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September 17, 2014

Marshals to Seize Kurdish Oil, Leaving Questions on U.S. Policy

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A section of an oil refinery is brought by truck to the Kawergosk Refinery east of Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, on July 14. (Safin Hamed/AFP/Getty Images)

The U.S. Marshals Service was ordered Monday to seize a shipment of Kurdish oil offshore of Texas, but a former presidential adviser from the George W. Bush era has said the government ought to reconsider its stance on Kurdish oil, given the recent violence in Iraq.

“The Kurds have, as far as most people can tell, really significant potential as a stand-alone producer of oil and gas,” John Hannah, former national security adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, said this month. “It has mostly been largely land-locked inside of Kurdistan.”

With control of oil fields in Kirkuk, the Kurds estimate they can produce up to 400,000 barrels per day by the end of this year and up to 2 million barrels by the end of 2020, and could have reserves on par with Libya, he said.

“We have sided with Baghdad in opposing any of their ability to get their own oil to market,” he said at an event on Capitol Hill hosted by Securing America’s Future Energy.

Whatever the basis for U.S. policy with Kurdistan was in the past, it should be reconsidered after the fall of Mosul and collapse of the Iraqi forces in western and northern Iraq, he said.

“In the wake of all of that, it does seem to me that the United States needs to rethink the kind of relationship we have with Kurdistan, both on the energy front as well on the security front,” he said.

  • Carroll Barber

    I agree with Randy on this article. Thread lightly America! :)

  • mrsgunnut10

    NO, NO, NO. It is not the Policy of these United States. It is the Policy of the United Staes Marshall Service as odered by Omamass , Reid and Holder. Be careful, those Kurds are mean when stirred up by Infidels. Might be a good and safe method of getting rid of Obamass, Reid AND Holder.

  • Edward Shadap

    The United States is responsible for creation of the present state affairs in Iraq today. Had it not been for the military intervention of the United States of America in toppling of Saddam Hussein, things would not be as bad as they are now. Now they are nor willing to set in order the present status of this country allow alternative forces like the Kurds to do the job for them. So what is their solution now? Should not the United States of America be held responsible for the persecution of thousands of Christians and other minorities in Iraq?

  • gcblues

    no they should not. you obviously know nothing. have never spoken to an iraqi of any sort. just a stinking hippie parrot.

  • Partyforever

    Let the Kurds get their own country. They have acted responsibly.

  • Sooriamoorthy

    You’re absolutely right: the US never bombed Iraq to the Stone Age (to quote the words of the baker); they never caused more than half a million children to die because the US never were in favour of sanctions against Iraq, as Saint Madeleine solemnly affirmed.

  • RLTJ

    Iraqi Kurdistan is just an autonomous region. Without central Iraqi government knowledge this Kurd oil shipment is in fact stolen merchandise.

    It seems becoming obvious that U.S. favors separation of the Kurds from Iraq. This is already being harped:

    Whatever the basis for U.S. policy with Kurdistan was in the past, it
    should be reconsidered after the fall of Mosul and collapse of the
    Iraqi forces in western and northern Iraq, he said.

    “In the wake of all of that, it does seem to me that the United
    States needs to rethink the kind of relationship we have with Kurdistan,
    both on the energy front as well on the security front,” he said. “

  • RLTJ

    If it is stolen Libyan oil now withheld in U.S port, no American will lawyer for its release.

  • RLTJ

    But until Iraqi Kurdistan becomes independent, such transactions are theft and then fencing of stolen property.

    That must be tough for America to pretend not to see, or to look the other way around.

  • jasmic888

    A very intelligent comment!

  • jasmic888

    America will do the right thing just as the Brits did the right thing. Nothing but a load of lying hypocrites and criminals. No better than the Isis rebels.

  • Reberd

    For those that don’t know Saddam Hussein and what path he was taking. In short, he was trying to take over the world. He killed over 180,000 Kurds in days plus he used chemical weapons on a Kurdish city and killed over 5,000 men, women and children. He killed thousands of Shias as well. He invaded Kuwait and killed thousands. He was not going to stop there. He was trying to make worse and worse weapons of mass destruction. Although, he might not have already acquired atomic weapons he was trying to get his hands on them and would use it. With the creation of more advanced weapons and knowledge of rockets he would’ve tried acquire ‘smart’ rockets to hold chemical weapons (at minimal) to attack Israel and other countries with chemical weapons. So had he not been stopped then the world couldn’t gotten much worse than it is now. What if he was there killing people and ALSO supporting the terrorists?

    As an example, what if leave the ISIS terrorists alone and see what happens. Guess what? They would be hard to contain in the future. So it is better to deal with evil sooner than later.

  • asyouaskforit

    Other than Israel, Kurdistan is the best bet. Give them all the support they need. It is the obvious thing to do, unless you are blind.

  • John

    You can add Tony BLIAR!

  • pfbulmer

    It is important to understand that all the following countries Iraq , Iran and Turkey have all committed atrocities against against the Kurds on their borders ,they are not liked either by the Sunnis or the Shias.This is the one thing they are all united against !

    So if the US sides too much with the Kurds other than supporting them to defend their borders and humanitarian aid ,and particularly if they used them to access oil in Tirkrit and Kirkuk which is outside their own autonomous region . They will pull the rug out of any diplomatic efforts and alienate the very people the US wants to help and will be making yet more indefensible mistakes in taking sides yet again,and will show it has learnt nothing from previous mistakes.

    Any gains made by the Kurds would have to be given back as or would involve constant military presence and support from the US to maintain them.

  • Guy Rocky

    Obama and friends want their OIl and controlled Chaos. They also want the ISIS army which they have “inadvertently” supplied, back in Syria creating chaos so that Syria is totally destroyed. A few cosmetic hits against ISIS are just warning shots to make them return to their many mission across the border.

  • BanglaBaag

    These Kurds are thieves and terrorists trying to steal Iraqi National assets and sell them abroad so as such US Marshalls are doing what all sovereign Nations would do that is safeguard Iraq assets where ever these robbers are trying to take them to!

  • MDDave

    No they’re not. Iraq was always a mess, even under Saddam Hussein. I will agree that Saddam should have been rehabilitated – but that is past. The policy from the Clinton years onward was that of regime change. And the responsible party for killing the minorities in Iraq falls on the perpetrators. Iraq was stable just 18 months ago, and had 3 violence free elections from 2009 to 2013. The problem is 1) we left too soon – we were a trusted entity between the groups, 2) Maliki – the equivalent of Al Sharpton of the Shiites, used the military and the government to reward his cronies and punish the minorities. If you’re saying the U.S. has a responsibility to help, then yes. But the direct cause of the killing in Iraq falls on the killers. Saying otherwise is like saying we should blame President Eisenhower for traffic deaths since he built the interstate highway system. After all, if he hadn’t built them……


    Kurdistan have to be indepented STATE ..from Iraq AND far from Turkish interest ..
    then USA is more comfortable for work ..and oil will be undercontrol FULL 100% from USA who is responsibility ? there have big interest Always was and will ..
    ps ..what the reason to see who is responsibility ?
    we like to have problem’s les brief ‘s better food ..


    Americans cannot and will not make policy until Their Master Jews lobby gave green signal.

  • G14

    Shall evil prevail for Saddam to abound. Saddam is gone and Iraq will succeed. All dictators who think the world will not survive without them will be proven wrong. That said, if he had died peacefully, there would have been chaos in Iraq. The only thing Bush did was involve USA is quickening the demise of Saddam and stayed in to put a wedge between the sides. Obama took away the wedge because there was no progress and most Americans had no desire to remain there. No with ISIS, hopefully IRAQ will unite and defeat ISIS and then continue their struggle to create a better united Iraq or a divided one. USA is not Responsible for ISIS’s actions but Saudi Arabia.

  • G14

    Shall evil prevail for Saddam to abound. Saddam is gone and Iraq will succeed. All dictators who think the world will not survive without them will be proven wrong. That said, if he had died peacefully, there would have been chaos in Iraq. The only thing Bush did was involve USA is quickening the demise of Saddam and stayed in to put a wedge between the sides. Obama took away the wedge because there was no progress and most Americans had no desire to remain there. No with ISIS, hopefully IRAQ will unite and defeat ISIS and then continue their struggle to create a better united Iraq or a divided one. USA is not Responsible for ISIS’s actions but Saudi Arabia.

  • G14

    Oil is a money making resource. Those who have it have a lot of power and it is not in the best interest of those who need oil to allow those who have it to run it however they want unless they are powerless to do nothing about it. The question is What is the policy? Sanctions against Iraq is only productive if their oil is not needed by the US. The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. If Iraqis are tired of living there, they should swap place with Haitians, I believe they would love to host some oil reserve.

  • G14

    Iraqi Government withdrew and lost all credibility and control of the country and so Iraq as the world knew it doesn’t exist but in most people’s imagination Iraq is still where it was.

  • G14

    Kurds will not have peace unless they want to live like Israelis until a mad ambitious leader comes into power.

  • G14

    Iraq is an imagination. Is Shiite Iraq? is Sunni Iraq? is ISIS Iraq? What do you mean by Iraq? A piece of land and water? or an Authority? Kurds have right under their own authority to do whatever they want.


    is bad our’s problem’s to send to others ..M east have problem educated ..i don’t believe for this are responsibility ISRAEL?

  • Edward Shadap

    The trouble with USA is they think they have got all the answers to fix the world’s problems when in fact they don’t

  • Jacob Schønberg

    The Kurds offered Iraq their share of the oil shipped through Turkey, and Turkey offered to hold the money and pay the parts to the 2 parties directly. To me that sounds perfectly regular and i see no reason for the Iraq government to turn down this proposal – but they didnt want it ! I think the Kurds should be allowed to sell their oil – and then i think Iraq will want to change their wiev on the deal offered. The Kurds also need to pay for their war against IS, i do not think Iraq pay them for it! The Kurds is a small population always treated badly by the muslims in Iraq , I do not understand why USA want to treat them badly as well – many greetings Jacob Schonberg , danish citizen

  • desertvoice

    There were three great Crusades. All three were provoked by ISIS at their respective times. All three had one single purpose, the Bin Lade’s dream of establishing a Caliphate! The worst was the 1187 attempt by Saladin, a Kurd, who succeeded in taking Hebron. But Saladin’s caliphate failed, as he was defeated by Richard Lionheart in 1189. The ISIS of today is the fourth attemp to establish the rule of Islam in the world! What I am saying is that, if history is teacher, we are quickly heading to the Crusade Four! But I also say that we must be careful if the Kurdish oil profits aren’t by chance going to the ISIS’s hands!

  • desertvoice

    Yes, while I support a Kurdish state, we must insure that we don’t breed another Saladin … who was a Kurd, and who was the bin Laden from 1187, a one who precipitated a crusade!

  • bibol

    This administration is dumber and dumber. Gave arms to the Iraq’s. Who were supposed to give some to the Kurds. Which they did not. Of course the Other Muslims have them and not the Kurds. The Kurds are mostly Muslim but are decent ones. They see themselves as Kurds first. They help all that do not try to control and kill them

  • darosh

    That one little word OIL has been missing from most reports on our fighting in Iraq, Lybia etc.when it was the main reason we went into these countries. We have managed to leave a bigger mess than before we went in. Thanks to our dopey political leaders

  • G14

    They can get the money but not allowed to pose a significant threat to the free world. Religious purity is a threat to global peace and agents of such will have to be confronted.

  • desertvoice

    There is moral purity and “religious purity”, and they are not the same. Moral purity without love ceases to be moral, but does not kill. Religious purity without love, however, like Islam and Judaism, is an invitation to bloodshed! Love is the determinant of purity that is Divine in its nature. Which means that you are incorrect in assuming that all purity threatens world peace!

  • G14

    I get your function. Moral Purity + Love and then Religious Purity – Love. When I used the term Threat I didn’t indicate the value of the threat. Moral Purity is as much a threat as Religious Purity. If people are punished for taking what doesn’t belong to them, that is not a threat. But if thieves of any type are cleansed from a community, that is a threat. If a woman sleeps with another man she fell in love with, and then she is being stoned to death for pleasing herself and the man she laid with and displeasing the man who claim ownership of her, that is a threat to world peace. But on the scale of 1 to 10, the threat is higher if the executioners of purification begin to spread their culture. If they do so with military force, it become 10.

  • desertvoice

    As a Catholic theologian, I have a different definition of moral than you apparently have, and what other religions have. “Moral,” for Christians, centers on Jesus Christ. All that He would do, is moral. All else is non-Christian. It’s a love that embraces all human beings! For the Jews, moral is the best love they offer to each other, to fellow Jews! All else is “of little import.” For the Muslims, moral is measured with reference to Qur-an and to Muhammad. All else is irrelevant. I could go on and on about our own American definition of morality. My point, however is: only we, Christians, value purity of love as utmost morality!

  • fredq

    “Religious purity without love, however, like Islam and Judaism, is an invitation to bloodshed!”?
    What about the Christian “religious purity”? Less bloodshed? Less savage?

  • desertvoice

    Christianity models itself on Jesus Christ her Founder, and the only paradigm of Pure Love! That is why I have said that we, Christians, value purity of love as utmost morality!

  • ismaiel

    One side love>> it seam to claim the relation between Kurds and US!!! I guess the relation should extend to economical, political and military as well for the benefit of all parties in this sensitive region. security relation alone is useless and short sighted way of thought. Since kurds are A vital sources for democracy and modernization in the region for the future^

  • ismaiel

    If and only if US don’t acted in 2003 in toppling Saddam… then imagine that Iraqi uprised in 2011 as happined in Egypt, Syria and Lybia… SO with Saddam in power>> What could be the fate of Iraqi? I can claim in that case their situation difinitly could be worest than todays Syrian people! for Saddam was more tyrany than Asad! isn’t fair to put the big blame of todays Iraqi dire situation on USA.

  • G14

    Humans are not rigid but there are various functions in humans that determine how morality will work in them. 10 christians will not exhibit the same moral unless the configuration of molecules or compounds or feelings in each of them is the same. To be like Jesus is to have the same configuration internally like him. The only way a perfectly moral world will work is to find an average moral standard which will be compatible to every or most human configurations. One man can’t be a standard for morality, it won’t work and doesn’t work. Morality must be a democracy for it to work and above all it must be as flexible as an electron in an atom.

  • Veritas

    The Kurds are the only stabling factor in Iraq. They deserve to be supported.
    Oil policy should be revised and brought up to date with the current and evolving scenario.

  • Veritas

    Kurdistan has asked the Iraqi government for independence but the Iraqi government does not even respond.
    The Kurds should hold a referendum for independence and the Iraqi government should respect the result

    The Kurds and Israel are the only two stabilizing factors in the ME.

  • Mr. George

    I think If religion did not exist, the world would be peacefull

  • Richard Christiansen

    G14 – IF ISIS got the money, I GUARENTEE they would buy more sophisticated weapons and STILL POSE AN INTERNATIONAL THREAT!
    The Caliphate will not stop in just the section of Syria and Iraq that they occupy now, it will spread much further!
    Look at history, the last Caliphates were huge compared to the measly size they are now!

  • Amit

    All that america government wants is OIL.. where is WMD of Iraq?? This was the basis of Iraq war.. i guess. Bloody american. All you need is just a testing ground for your high teach weapon… Bunkerbuster/ HIgh beam laser/ uranium tipped warheads/clusters/drones… you have show to world you can never be trusted… remember Americans are the only one in this planet to use the Nuke.. and they are only one to create world choas .. look at syria/afganistan/libya/iraq/lebnan.. new world disorder American are creating in name of democracy… in name of WMD.. !

  • Amit

    probably you have not understood what FBI and Cia can do..? they can kill own citizen.. why not they use the chemical weapon to kil the kurds and blame saddam//.?? we dint got any chemical weapon in Iraq?? All it was a baby milk factory .. my friend.. stop watching CNN/american news.. ! boarden your view and horizon.. ! if if you are true .. does its gives american and license to interfere in others affair and killed 1 million and make 10 million homeless.. !! where is now freedom in Iraq?? American killed 1 million Japnese .. who makes you less evil.. or who I am or you to decide on that my friend…! ??

  • Amit

    Dave go and leave in Iraq.. so called violence free election.. Bombing killed 12000 Iraqi that time… !! CIA can do anything on this planned. They can killed kurds and blame Saddam..Its all in their doctrine. And US helped Iraq for the CMD..

    So its the American and CIA who needs to be blamed for Kurds Killing .

    Stop being childish .. 100 are getting killed everyday and you see it as a game.

  • MDDave

    Amit. You need to stop taking drugs. That is all mythology. The Kurds embrace the Americans and the CIA is powerless in this scenario. I read your other posts and you are obviously ignorant. Did you read, the Shiite led Iraqi government REQUESTED air support from the Americans. When those Islamist ANIMALS stop killing innocent people, the Americans will be more than happy to leave.

  • MDDave


  • driss7361

    hahahaha salah eddine a bin laden , you’re really making laugh . so anyone who was able to defeat is a terrorist ; salad eddine el ayoubi never attacked a european country , he freed a muslim religion site jerusalem .

  • driss7361

    crimea did the same yet NATO is considering it illegal , so oil do buy support

  • desertvoice

    I disagree. Saladin, a Sunni, was not unlike al-Bagdhadi in that he wanted to supplant the Fatimid Shia Caliphate in Jersusalem, with a Sunni equivalent! In that he had threatened the Christian holiest sites, naturally incurring the Christian rage, and meeting a stalwart opposition on part of theChristians! The whole civilized world stood up against Saladin in the Crusades! Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub was a colorful character, even courageous. But no one can deny that he espoused in the highest degree the problem we continue to face today: the emergence of the Sunni conflict with the Shia threatening the world!

  • Veritas

    Compare apples to apples to make sense..
    Crimea is part of Ukraine, a sovereign country. The referendum needed the approval of the Ukraine government. This was not obtained. The referendum is not legal.

    Moreover other illegal acts were committed.

  • Veritas

    Iraq is so fragmented. In agreement with the elected Prime Minister, one way to is deal with the Kurds since they are already well organised, and if successful, the other factors may also want to join, thus resulting in a joined-up Iraq.

    Although, even so I am sceptical that the Iraqi factions will ever coalesce. To coalesce a country must operate on the basis of principles. But principles are instilled through culture over decades. In western societies we take principles for granted because they underpin our philosophy, values and attitudes.

    Muslims take their philosophy, values and attitudes from the Quran which presents a very different scenario:

    Muslims are bound by their philosophy as imposed by the Quran and Shaira Law which are prescriptive. This excludes the development of rational argument. The lack of rationality in the way of thinking, is unlikely to lead to national coherence.

    Muslim philosophy focuses on murder not rational argument:
    Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who
    wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

    Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

    There are also contradictions in the philosophy which imply that contradicions are acceptable:
    Quran (9:41) – “Go forth, light-armed and
    heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah! That is best for you if ye but knew. If there had been immediate gain (in sight), and the journey easy, they would (all) without doubt have followed thee, but the distance was long, (and weighed) on them”

    This contradicts the myth that Muslims are to fight only in self-defense, since the wording implies that battle will be waged a long distance from home (in another country).

    There is also confusion in the philosophy, indicating that the muslim way of thinking accepts and uses confusion to advantage:
    The early Quran, when Muhammed had to gain believers, was benign and wise, much of it plagiarized. If it had STAYED that
    way, Islam wouldn’t be a problem in the world today. It didn’t.
    After he had some conquests under his belt, that changed. Thetexts became more vicious, hateful and malevolently violent. When a
    later text contradicts an earlier text, the earlier (more benign) text just
    dies. It no longer applies to a single Muslim.

    Taqiyya gives muslims the freedom to lie to non-muslims, thus instilling a cultural behaviour of lies.
    When their prophet, himself, violated one of the texts in the Quran. The text died. Benign quotes from the Quran are from earlier ones, most of which died before their prophet did. Apparently muslims feel bad about deleting any texts from the Quran, but Muslims know which are which, and conveniently refrain from telling US when they quote dead texts to us. It comes in handy.

    Here’s a familiar one: “there shall be no compulsion in religion.” That IS in the Quran, and is often quoted to us by Muslims, to convince us that forcing conversion by the sword is forbidden.
    IT WAS forbidden. Until Muhammad first converted someone by the sword. Then it died.

    More confusion : Also note that the verses in the Quran are NOT in chronological order. So the benign/dead texts can be found anywhere.

    I cannot see any indications that could lead to mental coherence, strength in a united purposefulness (other than murder), being true to one`s word, …. all the qualities that make a strong united government.

  • G14

    What they do with their money is their problem but if their weapons pose a threat, it will be taken out one way or the other. Before then lets understand who they are not just what they do alone. They are SUNNIS and friends. The press likes to report on war so the good guys and bad guys story is good for the press. If the press get the Sunnis to talk about their purpose, it will be easier to know what their plans are as governments can compare what they say with what they do. Fear is good but uncontrolled fear leads to Bush syndrome.

  • Botan

    The oil that exported through cayhan is a %100 kurdish oil, we as kurds extracting oil from kurdish field and it is not an iraqi field. World should know that we are using oil to renovate what arabs had destroyed through centuries, we did what no Iraqi government couldn’t and can’t do in using the money from exporting oil to build a very fast growing economy. The amount of investment is more than 10 billion dollar per year here in kurdistan. We did so many stratigic projects in just 10 years. Every body who visited kurdistan and Iraq in the ladt few years can feel the difference between both Iraq and Kurdistan. Even to the Iraqi constitution which is so many times violated by Iraqi government we have the right to use the new fields found after 2005. The problem with arabs is they don’t understant or follow any agreement signed by them, they even don’t understant their holy book Quran which is written by arabic language, There is a chapter in Quran saying this. We as kurds are helping Sunni arabs and Shiits, Sunni kurds and Shiites, yazeedis, christians, Shabaks, Sabbis and Kakaiis, while in Iraq the only group that is supported by Iraqi government is Shiites, this is the different between us

  • Botan

    You are completely wrong, we are not thieves. We are exporting the oil we extracted from kurdistan, we don’t want Basra oil. We have our oil in our land. Through centuries our land were stolen by arabs, turks and persian, we cannot accept this, we fought for centuries to let our people live in peace. We got what we deserve, peace. We will not let any one to steal our safe heaven and our oil, no more stealing. Arabs stole the land of jews in Israel and Kurdistan. Israel succeeded in returning back some of his land, we succeeded too. Look at history and you will see that the land of arabs were only in arab island, they invade others land through islamic conquests. In Iraq there was only assyrians, Medes and some others but no arabs. In Egypt there was qyptic, in algeria and tunisia there were only barberian and amazighes, in Syria and lebanon there were assyrians and kanaanian of course no arabs. Then ask yourself who is the thieve?

  • Isaac Nagu

    It appears Edward Shadap lacks understanding of human history and the effort by so few countries like USA, Britain, Australia and others to keep the world safe.
    Hitler came and was stopped, Saddam came and was stopped, Binladem came killed but his ideology is giving the world no peace including Iraq.
    The world ones again is relying on and calling the only super power, USA to help. Note that it is not the choice of USA to go to Iraq now as was during Saddam!
    We need total peace and harmony in a humanly civilized and liveable world. This can only be possible if people like Edward are more positive in thought, belief, utterances and actions towards major helper and protector.

  • Normando782

    Reberd is correct. Many forget that Saddam Hussein was a cruel tyrant who was spending millions to undermine western democracy and support terrorism as well as actively attacking neighbouring countries. He needed to be stopped.

  • Normando782

    I think you have some blinkers on. What you say means that the pedophile priests who embarrassed the Catholic Church are more moral than decent followers of Judaism or Islam. There are many Christians who do not follow a moral way of life.

  • desertvoice

    Thank you for the interesting prospective. I have to disagree because your model rejects God as our Supreme Standard! It is a prospective like yours what made Jews to choose Barabbas over Jesus, the criminal over the Saint … unanimously and to this day. In fact, the Jews, because of a mentality like yours, reject Jesus the Truth to this day! We must have a Moral Standard that is best for all, even though I agree with you that the imitation of Jesus is difficult in this life! But you talk of “changing the Moral Standard,” which is a view that no Christian can share! I suggest that suffering alone approximates us to the Truth!

  • desertvoice

    Again, a thoughtful question. First let me say this: I was devastated when I learned about the pedophilia in the Church to the point that, already in the early 80′, I used my only money which I had for my monthly sustainance, to travel from Poland to the Vatican, to raise the Church’s conscience on this evil! Have you done so? Have any of you given your only house to the Church, for the poor, as I have? I ask this because many people are accusing me of “not doing enough”! How much a single Catholic can do? Now, to answer your question: Vatican II has said numerous times that the Spirit of God also works outside the Catholic Church! Many Jews, or Moslems, lead holy lives far more so, than many Christians! Their tragedy is not immorality, but not believing in their only Savior that will ever be!

  • Robt C

    We should have toppled him when we chased him out of Kuwait. That would have saved us a lot of this current trouble.

  • Edward Shadap

    Tell me wiseguy who cultivated Saddam Hussein in the first place?

  • Edward Shadap

    Wishful thinking!

  • Edward Shadap

    I fully agree with you. They are the most tolerant even more than the current Iraqi government who favour only one sect i.e. the shias.

  • Edward Shadap

    Yes. That will be the step in the right direction and will save a lot of unnecessary suffering of innocent people.

  • Edward Shadap

    USA recognises only governments who benefited them. Just see how they deal with Ukraine crisis.

  • Edward Shadap

    They got the best American weapons and best trained army but still ran away from an inferior enemy!

  • Edward Shadap

    Thank God we still have sane people like you fellows in the middle east! I pity though that the Americans don’t see you that way. They are too much concerned about upsetting the Turks or the Iraqi government and are not bothered that innocents get slaughtered every until recently when Americans also fell victims to the blades of ISIS

  • Robt C

    Ain’t it though…
    And why didn’t we? because we obeyed the wishes of that most useless of organizations, the UN. If Bush one would’ve ignored them and marched into Baghdad, we would have been done with this BS.
    Who know’s, it’s possible the Twin Towers would still be standing, and we wouldn’t be in this mess in Afghanistan, or Iraq.

  • davo

    after being created by USA

  • Edward Shadap

    How do you know if ISIS cells are not already in your country just waiting for orders? Better look inward and start searching for them before it is too late.

  • Guest

    It’s better to look inside your country now and get going with security. Who knows the enemy could have already infiltrated ? These fellows are not exactly dumb/

  • BN

    Answer the question sir.WHO CREATED SADAM?AMERICA IS THE ANSWER.

  • Charles justus jr

    most of you sound anti american. so move!

  • Robt C

    I happen to agree with you. They are not dumb, and they are well prepared. It’s a scary thought.

  • abu jungle

    its better to browse and you will be gaining more knowledge instead of insulting each others religions. what u think? my boss?

  • desertvoice

    Take it easy! We are all brothers under the One God! I am not “bossing” anyone, by sharing my Christian experience! You have a right to believe in your religion, as much as I have the right to believe in mine! I have read the “,” and many articles there are worth reading for the sake of better critical insight, ecumenism, and world peace. Why I do not definitely agree with the premise encapsulated in the title, I recommend the article: “Why U.S. hegemonic ambitions are failing”. The main disagreement is about “who is Jesus.” For, it is “a belowed Prophet”. For us, Christians, He is the Savior of the world, Moslems included, the Son of God!

  • Edward Shadap

    Your Barack Obama is sleeping or playing golf

  • Robt C

    We need to support the Kurds in every way we can.

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