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February 13, 2016

Senator Questions Hatch Act Violation at FEC

Federal Election Commission Vice Chairwoman Ann Ravel went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to testify about undisclosed political money in California, but she ended up answering questions about an FEC employee’s violation of the Hatch Act.

Shortly before the Senate Rules Committee’s hearing Wednesday morning on campaign finance disclosure problems, the federal Office of Special Counsel announced that an unnamed FEC lawyer had resigned after admitting to Hatch Act violations. The Hatch Act bars federal employees from political activity in the government workplace.

Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, the Rules panel’s ranking Republican, zeroed in on the resignation following Ravel’s testimony. Ravel attended the hearing not in her capacity as an FEC commissioner, but as the former chairwoman of California’s Fair Political Practices Commission, which last year fined two tax-exempt groups a record $1 million for violating that state’s public disclosure laws.

Roberts asked Ravel, one of three Democrats serving at the evenly-divided FEC, whether the anti-Republican views expressed by the agency attorney in question are common at the commission. A Tuesday Special Counsel release described the employee posting “dozens of partisan political tweets, including many soliciting campaign contributions to President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and other political campaigns, despite Hatch Act restrictions that prohibit FEC and other ‘further restricted’ employees from such activity.”

Ravel told Roberts she could not “speak on behalf of the FEC,” but added: “I will tell you that the FEC responded very quickly to that issue when it came to the attention of people within the agency.” She said the employee’s activities were “totally inappropriate” and that an internal investigation found them to be isolated.

Asked by Roberts whether his own name had come up, Ravel assured him: “I have never heard your name mentioned at the FEC.” She added: “I, in my six months at the FEC, have never heard any partisan communications by employees or commissioners.”

Roberts also questioned former FEC chairman and election lawyer Donald McGahn, a Republican who, like Ravel, was in attendance to testify at the hearing. McGhan said he was “very troubled” by the news of the FEC lawyer’s admitted Hatch Act violation and resignation. But he added that “most of the folks at the FEC play it straight.”

  • Brontefan

    ACORN got millions of tax dollars and used their influence to promote the 0bama campaign… and re-register voters that they could use for fraudulent votes. The idea that this happens and no one is going to be punished… even Lois Lerner should go to jail… otherwise, it’s open season on conservatives… and we will continue to be targeted by government agencies and political hacks. It’s time for government employees to realize they work for us–the American tax payers.

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  • gardenSalsa64

    Although some claim that the majority should always have the right to choose its own powers, the liberty school recognizes that the collectivist superstitions which most threaten liberty tend to arise when people are suffering.


    The republican party has done itself a huge disservice by blocking the passing of the extension bill in the senate. considering that there are over 2.6 million people directly affected by this bill, they have single handedly handed the opposition party 2.6 million votes in the coming election. These people are angry and will remember which political party failed them, and had refused to help them. Many “former” republicans like myself, will not vote for their party again after this situation. The republicans have clearly demonstrated who they are working for, and it’s not for the average American. The republicans are for big business and pleasing their true constituents “their lobbyists” which support them. The American people have seen the republican party in it’s true light, and will vote their conscience in the coming election. Senator Boehner and all his reoublican cronnies best enjoy their jobs for now, because many of them will not be in office in the future

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