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April 1, 2015

Coal Country Kentuckians Will Invade Washington, Mitch McConnell Says (Video)

The EPA plans four public hearings on its proposed “Clean Power Plan” for greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, but none of them are in “coal country” — much to the chagrin of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

The hearings, which the EPA expects to be well attended, are planned for Atlanta, Denver, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh next week.

Speaking on the Senate floor, McConnell said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy was “unmoved” by his personal request to hold at least one of the four listening sessions where coal mining actually happens, reports CQ Roll Call’s Geof Koss.

Kentucky ranks third in U.S. coal production and Pennsylvania ranks fourth, but there’s not much mining in Pittsburgh itself.

The Kentuckians will just have to come to the U.S. capital instead, McConnell said:

Apparently, the Obama administration isn’t all that interested in what Kentucky thinks. Well, if Washington officials won’t come to Kentucky, then Kentuckians will come to Washington. I plan to testify. And so do several of my constituents. Even though they’ll have to travel hundreds of miles to get here, these Kentuckians will make Washington understand that they are more than just some statistic.”



  • SoloCup

    Another waste of time from Sen. McConnell, who is trying to convince his constituents that he’s saving an industry that started to die decades ago. Kentucky is practically stripped bare.

  • JustaSlob

    You would think he’d be trying to recruit green energy companies to Kentucky……. Oh wait…I forgot who we were talking about for a second there….

  • Mark Potochnik

    SOLAR3D to get 2x power out of a solar panel. Lowering costs. You can’t keep up.

    With 3D Light Trapping Prototype Complete, the Company Is Now Searching for a Manufacturing Partner

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    Dr. Changwan Son, Solar3D’s Director of Technology, commented, “We are pleased to have completed our next prototype. We are very encouraged by our lab results and have concluded that it is time to prepare to take the next step toward commercialization by working with a manufacturer partner.”

    “Our technology team has worked very hard on this product,” said Jim Nelson, CEO of Solar3D. “Two powerful characteristics of our 3D Solar Cell make it superior to current technology. First, it is substantially more efficient in producing power. Second, is our wide-angle light collection feature, which allows our 3D Solar Cell to collect light at all times of the day, month and year, an attribute unique in the solar world. Our early computer simulation analysis indicated that the combination of these two features would produce double the power of a conventional solar cell. Our early indication is that we will be able to meet that ambitious goal. This device could be a giant leap forward, allowing solar power to achieve grid parity.”

    Dr. Son continued, “Our mandate was to create a solar cell that would produce substantially more power than the current technology at a low enough cost of production to deliver a considerably lower cost per watt of solar electricity. Now, we intend to partner with a manufacturer who can take us to the last step — final commercialization and manufacturing.”

    Mr. Nelson concluded, “We anticipate combining the last steps with one partner who will be able to produce a manufacturing prototype, do a test run, and go commercial. This approach will simplify the development process considerably. Finding the right partner is our goal. We are currently holding conversations with several potential partners, including large domestic and international manufacturers.”

  • fred

    Well if you lived in KY you would know KY is not almost stripped bare. Get them Mitch. Make them vote on the carbon tax before the elections and start the employer mandate

  • fred

    KY 90% of electricity comes from coal. Coal miners have excellent jobs with excellent benefits or they did have. Filters out 98% of the carbon and cheap

  • Bound for Glory

    On Inauguaration night ol, Mitch made his plans clear and he has not deviated. Unfortunately for Mitch no one can turn the clock backwards. Our nation is accelerating into a clean energy future and Mitch and the special interests cannot turn things back…Ol ‘Mitch is a dinosaur who looks like a turtle.

  • Terry Fox

    Do yourself a favor and stay out of Kentucky, forever, because you know nothing about the state.

  • Wayne Wathen

    Does that include those with Black Lung disease who McConnell doesn’t give a damn. about.

  • JustaSlob

    How bout ya’ll just blow me Troll.

  • Charles Barnard

    Do you mean ‘carbon dioxide’?
    ‘Cause they don’t.
    If you mean smoke & ash. They don’t.

    And plants along the Ohio river are causing massive air pollution problems in Texas in US National Parks.

  • Charles Barnard

    If they were smart, those in coal country might try to figure out a way to make power from underground coal fires.

    Burning is one of the least profitable uses we have for hydrocarbons.

  • Jesse4

    Current coal fired power plants don’t filter out any of the carbon except the tiny percent that the fly ash represents.

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