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March 29, 2015

Philips Lighting VP: Light Bulbs Will Become Extinct

Lighting as we know it will be completely revolutionized in coming years, according to an executive at the world’s largest lighting company.

“It won’t be long before lights will be embedded in the fixtures,” John Pouland, vice president of government affairs for Philips Lighting told attendees Thursday at an expo hosted by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute. “You won’t actually go buy a bulb – you will buy a lamp fixture,” he said.

The change will come from advancements in LED lighting, as the price for the elements, which can last 20 years, drops, Pouland said.

“The lights will outlast you,” he said. “It will last as long as the fixture.”

He said the change will have an environmental as well as economic impact. “There’s nothing faster, better and cheaper to get this country to reduce its carbon emissions,” he said.

He predicted that bulbs that are now below $10 will drop to a critical $5 price within three to five years, at which point they will saturate the market.

The Energy Department estimates that solid state technology has the potential to cut energy spent on lighting in half.

  • veteran light bulb maker

    The video at the top of the page is good for telling you how LEDs don’t measure up.The light can be much different and the savings in electric consumption aren’t that much greater than comparable fluorescents and the switch to LED lighting only begins to make sense if the lamps do indeed last the stated 20 year life. Light bulbs of all sorts very often seem to not last their stated life rating, so I’m not sure the masses will weigh a full 20 year life into the equation when doing the math. The next obvious question will be “What do you think are the chances of an even better lighting technology being developed during the next 20 years? There is already one being developed that will make you wish you hadn’t spent so much relamping the building in LEDs. That would be OLED. The OLED lights don’t generate heat like the LEDs do, which require a heat-sink to dissipate the generated heat.and are being blamed for failures with the fixtures from that.heat.

  • Wolfgang Messer

    OLEDs do also generate some heat. I can tell you that as a user of some Lumiblade panels and visitor of some OLED presentations. And OLED will not completely replace LED. It is a supplement technology for wider light surfaces/luminaires whereas LEDs are better for punctual, more focussed lighting.

  • Ann Deez

    The notion that liberty means “freedom from obstacles” is often used by centralized administrators consolidating the power to coerce others.

  • Swindel

    Without the heat of you lamps you have to make more heat from your raditors to heat op your house. So in the end you spend the energie you saved on something else.

  • WarpMind

    Everything will have LED in them, just touch them to turn them on, anywhere and any amount you want.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    I hope not, looking at prices of bulbs already, i can imagine fixtures being even more expensive.
    A lightbulb generally lasts 8 – 12 months in my house. I replace bulbs regularly and i only have like 20 bulbs in total.
    Replaced 3 motherboards in 8 years time. My powersupply is bad.
    Please make lightbulbs stronger so they can deal with a bad powersupply.

  • TסּpBrass IV

    So the bulb will be a thing of the past, and when a bulb burns out I will need to buy a whole new fixture??? That sounds a bit extreme to me… Once they start making these new fixtures, that will be the right time to start hoarding bulbs!!!

  • Erling

    well honestly then you just need to go and get a lot of bulbs they are already on the market as long as they last for 10-15 years that’s OK but if you don’t trust them to make em last that long then go get them bulbs about now

  • Victor

    Without the heat of you lamps you have to use less energie to cool up your house.

  • roker

    Not for developing counties, the old tubes are still better and cheaper and there will still be demands.

  • Freemon Sandlewould

    More with the global warming scam! Get over it. It’s not man made.

  • Dean Skira

    I believe that we should step out of “retrofit” thinking and embrace new forms of lighting instruments designed around new sources available in the market today.
    The future is certainly brighter if we use all the knowledge in scientific research that was accumulated in the past 100 years about the influence of light on humans. Than we should design fixtures according to our needs, using all the benefits new sources are bringing, instead of trying so hard to fit new source in the old housings.

  • Les Blenkhorn

    Another completely worthless article, they kept talking about “bulbs” when they were referring to L.E.D.’s

  • John Mccracken

    I have replaced all my light bulbs with LED bulbs in my house, looking at what I save it is between 2500 to 2000 peso Monthly, when I replaced with the 5 watt LED compared to 8 to 11 and 16 watt lights I am reaping the rewards now so a lot of you are speaking of the top of your hat, I have the proof in my pocket every Month.

  • Hey Jude

    Heat up, cool down.

  • Acta Non Verba

    …but the global warming “scam” is entirely man-made!!!

  • SPDyer

    This is already happening in Japan. We have just moved into a new condominium and bought LED ceiling lights for all the rooms. No bulbs to change. We were also told that the fixtures should last for 20 years or more. One fixture costs from about USD150, so I do hope that the 20 year lifespan proves yo be correct. One good thing is that with the more expensive versions, you have not only a dimmer function but the color of the lighting can also be changed from a natural sunlight orange to fluorescent white.

  • Wizz

    Americans are SOOO behind the times! I already have LED lightbulbs throughout my house. The price has dropped very considerably just during the past year. They are great – compact, bright (as soon as they are switched on) and very economical with electricity. This isn’t the future – they are already here.

  • Wizz

    LEDs are VASTLY SUPERIOR to fluorescents. I have made the change already, and greatly prefer LEDs to the old CFLs. LEDs use just over half as much electricity, are fully bright as soon as they are switched on, and can be switched on and off lots of times without shortening their life. A CFL in my bathroom had to be changed about every six months, because it is switched on and off very frequently (usually on only for a couple of minutes or so). With an LED – no problem! ‘Veteran light bulb maker’ talketh out of his back end.

  • Wizz

    If you have to rely on your lamps to heat your house, I pity you!!! You don’t get much heat from a few lightbulbs.

  • Wizz

    LED light bulbs are available – I have ten of them in my house. I just took out the old bulbs, and replaced them with the LED bulbs. Easy! Also, a very great improvement …

  • Warren Banta

    There goes the fricken Easy Bake Oven!

  • Warren Banta

    Living in Texas here and have switched about 1/3 of the way over. I do not see the need to throw away a perfectly good working CFL just to brag that my house is all LED. It will take another two to four years for all my CFL’s to burn out and eventually be replaced.

  • James Hu

    I think there is a power supply to convert AC to DC and to step down the voltages inside the LED lighting lamp. It may not last so long as it is electronics!
    In addition, is LED light spectrum ok? Is it near daylight white etc? If reading, such thing is important.

  • snappir

    incandescent bulbs always will be the best source of almost Natural light.
    All other lights only cause health issues over time.
    People should not trust this story, it’s full of dirty lies.
    It’s like a new scam with ebola virus, which does not exist.

  • Robert T

    Please change your tin hat before commenting again. It’s off kilter. That or you are really really stupid.

  • Robert T

    Please restrict your comments to things you have a clue about.

    OLEDs are likely 7-10 years before mass commercialization.

    As they are less efficient than LEDs, they MUST produce more heat.

    Standard LEDs are 20x cheaper today …. and getting cheaper.

  • Robert T

    Your tin hat is on wrong.

    There is nothing “natural” about a 2700-3000K hot piece of steel. What an unnatural way to create light.

    There is nothing more dangerous about an LED light than an incan. Actually the LED has no UV, the incan has some.

  • Robert T

    Spectrum can be tuned pretty much as desired.

    Electronics last long enough.

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