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February 12, 2016

Resolution to Impeach Holder Being Drafted, Yoho Says

Some House Republicans are talking impeachment these days, but not of President Barack Obama. The scalp they’re looking for is that of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

From Operation Fast and Furious to the wiretapping of Associated Press phone calls, Holder has been under fire from Republicans for some time. The House voted last year to hold him in contempt of Congress.

Now, Omar Raschid, a spokesman for Florida Republican Rep. Ted Yoho, has confirmed to CQ Roll Call that a formal resolution calling for Holder’s impeachment is in the works.

It won’t be coming through Yoho’s office, Raschid said, but the Florida Republican will surely be a leader in the effort. Raschid declined to name the member who is taking the lead out of respect for that office’s rollout of the resolution.

On Tuesday evening, Yoho appeared at a town hall meeting with constituents in Chiefland, Fla., where he said he and his colleagues would attempt to launch impeachment proceedings against Holder in the weeks ahead.

“It will be before the end of the year,” Yoho said, according to local news reports. “It will probably be when we get back. … It will be before the end of the year. This will go to the speaker and the speaker will decide if it comes up or not.”

The press office of Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, declined to comment, and the offices of several members who have been Holder’s major critics on Capitol Hill did not respond to queries as to whether they knew about the resolution or were behind the effort.

But the list of House Republicans who want Holder out of office is a lengthy one. The House voted to hold him in contempt of Congress last June for refusing to provide the Oversight and Government Reform Committee with key documents related to the botched gun-running program known as Fast and Furious. Since then, in addition to the heat Holder received over the AP wiretaps, he has been criticized by Republicans for intervening in the implementation of a Louisiana school voucher program and in voting rights laws in Texas.

The list of lawmakers who would actually support an impeachment resolution, however, is sure to be a shorter one. And it would likely need establishment heft in order to make leadership — and Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte of Virginia — pay attention.

  • dusel1

    Holder: small fish; but, let’s use him as bait for the big kippers.

    • Barack D Fraud

      he’ll get the full obama pardon.

      • Skepticles

        But since this is a warm up to the Obama impeachment, do you think Obama would eagerly add incriminating evidence like a Holder pardon; (or MUST everyhing nessesarily go sour for you ?).

      • Stephen Barlow

        Like Scooter Libby got from nixon. I mean Bush. I mean Stalin…

  • xian

    sure, impeach the guy for protecting voting rights. now there’s a plan.

    • phil hammersley

      Yeah, the voting rights of dead people, illegal immigrants, and repeat minority voters.

      • laboop2u

        True. I had to show an ID to register to vote and at every election since then! How’s showing an ID suppressing your vote? If they can show up to vote without an ID, they can show up to vote with one!

        • Art Bagnall

          Because some people especially the ones you HATE, don’t have IDs. You know, like old folks who don’t drive. Lots of poor people don’t own cars so why would they have drivers licenses? Some people don’t drive period. What are they supposed to do? And you Republican friends are making it REAL HARD to get an official ID if you are poor. IF you are rich, you can send your attorney to get it for you.

          it’s a real different world for poor people. Come down to Tennessee sometime and I’ll show you. People who don’t have shoes tend to not be very mobile. They don’t get out much. Some are ill. You want to make it harder for the most vulnerable people in society to vote.

          From your post:

          “If they can show up to vote without an ID, they can show up to vote with one!”
          If that ain’t the dumbest comment I have ever read it beats the heck out of whatever is second.

          That’s like saying we can all drive a Ford…or a Mercedes.

          Not if you don’t have one of each, stupid, and the Mercedes (in this case, analagous to the Voter ID) costs $75,000.

          • laboop2u

            Art seems you been hitting the bottle! I didn’t say you had to have a driver’s license – I said an ID (how you got driver’s license out of ID is a pretty dumb comment also!) Most states give out ID’s for free. You demos are really good about going to pick up voter’s and carrying them to every polling precinct you could drop by the driver’s license bureau and pick one up for them! Now go back to your bottle or whatever your smoking!

      • Art Bagnall

        You are a liar. And a racist. It’s to keep blacks from voting. The Republicans could give a rat’s a$$ about voter fraud. Why didn’t they look at “voter fraud” when W, was President? Where are all your posts about “voter fraud” before Obama was elected?
        LC, you’ve been misinformed. The ID’s are Not FREE. Some people in Texas are drivng 300 miles to get one. Try taking off work if you are poor and tell the boss you’re going to get an ID so you can vote. You’ll be out of a job in 60 seconds. Be honest.
        Republicans are simply using every trick in the book to supress the voters who are not going to vote for them by adding new regulations, cutting voting hours and polling places, and demanding “ID”. Now we find that in Texas half the women in the state do not have ID’s that match EXACTLY the voter rolls, down to the hyphen.
        Grow up and realize that politics is hardball. For republicans desperate to prop up their losing demographics (that means not enough white people are being born) so they have to cheat.
        Cheaters and liars. Nice group to join.

        • laboop2u

          Only hater and racist I see is you! You really need to get help for your Bush syndrome – he’s been gone 5 years!

          • robert

            we the people,who are the real government.yes i am a racist,i racist my 55 chevy every week at englishtown,and it is very fast,we also play cards,we have black aces,kings,queens,jacks,and we also have red aces,kings,queens,jacks wait red cards,i must be a communist to,because of the red cards.its time to have a nice cup of tea.why is it we have to show id to drink,buy booze,to open a bank account,credit card,but holdup doesn,t want voter id,i wonder why?the attn general who is suppose to be enforcing our laws,and yet he doesn,t want people who vote,to have any id.then any one can show up,at a voting polling place,and pretend to be someone there not.could this be voter not with ag holdup guarding us against that.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,dr oily taitz.god bless america

        • phil hammersley

          You don’t know me from Adam! Just keep playing that race card because that’s all that liberals have. No liberal position is ever argued on FACTS because the facts never support their positions! It was Holder who has shown racism from the very start–refusing to sign off on the guilty verdicts of club-carrying Black Panther goons! Then the Lyin’ king backing up Skip Gates when the evidence was totally against his position. I know it’s hard for you but try telling the truth every once in a while!

    • LC

      Voting rights? Why is he suing states who want to implement voter id as a condition of voting? You can’t cash a check, get on a plane, or tour the White House without a photo id. And the states give them out for free. So who’s he protecting? Oh, that’s right – he’s protecting the fraudulent voters that got them elected in the first place.

      He’s the one that didn’t prosecute the Black Panthers who were intimidating voters during the 2008 election. He wanted to bring the terrorists here to try them under our justice system. Fast and Furious happened under his “watch”. The list goes on and on….

    • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon


  • Jason 715

    Yep. Another Republican waste of time so that they can ignore the real issues facing the country.

    Impeachment of Holder is going nowhere. Not going to happen. It would require the Senate to actually conduct a trial and the Senate is not going to waste its time doing that.

    • Skepticles

      … long as Harry can decide it is. Registeed to vote in 2014?

  • John

    He will lie his way out of it.

  • chvietvet

    Holder has protected corrupt politicians and civil servants from both the Bush and Obama administrations from being prosecuted for their crimes. He can and does spend unlimited amounts of tax money defending government agencies from lawsuits for the hideous crimes they commit. He has refused to prosecute former Governor Gregoire of Washington for misappropriating $32 million over an eight year period. The funds were provided by the U.S. Department of Labor and supposed to pay for special employment services for veterans. She used the money to keep the state from going bankrupt due to mismanagement, and the veterans did not get their services. That is why there are so many veterans begging at freeway exits in Washington. Apparently, she used federal highway funds the same way, which is why a bridge along I-5 fell into the river below while cars were going over it. Holder certainly should be impeached and sent to prison for promoting corruption and government racketeering.

  • Tagdogs

    All I can say is–what the hell took them so long! Holder should have been convicted by now.

    • Daisysue

      Obama and all his groupies should have been removed from office long ago…I am sure there are numerous legitimate and legal reasons to support this type of action……….We simply have a congress to cowardly to do their job…They should be voted out of office as well..

  • jack ward

    Let’s keep it going, and get the biggest fish

  • pennalto

    “This will go to the speaker (Boehner) and the speaker will decide if it comes up or not.” Well, so much for that plan……

  • SPAlumni

    The Republican elitists with no balls are in charge in the House and the Senate. Obama and the whole administration needs impeaching. NEVER HAPPEN. Libertarian is looking better to me after being a lifelong activist Republican. Age 73.

  • 48vince

    The Democrat’s “man in the house” Boehner, will make certain that any such move is promptly torpedoed, unless there’s overwhelming support for it. And anyway, when it hits the Senate, it’s a dead letter.

  • laboop2u

    If it’s up to spineless boehner – it’s another dead duck!

    • FirstShirt

      Interesting how one single person can stymie the will of so many Members of Congress. Doesn’t sound like Democracy to me. . .

      • laboop2u

        me either

      • Art Bagnall

        Because he’s the President and that’s the way the country works.
        Congress has certain powers and so does the President. The fact that you aren’t bright enough to understand this is hardly Obama’s fault.
        You ought to read the Constitution of the United States. It’s the rulebook we’ve been going by for 225 years. The powers of the Congress and the President are clearly explained. You might learn something, but I doubt it.

        • FirstShirt

          Hey, Art. We were talking about Boehner, Speaker of the House. You’re quite a fellow. Is there anything you don’t take umbrage with? Just reading your comments gives me heartburn. . .

    • Daisysue

      OH, so true!!!! He is so disgustingly weak he makes me feel like puking every time I see his face, hear his voice or have his name mentioned.. He is a RINO puppet and a YES man for obama. How else did he get to be Speaker twice…
      Holder should have been gotten rid of a long time ago, and would have been if not for obama’s interference………..

  • chthompson

    The fact that this criminal is not in jail yet tells me America is officially a Banana Republic at this point….

    • Art Bagnall

      Then leave,cretin.

  • Art Bagnall

    WOW you sure are a hopeful preson.
    You can tell the future too! Who’s going to win the Super Bowl this year?

  • Tip

    Since when is it news that two powerful southern white men are going after a black man?

    I grew up in the south and this standard operating procedures.

    It will explode in the tparty’s face.

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