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February 8, 2016

Why Wayne LaPierre Is Right and Bloomberg Is Wrong (Part I)

Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association are obnoxious, paranoid and intimidationist — but he and they are not always wrong. Some of their ideas should be adopted by advocates of “gun safety,” including Congress.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, who’s under fierce liberal attack for his city’s aggressive and effective “stop and frisk” policy, could make common cause with the NRA on some of its ideas. LaPierre should give Bloomberg credit for some of his.

Specifically, LaPierre was right to say that the best response to horrors like the Newtown school massacre would be to increase the presence of armed guards at schools. There already are armed guards and metal detectors at many inner-city schools prone to violence — not to mention, at airports, the U.S. Capitol and every other federal building in Washington. Why not at schools?

President Obama actually has proposed — and the NRA should support — spending $4 billion to keep 15,000 local police employed, $14 million to train police to respond to active-shooter situations and $150 million to hire 10,000 “school resource officers” — probably mostly counselors and social workers, but also police.

I’d go even further in LaPierre’s direction: Encourage every school to have at least one staff member (teacher, assistant principal or cop) who’s armed and trained to use a gun to respond to an attack. The guns should be well-secured, for sure, but it certainly would be a deterrent to a would-be killer to know he’s not hitting a completely “soft” target.

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    Whoever wrote the reductionist headline for this piece makes it seem Mr. Bloomberg has everything wrong and Mr. LaPierre everything right on solutions to the gun violence problem. While I disagree with Mr.Kondracke on the wisdom of equipping school teachers and administrators with guns, his argument is more nuanced than one would assume from this moronic headline. But hey, I guess whatever sells papers!

  • George Houchens

    Why is the NRA always wrong and obnoxious, but union chiefs are always right and never obnoxious … even when they employ thugs to do their dirty work?

  • mosco.a

    The NRA still has higher approval ratings than Obama – so the paranoid and intimidationist (?) labels are just Mort’s and the left’s. But yes, the armed guards have always had a place and should have more, as LaPierre suggested. It was fascinating to see the stereotyped fear and loathing from the left wing when LaPierre suggested that, only to see it mute as Obama also suggested it.

    The left has seriously misunderestimated the intensity from gun owners to the deception and hype from Obama / Biden / Bloomberg on the gun issue.

  • Madelyn Bryson

    OMG Silliest article I have read in a month.

  • Betty Peyton Catron

    The second amendment will stand as long as there is a legitimate US government.

  • Betty Peyton Catron

    Bloomberg is an elitist technocrat. Providing actual funding for long term inpatient care for psychotic people, deranged people would be a better use of the funds that would be used in the attempt to enforce a farcical gun grab. The irony in my statement is that the president and his cabinet have access to premium mental healthcare, as does mr bloomberg , however their psychosis and derangement as yet seems undiagnosed, let alone treated.

    As an aside , Morton, what are police response times like in your neighborhood? Do you trust a justice system with Eric Holder at the helm? 10,000 resource officers? How many schools need to be protected. Look it up, Skippy. One staff member trained per school? How many foreign nationals have been trained to engage an immediate threat at taxpayer expense, one per school?

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