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July 22, 2014

July 15, 2014

Small Victories

pelosi boehner006 071014 1 Small Victories

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Although it seems there’s not much to these pictures, it is a major victory in the effort to photograph the back-to-back weekly news conferences of Speaker John A. Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on the Hill.

The House leaders normally host a press conference every Thursday in Studio A of the Capitol Visitor Center. They speak alone from a lectern and it normally looks the same every week, except for what they’re wearing.

Pelosi’s avail is held first and usually wraps up at about 11:20 a.m., to allow some time before Boehner’s which starts at 11:30. As I was setting up a shot of her walking out, which wasn’t shaping up to be much, I realized Pelosi was ending late and Boehner would be there at any moment. I thought there was a good chance of them passing each other.

It was a long shot because if they did pass each other in the hall they would be with their respective entourages. The picture would have too many people.

I left the studio as Pelosi was still taking questions and went to the entrance of the green room, which members enter before proceeding to the studio. Boehner arrived on time. This was a good sign, because he was in the room by himself. I knew Pelosi would pass him on her way out. I figured they would at least say “hi” to each other.

Boehner was looking in the mirror and straightening himself out in preparation to go on stage. His security detail and staffers didn’t close the door or get in the way as I positioned myself closer. Pelosi finished up and entered the green room. She was preceded by two aids, who saw me and cleared out of the way.

pelosi boehner007 071014 1 Small Victories

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Boehner and Pelosi exchanged some pleasantries and I was able to make two usable frames. I was pleased to get a picture of the current and former House speaker in a candid moment together. Usually you only see leadership of opposing parties together in ceremonial settings.

It turned out to to be a good idea to try for the picture, but I got a big assist from a few staffers who realized a nice exchange was happening and allowed me to capture it.

July 11, 2014

Supermoon Weekend: Send Us Your Photos!

621749main image 2170 1600 1200 Supermoon Weekend: Send Us Your Photos!

(Bill Ingalls/NASA)

The first of the three 2014 “supermoons” will rise over the U.S. Capitol Saturday evening, providing a great opportunity to shoot some stunning photographs. And Roll Call wants to see your photos! So grab your camera and tripod, shoot some photos of the supermoon with the Capitol Dome (or other D.C. landmark) in the frame, and tweet your results to @CapitolLens. If we like what we see, we might even request to publish your photo in the paper.

Need some pointers on how to shoot the moon? CNET has an excellent page dedicated to shooting the supermoon.

By Bill Clark Posted at 4:52 p.m.
Around the Hill

July 10, 2014

Photos: Storm Clouds Over Washington

DCstorm 096 070814 Photos: Storm Clouds Over Washington

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Photo Editor Bill Clark braved the bad weather this week to capture some stunning images of ominous clouds over the Capitol. As you can see from the photos below, photographers often take the same objects and frame them differently to try to get the best results. Which framing of the Supreme Court do you like the best?

Check out Clark’s amazing images below and see more of our images on our photo page.

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July 8, 2014

What You Missed: An Independence Day Parade in 69 Seconds (Video)

When Independence Day rolls around in an election year, the Roll Call photojournalists head out to small towns in contested districts across the country to catch candidates and beauty queens marching in their local parades. This year I found myself at the Ripley, W.Va., Fourth of July parade billed as “The USA’s Largest Small Town Independence Day Celebration.”

This is a collection of every frame I shot of the parade, most which never get filed or shown publicly. The music is a recording I captured on my iPhone of local musicians hanging out under a tree. Leo Enoch was on guitar and Leonard Whiting was on banjo.

Have a look for yourself as Roll Call presents 623 photos of the parade in 69 seconds.

July 3, 2014

#tbt: A Different View of the Fourth

July402 070489 #tbt: A Different View of the Fourth

Fireworks appear over the Washington Monument in celebration of Independence Day. (Maureen Keating/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

July Fourth is once again upon us and hoards of tourists and locals are expected to flock downtown Friday for the annual festivities, which include parades across the city, a daytime Nationals game, a concert on the West Front of the Capitol and — of course — fireworks.

In 1989, Roll Call photographer Maureen Keating was on duty, snapping shots of the fireworks lighting up the Washington skyline and of the spectators who turned out for the fun. Check out some of her best shots below:

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June 26, 2014

Bloopers: Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

baseball 020 062514 445x242 Bloopers: Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

Shortstop Rep. Tim Ryan dives for a ground ball during the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday, June 25, 2014. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

The Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game can be a real challenge for a political photographer like me. Although I used to be a really good sports photographer — having covered every level of competition from tee ball to the Olympics in my days working for daily newspapers — one gets a bit rusty shooting slow-moving lawmakers around the Capitol full time.

Hopefully you’ve already seen our gallery of the best photos from the game. It looks easy, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at the ones that got away.

Full story

Slideshow: Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

baseball 008 062514 445x269 Slideshow: Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Ind., pitches at Nationals Stadium during the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday, June 25, 2014. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Check out the best shots of the Roll Call Congressional Baseball game by Photo Editor Bill Clark and photographer Tom Williams. There really was some action on the field – a few times.

Full story

#tbt: Recess Is Almost Here

summergirl01 #tbt: Recess Is Almost Here

A woman sunbathes during a recess week on Capitol Hill on August 22, 1979. Click on photo to enlarge. (Mickey Senko/CQ File Photo Roll Call)

It’s getting muggy out there. If you were at the Roll Call Congressional Baseball game last night you definitely felt the humidity and the heat. Never fear, Capitol Hill, recess is coming!

This 1979 photo by Mickey Senko ran in the Aug. 23 edition of Roll Call and described recess this way: “What is so rare as a day during recess? Beautiful sunny days, smog-free skies, green grass underfoot, and the Capitol Dome overhead … and the boss is out of town.”

June 19, 2014

#TBT: Baseball and Cigars

ConteBaseball02 #TBT: Baseball and Cigars

Conte lights a victory cigar after Republicans won the 1975 Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. Click on photo to enlarge. (Pen Wilson/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Rep. Silvio Conte, R-Mass., was an prominent figure on Capitol Hill during his years in office from 1959 to 1991. A major player in the Congressional Baseball Game, Conte was rarely seen on the field without a cigar. Capitol Lens dug into our archives to find some of Conte’s most iconic pictures.

Don’t forget to get your ticket for the 53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, which is on June 25 this year. And get in the spirit with our coverage of the Wednesday night Congressional Women’s Softball Game.

ConteBaseball04 #TBT: Baseball and Cigars

Conte, with a cigar clamped in his teeth, jokes with Bill Chapel, D-Fla., during the 1986 Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. Click on photo to enlarge. (Keith Jewell/CQ Roll Call File Photo)


ConteBaseball03 #TBT: Baseball and Cigars

Conte, center, claps with a cigar in his mouth during a Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. Click on photo to enlarge. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)


ConteBaseball01 #TBT: Baseball and Cigars

Conte, with his recently discarded crutches below him, lines up to take a pitch during the 1966 game. Click on photo to enlarge. (Mickey Senko/CQ Roll Call File Photo)



June 18, 2014

Caption Contest: All Smiles

cantor 131 061814 Caption Contest: All Smiles

Cantor, center, shares an elevator with staff, security, and Reps. Louie Gohmert and Ralph M. Hall, as he leaves the House Republican Conference meeting. Click on photo to enlarge. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Our award-winning photojournalists Bill Clark and Tom Williams were on the Hill today, as they are every day, trying to capture the news and mood at the Captiol. Clark filed this photo of Eric Cantor in an elevator and Capitol Lens thought we would hand over captioning duties to you.

So, how would you caption this photo?

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