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December 18, 2014

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December 15, 2014

Navy Tests Underwater Spy Fish Drone

It’s called Ghostswimmer (or Project Silent Nemo) and it wiggles in the water like a fish.  It is pretty realistic, that Navy spy fish drone. Full story

December 12, 2014

Weekly Recap: Torture Report Times Infinity, Laser Cannon, ISIS

It was a bonkers week in the national security world. We had the Senate Intelligence Committee report on Bush administration-era detention and interrogation practices dominating the news to such a degree that the mammoth “cromnibus” spending bill for the Defense Department and other agencies was overshadowed. Even a video of a real life laser cannon – a laser cannon!!!! – couldn’t steal much of the spotlight. Full story

November 25, 2014

How the Departure of Chuck Hagel Affects the Defense Agenda

On one level, the exit of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel represents a break from what was before. On another level, nothing on the agenda will change, at least not because of his departure. Full story

November 17, 2014

Video: F-35C Lighting II Flight Tests (Night and Day)

As the most expensive weapon system ever (and with its share of foibles), the F-35 program gets an awful lot of scrutiny. Recently, it’s been in the news for some successful tests. Full story

By Tim Starks Posted at 12:31 p.m.

Helicopters, ISR & NSA in the Week Ahead

NHPOL14 189 081814 445x334 Helicopters, ISR & NSA in the Week Ahead

Ayotte on the campaign trail in August. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

It’s a week that’s loaded up in the middle even more than usual, with less happening on Monday and Friday than Washington, D.C.’s well-established tendency toward slow beginnings and sleepy endings.  Full story

November 12, 2014

Retired Admirals to Congress: Don’t Let the Navy Break

170435631 445x296 Retired Admirals to Congress: Dont Let the Navy Break

A picture taken on June 13, 2013 shows the American Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower crossing the Suez canal off the coast of Ismailia port city, east of Cairo. (-/AFP/Getty Images)

[Updated 4:21 p.m.] The Navy is strained to its breaking point, a group of nearly 100 retired Navy admirals and Marine Corps generals wrote in a letter to Congress Wednesday. Full story

By Tim Starks Posted at 3:32 p.m.
Marines, Navy

November 7, 2014

Weekly Recap: Red Senate, Camouflage Ice Cream

ICE CREAM 240x179 Weekly Recap: Red Senate, Camouflage Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Baskin-Robbins’ Facebook page.

It wasn’t a boring one.

  • Election crazy. We went nuts on election coverage and analysis here at Five By Five this week, from the altered state of the security agenda, to the key committee changes, to the reaction in various security/foreign policy spheres, to the new military experience in both the House and Senate.
  • Other parts of the world. Rachel Oswald (@oswaldrachel) had two dispatches for 5×5 about what U.S. diplomats were saying: the U.S. assistant Secretary of State for African affairs (on Zimbabwe) and the U.S. ambassador to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (on Syria). Oh, and on the subject of Syria…
  • Serious coverage elsewhere. The Washington Examiner offered a contrarian point of view about how much impact the elections would have on national security. Away from the election: The Washington Post wrote about changes afoot with the Defense Clandestine Service. The Navy Times had the peculiar tale of the Navy intel chief being forbidden from viewing classified information.
  • Less serious coverage elsewhere. Navy Seal + dog rappelling into an NFL game = delirious reaction. And how does camouflage ice cream sound to you?

November 6, 2014

In House, (As Many As) 16 New Members With Military Backgrounds

AZPOL14 049 080814 445x377 In House, (As Many As) 16 New Members With Military Backgrounds

Ruben Gallego speaks during a fundraiser at the Pizza People Pub in Phoenix on Aug. 8. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Following up on that tally of new senators with military records: Sixteen House incumbents with military backgrounds will depart as of the next Congress, and a nearly identical number of new House members with military backgrounds are set to replace them. Full story

November 5, 2014

Four* New Senators Have Military Backgrounds

IA POL14 093 080814 445x312 Four* New Senators Have Military Backgrounds

Joni Ernst during a campaign stop at the 2014 Iowa State Fair in Des Moines Aug. 8. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

For a while now, Congress has been losing military experience amongst its members. In the Senate, at least, there will be more lawmakers with military backgrounds than before Tuesday. Full story

November 3, 2014

Chemical Weapons, Cybersecurity & Clapper in the Week Ahead

457546394 445x295 Chemical Weapons, Cybersecurity & Clapper in the Week Ahead

President Obama casts a ballot in early voting for the 2014 midterm elections on Oct. 20 in Chicago. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)

Tuesday is election day, and CQ Roll Call is having its Post Election Impact Conference Thursday (check out this link for details and a discount code). Washington, D.C. isn’t standing still for the midterms, though. Full story

October 27, 2014

Navy Birthday, IAEA & John Kerry in the Week Ahead

Sea 005 061412 413x600 Navy Birthday, IAEA & John Kerry in the Week Ahead

John Negroponte in a 2012 file photo. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call)

Iraq, Iran, ISIS — all of those are the subject of events in Washington, D.C., this week, along with the subjects in the headline, Ukraine and much more. Full story

October 22, 2014

Coburn Wastebook: Iron Man Suit, FEMA Golf Courses, Navy Magazines

coburn 067 011414 445x279 Coburn Wastebook: Iron Man Suit, FEMA Golf Courses, Navy Magazines

Sen. Tom Coburn on Jan. 14. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Retiring Sen. Tom Coburn (@tomcoburn) is out with his final edition of his annual Wastebook of government spending, and besides the massages for rabbits and money to watch grass grow, a variety of Defense Department projects and other national security-related programs get the Oklahoma Republican’s sardonic smack. Full story

October 10, 2014

Weekly Recap: Syria Air Strikes, Operation Blue Spoon, Hawk Vs. Drone

This week, we recap the subjects in the headline, plus some Guantanamo, some politics, some cybersecurity, some Iran and more. Full story

Curious Timing on This ‘Close Guantanamo’ Story, No?

493344533 445x296 Curious Timing on This Close Guantanamo Story, No?

Protesters demand the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center on May 23 in New York City. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

[Update at 3:18 p.m.: The White House has issued a denial of its reported plans.]

Writing of President Obama’s consideration of closing the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base detainee facility “by overriding a congressional ban on bringing detainees to the U.S..,” the Wall Street Journal on Friday added that “It would likely provoke a sharp reaction from lawmakers…”

There’s no “likely” about it: It definitely would, and the mere idea already has. And it has thrown red meat to the GOP in an election season when it already had plenty. One wonders why this came out now. Full story

By Tim Starks Posted at 1:02 p.m.
Navy, Terrorism

September 23, 2014

Watch the U.S. Strikes in Syria, Via Pentagon Videos

The Navy and U.S. Central Command have released multiple videos of Monday night’s strikes in Syria, and related footage. As always, the videos only present one side of the conflict, and in the way it chooses to show the military action. All descriptions are via the Pentagon, with some analytical links at the end.

Full story

By Tim Starks Posted at 3:42 p.m.
Navy, War

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