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February 12, 2016

Abe Lincoln’s Morning Commute

The average American commute these days is about 25 minutes, according to the Census Bureau. Turns out, that’s about how long it used to take Abraham Lincoln to make his way from the Lincoln Cottage, where he stayed during the summers, and the White House.

According to Beth Roberts, an interpreter at President Lincoln’s Cottage at the Soldier’s Home, it used to take Lincoln about 30 minutes from door to door. He was usually on horseback or horse-drawn carriage for the trip. “He didn’t always wait for his Cavalry escort,” Roberts said.

A statue of Lincoln with his equine transit vehicle, outside the Lincoln Cottage. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call.)

A statue of Lincoln with his equine transit vehicle, outside the Lincoln Cottage. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call.)

But 30 minutes? One would be hard-pressed to make it from the Soldiers’ Home near Petworth to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in a car nowadays, much less equine transit. It’s just one more way Lincoln can relate to the common man, we who toil with the trappings of D.C. traffic ourselves.

  • The Roadster

    There is no moral reason why those who have joined forces are entitled to expand the footprint of their own power in the name of democracy.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar claim that justice and prosperity are simply matters of plundering the “rich” to satisfy envy.

  • Fresh Mountain Air

    If one claims that the state should reduce discontent due to envy, one will also claim that the liberty to earn unequal incomes is unfair.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    While free use of our own property provides a channel to guide our energies inward, external control and plunder tend to redirect our aggression toward others.

  • El Capitan

    Our gadgets, gizmos, computers, and vehicles were first produced in small quantities for those able to afford them and free to enjoy them.

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