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December 18, 2014

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December 9, 2014

North Dakota Considers Oil Rail Rule

State regulators are pushing to restrict the volatility of crude oil for rail transport, which could affect shipments of Bakken shale oil. Full story

November 18, 2014

DOE Launches Fuel, Outage App

2014 11 18 15 48 12 337x600 DOE Launches Fuel, Outage App

Screenshot of gasoline station status on the Energy Department’s Lantern Live app.

The Energy Department Monday unveiled a mobile application called Lantern Live to show area power outages and to locate open gasoline stations in emergencies as well as alternative fuel locations. Full story

November 6, 2014

How EPA’s Hyundai Settlement Stacks Up


EPA Settlements1 445x315 How EPA’s Hyundai Settlement Stacks Up

The $100 million civil penalty EPA levied against Hyundai and Kia, which we reported on Monday, was the largest ever under the Clean Air Act, in terms of unadjusted dollar amounts. Full story

October 14, 2014

The Week Ahead: Russia, Solar, Gas, Carbon and Coal

A little bit of everything is happening this week, and much of it takes place Tuesday. Full story

September 29, 2014

On Tap This Week: Conferences, Expos & An Anniversary

The Johnson Rice 2014 Energy Conference kicks off Monday in New Orleans and runs through Wednesday with presentations Monday from Pioneer Energy Services and Wednesday from Tesco Corp. Full story

September 26, 2014

Without Pipeline, Tar Sands Project Stalled

fig3 Without Pipeline, Tar Sands Project Stalled

(U.S. Geologic Survey)

Statoil put off an in situ steam project to pull tar sands bitumen from the subsurface in Alberta, Canada, the company announced Thursday. Full story

ICYMI: Climate, ISIS Oil & A Keg Stand

LAPOL14 301 092014 445x511 ICYMI: Climate, ISIS Oil & A Keg Stand

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., holds the beer keg nozzle for LSU football fan as he does a keg stand at a tailgate party on the Louisiana State University campus before the LSU-Mississippi State game Saturday. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Taking a look back on the week that was:

  • Addressing the United Nations, President Barack Obama called on countries to join together to try to forestall climate change. “We can only succeed in combating climate change if we are joined in this effort by every nation, developed and developing alike,” Obama said. “Nobody gets a pass.” CQ Roll Call’s Lauren Gardner had more on the speech and new administration efforts (subscription). Full story

September 18, 2014

Moniz Unveiled

wr20140915 26moniz cx 349555747 423x600 Moniz Unveiled

Photo courtesy of the Energy Department

CQ Roll Call’s Geof Koss sat down with Energy Secretary Ernest J. Moniz earlier this summer to discuss his relationship with Congress, as we mentioned last week. The whole story is now available outside the paywall.


Moniz Gives Shout-out to 3D Printed Car

Energy Secretary Ernest J. Moniz lauded efforts to produce a crowd-sourced electric car, the structure of which was printed in 44 hours at the International Manufacturing Technology Show last week. Full story

September 17, 2014

Moniz: Let’s Double Energy Productivity

The Energy Department is looking to increase the amount of energy efficiency in manufacturing and productivity to double energy productivity by 2030. Full story

September 15, 2014

Plug-in EVs Making up for Hybrid Losses

ChargeCompare Plug in EVs Making up for Hybrid Losses

Boosted by increased range and a proliferation of charging stations, plug-in vehicles are gaining market shares as fewer buyers choose hybrid electric vehicles. Full story

September 11, 2014

Enviro Groups Decry Enbridge Tar Sands Workaround

478429813 445x296 Enviro Groups Decry Enbridge Tar Sands Workaround

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Conservation groups are outraged by the State Department’s acceptance of Enbridge’s move to increase shipment of Canadian oil derived from Alberta bituminous sand by moving heavy crude to another line to cross the border from Canada – but unlike with the Keystone XL Pipeline, there does not appear to be much recourse. Full story

Coal Production is Doing What?

CoalProduction2 445x377 Coal Production is Doing What?

With coal job cuts grabbing the headlines, here are some unexpected facts on coal mining production and employment. Full story

September 10, 2014

Understanding Bakken Oil Flammability

173090841 445x296 Understanding Bakken Oil Flammability

Firefighters douse blazes after a freight train loaded with oil derailed in Lac-Megantic in Canada’s Quebec province in July 2013. (François Laplante-Delagrave/AFP/Getty Images)

Explosive train derailments in recent years have raised the question about the characteristics of Bakken crude oil. The Department of Transportation reported in July that Bakken oil could be more volatile than other types of crude produced in the United States. The popular usage of the term volatility causes confusion when talking about chemistry, even for some members of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee. Full story

August 25, 2014

Understanding Enbridge’s Oil Sands Pipeline Tactic From Canada

enbridge2 445x488 Understanding Enbridges Oil Sands Pipeline Tactic From Canada

A pipeline company intends to connect two pipelines in order to add more than 300,000 barrels per day of capacity to cross into the United States from Canada without waiting for the kind of permit that has hampered the Keystone XL Pipeline. Full story

By Randy Leonard Posted at 10:14 a.m.
Oil, Transportation

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