republican by the way.

  • Moshika

    I often wonder if this “Boehner” who seems to dictate the lives of the Senate, house and of course the President — is the reason why he wishes NOT to extend benefits? Knowing how most Politian’s perceive their status in life — believing they are “above” most Americans — perhaps — it is because there is not “enough” money in it for Boehner and those like him to make our lives worth the effort we put into it. After all, is it not but a more and more proven fact our Politian’s would put the American people in front of the firing squad taking the bullet before they would stand up to save us — perhaps taking the bullet first?
    I am very tired of being called “lazy” or “illiterate” but worse, I have to explain to my children, the “government — our government — does not care about its people — they; our government have become tyrants — meaning — I — am expendable as an American.
    I have not “collected” unemployment for years, I have collected only for three months and was “cut off.” Somehow, I keep managing to pay the rent, put food on the table and, since I am not so young, I am raising two grandchildren…
    Realistically speaking, it is money and power that control; the average and below average individuals who have NO control simply because we, have been trained to step-back and be beat down by those in power and with money including those that buy out power for control. I will never understand how greed, control and power makes a person feel like they are some form of God, of course, there is heaven and hell — which of the “H’s” control the outcome?

  • Jess Val

    I guess a Ukranian package is more important than helping our own people

  • Eternal Harmony

    I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous. This in my view, is like when parents use their children as pawns in a divorce case to hurt one another regardless of how it affects the children. Those of us who need these MEAGER funds, to begin with, just to survive, should not be used as political pawns with which to haggle over, gamble with, strategize, use, and collateralize.
    You do not get to tell your spouse, I’ll feed the children IF you do what I want or the way I want or how I want it. You have to figure out your other problems on your own without starving your children in the meantime.
    Congress in general has been largely behaving like children for a very long time now and this is just a very in your face example of this kind of behavior in my view.
    I have no wish to be a pawn.
    I have no wish to be homeless nor do I deserve to be, just because of this one clueless, careless individual.
    Why does he not put a vote before the house and see how many representatives want to vote on the bill as it stands now? They will all vote to vote, and then the bill will pass to extend our benefits already too late for many.
    And I also do not understand why it is handled on a date basis rather than a weeks basis. Some people have been collecting for up to 99 weeks. I will lose my benefits after only 26 weeks. How is that at all fair?
    What does the date have to do with anything?
    Sometimes, it takes time to find a new position even when times are good.
    I’d like to see Mr. Boehner live on $440.00 a week for 6 months with no other source of income at all. Let’s see if he could keep his house(s), car(s), kids education, car insurance, whatever expenses he has.
    I am not even so fortunate as to own a home and I can barely make it and he would deny us this pittance?
    So far removed from the majority it isn’t even close to reality.
    Sorry, got into a rant there I guess.

    • erick

      Welcome to the new social paradigm. It is called TOUGH LOVE. Love the privileged few and tough for everyone else. The class war is in full view.

  • Mark Hall

    Boonner (spelling on purpose) should be shot!! He doesn’t give a damn about Americans! He only cares about himself. Did any one notice he voted himself to get paid for the government shutdown, that they created?? Lets keep taking care of the rest of the world, Americans do NOT matter to him!! And he smokes in his government office ( which is not legal) which we all pay for! Please vote him out!!!

    • erick

      John Boehner is serving the Koch brothers quite well. Boehner represents the interests of the financial class not the interests of the working class. This is the class war in action. Congress gave 50 billion dollars in tax breaks to corporations that outsource jobs overseas with no consideration as how to pay for the revenue loss. But Boehner insists that in order to give 5 billion dollars to the long term unemployed congress must find a way to pay for that revenue loss.

    • hirolar00

      I agree he should be shot in the damn head

  • MarineOutOfWork

    Dear Eric, me too sir.

  • Robert Tennyson

    I know the state has a record of every week I filed just as I was directed. I have had to go in to my retirement, which the bastards will tax me again for and penalize me, because they can’t enforce the age discrimination laws that already exist. I have had the opportunity to gain two other degrees and then take a job paying $14.00 less than I made in 2008 and I am not happy with either party in this subject. I have already started voting against any incumbent in my local election. To hell with our current representatives that feel they are the elite and not servers of the people.

  • Kevin

    The GOP is probably taking major “kick backs” and support from the major banks due to the turn over rate on foreclosed homes they have re-sold. They know the people can’t afford their homes in this shlt economy! I haven’t completed my research on it, yet, but that’s my current theory. And besides, who ELSE supports Republicans? No one I know, does.

    • Kevin

      John Pierpont Morgan has a few strikes against him already, as a human. Refusing to back Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower (an invention that could transmit wireless electricity), and dodging military duty by paying a “replacement” to fight for him. What a bltch! Also, Morgan and Wall Street bankers donated heavily to Republican William McKinley, who was elected in 1896 and reelected in 1900.

    • erick

      The wrong set of incentives are now in play. It is to my financial advantage to squat in my house that is in default, and strip the copper out of the house and sell it at a recycle yard. It is in my banks financial interest to hire someone to burn the upside house in order for the bank to collect the insurance money.

  • GeorgeNYC

    Please, pass the unemployment bill, I am going to be homeless next month. I have a sick mother to take care of.

    I have a college degree and always worked, Since, I graduated 7 years ago, I’ve been living from paycheck to paycheck but since October, I’ve been at the end of my ropes, looking for jobs.
    if it won’t get extended, I don’t believe I can recover from the irreversible damage that this will cause, if it won’t get extended, I with my elderly parents will become homeless. It will almost be impossible to come back from that.

    I was supposed to get a job by the end of March, as an independent contractor, from my last Employer (marketing company) but the company’s client backed out in a last minute, as a result, no job for me that was tied into this project. I am using $750 from my $1,037 tax return to get TLC License in New York city, so I can try to work as a cab driver but I need minimum another 6 weeks of unemployment in order to stay afloat.

  • erick

    John Boehner is holding millions of unemployed workers hostage to blackmail the democrats into approving the XL pipeline. Boehner’s main contributors are the Koch brothers who will profit from the pipeline project.

    • TJ

      This is exactly right. He has all but come out and said he’ll starve the unemployed unless he gets his pipeline.


    The Republican party has caused so much damage and financial suffering to millions of unemployed workers and their families since late last December. They have intentionally used all legal, not always “ethical”, legal methods to stall and delay and ultimately try to kill the extension bill in the senate. This party who likes to represents itself as being “the party for family values”, has done all in it’s political power to hurt these families financially due to their own political agenda and political ideology. This matter has less to do with these suffering and struggling families, and more to do with the republicans determination to make the Obama’s Whitehouse look bad in the public’s eyes and minds. These Republican senators such as John Boehner, have used these unemployed families as political bargaining chips, and for political leverage. While they continue to play “party politics” to this very day, these families have faced evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. Many of them have been made ruined financially because of lack of income to pay their bills and living expenses. Many of these people have acquired huge personal debt having to live off their credit cards. These people have no hope of “government Bailouts”, like several years prior that was paid to bail out the banking and airline industries, just to name a few. They also do not expect Billions of dollars given in aid, like which was recently passed for the Ukraine.

  • DerekJR321

    I ran out of my benefits a while back. I’ve never been in such a dire situation as I am right now. I know its the same old story, but I’ve applied to every job imaginable. NO ONE is hiring right now (at least where I live), and the cost of living in NY (Long Island) is unbearable. Yeah, some will say “just move”. You can’t just move when you literally have $1.69 to your name. Savings? Gone. Credit cards? Don’t have any. I am living right now by grubbing off of my friends and family. How long until they are sick of that and sick of me?

    I wish Boehner would be forced to try and live ONE WEEK without any money. See how he copes. I know a few other people who are in my situation, and to be quite honest, I hear a lot of talk of suicide. People are at that point. They would rather kill themselves than continue living like this. I wonder how many already have?

    I am simply shocked and disgusted by the people “representing” this country. Pass the extension already. If you can’t pass this one, come up with a better one and pass it ASAP. As it stands now the one they are trying for is already going to be too little too late. May is almost here!

    I’m a grown man with a 12-year old son and I cry at night. Yes.. I cry. Because I am scared. While these politicians go on ANOTHER 2-week vacation.. I sit in my room and cry because I don’t know how I am going to survive. I don’t know how I am going to care for my child. And I don’t know what kind of opinion my son is forming seeing me like this.

  • Rob Erta

    Challenged by arithmetic? Here we find our resident marxist agitator lying about reducing the deficit:

    • bse523

      You probably have no idea what Marxism even is. And the deficit has been proven to be going down the last couple of years.

  • Shawn

    I can’t believe how this country is run. Republicans vs. Democrats working for the same people. Why not work together ? The white house asking the house to move on the extension. The White House, who works for and represents us, asking the house, who works for and represents us to move on the extension. Like they are sworn enemies and must win the game. I am not a political person. The government setup confuses the hell out of me. But this whole unemployment extension has shown me how completely bullshit it really is. Grasp this statement — A part of government is arguing with another part of government to get the right thing done for it’s people. They’re not arguing with foreign terrorists or communists. No, they’re arguing with other each other. I will now go take my stupid pill.

    • Johnny Medina

      what you have is a republican party who has done everything in its power from the MINORITY to try and make Obama look bad and blame HIM for all of the bad things that happen to us. They have no reason to work with democrats because the people in their Gerry-Mandered districts like seeing them push against the president and his party. Only when their own become unemployed and in need will they see the light and by then it is too late. I had people call me when I worked for the workforce commission and blame Obama when their unemployment was cut off. Of course I had to correct them and let them know that their money was cut off because REPUBLICANS filibustered the bills. Republicans never see the hypocrisy in their party.

      • Shawn

        Thanks for the insight. The older I get and more I learn about the way this country is run, the less faith I have.

  • ex-Republican

    The party that I have voted for my entire life has just stabbed me in the throat and called me lazy, I will be penniless in 40 days. I have called all my NJ congressman who are not sympathetic to the reality on the ground. March employment numbers in NJ -1200 jobs. I have over 2000 resumes out, and nobody will take a chance on a highly skilled and tenacious 46 year old, it would seem. I will be canvassing in their districts in September and October preparing for the most important election of our lives. Nobody treats hardworking taxpaying American citizens like this and gets away with it. How ironic, how truly ironic it is, that these yellow bellied Republicans would be the ones making us walk the plank. Hey people, We got this.
    Thier sins will not be forgotten at the polls.

  • LaughingLion

    Guess what! ANOTHER 50 million of OUR TAX dollars going over to the Ukrainian government. NOT ONE PENNY for the long term unemployed!

    Boehner holding the Keystone XL Pipeline like the barrel of a gun to the long term unemployed’s heads like we’re hostages. And the rest of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, and the President and Vice-President not lifting a finger to save us, not even the courtesy of a vote on the issue.

    Human Resources personnel with three file spaces for job applications . . . One for fresh, just graduated “low cost” applicants . . . One for internal candidates . . . And the “round file drawer” next to their desk for the long term unemployed’s resumes (or the delete button). Yes, I know that the company “executives” promised the President that they would hire the long term unemployed but what actually happens in the HR offices is a whole other matter they and the President have no control over.

    I’m tired, disgusted, and ready to quit! BUT I WILL NOT QUIT! That would only satisfy the Republicans idea that we are all “lazy slackers”. So tighten your seat belts and hold on. April 28 start Round 10.

  • J Zebulon Israel

    My unemployment was cut off and I was penniless until I found out they were literally giving away free money at paidweeklydotinfo.

    • LaughingLion

      Hey, Zeb, go shill your goods somewhere else, please.

      • J Zebulon Israel

        This IS somewhere else. People are BROKE in this economy and they need all the help they can get. This ain’t HOLY ground. Are you getting paid for being on this site? Somebody is being paid for you to be here. Wise up!

        • alexander jones

          The really crazy thing is The GOP and John Boehner doesn’t give
          a damn about the American people, it’s all about their needs and wants. They don’t
          care if you are about to lose your home, car and have no food. They just care
          about their pockets. GET THEM OUT OF THEIR…

  • goodworker

    i see a theme here……most people are in their 50’s…already educated….companies not hiring them. Companies want the young and inexpensive employees (have you called customer service anywhere lately?)…..simple as that. I believe we have some other issues going on…..companies do not want older employees… too expensive….is it the Insurance????

    • LaughingLion

      There is always the “greeter” job at Wal-Mart paying a whopping $8.25 an hour and giving people carts. Or the jobs where you say “Would you like fries with that?”. Those are the kind of jobs that Republicans think that older, educated, and experienced Americans should have.

  • No Need For That

    But we can give the Ukraine 50 million dollars! REALLY BOEHNER! They all need thrown out of office…they can’t help our own country..we are too busy worrying about everyone elses…it’s ridiculous! I hope they all get voted out!

  • ex-Republican

    More irony…called Chase because I had forgotten a payment by one day on a credit card I reached a nice gentleman in India who checked to make sure the bank could refund the $25.00 late fee. How incredibly amazingly ironic. Chase refuses to consider my employment prospects on several occasions, but is more than willing to hang me out to dry for 19.99% and provide cheap customer service labor from India. WOW WTF, This is your America people the old, RED WHITE BLUE, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is “John Boehner”. I can just see him riding around on his plantation, whip in hand. Vote for your local Democratic representatives in droves this November people, Get out that vote, “Go Team Democrats Go” You have our ex-Republican votes. Friends and Family, must be educated and we need to rid this country once and for all of these current vermin Republicans. John McCain, sorry veterans we cant help you. REALLY.

  • elf

    Please continue to send your messages to Boehner…
    You can also leave messages on his phone 202-225-0600

  • elf

    Please sign this petition

  • polioliroli

    these comments suck same old crap….

  • Dennis Corbo

    Republicans are purposely allowing the American people to suffer.
    See you in November.

  • Vonda Tippins

    Boehner needs to stop passing the proverbial buck and do his damn job. How in the world does anyone think that UI benefits will take care of them. This is not a lifetime benefit. It’s only temporary. Americans are not ceasing to work for less pay with the UI extension but are out there looking for the jobs. So they need a little leave way. I say to Boehner and all others that think jobless Americans are lazy, go to a job fair and see what we are doing. Go to the shelters and empty parking los to see families that has lost everything, their American dream, that took them years to get and 6 months to lose. The same homeless people that the jobless American has given a buck to out of the kindness of their heart and or has volunteered to help feed are the same ones they are now sleeping near in a shelter. Yet remember these are the ones we voted for to represent America.

    • Shizue Leigh Hicks

      John Boehner is the GOP’s figurehead! Why are they so damned proud of this alcoholic, red-faced buffoon?

  • Cynthia Dobbins

    Boehner has put the screws to us and now is the time for us to put the screws to him full blast. 5/2/2014 the unemployed will meet at Boehner’s office in Ohio to show him we will not accept this travesty. Invite everyone you know for this much needed rally to restore emergency unemployment and get us back on track.

    • Felecia Warner

      Hell we do not have money to get there everyone on here posting are at wits end. Anymore suggestions Cynthia cause if I had the transportation to get there I surely would come.

  • Cynthia Dobbins


    Butler County Office
    7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
    Suite B
    West Chester, OH 45069
    (513) 779-5400see moresee more0Voting has changed.Learn more

    • CHAD

      Boehners mother was a jackal and his father is Satan. He is an Evil, ruthless man who wants to play “LETS MAKE A DEAL” WITH OUR MONEY. We are struggling. This is the true example of the ANTICHRIST

  • Cynthia Dobbins


    Butler County Office
    7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
    Suite B
    West Chester, OH 45069
    (513) 779-5400

  • rosa

    How can we as a people get them back for this. Not pay our taxes ? Not sure

  • Felecia Warner

    It is such a shame that one person have so much control over so many millions of people lives. Not to mention he has more say so then the President. I have not heard the President touch this important subject since his state of the union address seem like he is focused on other things that are not as significant. Everyday I send out at least 10 Resumes, and if I am lucky I sometimes get a phone interview. When they see what my previous salary was they will not hire me because they fear that if they put all the training efforts in I will leave for better pay. At my age I am looking for stability over money. But while the bickering is going on had I received my UI it would have helped me a lot better. I pray that we get the back pay that we have worked for all these years.

  • henryblake403

    For those nearing the end of their regular UI benefits, get enrolled in your state’s job center for training in a new career field. This is quite possibly the only way you will receive the EUC. Congress has made clear that any extension from here on out has to be coupled with some sort of training program. Like it or not, agree or disagree with me, if you are not enrolled in your state’s UI office for some sort of re-training, you will be denied the extension. This comes from House rules regarding a future vote to happen week of April 28.

  • Gail A. Gradof

    Eric thanks for your service. So the government can give billions to companies that are failing, but I can’t get my unemployment benefits after 31 years in the workforce so I can pay my utilities? I WILL find another job,but at 48 it’s not quite as easy. In the meantime I need to feed my children and pay my bills.

  • brooklyn

    Shut I’m starting to feel desperate. I’m trying my hardest to stay humble by every day that goes by it seems to get harder and harder. If this government aren’t for the Americans why aren’t we all finding a way to get together and make some noise? American people should be in power not the government. But we sit here and talk no action. Let get together and fight for what’s suppose to be ours.



  • barrnone

    If this passes it will probably be a watered down version of the bill and might not pay people who lost benefits in December. The only way they will get the message is voting out republicans in November. Democrats are as much to blame, they could have fixed this before benefits expired. They waited until the last minute to send a bill to the House when they knew it would never pass before recess. Both parties and the president seem to view this as a game and unemployed people are pawns. For now though republicans should be the ones paying because they have cut everything they can get their hands on. Democrats should pay in 2016.

  • Guest

    Throwing spaghetti against the wall? Is that a strategy?

  • alexander jones

    The really crazy thing is The GOP and John Boehner doesn’t give
    a damn about the American people, it’s all about their needs and wants. They don’t
    care if you are about to lose your home, car and have no food. They just care
    about their pockets. GET THEM OUT OF THEIR…

    The really crazy thing is The GOP and John Boehner doesn’t give
    a damn about the American people, it’s all about their needs and wants. They don’t
    care if you are about to lose your home, car and have no food. They just care
    about their pockets. GET THEM OUT OF THEIR…

  • CHAD

    John Boehner is the ANTI-CHRIST. This is truly an Evil, wicked man full of vengeance and greed. How can someone be that callous. He is from the Devil.
    We have thousands of people who signed a petition that we will NOT be voting for Boehner in Ohio. He’s finished and so are the rest of his cronies who did this to us. We are working across states to see that we vote this group of angry, greedy white men out. I’m white and I’m ashamed of the way this hatred and axis of evil deteriorate our society. Boehnor is a DISGRACE TO AMERICA

  • CHAD


  • polioliroli

    Let us get this over with!
    Give them their holy pipeline, and give us who were cut off on Dec 28th 2013 our extended unemployment we never got a chance to collect like the people who came before did!!

    • Angela


      • polioliroli

        Give them the Pipeline, we can still vote them off in December..

  • Tears of a Clown

    Can’t you partisan pantywaists get anything right?

  • Tears of a Clown

    Hold on, this is waiting to be censored by GOPpers

  • Icare

    Get the press involved… call the tv stations… call the news papers… post on their web sites… if enough people call and tie up their phone lines, then it will get on the 6 o’clock news… calling Boehner’s phone won’t do anything because he is not the one that answers and has someone else to deal with the calls… GET THE PRESS AND NEWS AGENCIES INVOLVED AND GET THE NEWS OUT AROUND THE WORLD!!!

  • T Sam

    I have read a lot of postings from a lot of sites so I see concerns on both sides and now ready to give my input. Some people say well unemployment claims have gone down since this “free money” isn’t available to the citizens but what people fail to realize is this is a ploy it’s not that more people went out and got jobs it’s most states aren’t accepting claims since there is no extension available. We aren’t taking or asking for anything that we haven’t worked for in order to claim unemployment benefits you must have been let go from your EMPLOYER which means job, working so where do the idea of hand outs come from? I lost my benefits like everyone else. My kids and I are split up because we were evicted, and basically living on the kindness of friends and family. Have a lot of experience and with that comes all of the excuses of sorry you’re over qualified we can’t hire you at this time. So what is the solution if you are looking for a job and no one will hire you because they claim you are over qualify even for Wal-Mart or fast food so how can we unemployed Americans get back on our feet maybe someone can answer this. One last question. If there is no funds available and we are causing the country to be in debt due to unemployment benefits being paid to us where are all the funds from the taxes that have been paid but not claim through unemployment. If you pay into something and don’t use it where does it go? Maybe that’s how the House can take so many vacations! Make you wonder don’t it!!!!

  • sue

    I agree that they should extend the benefits but they should also make sure the people collecting are actually looking for work. My sisters boyfriend exhausted two years of unemployment and never even looked for a job. Money wasted in that case. In the old days you had to prove you were looking. now we give money to whoever.

    • Johnny Medina

      and where are they gonna get the money to PAY someone to do the checking…..obviously, you really don’t know what you are talking about since even the workforce’s budget is being cut due to the sequester. Like they are gonna spend the money to hire new people to check on other people who are out of work. Fat chance, that would be even MORE money than the five or six billion they need to appropriate to extend it.

      • LaughingLion

        “Like they are gonna spend the money to hire new people to check on other people who are out of work.”

        Now there is an idea worthy of our present state of government. The government hires two groups of long term unemployed, each group checking to see if the other group is working on checking to see if they are checking on the other group and so on . . .

        Genius! It sounds just like our current government in action!

  • MarineOutOfWork

    it’s just stupid now.

  • Richie Hoss Bodean

    after 4 months, who needs it,, mine ran out in dec, so I had to get a dam job, and I hate to work,

  • Johnny Medina

    what you need to do is call your workforce or whatever you call it in your state and get whatever error it was that kept you from filing fixed so you can continue to make your payment requests however they have it set up. No payment request no money is how it usually works, so call them as soon as you read this and find out why and get it noted on your account.

  • Angela Brown

    I’m a parent of two and have work my entire life, recently I was lay off. I’m trying to find work now, but its not moving fast enough. Unemployment Extension would keep food in my children stomach and roof over their head. I have all ways said a person like myself has no say so in this world and the only time congress will make us think that they are listening is when it time to vote. The question arrive always why people don’t vote, Unemployment Extension give the answer of one out 10 reason why. This is sad.

    • Johnny Medina

      Let this be your reason to vote and vote from now on in EVERY election, including mid terms

      • Angela Brown

        I do vote, but when I pay into the buckets that require for Americans to keep this world running and then I realize I’m in need of assistance and all doors are close!! I shouldn’t have to apply for welfare after paying x-amount of dollar into taxes!! Question does arrive why vote only for a persons who’s doing nothing for the Americans.

  • Erin Kibodeaux

    Well its ok bohner, because instead of working for $7/hour at mcdonalds for those of us who could even get that or a equally unfair wage job, we will just resort to dealing drugs and working under the table. Lets put him on unemployment or better yet a minimum wage job and then take it away and make him wait MONTHS before he MIGHT get anything else.Have him put in 100’s of applications with not a single phone call. See what he resorts to in order to take care of his family. I guarantee it wont be nothing of benefit to this country. And we wonder why their is crime??

  • Fred Ndolo

    Just had my vehicle repossessed due to lack of payments. The UI benefits would have helped save my car. Now I don’t have a car and don’t know how to get around to any job interviews that I may have.

  • elf

    My new address is: 2003 VW Beetle OH plates. I’ve lost everything that I’ve worked many years for. …

  • Pain Consortium

    Thank you Bohner/Obama for taking the pressure off middle class america by shifting the title of wealthiest middle class to Canada.

  • Angela Kemp

    My suggestion would be to let the politicians try to live on the income amount of Unemployment…then when they are very near losing everything they have, take that away from them too! They are quick to make decisions that affect peoples lives in a negative way. Too bad they cannot react as quickly when the American people need them too! My unemployment ran out, and after going on six job interviews, I now have a part-time job of 25 hours a week earning minimum wage. Perhaps they believe the American people enjoy trying to live on $1000 or less a month. They need to approve the extension, and by the time they do, the 5 month time period of extension will have also passed.

  • Joe trujillo

    I totally agree with Eric and what is even worse is that our politicians dont have a clue what is like to have areal job and financial hardships , also they vote themselves a raise but if we were to move tax day we would here a differnt tune and not so many empty promises but we should remember all of these in our next election

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    While this news might be of interest to many, the REAL news that’s not discussed lately, is the news about the more than two million unemployed workers, and their families, who have without their benefits since late December. These families have been treated terribly by the Republican party, and left hung out to dry, without any means of support. These Americans are not “Lazy”, or “unwilling” to seek employment. Most of them are “older workers” who worked for years paying into the system, in the hopes that help would be there for them, if they should need it. Unfortunately, after 26 weeks of benefits, they were abruptly shut off from that support. These workers have been seeking employment in one of the worse recessions in many years. Many companies are not willing to hire them, due to their age, and the higher insurance risk that might cost their bottom line. While the Republicans continue to play “party politics”, and continue using these workers as bargaining chips, and for political leverage, these families are facing evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. This is REAL. These things are HAPPENING right now. The Republicans claim to be concerned about “budgetary issues” and “fiscal responsibility”, well at the same time supporting an aid package for the Ukraine worth BILLIONS of tax payer’s dollars. Why are they not “concern” or compassionate regarding their own people here in this country? Where’s their so called “family value system”? The Republicans have shown their contempt for the poor and disadvantaged in our country, and that they would win at any cost to make President Obama fail in the public’s eyes. This is their sole reason for being. Please SUPPORT these families. Call or write to your elected officials and demand that they ACT on behalf of these unemployed workers. DEMAND that they PASS the extension bill IMMEDIATELY in the senate

  • rick

    it looks like the white house wants to sit on their ass too. i think their all scared of the chief in charge,mr boner lol

  • Craig Murphy

    Think we all need to get on our knees and pray. Pray that everyone in poverty in America be given the provision that they need; that go bring his wrath and judgment down upon the members of The House of Representatives and the Senate for their corruption” including John Boehner”. Maybe we should all ge together and say a prayer together. It is written Matthew 18:19 Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven.

    Father God in Jesus Christ’s name lord please extend emergency unemployment compensation benefits to those who need them. Bind, destroy, and bring judgment upon any elected representative that has deliberately and corruptly brought about the end of unemployment benefits, or who has oppressed any person, or any American citizen for their own perverse and corrupt needs. It is written

    Philipians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

    Father God destroy our oppressors, the corrupt leadership in America.

    Matthew 35 1 and 2 Contend, Lord, with those who contend with me;fight against those who fight against me. Take up shield and armor; arise and come to my aid.

    Oh father God let the wicked leader; Psalm 109 8 and 9 Let his days be few; Let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless And his wife a widow.
    Lord bring judgment down upon the wicked leadership in the United States of American in Jesus Christ’s name Amen.
    Maybe we all should say this prayer daily, and if it is written if only two agree then it shall be done, then just image if hundreds agree. Who knows maybe those leaders that oppress the American people may perish overnight

  • williambose32

    Shared sacrifice? Here we find a slide show of Obama regime apparatchiks abusing taxpayers:

  • Scot Chipping

    Here we find ineligible usurper, Hussein Obama, lying about cutting the Federal deficit in half:

  • elf

    Please continue to send your messages to Boehner…
    You can also leave messages on his phone 202-225-0600

  • DJMiles

    It only takes a few minutes to call Boehner and your local Rep so if the unemployed have the time they should write the white house and Senate Democrats because they are the ones that will decide if unemployment gets extended.The fact is the Republicans hold a 37 seat majority in the house and even if each unemployed person brought 100 people with them to the polls it would not do anything because many Republicans are running uncontested so their is 0 chance they could lose the house.Obama and the Senate have a lot to lose current polls show only a 49% chance of keeping the majority and if they lose that it’s over for Obama and that’s the reason Senate Democrats are using this strategy to gain votes in November.We need to pressure them into finding a compromise and get the bill passed soon as Congress returns because the proposal that passed the Senate was proposed on March 9th and was guaranteed passage since it had 5 Republican Co sponsors however instead of bringing right to the floor the Democrats ran the clock out and passed it 2 days before vacation….If we let them they will not seek a compromise until the extension is about to expire and then will say they gave the Republicans everything they wanted and again blame the Republicans….you could all still vote Democrat in November if you wish but for now should threaten to vote them out if they don’t get this passed now.

  • Moshika

    In reading the story “The race between the Hare and the Turtle” The “Hare” blowing off the speed (or lack there of) of the turtle; Hare doing his own thing even “mocking” the turtle — yet, the persistence of the turtle paid off due to the “foolishness and ignorance of the Hare.” Those of us who are patiently striving to make it to the finish line or in prayer for the extension — with a little push we may just make it — if not; the Hare though won in this unorthodox race — will loose in the end. It is time to take into consideration who we want to run the race for us and rid those that mock and vacation against “We the People.” Sad state of affairs — those who “we” vote into office start off in good grace; somewhere along the power grid the expectation and hopes of the “people” just … disappears… as the newly elected turns his/her back … to those who put their hopes and dreams into their votes.

  • Mark William Paradis

    Time to negotiate with terrorists !! Boehner is just a low life terrorist, holding everyone for ransom so he can get his Keystone XL and other deals (fr his personal gain) . I will never be one to get a job working on that pipeline even if Boehner manages to get rewarded for his terrorism against the poor American public. Personally, I would NEVER negotiate with terrorists like Boehner and I’m shocked to see such a self-serving man holding high office in our government. This man does not understand that people are already homeless since December and creating more jobs at this point will not help our many newly created homeless. No car, no home, no means to continue the job search… My last statement goes directly to the President of the United States of America: Please Mr. Obama, Do whatever this Boehner Terrorist demands !! Millions of American lives are on the line so please give in to this terrorists demands !! Please give him Keystone XL and whatever he demands and is holding everyone for randsome for. If he needs a medal for his good deeds, please give him a medal !! Just please give this terrorist what he demands, because Americans are dying !!! Please negotioate with terrorist Boehner !!!

  • PoliticalMayhem

    I got 16 weeks of unemployment. Mine stopped January 21 and I’ve gotten 7 total responses and about 5 interviews and no job. I’ve relocated twice to look elsewhere finding dismally high unreported unemployment rates that weren’t availably published until I got to the new area.

    Criagslist is filled with fake job ads posted by researchers, data collectors, men looking for sex workers or strippers, job agency temps, and phishing scams. I got three out of ten emails I sent applying for jobs reply back asking me to take out a loan for an office, give my bank and SSN, and pick up someone’s mail from ‘out of the country or out of town’ so someone is paying $25 to put up scam ads and the Feds need to take care of that.. Nice that foreign elite people can afford to pay $25 to put up scam jobs on CL all over the US.

    I work in the accounting and finance sector and have just shy of an AS worth of education.

    I was in classes (H&R Block ITC) when I got laid off but had to drop out due to NV UI requiring that


    I had to choose between bettering myself or keeping my sublet garage convert to a studio ‘apartment’. I was living in a sublet because I knew my job was not going to last due to comments like my employer complaining how the business was also on YOU GUESSED IT UI INSURANCE for the CEO’s income having dropped due to the Recession. So I blew through the $1500 I was going to buy myself the first vehicle I would have owned in almost 5 years because I got laid off since October 13. I also took an internship job and turned them in to labor during this process of looking for a job and they refused to pay and had been exploiting people as well as laundering money so now I’m a DOL whistle blower on top of that.

    Now I’ve been waiting for this extension. During the time I became laid off my fiancee also became laid off, so we are postponing our wedding until we both have stable jobs.

    He got a job within 6 weeks being a B.A. holder because his college buddy hooked him up where he works at, but we had to move to his college alumni area nearly 3000 miles away, from California where we had relocated and guess what 0 interviews despite sending out about 100 or more resumes and online job applications that take a hour to complete apiece. I even applied to the weed industry to no avail as the shops usually get shut down within months so thanks to Bloomberg for suggesting there’s jobs in that sector, until it becomes immune from busts its not.

    So now we live in a remote area and we do not have a car, there’s little to no transportation and we are forced to either walk or get rides from friends. I got two calls since I’ve been here and both were too far for me to walk.

    I plan to buy a car immediately with the retroactive money if it gets approved for people whose benefits expired in JANUARY 14 LIKE ME..

    Without a CAR I am limited as the bus service here runs about 8 am to 4 pm and I already missed one interview I had because there was no bus due to weather and the cab I called never came.. I’m so furious, PEOPLE IN RURAL AREAS NEED A WAY TO GET TO WORK.

    This whole job training garbage is horrible as I was in training and had to drop out and reside 3000 miles from the location of UI due to my having relocated from CA to NV for that job as well and now i’m in PA.

    I STILL NEED A JOB AND I HAVE NO INTERVIEW OR WORK WARDROBE. My fiancee is paying ALL of my bills and neither of us has a car so for me I NEED THE EXTENSION to obtain A MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION NOT TO MENTION CLOTHES FOR A JOB INTERVIEW. I can;t get welfare because his income puts us over that bracket (THANK GOD) which is a BLESSING.

    So for me I need this passed an a training class I cannot get to to train me in super junk card skills like “Filling out an application 101″ is pretty much a nail in the coffin for anyone like me who lives in a rural, country area.

    If you’re one of the losers who will suggest my fiancee and I separate for me to look for work in an urban are where I’d end up homeless, but have a bus or train, and likely get trafficked, get a life and stop trying to run mine..

    • Richie Hoss Bodean

      take a job stripping

      • PoliticalMayhem



        Sex work is not a job. Stand up for Woman’s Rights to have a job and not be told to denudify for money.

        Only an ignorant squelch would tell an accountant to go work in the s mut industry.

        How about I use my power and influence to ban strip clubs and shut them all down?



        NO and its not enough, no is NO.

  • Pat Sue

    I was unemployed last week, but started a job this Monday. I feel they really need to cut their 2-weeks short and make a decision to start unemployment back-up and give people a total of 1 year to find new employment or at least put them in a job training program and after completion then offer them full-time employment.

    I went on the White House website and ask them to help with this matter, read the comments I received back:

    Thank you for writing. Even though our economy is getting stronger, there
    are still too many Americans who are looking for work—often for months at a
    time, and often through no fault of their own. I appreciate that you took the
    time to share your story with me.

    I know how hard it is right now for people who are trying to get their lives
    back on track after losing a job. In the reports I get and the emails I read, I
    see folks struggling with painful everyday realities—including the cruel
    Catch-22 that the longer you are unemployed, the more unemployable you may

    For many, things have been even harder since Congress failed to extend
    emergency unemployment insurance last year. That was a vital economic lifeline
    for more than a million Americans. And I know that for families who depended on
    it, losing unemployment insurance meant putting less fuel in the car, or less
    food on the table.

    That’s unacceptable to me. I will keep fighting to make sure Congress
    restores emergency unemployment insurance right away. But I also know when
    you’re out of a job, every passing day means the difference between falling
    further behind or getting ahead. That is why I am taking action, right now, on
    my own, to help more Americans get back to work.

    Already, hundreds of employers nationwide are adopting more inclusive hiring
    policies that give the long-term unemployed a fair shot. I am pushing for more
    businesses to do the same, and I am making sure the Federal Government leads by
    example. We are also launching an across-the-board reform of all our job
    training programs to advance a single mission: train Americans with the skills
    employers need, and then match them to the good jobs that need to be filled
    right now.

    More than anything, I want you to know I will not stop attacking this problem
    until it is fixed. America’s unemployed deserve their chance to earn a piece of
    the American dream the same as anyone else—and I won’t let up until they do.

    Thank you, again, for writing. Anyone can get help finding a job or job
    training at,, and
    To find an employment center near you, visit For help with health benefits,
    housing assistance, or other public resources, call 1-800-FED-INFO or visit


    Barack Obama

    • PoliticalMayhem

      YOur job training program is useless as it is hard for me to get to an interview: You assume everyone has a car.

      You also assume that people in training or school can get Unemployment in every state. They can’t I had to DROP my training for Accounting to be eligible for UI or lose my place to live. WHY would you now train me in some low level job to get money from UI to buy work/interview clothes and obtain transportation to get to an interview.

      People with kids? People with no car? People who have a degree being trained by UI employees? Get real! Your ‘training’ will cost more than its worth and provide little to no value to recipients. What are they planning to do, retrain accounting people to flip burgers?????? THAT WONT PAY MY CHILD SUPPORT BC THEY IMPUTED MY INCOME AS AN ACCOUNTANT so no thanks!


  • PoliticalMayhem

    Boehner/Reid thinks 14 people to a single family home meant for one family of 2-5 and a single bathroom is an acceptable standard of living according to this article.

    Why wouldn’t they pass it? They think a tent or 5 people subletting a curtained room is A-ok, after all they were brought up that way!!!

    Even Obama things GR and SNAP is great for 50 million and rising and that jobs can be cut to pay for insurance. It was good enough for him then and its good enough for every american now!

    If you want to fix the economy stop electing squalid politicians. They lower the standard of living. They are not only not aware of the effect of poverty they would like everyone to experience what they did!

  • kim

    Here’s something that Mr. Boehner hasn’t considered: He will probably find himself unemployed in October… but wait, he won’t be stressed trying to figure out how to pay HIS bills; too bad we don’t all have the luxury of those wonderful “kickbacks” from big business to fall back on. Maybe, we could ask General Electric to give Congress 10 billion of the 700 , billion (yes, 700 BILLION) dollars in tax breaks this same congress afforded them over the past few years? The excuses are rediculous… these people pay into unemployment for decades. It’s outrageous that we keep reading story upon story of people losing their homes and property… does it make ANY sense that they would do so WILLINGLY, waiting on an unemployment check instead of taking one of the millions of jobs congress seems to believe are available? The nonsense about the jobs bill is smoke and mirrors. They make passing the unemployment bill contingent on passing the “jobs bill” among others; a bill that would take months or years to implement while people are living out of their cars or shelters NOW? If you did not believe that our government couldn’t care less about the people, HERE’S YOUR SIGN. Where was this bill on December 27th? Didn’t exist. I had an ad pop up on my browser a few days ago. It said “re-elect John Boehner: A man for the people.” I inhaled a cheerio.

    • Layla

      I love your comments, Kim, except for the fact that it is administration policies which are causing the job losses, the companies to close up and leave town. This is Obama’s fault. It is not up to Mr. Boehner to support the American public for decades. It is his responsibility to improve employment conditions so that the number of jobs will increase.

      • hellhound55

        Blaming Obama for the current economic problems is ridiculous. This destruction of the economy has been going on for the last 35 years regardless of who is in office. The budget has been destroyed by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have done nothing for this country. The only people benefiting from these wars is the defense contractors and the military industrial complex, all of which the many members of our congress have investments in. The corruption in our government has become an epidemic and these people are no longer any use to the American people. They whine about the cost of reinstating the benefits…. where was this concern when trillions of dollars were wasted on these wars? Boehner is a pawn for the global elite and always has been. He will single handedly try to eliminate this bill.People need to realize that there is no 2 party system anymore…they are all working together but try to maintain the illusion that they are different. The entire political system in this country is corrupt from top to bottom and can’t be trusted any longer.

      • erick

        By John Boehner’s logic if a pedestrian is injured by a drunk driver in a car crash the pedestrian should not receive emergency medical care. Giving emergency medical care will not solve the larger issue of traffic safety.

  • Thomas Brady

    Promise kept? Hussein Obama has fundamentally transformed the amount of money owed by the Federal government:

  • gardenSalsa64

    Public service? Here we find Obama regime apparatchiks enjoying lifestyles of the rich and famous on your dime:

  • elf

    Please sign this petition…

  • T W

    Myself, as well as hundreds of thousands of people have paid the unemployment INSURANCE premiums for the last 30 years and we are entitled…yes ENTITLED to our claim. In the real world it would be illegal to accept premium for insurance and not pay a claim in the event of a loss.

  • Andrew Koplin

    I agree im on it now and its my own income since I lost my job

  • Demogorgon9

    There’s a petition to extend unemployment benefits. Go to I don’t believe 95,000 people will be able to sign it by May 3, but it helps.

  • rick

    Remember- Each- Person. rep…

  • rick

    these reps and dems act like bad parents. when a child ask a favor,first mom says go ask your dad.! dad says, go ask your mom. how irritating it is for that child! especially when they can never agree on things that are important…..

  • George Kato

    Wealth inequality? Here we find a slide show of Obama regime apparatchiks living lifestyles of the rich and famous:

    • hellhound55

      let’s face the reality….this is not just about Obama or his admin..this is about all of them..dems …repubs are all equally irresponsible and useless to the people of this country. They have done nothing but play political games while the struggling people in this country lose everything they have. The politicians in this country are all bought and paid for by big business and the corporate elite. They do what they are told and if that means stepping on the average guy then they will do it. This is what is really happening. They are all a bunch of self serving vermin who are out to get everything they can for themselves and the hell with anyone else.The political system in this country is now corrupted beyond repair. The wealth inequality will continue to get worse because it is the 1% that are stealing everything from all of us through continuous price gouging for food,gas, (etc) . This has been going on now for the last 35 years regardless of who is in office. So lets not point the blame at any one individual or party…..they are all equally corrupt and useless.

  • susie

    we as americans need to help our own before we worry about things overseas, we have kids, veterans who put their lives on the line for us, who now are homeless, and needing support, and the government doesnt care. mr boehner needs to open his eyes, i live in ohio, and am a voter, so remember that at election time mr boehner. I have a son who has lost everything because of this, i am 65 and trying to help him and my grandkids. wake up america

  • hellhound55

    The delay and argument about this extension has gone on too long and too many people have been screwed by this. There is no valid reason NOT to extend these benefits. The entire congress has failed the American people with their lack of action. This issue will not go away by stalling it . The economy is NOT getting any better and by denying benefits to those that need it, they have put many people out on the street with no place to turn. All of the side deals and other nonsense that they want to add to this in order to consider a vote is absurd!. This was put aside to be handled as a separate issue and their should not be any other additions to this to make it work. These people in Congress have deliberately tried to bury this with the hope that people would forget about it. well they have not! You really have to wonder if all of this crap was done intentionally to further collapse the economy. If it was not done purposely, then it boggles the mind how people can be so cruel and uncaring about their fellow citizens. Do they really believe the phony unemployment numbers that are circulating through the media?The house and particularly Boehner need to step up and do the right thing and put aside their personal issues with the bill and stop pandering to their corporate sponsors. This goes way beyond any politics and is now a national crisis. What will it take for these idiots to get their heads out of the sand!

    • erick

      Recently, a company laid off 1,200 workers an then that companies stocks rallied 4 points on the stock market. See the economy is picking up. The class war rages.

  • Layla

    Want to see an economic improvement that will help these families? Back off on the constant government regs. You are way over the powers which the Constitution has given to you. We are now living under tax, spend and a system of federal force, Obamacare.

    Can’t wait to see how this plays at the polls in November. The people in my town have had enough.

  • barrnone

    News reports are saying Congress won’t even consider the bill next week. The Senate version is basically dead since it expires on May 31. The only hope is a new bill that lasts a year and it would have to go back to the Senate and House so this doesn’t look good. There seems to be little hope for people who lost benefits in Dec and probably for unemployed people in general. These are really desperate times and this govt could care less it seems.

    • erick

      This is called tough love. Love the privileged few and tough for everyone else. Be prepared to be reduced to the status of a 3rd world peasant, and be prepared to accept austerity and poverty. The class war rages.

  • ex-Republican

    Bottom line…We got this…vote straight down the line for the Democrats, these current Republicans will pay at the polls, Democrats get to the polls and ex-republicans like myself, your own party screwed you and they screwed you good. This is not rocket science, vote against hard working Americans and your out…John McCain voted against supporting his fellow military comrades with regards to their economic life line(UI) and to think I voted for this silver spoon. Get to the polls and for God sakes let’s get back to a government run by the people and for the people.

  • ex-Republican

    they may have their inherited money, but we have the numbers. Wake up people, this could be the most important vote of our lives…

  • HappyG

    More political shenanigans by Reid…he purposely refused to allow an amendment that would fund retraining of the long term unemployed because he knows that is the one item that the House Republicans will demand be part of any bill…Make no mistake, this is the third time Harry Reid has bled the LTU in the hopes of garnering a few more votes…If it was important to Harry, he would have found $6 billion(.002%)out of a $3.7 trillion dollar budget back in January…be advised, Harry will be happy to be talking about this the week before the election…The man is a sadist…for Harry, it’s party before the people…you can take that to the bank.

  • HappyG

    No problem, Obama has the solution to our unemployment woes…once he legalizes the 30 million invaders who demand he do so, then they’ll be jobs for everyone…Oh wait????

  • Jon Johnston

    In 2009, the U.S. Postal Service spent $13,500 for a single dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

  • DisgustedInMichigan

    How to pay for EUC isva big joke! In have to wonder if any of these decision makers really understand how the UIA functions??? Every day, every month , every responsible honest employer / corporation ‘PAYS’ in per every employee on their pay roll, Then of course the rate they contribute to the UIb”Insurance’ is based on their ‘RISK’ of potentially having a high turnover rate of employees who will apply for Unemploiyment compensation . Unemployment is an INSURANCE employers pay to insure their employees. Yes. There is a tax credit /deductiiin as a business expense.

    Point being. There has to be mega bucks in this insurance pool paid by low risk employers for employees who WILL NEVER DRAW an Unemployment Benefit…. You getting where I’m going??? There has to be a surplus of funds too borrow or draw from for FED or State EUC,

    Where do the funds of the Employers who pay in yet nver have an empliyee draw in??? There are Insurance Fees paid on NUMEROUS State /local & private employed poisitions Where are these FUNDS??? What is the FUND BALANCE???

    Do they want another can of worms opened???

    Don’t assume just because one is unemployed we are dumb!?

  • dah100

    Congress!!!!……………. Pass HR4415 !!!!!!
    People are at their limits…and are approaching foreclosures and welfare FAST !!! Welfare is not the solution for god sakes !!!!
    People are looking for work with no success!!! Still in DEPRESSION not Recession !!
    What do we have to do? Sell Pencils on the street in Washington DC?
    Pass HR 4415 starting extension for all still unemployed for 5 to 6 more months!!!
    Not Retroactive to January 1st 2013……Make it simple! can’t people in Congress
    make a dam decision and make it simple?
    Give us a chance to find these dam jobs???

  • Denise Burton

    Who the HELL does this guy think he is???? Your not the president, You are the Speaker.! My speakers don’t tell me what i listen not listen too. Stop acting like YOU have the only say so!!!!

  • Georgeh

    Please spend the 3 minutes to join this petition to help your fellow amicable that are suffering Americans. Love they neihbor. Don’t let boner win

    We need 100,000 of us to ban together to force the bill to obama’s desk
    Please help, please I know you need to put your name and email in but it’s worth the effort to at least try…

  • gabby w

    Boehner wants to ensure that we seek work, well wasn’t it work we did and now don’t currently have that got us in this unemployment seat? (WE WERE WORKING, DOES THE (BLANK) NOT KNOW THAT?)…..with need for the extensions/benefits??? I need the help right now, but certainly do not wish to ever be placed in this situation again…..I am tired of the ping pong games the politicians play that affects our lives, children, livelihood, what we have hard earned and stand to lose, etc… due to their laid back attitude on this. I would hate to think I have worked, YES WORKED, 4 jobs at a time to be in and keep my house, only to lose it over an extension of benefits, that prior to this I have never used in my ENTIRE WORKING LIFE! This is no joke and not one second should have ever been wasted on voting on continuing and extending these benefits at the cost of so many politicians claim to care about, especially when it comes to themselves and votes.

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