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February 11, 2016

Mercury Public Affairs Adds Chris Mottola | Downtown Moves

Mercury Public Affairs added to its wave of high-profile hires made within the past year Friday, announcing that GOP media consultant Chris Mottola will join the firm’s team, bringing his consulting company Chris Mottola Inc. along with him.

“Joining Mercury affords me the chance to work with a truly smart group of people who are experts in research, and understand how to translate the numbers attached to policy and politics into great creative content,” Mottola said in a statement.

The addition of Mottola, the late Sen. Arlen Specter’s longtime media consultant, continues the public firm’s expansion as several notable figures, including former diplomat Erin Pelton, have been hired within the past few months. With Mercury looking to hone its media capability, Mottola will head the paid media operations firm from his headquarters in Philadelphia.

Mottola’s past clients include such Republican heavy-hitters as former President George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Mottola is a national award-winning producer of campaign ads, and has owned his media consulting firm for 28 years. His work for Specter took place in the Pennsylvania senator’s stints as both Republican and Democrat.

“Chris Mottola’s decade of work in campaign ads and political consulting is known throughout the United States,” CEO Kieran Mahoney said in a statement on the firm’s new hire. “We have worked with Chris for many years, and have seen his talents contribute to myriad successful campaign wins.”

  • Hutch King – HK

    After a century of centralized control imposed in the names of this or that superstition du jour, it seems clear that the once vibrant countries of the West are faltering under the weight of bureaucratic socialism’s leaden threads.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    Money for war, and money for foreign Aid, but no money for the three million unemployed families STILL WITHOUT an extension bill, since late last December. While the Republicans were busy in the senate getting the Koch brother’s Oil Pipeline bill passed, these millions of unemployed families were losing everything they ever worked for. Because of the republican’s refusal to pass the unemployment extension bill, these people have fallen into financial ruin and deep poverty. Some which may never be able to recover from. These families have been destroyed financially, due to senators such as, John Boehner, who made it his duty to prevent the passing of the bill in the senate. He even went as far as to call these families “Lazy:”. As poster boy for the “new republican party”, he has made it crystal clear his contempt for the poor and unemployed and for immigrants. He and his cohorts would rather pass bills that would benefit corporations and special interest groups, than to pass bills to help the poor and needy. The democrats are not guilt free either, for they have chosen to walk away from the issue, and no longer pursue it again. They too have disappointed millions of these families, who thought that they would help them. Both parties have been a total flop and disappointment.

  • Youz Guys

    Run-of-the-mill collectivists, more commonly known as liberals, deliberately attempt to confuse roads and fire departments with collectivism by referring to those basic public functions as “socialism”.

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