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October 23, 2014

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October 22, 2014

Americans Support ISIS Fight, Just Don’t Think It’s Doing Anything

A majority of Americans polled by the Pew Research Center back the U.S. campaign against ISIS. However, they don’t really think the campaign is working.

The new poll, released Wednesday, finds that a majority of both Democrats and Republicans approve of the campaign — 57 percent in all. Only a third, however, think it’s going well.

The poll also finds that there are real doubts about the goals of the United States and its allies, and that 73 percent of those Americans polled don’t think U.S. allies are doing enough.

The two parties are very split on whether they are worried about the level of U.S. involvement in going after ISIS — 57 percent of Democrats are worried about going overboard, and 63 percent of Republicans are worried that the United States won’t go far enough. In particular, Democrats oppose sending ground troops into Iraq and Syria (66 percent), while Republicans favor it (57 percent). Independents align more closely with Democrats on both counts.


By Tim Starks Posted at 12:48 p.m.
Terrorism, War

October 20, 2014

Video: John Oliver Shreds U.S. Over Afghan Translators on ‘Last Week Tonight’

On HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” Sunday, John Oliver ripped into the backlog of Afghan translators awaiting special U.S. visas. The deadly threats against those translators were the subject of what has become the defining trait of Oliver’s show: a 15-minute plus segment where he lays waste to one particular problem. Full story

October 17, 2014

Weekly Recap: Elections, Interrogations, Revolts

The holiday made it a shorter week at Five By Five, so this weekly recap won’t hit as many highlights as usual — and will spend a little more time on what others were up to. Full story

Five By Five Friday Q&A: Mark Gunzinger, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

mgunzinger 105x147 Five By Five Friday Q&A: Mark Gunzinger, Center for Strategic and Budgetary AssessmentsMark Gunzinger is a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. This week, he co-wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed with another CSBA senior fellow, John Stilton, entitled “The Unserious Air War Against ISIS.” The piece argues that the United States has been too “timorous” in its number of air strikes compared to other campaigns. He answered questions from Five By Five Friday about the piece, and about the campaign against ISIS in general. Full story

October 16, 2014

National Security (and James Foley) Making a Prominent Appearance in GOP Ads

Just a few months ago, the only time national security or foreign policy came up in political ads was in relation to things like the economy — a candidate hyping his role in keeping a military base open, say. Now, the subjects have become a prominent part of the GOP’s midterm ads in their own right. Full story

October 15, 2014

Twitter Reviews of ISIS War Name ‘Inherent Resolve’: Mainly Funny and/or Mean

After weeks of consideration, the name for the Pentagon’s operation against ISIS is now officially “Inherent Resolve,” a moniker that had initially been rejected within the Pentagon for being too “bleh.” Naming wars is a bit of an art, but it seems that most of Twitter — to be sure, often an outlet for snark — isn’t impressed. Consider these highlights from Twitter reviews, and you’re welcome to come up with your own war names in the comments section. Full story

By Tim Starks Posted at 2:59 p.m.
Terrorism, War

Chemical Weapons Might be Another Gift for Militants

The New York Times’ blockbuster story about how U.S. forces discovered chemical weapons in Iraq and suffered injuries due to chemical exposure — unbeknownst to the public — is almost sure to provoke congressional overseers of the armed forces and veterans’ affairs. But the story also contains some worrying information that has implications for future U.S. action against the militant group that calls itself the Islamic State or ISIL.

American troops found thousands of warheads after the 2003 invasion, and a large number remain in Iraq — in easy reach of ISIL, the Times reports. Many of the chemical incidents and discoveries took place around a chemical weapons plant known as the Muthanna State Establishment, which was operational in the 1980s.

“Since June, the compound has been held by the Islamic State, the world’s most radical and violent jihadist group,” the Times reported. “In a letter sent to the United Nations this summer, the Iraqi government said that about 2,500 corroded chemical rockets remained on the grounds, and that Iraqi officials had witnessed intruders looting equipment before militants shut down the surveillance cameras.”

The military contends those weapons are old and pose no threat, but the story notes that Iraqi chemical munitions have a habit of staying dangerous after their expiration dates.

The reporting could prove to be another black mark for the government of Nouri al-Maliki, prime minister until this year, that gave ISIL an advantage. The al-Maliki government was also in charge of maintaining the Iraqi armed forces that collapsed as ISIL advanced.

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October 10, 2014

Weekly Recap: Syria Air Strikes, Operation Blue Spoon, Hawk Vs. Drone

This week, we recap the subjects in the headline, plus some Guantanamo, some politics, some cybersecurity, some Iran and more. Full story

Five By Five Friday Q&A: Dan Perez of America’s Impact

dan perez 240x224 Five By Five Friday Q&A: Dan Perez of Americas Impact

How foreign policy/national security is figuring into the midterm elections is something of a preoccupation around these parts. Dan Perez, executive director of America’s Impact, has his own interest in the matter — he’s part of an organization devoted to increasing the topic’s prominence in the 2014 races, and aiding Democrats on the subject.

This week, America’s Impact joined with several other similarly-minded groups as part of a “6 PAC” event to raise funds for a list of Democratic candidates, featuring Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards (@repdonnaedwards), who is heading up the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “Red to Blue” program. Perez spoke with Five By Five about his group’s goals and how the 2014 elections have evolved with recent world events (and he just might’ve concluded with a less-than-subtle diss of John Bolton [@ambjohnbolton]). Full story

October 8, 2014

Defense Official Spells Out Limits of Airstrikes-Only in Syria

 Defense Official Spells Out Limits of Airstrikes Only in Syria

Derek Chollet, right, at IISS. (Aisha Chowdry, CQ Roll Call)

Air strikes around Kobani, a key Syrian city bordering Turkey, have reportedly failed to push back ISIS, reflecting earlier doubts about their effectiveness. And a Defense official acknowledged the limitations of air strikes Wednesday. Full story

Growing Sentiment That Assad Removal, ISIS Defeat Are Linked

456019162 445x286 Growing Sentiment That Assad Removal, ISIS Defeat Are Linked

A Syrian government military member checks the damage to cars after a mortar shell exploded in Damascus on Sept. 24 (Louai Beshara/AFP/Getty Images)

A new report from a Brookings Institution scholar that links U.S. removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the defeat of ISIS comes one day after a pair of Republican senators made the same connection. And the Turkish prime minister has a thought on that, too. Full story

October 7, 2014

Parsing the Highlights of the Leon Panetta Book

Panetta 02 11152011 445x297 Parsing the Highlights of the Leon Panetta Book

Panetta, at a Senate Armed Services hearing, during his tenure as Secretary of Defense. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ-Roll Call)

Everyone in Washington is slicing and dicing the Leon Panetta book into individual news stories. The former CIA director and Secretary of Defense has given people a lot to work with — from White House confrontations to the exact number of pounds of chains used to weigh down Osama bin Laden’s body. Full story

The Art of (Naming) War

482996433 2 445x296 The Art of (Naming) War

Lobster is waiting to be prepared during Day 1 of the New York Culinary Experience 2014 presented by New York Magazine and the International Culinary Center in April in New York City. (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The New York Culinary Experience)

The United States hasn’t yet named its military operation against ISIS, prompting much speculation about the motive, with an anonymous Defense official telling the Wall Street Journal, “If you name it, you own it. And they don’t want to own it.” A Pentagon spokesman has denied that, explaining instead that the lack of a name has more to do with the evolving nature of the conflict.

There is an art to naming military operations, however. It used to be a somewhat “slapdash affair,” as I once wrote for CQ Weekly ($) –and the low-level operations still have formulaic names like (no kidding) “Operation Busy Lobster.” Full story

October 6, 2014

Bobby Jindal Speech Reviews: ‘Bomb Your Way to Victory’ Vs. ‘Unapologetic American International Leadership’

There was little point in writing about Bobby Jindals (@bobbyjindal) big national security speech Monday right after it happened — it had already been written about plenty before he spoke. A couple of the reactions to the speech, at the American Enterprise Institute? Those are more worthwhile. Full story

By Tim Starks Posted at 4:22 p.m.
Budget, War

Are U.S. Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria Failing?

456737698 445x295 Are U.S. Air Strikes Against ISIS in Syria Failing?

ISIS militants (rear) stand next to an ISIS flag atop a hill in the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane by the Kurds, as seen from the Turkish-Syrian border, with Turkish troops in foreground, in the southeastern town of Suruc, Sanliurfa province, on Oct. 6. (Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images)

Count the ways the U.S. air strikes in Syria might not be working: The intelligence is lacking; there are reports of civilian casualties; and there are claims on the ground that it’s not stopping the advance of ISIS, aka the Islamic State group. Full story

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