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February 28, 2015

No Plans for Canada Invasion, Pentagon Leader Says

Man without a plan: Dempsey testifies during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on March 5. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Man without a plan: Dempsey testifies during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on March 5. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Wednesday’s hearing of the Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee was informative on a great many serious subjects. It also revealed that the United States isn’t prepared to take aggressive action against its looming menace to the north, according to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Dan Coats, R-Ind., was asking about how prepared the military was to act in Iraq. “Based on my previous service in the Senate and some service now, I’m totally aware that the Pentagon has a contingency plan on the shelf for just about every possible scenario, everything from nuclear war to an invasion by Canada, and everything in between,” he said, per the transcript by

Answered Gen. Martin E. Dempsey:

“Let me first assure you we do not have a plan on the shelf for the invasion of Canada. I want to make sure that our Canadian allies, who may be watching…



The Obama administration has previously denied any secret plan to invade Canada, but this is the first public admission that it has no blueprint to be able to do so if needed.

If Dempsey is to be believed — and some Canadians have assumed that the U.S. military has just such a plan on the shelf — he is ignoring military history. The United States found cause to invade Canada in 1775 and 1812, then developed War Plan Red in the 1920s and 30s, which contemplated a potential invasion of Canada. And as recently as 1999, a bloody, near-apocalyptic (fictional) war with Canada broke out.

No word on whether the United States has a plan to defend itself should Canada invade U.S. soil, so there’s no need just yet for American citizens to emotionally brace themselves for a stampede of moose-riding, maple syrup-guzzling Mounties to become our new overlords.

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  • Jack Everett

    lol talk about wing nut nonsense.

    • zornwil

      Tea Party being relevant to this article how? And “wing nut” re this light-hearted article how?

  • Alan

    Well that’s a relief.

  • Frank Oliveri

    One important distinction: Coats spoke of an “invasion BY Canada.” Gen. Dempsey said the US had no plans to invade Canada. They are not the same thing. ;)

    • freetickles

      Which means he totally has an off-the-shelf plan for defending an invasion by Canada. Probably one for a zombie attack, too.

  • Lieutenant Dan

    We have to spy on those crazy bastards, I don’t like their beer and they suck at hockey.

    • Paul Bronfman

      How I lost my fear of Universal Health Care: When I moved to Canada in 2008, I was a die-hard
      conservative Republican. So when I found
      out that we were going to be covered by Canada’s Universal Health Care, I
      was somewhat disgusted. I believed based
      on my politics that government mandated health care was a violation of my

      Fast forward a little past the Canadian births of my third
      and fourth babies. I had better prenatal
      care than I had ever had in the States.
      I started to feel differently about Universal government mandated and
      regulated Health care. When health care
      is universal, doctors are free to recommend and provide the best care for every
      patient instead of basing their care on what each patient can afford.

      I realized how many times my family had avoided hospital care
      in the USA
      because of our lack of coverage.

      • Darth Kenyan

        Stay in Canada, you’re a welfare rat.

        • zornwil

          You’l need to draw the lines of how he or she is necessarily a “welfare rat,” if you’re going to hurl insults at people like that. Or simply disagree instead of resorting to insults.

          • Darth Kenyan

            alternatively, I could just ignore recommendations from fudge-packin Canadians, like you.

      • zornwil

        I didn’t think that the notion of freedom had anything to do with quality of service? I didn’t think the criticism of the ACA or other federal schema was around whether people would be better off; to me, that’s irrelevant.

        That said, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly happy for you!

      • Richard Nixon

        Who the hell cares? That’s unrelated to the comment you’re replying to, attention seeker.

        And I have no problems with the healthcare in the US. It’s your own fault your family lacked coverage. Most jobs supply it.

        • carry a big stick

          Lies !! Most job do not provide health insurance !! How much do you pay for prescription drugs. I pay $2 for each prescription I have filled . How much do you pay ? $100 ? $200 ? You Americans live in a fool’s paradise !!!

          • Tim Dermody

            SEND EM TO CANADA!

          • Ron

            The Canadian health care system does not pay for your drugs unless you are on welfare or in the hospital. Some people may have extra coverage with benefits at work. I am self-employed and have to purchase all my prescriptions with my own hard earned cash.

          • carry a big stick

            Well old sport I pay $2 a prescription . I am a 70 yr. old retired teamster and the Province of Ontario has , like all provinces , a drug plan for those over the age 65. A much better way to spend my tax money than supplying the ZIONAZIS of APARTHEID ISRAEL with weapons to murder innocent people with.

      • JRSCline

        Your high Canadian taxes include your (involuntary) healthcare insurance premiums.

        • carry a big stick

          And your high AMERICAN taxes include the right to die because you can’t afford a doctor !

          • JRSCline

            I don’t have high taxes. I pay 7.5% income tax, thanks to home ownership and a number of other deductions that no Canadian can claim. I also have great health insurance through my employer, like the vast majority of Americans.

            I get that Canadians need something to distinguish themselves from Americans, but don’t fool yourself – there are no freebies from government.

          • carry a big stick

            And what about the 30,000,000 Americans that don’t have employer heath insurance ? What about the 35,000,000 unemployed Americans ? And what about all those Americans who lost everything in 2008 sub-prime meltdown? You are living in a fool’s paradise !!!

          • JRSCline

            No one said it was paradise. Just glad it’s not Canada.

          • carry a big stick

            Not half as glad as I am. In Canada I can get medical care no matter where I am in Canada. And I wont lose my medical insurance , if I have any , when I lose my job. But hey, you have the choice to not have medical insurance . You have the choice to die . And no one will ever take that away from you. Poor stupid YANKEES !!!

          • JRSCline

            Sure, you have the right (no choice whatsoever) to pay high taxes for mediocre service (yes, I’ve used your healthcare myself) with long (occasionally lethal) wait times. Keep patting yourself on the back.

            Your healthcare stops at the border. Mine is worldwide.

          • carry a big stick

            and if a Canadian wants to they can buy health insurance for travelers, good wold wide . Oh and what happens when you lose your job ? No more health care. But hey , you still have the right to die , eh!!

          • JRSCline

            Once again, Canadians are paying for something that’s always touted as “free” and “universal.” Do you like being lied to and overcharged?

            If I lose my job and become truly indigent, there’s Medicare and Medicaid. But since I’m responsible, there’s very little chance of needing either.

            Perhaps Canada should spend more on education, since you can’t write correctly.

          • carry a big stick

            Well first off , everyone in Canada know that our medicare is not free. We pay for it. But it is universal. any Canadian gets medical care when he or she needs it. And tell me , how many AMERICANS lose their homes or declare bankruptcy every year because they had an accident . How many AMERICANS can not get any medical care. You VA hospitals are overflowing and can not take any more patients . You may have fine hospitals but people are turned away every hour of the day because they have no medical coverage. Tell your lies to someone who believes them , not to me. And as long as you YANKEES keep dying because you can’t get medical care you greedy people are happy. I prefer to live in a country that cares for it people. Not the USA , eh.

          • JRSCline

            You do realize that, legally, people who are unable to pay CANNOT be turned away from an ER? Oh well, why bother with facts when your head is filled with bigoted hatred of “Yankees”?

            To most Americans, Canada is but ‘a few acres of snow’ and some miserable, jealous people huddled along a very long border. You’re one.

            All the envy and spite are all the more amusing, given that we don’t really care what you think. So keep feeling superior, and we’ll keep ignoring you.

          • carry a big stick

            I sense a lot of anger and bitterness in your post . Maybe you should talk to someone and get help. Here in Canada we do not get turned away from a Emergency Room . Americans on the other hand have to prove they can pay before they are treated. Your envy of our health care system is well known and understandable. That may be the source of your anger.

          • JRSCline

            LOL, hey, aren’t you the one foaming at the mouth and ranting about “AMERICANS” and “YANKEES” and how selfish, stupid, etc we are?

            I’ve got no problem with Canadians – I married one – but the Canadian national identity complex often results in ugly bigotry by Canadians toward Americans, and I never miss an opportunity to troll it.

            No one can be turned away from a US emergency room for indigence, and that includes Canadians. I, however – the visiting Yank – had to produce financial evidence that I could pay cash before I was treated at a Canadian ER in Ottawa.

            When I was to give birth to our first child, my husband wanted it to happen in Canada, but the hospital quoted me, the foreigner, a price of $8000-$25,000 (“depending on your complications, if any”) which didn’t include a further 25% surcharge for the privilege of paying in cash to deliver a Canadian baby.

            A Canadian relative by marriage had – past tense – a wife whose cancer biopsy didn’t take place until 3 months had passed, and by then, she was stage 4 and was given weeks to live. They had a young baby, and that baby is motherless now because of the wait time for cancer care in Canada.

            You’d be surprised how few Americans actually envy anything about Canada, including your non-universal, non-free healthcare. I guess I do envy having Tim Horton’s on every corner, but that’s about it.

          • T.S. Stamp

            better look again….as of July 1 2014 a new federal mandate states that “unless life threating” you must provide proof of health insurance or pay 40% up front before being seen by ER staff. I work in the admitting dept of a large hospital and we just finished a class on this.

          • JRSCline


          • Scrupuless

            Funny because, my grandfather almost died in Phoenix for the same reason. Left my grandmother scrambling back to their hotel so she could get their credit card, even though they had the travelers insurance policy with them at the hospital. They refused to treat him until she produced a valid credit card. What a great system.

          • JRSCline

            I suppose he needed to look more Mexican.

          • Ron

            There are some major problems with our health care and I agree it can be bad. The conservative government is turning Canada Republican. I feel for the family with the cancer problem and it happens often.

            A lot of people actually go to the States if they can afford it and pay cash. Occasionally the Canadian government will pay for it if the medical service isn’t available here.

            If one spouse is Canadian the delivery should be free, but it is not. That is very wrong as well.

            One good part is my broken arm a few years ago did not cost me a dime. Also my father had a heart attack and his bill for the heart operation was a big fat 0 as well.

            The Canadian health care system is not perfect, I personally have never had a bad experience with it, but I am aware of problems.

            I love Canada and will always live here. I love going to the States and I like the people, there is no difference to me with the people.

          • JRSCline

            You’re much too reasonable to be posting online. :-)

          • RAEMSBrian

            …gives all posters a bad name…must be new here.

          • Victor

            Hey “carry a big stick” – did you know that the American who coined the phrase from which you stole your name meant that if you had a big stick you didn’t need to say very much?

          • Scrupuless

            That’s okay the less your hawkish, spiteful, and murderous government and people think about us the better. You can keep your society, with its ghetto’s, guns, and drugs. I prefer talking care of my fellow man, I don’t mind paying for that privileged. Don’t get it twisted the health care in Canada is far superior for the average citizen then yours is. Corporations run your government, and at this point there is nothing you can do about it. How many wars and how many dollars of your tax payers money have spent on war in the last two decades? I venture more then our health care system and military combined has cost us in total since it’s existence. Land of the brave, ha, more like land of the cowardly drone aircraft operators who fire bomb women and children and wonder why the world hates you. Yes that right it is a very common sentiment outside of america, some the nicest, kindest, intelligent and most giving people I know, detest america.

          • JRSCline

            Thank for the texbook example of Canadian bigotry toward Americans. People who hate other people are not nice, nor kind, nor giving, and certainly not intelligent.

          • LouiseShah

            Niiiice. I always get a kick outta people that use American inventions (the internet, websites, computers) to bash Americans. You’re only too happy to use them, but never rub two gray cells together (assuming you have two) to consider that it was American genius that gave them to the world.

            And I guess you haven’t heard about the gang violence in Toronto and Winnipeg or the drug culture in the lower east side of Vancouver.

          • LouiseShah

            There’s that “huddled along the border” crap again.

            The population is huddled along the places where there is arable land and navigable rivers. The country was settled in the 1800s, and earlier, after all, when rivers or horse and ox drawn carts were the only means of transportation.

            North of that is solid bedrock. Did you know there is a community in northern Manitoba in which the sewage system is above ground? It’s name is Flin Flon. Check it out.The whole town is built on bedrock. No basements, either.

   (Scroll down.)

            “Flin Flon is the only city in the world to locate their sewage lines above ground. This is necessary in some areas of the city because of the masses of near- impenetrable bedrock.

          • JRSCline

            Thanks for the geology lesson. Are you down to blaming granite for Canada’s identity issues? It’s called the ‘Canadian’ Shield – isn’t that good enough? ;-)

          • LouiseShah

            It’s also, and more correctly, called called the pre-cambrian shield. There’s even a part of it in Michigan.

          • JRSCline

            Still huddled along the border, though – regardless of nomenclatural hangups. Hehe.

          • Robin Banks

            It’s actually the Canadian Shield and is composed of Pre-Cambrian rocks. Does kinda rhyme though so I can understand your confusion. You are correct that it extends into the northern states.

          • LouiseShah

            I’m not confused, darlin’. It is in Canada and that’s what we call it.

          • LouiseShah

            LOL!! I am Canadian and I can tell you we hardly ever refer to it as the Canadian Shield. We call it either the Shield or, more commonly, the Pre-Cambrian Shield. There is no confusion, except perhaps in your mind.

          • Robin Banks

            Thanks for the clarification. I’ll pass it on to my geology professors and they can have all the texts changed to agree with your local colloquialisms.

            Should probably straighten Wiki out too.

            From Wikipedia,
            the free encyclopedia

            The Canadian Shield,
            also called the Laurentian Plateau, or Bouclier Canadien(French), is a large area of exposed Precambrianigneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks (geologicalshield) that forms the ancient geological core of the North American
            continent (North American or Laurentia craton), coveredby a thin layer of soil.[3] It is an area mostly
            composed of igneous rock which relates to its long volcanic history…

          • Tim Dermody

            SEND EM TO CANADA!

          • Tim Dermody

            But on the other hand, ever Canadian I’ve ever met complains about how their gas by the litre cost what we pay a gallon, then brags about how they get free health care.

          • jafo

            Taxes in Canada are higher than the taxes in the USA for a reason, haha. You’re paying for your so called free health car, Canuck hahaha.

          • jafo

            You’re a Canuck. You can’t even finish an argument. Maybe you can find a Brit to finish your argument for you, lol.

          • Matureguy

            Wrong our health care is world wide. Seems you managed to survive using our health care. So yes we will keep patting our selves on the back.

          • JRSCline

            No, it isn’t. Have you even been overseas? Canadian travelers routinely purchase supplemental travel health insurance, and for what reason?

            Your healthcare, as I’ve related further down, is acceptable and that’s all. It’s certainly not free, it’s not universal (in fact every province runs it differently – Quebec’s is nicer than most because they get excessive transfer payments from the Anglo provinces), and it’s very hard to access specialty care quickly.

            Keep bragging, but those of us with few on both sides of the border know better.

          • Robin Banks

            Hey now, don’t go lumping Canada in with Quebec.

          • Why do I bother.

            Not strictly true. Canadian Health care is a Provincial responsibility. 9 different plans fund varying degrees of treatments outside the borders. Most Canadians buy medical Insurance as part of their vacation budgets

          • jafo

            I’m glad that you like your socialized med. You’re a copy of the UK, nothing more, nothing less. I’m glad I don’t live in your poor weather, haha. I’m happy in Florida with my HMO insurance plan, haha. Canada is nothing but a British ruled country.

          • Tim Dermody


          • Matureguy

            We don’t have to distinguish ourselves from Americans. When we become egotistical, loud mouthed, bigoted individuals then perhaps maybe. Hey the American Empire is crumbling. Look around.

          • JRSCline

            As far as I can see, it’s the Canadians doing most of the insulting. How’s that working out for you?

            Psst – your own housing bubble’s about to burst!

          • tehOmni

            At least we have an empire, while you have coattails to ride on — along with less international political relevancy than the Swiss. Why does 90% of Canada live next to the US border, I forgot?

          • Ron

            That is easy to answer. Because it is warmer, mostly. Also remember 30% of Canada’s population lives in the Golden Horseshoe area.

          • LouiseShah

            Or you never knew in the first place.

          • Dan Summers

            Well that is where much of the farmable land is. Also it is warmer closer to the US, we might be used to cold temperatures does not mean we like them. Also being the US is Canada’s largest trading partner…makes snese to have multiple routes to trade through.

            You are right the US has an empire…and as we can see happening today as it has happned ot every empire in history…they fall. Canada was part of the British Empire.

            Tell us again why Europeans respect and like Canadians mroe then Americans again? Why do American pretend to be Canadain when travelling abroad? I’ve lost count to how many American soliders have died in wars of aggression, how many have died again?

          • tehOmni

            In terms of Europe perhaps it is because Canada better reflects the annealed tendency in human nature to pass ambiance and cowardice off as virtue? Hopefully when the next Slovadon Milosevich emerges, Europe bemoans the greatly “respected” Canada for military aid.

            Why would an American try and pass as Canadian? When one is in the aesthetic sphere of endless approximation, like Kierkegaard’s aesthete never rocks the boat, the Canadian archetype can be useful no doubt; though on the other hand, I have never known an American to try and pass as Canadian, most American are overtly proud of their identity.

            At least England finally removed your shackles about 150 years late, depending on how you look at it, eh?

          • JRSCline

            There’s a one-way mirror running along the US-Canadian border.

            Americans, sitting on the reflected side, look at it and see only their own image.

            Canadians, on the viewing side, look through it and see only Americans taking no notice of them.

            How infuriating that must be for you – especially knowing that as our economy goes, so goes yours, for good or ill. It’s a shame that your experience in the States couldn’t cure your negativity.

            I came to Canada prepared to love its people, and left in disgust at the pure passive-aggressive venom that Canadians spew on all things United Statesian. Your banal calumnies are nothing very original, nor particularly insulting, considering the petty vein of nationalism-by-comparison that they spring from.

            Like it or not, you’re stuck with us, so deal.

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Well, I don’t know about the VAST majority of Americans.

          • JRSCline

            What, Obamacare didn’t extend coverage for elves?

          • popsiq

            Maybe if you were taxed more, your government wouldn’t owe almost a quadrillion smackeroos.

          • Why do I bother.

            Doesn’t it bother you that your Insurance actually costs your employer more than twice as much? That money would be available for other things, like a raise, and investment. For the life of me, I cannot understand why a basic American General Practitioner makes more money than the average Nobel Laureate in Physics. Value for money anyone?

        • Joe Almeida

          Cancer, disease, premature births, and debilitating accidents are involuntary things that happen to human beings too. As a country, we decided to pool our resources to treat everyone. Yes, there are involuntary premiums through tax revenue, but the Canadian economy gets benefits as a result, from having a more mobile workforce and better re-balancing of skilled workers, to a lower manufacturing cost for vehicles. In the US, you pay an involuntary premium of $500 per US built car purchased for the health coverage of US autoworkers that is covered in the Canadian system.

          • JRSCline

            Having car-shopped in both countries, I can tell you that it’d be a bargain to pay a $500 healthcare benefit to the UAW, versus paying $5000 more for that same vehicle simply because it’s sitting on a car lot in Canada.

            There’s a reason Canadian auto dealers have always lobbied hard to discourage Canadian consumers from importing U.S. vehicles from U.S. dealers who charge far less. Dealers in Canada can’t compete on a level field with U.S. dealers.

            Why? And what better value, exactly, are Canadian car buyers getting at Canadian dealers?

            Well, maybe that $5000 extra is going back to the CRA for taxes that – voila! – cover healthcare or some other “pooled” benefit. Have fun with that.

          • Joe Almeida

            That $500 represents a manufacturing cost seen by the dealer – which ultimately affects the US ability to export worldwide, and that is the kind of premium seen on all sorts of high end US products where workers have company insurance. This is why many US manufacturers were asking for universal health insurance. Yes, in Canada, there are a whole slew of products that are taxed at higher rates than one would find in the US. And as you mentioned, the US already has a competitive tax system – yet somehow that advantage has not managed to balance the federal budget, has a large number of cities declaring bankruptcy, and finds itself having to bankroll the budget difference with money from a geopolitical rival – China. Don’t get me wrong, incompetent spending happens on both sides of the border, but if there is an absolute, and visceral cultural reaction to paying any tax to government to deliver any service its been asked to deliver, then no one should be surprised at the fiscal situation the US finds itself in. If you believe that your only concern should be what comes out of your pocket, then do not be surprised that the price being paid is the well-being of your neighbour, and ultimately you – because your neighbour is being forced to do the same thing – care only about the price paid.

          • JRSCline

            I hate to break it to you, but if Canada was obliged by treaty and economic interest to spend a huge proportion on defense of its trading partners and ersetwhile allies, you’d be going broke too.

            Canada and our other allies can afford to go cheap on defense spending precisely because Uncle Sugar is holding one heck of a huge military umbrella over you.

            The NORAD/NATO umbrella frees up a massive portion of Canada’s GDP to go not towards defense, but to generous state-sponsored entitlements – which still remain very expensive in small economies, ergo the high taxes levied by social welfare states.

            Unless you want to start paying a proportional sum for your own defense (did you know Canada’s navy consists of 14 capital ships, none bigger than a destroyer?) and those long, remote borders of yours, I’d suggest you take a more charitable look at Trudeau’s proverbial elephant to the south.

            Eventually we won’t be able to afford to hold up that defense umbrella, and as it slips, you’ll either pay more to arm yourselves properly, or you’ll have to roll the dice on the continuing beneficience of Russia and China.

          • Joe Almeida

            I’m so glad you brought up defense spending because it underlines a number of points. First of all, anything that Uncle Sam does, its doesn’t do out of the goodness of its heart, so spending trillions of dollars on weapons are not done so that Canada does not have to, but rather to advance other aims of import to US government interests and the unelected people who lobby it. Second, an amazing US President by the name of Dwight Eisenhower only managed to spend money on US infrastructure such as a highway system, and money for schools when he referred to the spending bills to things as the “National Defense Education Act” – which I may add really helped to fuel the postwar boom. Unfortunately, your current crop of politicians aren’t so skilled and buy into the paranoia to the point of absurdity. Ike was purposely trying to have the US transition into a peacetime economy from a wartime economy, and he managed to do so by spinning the fear on its head to invest in infrastructure and education. Third, the masses of money spent on advanced weapons did not deter Russia from biting off parts of Ukraine, prevent Assad from holding onto power, prevent ISIS from rearing its ugly head in Iraq, or from the Chinese to cause worry for its neighbours. It was a Tunisian fruit peddler who set himself on fire that gave grief to the Arab dictators. Many times, the forces of history are bigger than any military. Military spending can only deliver so much. Sometimes, you just have to let things happen. Fourth – Post 9/11, had Bush to take the same trillions of dollars and decided to shift energy consumption away from fossil fuel as little as possible – Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, and Iraq would be broke along with the government funded terrorists, the geopolitics of the Middle East would reach a new non-importance, China from a competitive stance would have no choice but to pivot energy consumption the same way, the US economy would have been pumping out more non-fossil fuel driven products than any other country in the world, and US Government would have been in the black for a long time. Yes, cut your defense spending, pay your bills, invest in your people, change the economic conditions on the ground, and everyone one will be better off. Spending money on the military is more of the same, and what the world has now ain’t too good. Fifth, I am all for Canada spending money on the military – from footing the entire bill for a Canada wide phased radar array under our total control, to developing our own fighter aircraft (which we used to do and can do again), to having a rational navy that’s nimble, fast, and bristling with surface to surface and surface to air missiles. I’d even go so far as paying extra taxes to maintain a small fleet of nuclear subs complete with nuclear deterrent so that neither Uncle Putin, nor Uncle Sam can afford to have foolish and greedy designs on our North. Rational defense spending would be a boon to our manufacturing sectors, provide a way of holding onto our brain power, and be a more vigorous and listened to member in NATO/NORAD. When that happens, maybe the good general will finally develop plans to invade Canada, but alas, he’ll need to check with his Chinese investors before hand. If not, he’ll have to fund the Canadian invasion with Kickstarter.

          • JRSCline

            What an essay! I don’t have time to do it justice with an equally long one – but I’m glad to hear you’re prepared to render even higher taxes to defend your ‘home and native land.’

            The time is coming when Canada will be obliged to bring the CF to a credible level, whether Canadians wish to pay that huge bill or not. You at least will be content – other Canadians will no doubt be less so, as much of Ottawa’s largesse is sharply diverted to defense.

            You personally may not have asked for or wanted Uncle Sam’s defense umbrella these last several decades, but you have the benefit of it nevertheless. That is the point.

            So enjoy it while you may, and the present economic advantages that come with delaying the sizable military investment required to defend Canada and her erstwhile allies in a multipolar world.

            As for an invasion of Canada, that’s laughable, but hey, planners are planning – everywhere, not just here. (China and Russia are planning, count on it.) I imagine Canada will petition to join the U.S. eventually, in some fashion, if only to share the cost of maintaining infrastructure, the common defense, and achieving a more globally-competitive North American economy.

            Whether the U.S. government would accept partition is another matter. Canadian infrastructure is appallingly expensive, given the sheer size of Canada and how thinly-populated most of the country is. Your tax base can hardly support your true needs, if proper defense spending is factored in. But Canada would come with ready resources, and in a period of climate warming, that fact could tip American minds in favor of unification.

            At this point, however, the thought of adding 30 million Democratic voters is why unification won’t happen until it absolutely must. Sorry, Canada – it’s not you, it’s us. :-)

            And then there’s Quebec… and who wants the socio-cultural drama that accompanies a bloc of 7 million overly-entitled Francophones?

        • Why do I bother.

          ROFL, yet in the USA, you actually pay more for Social Security, which covers a fraction of your population than Canadians pay for universal coverage. Go figure, eh? Seems you aren’t getting very good value for your money.

          • JRSCline

            Unless you’re a snowbird, you might not be overly familiar with oranges. Tip: they’re different from apples.

        • Dan Summers

          $82000 is the magic number. If you make less then $82k/year and own a home you will pay less Tax in the US then Canada. Make more then that you will pay more then an equivalent Canadian. All due to being able to claim part fo your mortgage against your taxes in the US.

          Those “involuntary” healthcare premiums are something Canadains have no problem paying by the way. We are happy to do it. We spend less per person on healthcare with better results then Americans(About 1/2 or less).

      • Sarge@Large

        How good would your Universal Health Care be if you had Mexico on your southern border instead of the United States? Hmmmm? {Crickets chirping… Loon calling in the distance}

        • carry a big stick

          Since you Yankees use to come across the border to get `free`medical I don`t see any difference between the USA and MEXICO. Luckily CANADA changed the way we deal with medicare and it is now next to impossible for YANKEES to cheat OUR system !! What are your thoughts on that?
          (crickets chirping ….complete silence from loud mouth YANKEE bigot )

          • Tim Dermody

            Maybe we should ship all these children coming across the boarder right up north. You can tell them all why they aren’t covered. Then the world can truly see how barbaric those Canadians are. SEND ‘EM TO CANADA! SEND ‘EM TO CANADA!

          • RAEMSBrian

            Good idea…and maybe we should help you spell border, unless you wish to have all those children trample the person paying you rent (ie:boarder).

          • Sorcha The Dark Eyed Elf

            Well, first of all, you are a YANK too. Second of all, I guarantee you, had you had Mexico on your border, it would have been far worse.

          • popsiq

            Blame Mexico

          • jafo

            Canada is ruled by the Queen. Hence, she has dissolved your parliament 3 times in the past 8 years. She’s even on your money and she has to declare war for Canada. You’re not even a real country. You’re just a country on training wheels. Here in America, we like to call Canada: Northern Michigan. The Canadian Gov General appointed by the Queen rules Canada. And she rules your parliament as well.
            Canada is pathetic!! You never fought the British for your freedom. Atleast we did. Enjoy your Queen, lol. My gosh this is 2014 and you still have a Queen? hahaha. Grow up Canada…

          • jafo

            At least we fought the Brits for our freedom. I’m sorry, but having a Queen on your money isn’t freedom, Canuck, hahahahahaha

          • msa

            …and what would you do without the US to provide for your national defense?

            I joke a lot with my Canadian friends, but let us not ignore shared geography and heritage here.

            In part, you can afford that social safety net because the US is providing for our common strategic defense.

            We’re all on the same team, here.

          • David Hyatt

            That’s a myth that Americans use to flatter themselves. Who exactly are Americans defending Canada from? Could you list all those enemies (that our military is not already able to defend us from?). And you haven’t noticed that the entire developed world has some form of universal health care AND an army? No one needs to defend Canada anymore than someone needs to defend Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Portugal or Greece. In fact, the only enemies that could conceivably attack Canada would only do so to get at the US…..So, you’re not defending CANADA – you’re only defending yourselves.

          • jafo

            Canada is ruled by the Queen. Hence, she has dissolved your parliament 3 times in the past 8 years. She’s even on your money and she has to declare war for Canada. You’re not even a real country. You’re just a country on training wheels. Here in America, we like to call Canada: Northern Michigan. The Canadian Gov General appointed by the Queen rules Canada. And she rules your parliament as well.
            Canada is pathetic!! You never fought the British for your freedom. Atleast we did. Enjoy your Queen, lol. My gosh this is 2014 and you still have a Queen? hahaha. Grow up Canada.

          • bstacy

            I would rather have the symbolic representative of a ‘Queen’ on my money and be brothers with a dozen friendly commonwealth countries than have the corrupted back stabbing politics you embrace eagerly.

        • Matureguy

          Hey we take your draft dodgers, deserters and other riff raff gang bangers so we get enough from you .Our taxes may be a wee bit higher than yours but I don’t have to sell my house to get medical care. The land of the free. Not.

      • jafo

        We’re glad you left. One last idi0t to worry about.

      • jafo

        Enjoy your Queen and socialized meds, haha.

        • Dan Summers

          And we do.

  • Paul Bronfman

    Wake up Canada

    In October of 2006, an American journalist visiting up north
    noticed something was not right in Canada. He had been making the trip every year, but
    this time there was a marked difference.

    Something he was all too familiar with in the United States.
    Corporate-paid for, visceral politics.


    • Paul Bronfman

      As an American journalist visiting my wife’s relatives in
      Canada, I’ve always been struck by how ardently the country’s political
      discourse focused on substance — the budget, health care, schools, roads — with
      little of the cheap theatrics and angry divisiveness of U.S. politics and
      punditry. Reading and listening to the Canadian news
      media during those family trips could be a tad boring, but it also was
      touching, like remembering your earnest grade-school civics teacher lecturing
      about the wonders of the American democratic process.

      But in my visit this past summer, I noticed the tone of Canada
      suddenly had changed. There was a nastier edge to the commentary.

      There were not-so-subtle appeals to racism and xenophobia,
      references to Muslim neighbourhoods in Quebec
      as “Quebecistan” and to Lebanese-Canadians as “Hezbocrats,” a play on the
      Muslim group Hezbollah.

      To someone who has covered U.S. politics for three decades,
      there was a shock of recognition. Standing out starkly against the bland
      traditions of Canadian governance was the pugnacious ‘tude of American
      political combat, wedge issues pounded in with a zeal that put the goal of
      winning and holding power over everything else.

      (An American journalist’s view of Harper, By Richard
      Fricker, October 18, 2006)

      And he knew the cause:

      For inspiration in building a new brand of Canadian
      conservatism, Harper looked to Washington,
      where Rep. Newt Gingrich, R-Georgia, was promoting a combative style designed
      to shatter the longtime Democratic grip on the U.S. House of Representatives.

      What Fricker didn’t know though, was that Newt Gingrich
      actually took his inspiration from Preston Manning and Steve Harper during
      their Reform Party days. We exported

    • Richard Nixon

      “Corporate-paid for, visceral politics.” – What nonsense.

      • NadineLumley

        What’s really ironic is that this crackpot (paul bronfman) has hijacked the name of a Canadian media mogul that comes from one of the richest families in the country.

    • LouiseShah

      You reference is to Canada what Daily Kos is to the USA. Good for a laugh, but that’s about all.

  • BillStewart2012

    Obligatory South Park Reference – Blame Canada!

    And yes, the US did invade them in 1812, and our public-school history lessons generally forget to remind us that we were soundly defeated.

    • Todd McDonald

      And yet we weren’t defeated. The concensus among historians was that the war was a draw and that there were no losers, except the Indians. And no winners.

      • BillStewart2012

        The war as a whole was between Britain and France; the US part was just a side-show battleground for the superpowers.

        But the US army that invaded Canada got sent packing, even if the country as a whole didn’t.

        • Todd McDonald

          Not our finest hour, but not a disaster either. Iirc, we got Britain to stop impressing our seamen. That was a major American goal and one of the reasons the war is considered a draw.

          • David Hyatt

            The war did not achieve the stopping of the impressment of American sailors. The Order in Council to the British navy giving them authorization to do that was rescinded two weeks before the declaration of war.

        • TRS

          Actually, the 1812 war was between Napoleon and Russia. The war between Britain and France was a side show and the one in Canada was a side show of a side show.

      • Robin Banks

        I think you meant to say Aboriginal, First Nations, Native Canadians.

        • Todd McDonald

          You left out Redskins, hippy.

          I said what I meant.

          • Robin Banks

            I think you meant to say “hippie”.

  • George Alfano

    A Canadian team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup in 21 years. What, Me Worry?

    • Tom Hanna

      George, you are right, it was won by 15 Canadians, 7 Americans, 4 Swedes, 3 Germans and a Russian!

      • zornwil

        Across 21 years? Wow, that’s very few people who did all that, I had no idea! :D (Just a joke, I know what you meant.)

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    • Jack Everett


  • Smith_90125

    The US is the sort of thieving and murderous country that would invade and kill people to steal resources for its own benefit (re: Iraq, Afghanistan, at least eight Latin American countries, etc.). It’s not a stretch to believe the US would invade and kill Canadians in order to steal oil, food and water, especially now that countries are talking about “food security”.

    • Richard Nixon

      You’re an idiot. There is little resources in Afghanistan to “steal”. And in Iraq the oil was BOUGHT from the Iraqi government (not the Baathist one). The US is the one that airdropped water and food in Afghanistan to the starving population. And brought educational supplies to the women of that country. The only country to utilize the resources in Afghanistan in terms of oil (Afghanistan isn’t even in the top 10 countries for oil imports by the US) is China. SO HOW ABOUT YOU DO RESEARCH INSTEAD OF THROWING OUT STUPID CLAIMS. Canada is the one currently trying to give us its oil, by building a pipeline that WE DON’T WANT. We have our sources of resources, you ignorant twit. And the only Latin American country with enough oil is Venezuela and the US hasn’t invaded them. You idiot, stop making up lies in order to try to convince people you’re not as stupid as you really are. The US is ranked as the most generous country on earth. It isn’t thieving or murderous, you tool. Jealous much?

      • erick

        Afghanistan has critical resources for the financial elites. Afghanistan has historically been the major producer of opium dating back to the British empires “sending a gun boat up the Yangtze” river in order to pursue the drug trade. Now the financial banks need the laundered drug money for needed financial liquidity. Selling drugs to your kids in school is what keeps the financial banks operating. That is why the CIA was given the task of overthrowing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan–to restore the drug trade for the benefit if the financial banks.

        • Rajat Valmiki

          Afghanistan has huge Uranium ore deposits.

      • carry a big stick

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my what a joke . America is a gang of thieves and bullies . Ask the people of Iraq or Afghanistan or any other country that the YANKEES invaded just how generous you YANKEES are !!

      • greg

        Canada doesn’t have to “try to give” its oil to the US…it is already the US number 1 supplier of oil. The US didn’t go to Afghanistan to control the oil it went there to control the heroin as 90% comes through the Khyber pass. The average American is hated in most countries of the world because they think money buys love. Most despise your money and would love the opportunity to rob you and make you crawl. That alone is why being Canadian is much more preferred. And why many Americans pose as Canadians when abroad.

      • carry a big stick

        Bullshit. There are minerals , at last count $1,000,000,000,000 in proven gold and lithium deposits in Afghanistan. And there are OIL and GAS reserves worth at least that much.

    • Soxtory

      We have spoken before about you not taking your medications!

    • aaron1313

      Why bother with an invasion?US companies own everything worth owning in Canada anyway.

  • Richard Nixon
  • Robert Bianchi

    “moose riding, maple syrup guzzling Mounties…”…This is in poor taste. Let’s just insult the US closest ally and number one trading partner for no reason.

    • kenny

      You can say anything about the Toronto Maple Leafs. They are the joke of Canada

      • Robert Bianchi

        Kenny, the Leafs are fair game…I’m authorizing you to make any negative comments you want to make against them…Now the Winnipeg Jets- no way. Chevy and Paul Maurice are building them into being a contender. It’ll be awhile but they are fun to watch.

        • Scrupuless

          The same Paul Maurice who was head coach for some of the worst leafs teams on record? That one?

          • Robert Bianchi

            Yeah that one…seems to have learned some things from the TO and other experiences.

      • carry a big stick

        You’re right. I call them the Toronto MAKE ME LAUGHS !!

        • Jake Ayney

          the toronto makebeliefs wouldve been funnier….

    • GreginNJ

      It was a joke.

      • Robert Bianchi

        I get that. That’s the point.

        In my humble opinion, it’s a bad one.

        • bstacy

          Kind of similar how a Cincinnati reporter got canned for calling Canadians the dreaded derogatory ‘Canuck’ – I call me that all the time, about as harsh as Yankee.

    • LanceSmith

      Oh please…this hypersensitivity is truly getting ridiculous.

      People need to learn the meaning of intent. There is no ill-intent.

      Grow a sense of humor.

    • Emmanuel Bahinting Anajao

      Zionist Israel, you mean?

    • jack

      These fools are practicing their vile for the up coming November election.

    • rattyxv

      Actually the comment is rather funny in a SNL sort of way. Plus it encourages replies in a similar vein.

  • kenny

    We have the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world and the largest amount of fresh water in the world

    • Why do I bother.

      Yeah, and my daddy is bigger than your daddy.

  • Peter Smythe

    This is a serious issue. Invading Canada without a plan is likely to result in unnecessary casualties and expense.

    • aaron1313

      That actually is exactly what happened in 1812.

  • Peter Smythe

    Also, we need a plan. Internet armchair military strategists, make such a plan NOW!

  • Hoagy

    I wonder if any of the brilliant commentators noticed that the General and the Senators were having a good chuckle over his comments. The differences between Americans and Canadians are subtle, and often as not, irrelevant. What both nations should be proud of is an undefended border almost 6000 km long, and a lasting friendship going back to the Confederation of Canada. Our rivalries have been productive, and our differences are something we both smile at. Long may we run, side by side.

    • kmgtexas


    • Ronald73

      Right you are. I even had one Canadian motel manager tell me that the U.S.A. and Canada might be better off if we had parity with the dollar of each country. Not likely to happen but most people would feel any difference.

    • carry a big stick

      The reason we have an undefended border is because it would be too expensive to defend it !! It is not about friendship but all about dollars !!

      • laurakfalconer

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        Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

      • bstacy

        Yes, American goods are less expensive and the variety just kills
        ( except for junk food – the US sucks for candy bars and chips )

    • BiggieSmalls

      Agreed and what is a reality is garbage reporting like this article. There is too much going on in this world. Was there really a need to publish this crap?

      • rw

        argggggg! arggggggggg! arrrrgggggggg! Grump

      • Mark

        Try to have a sense of humor, just once.

    • aaron1313

      And we helped build each others railways.A Canadian,James J Hill,was an important player in the building of the US transcontinental railway,the Union Pacific.And an American,William van Horne,oversaw the completion of the Canadian Transcontinental,the CPR.
      Let’s be friends and focus on the positive.

      • bstacy

        LOL – JJ Hill was a thieving opportunist, who set railways into BC to load up the extracted resources to be shipped across an unprotected border – that being said, He did spur the Canadian Gov’t to get a border railway built and in essence, he contributed greatly in our railway building. I agree there was/is fantastic cooperation between our two countries…BTW my American roots go back to the mid 1600s, yet I am Canadian.

      • Arby

        Positive? I’m focussed on Canada’s surrender of energy security through ‘free trade’ with the US. It’s positive for the US. I’m positive. If only there wasn’t huge pushback from the people, all segments of society – first nations, enviros, affected communities and landowners, sane citizens – then we wouldn’t have to imagine the unimaginable, namely the counter pushback of the desperate US (ruling class, but propaganda, as Chomsky noted, could probably be counted on to drum up 90% support for invasion) that will be aided and abetted by whatever traitorous Canadian prime minister is in office at the time. It’s the real, huge pushback of the people that changes everything. What has been, until now, a stealing of Canada by stealth (aided and abetted by continentalist Canadian leaders and their think tank partners), will now become (I fear, but don’t know for a certainty) a bloody grab by the oil thirsty US (with the world’s largest military and therefore the world’s largest thirst for oil) for Canada. It’s always wanted Canada actually. Britain probably prevented it from happening back in the 1860s, when there was no peak oil (and water, etc).

        • bstacy

          Just imagine if Oil was discovered before Canada formed – especially BC. One of the reason BC stayed with Canada was the promise of the railway, though scandalous – it still tied us east and west.

      • bemusedbrit

        And they got the idea and the engines from Great Britain

    • Rick

      Wasn’t the question “invasion BY Canada not OF Canada (as the antithesis of Nuclear War at the other end of the spectrum of seriousness). Methinks the General misheard.
      And if we did invade it… and won …what on earth would we do with it? Dog chasing bus scenario.

      • Mike Elliott

        I picked up on that too but I immediately knew where the General was coming from. He decided it would be more appropriate to answer the other way around since there would be no logical reply regarding Canada invading the US. The chances of the elephant stepping on the ant would be a more likely scenario. The General would know however if chaos were to occur in Canada and the Canadian government was threaten by some internal or external rebellious power US forces already have an agreement signed with the Prime Minister to enter the country in concern for the defence of both countries. This would not be an invasion but an automatic intervention.

        • SMKAB

          I think you massively underestimate Canada, as I find many people in the US do, that being said, it is without question the US has the superiority of arms and yes we most likely would have American assistance if someone were dumb enough to attack us. But don’t mistake us for some helpless little country in the middle east.

          • Mike Elliott

            Thanks, but you have massively underestimated my opinion. This discussion has nothing to do with the Middle East and I have made no mention of it. I have only made reference to either a superior or some kind of subversive power disrupting Canada’s ability to defend itself, if ever that should happen.

          • Moshe Natan

            Scots without the kilt. Off kilter?

    • Marc Leblanc

      We are more than friendly with you

      We have fought many battles together

      • Faisal Rashid

        True, but then Iraq (under Saddam Hussein) fought Iran on behalf of the USA…and look what happened to him! AND he didn’t even have any Weapons Of Mass Destruction either, AND they knew that. He did have Oil, though…

        • marc biff

          How much oil does the US get from Iraq?

        • SMKAB

          We have shed more than our share of blood to help the US. We have also never for a second questioned helping the US, even opening our borders to land your citizens during 9/11. No one trades more goods with the US than Canada and vice versa. We are both the strongest nations on the planet working together, no other nations on earth can content with our combined effort.

  • Soxtory

    Bettors are now getting odds on a Canada – US merger, not an invasion. A merger is one of the few possibilities out there that make sense!

    • Robert Bianchi

      Make sense to whom?

    • carry a big stick

      Not to your average CANADIAN it doesn’t!!!

    • aaron1313

      Bettors have been giving odds on that since 1776.Hasn’t happened yet.Never will.

      • Soxtory

        Fun reading for eternal optimists and positive thinkers:
        Merger Of The Century. Why Canada And America Should Become One Country! By Diane Francis, Published By Harper Collins.

        Same subject by same author, Wall Street Journal 12/6/2013.

        You have my best regards!

        • carry a big stick

          Diane is an American transplant. What else would she say?

      • herb

        Merger could happen. It will the day America stops protecting Canada militarily, if that ever happens.

    • Soxtory

      Not a total merger where the provinces become states, but one like the current EU where tariffs, taxes and duties would be done away with. Back to a fairly open border and pipelines easily built.

      Let us touch base in a few years, after the evil Obama, and see how it looks.

  • fuzzball

    I do not think an invasion of or by Canada is likely, but a Russian strike across the Bering Straights could easily pass through Canada. and we would have to react quickly and may have to invade Canada to stop them further North than the USA northern border.

    • Jack Everett

      Your conspiracy fears are nonsense. You need to stop drinking the kool aid and get AA help.

      • fuzzball

        When graduate from pre-k let all of us know, it will be the hardest ten years of your life. We have plans for an alien invasion so what do you think is more likely? Russi’san crossing 50 miles of water to Alaska or aliens crossing 5,000, 10,000 light years of space just to attack us? War games, scenarios are DESIGNED to think of the impossible. They are used for up and coming officers to evaluate their critical thinking skills, when you wake up from your drug and drunken stupor get to a hospital you need it.

    • Les Brown

      How do you plan on the Russians getting down to the US? On bicycles? It might have worked for the Japanese cycling down the Malay Peninsular back in 1942, but troop transport has changed a lot since.
      Anyway, the US has this State called Alaska. The Russians just might want it back it be satisfied with that.

    • aaron1313

      I think the Russians have their hands full in Ukraine right now.They’re not about to invade Alaska or Canada any time soon.


    It sounds funny, but when Asia, etc., start to run out of resources, you’ll pray Canada had its own nuclear weapons stockpile.

  • kmgtexas

    Any war between Canada and the U.S. would be akin to a civil war – as so many families are made up of US/Canadian couples. It seems so silly to throw away our money even having manned border crossings there. When I worked in Europe, I used to drive over the German/French/Belgian borders and wouldn’t even know I had done so unless I happened to notice a sign. And we are much more similar in culture and values to Canadians than European countries are with each other. Yet, when crossing, I have to stand (or sit – if driving) in lines each way just to answer silly questions by govt employees?

    • carry a big stick

      During the War of 1812 there were families who lived on both sides of the St.John River who refused to go to war. They continued to trade and friendly relations. They wanted nothing to do with the war. Damn traitors !!!

      • barangayboy

        Didn’t Canada take Detroit in 1812? Good grief! What were we thinking?

        • aaron1313

          Yes and the Americans sacked York(Toronto).And the Brits
          burned DC.

      • aaron1313

        Not exactly.Many were originally American settlers-not loyalists-who came to Canada to farm free land.Asking them to choose sides was liking asking someone to choose between his father and mother.Iniatially neutral,most eventually supported the British-Canadian side-especially after the Americans burned York.(Toronto).

        • carry a big stick

          We did not want to join the USA. And we still don’t want to join the USA !!! As an aside , Canada can , according to your constitution join THE USA anytime it wants to. But as I said , we do NOT want to join you guys. thanks anyway, eh !!!

          • aaron1313

            You are wrong pal.I,too,am Canadian.And I nowhere advocated that Canada join the US.Matter of fact,I find the idea abhorrent.Why not respond to my comments instead of making unwarranted assumptions about my citizenship and my views?

  • kmgtexas

    It doesn’t make any difference WHY we invaded Canada and shot and killed Canadians…’s a fact that we did. And they were insufferably unwelcoming!!! They kicked our patooties both times and sent us packing back across the border without so much as a “fare thee well” or a warm plate of poutine!! I vote that we should never take our invasion business to them ever again – the ingrates :-) Long Live Our Neighbors Canada!

  • Ronald73

    This whole thing reads like something on “The Onion”. Maybe they also write for “The Onion” or they’re smoking whacky weed. These days when someone say something stupid it get reported and picked up by other so-called news companies and repeated.

  • carry a big stick

    And in 1866 -1870 you AMERICANS used Irish terrorists to invade Canada. You are obvious ignorant of Canadian/ American history There are more than the 2 usually mentioned instances when Canada / American relations were threatened . And War Plan Red is still there in case you need it.

    • JRSCline

      And you forgot that part of your history where Britain decided it was simply not worth it to defend Canada against a possible US invasion after the American Civil War – et voila, the Dominion of Canada was spun off to fend for itself.

      Why would the US have invaded Canada in the 1860s? Well, there was that little issue with the British having economically propped up the Confederacy (prolonging the Civil War with a cash lifeline) by trading for cotton the Union wouldn’t let through its blockade of Southern ports.

      You do realize all this is on Wikipedia? Start with “Fenian raids.”

      • carry a big stick

        I am well aware of Canadian history. And you YANKEE used TERRORISTS against us.

        • JRSCline

          Still overcapitalizing, I see. It doesn’t help your argument as much as you think it does. But it helps us determine you’re a tiresome tr⌂ll who repeats the same silly slurs endlessly.

          • herb

            Wow. I think it should be “carries a little stick”?

  • Smurfy

    Unless the mayor of Toronto decides to step into US and take over the drug businesses there….. That might be possible,

    • LouiseShah

      Yup. He and Marion Barry would have the drug trade cornered.

  • Rixar13 McGinnis

    Thanks Lynn,

  • Danthejet

    #1 & 2 educated countries in the world……..Israel & Canada….Merica way down the list, stop arguing with Canadians and go back to school and maybe you can make a valid point once in a while!

  • Guest

    Hahaha. Funny article.

  • Sidd SG

    Hahaha. Funny article. Why would anyone think that US is planning to attack Canada? Have they been watching the movie Canadian Bacon?

  • jake

    Why do Americans wear Canadian flags on their luggage and t-shirts when they travel abroad? I noticed this a few times on my travels, its pretty damn bad when you have to sport another country’s flag to travel because you cant show your own flag for fear it could result in a violent attack against you. that speaks volumes.

    • herb

      Old wives tale. Does not happen as much as you are “led” to believe.

      • jake

        The fact that it happens at all is shocking, Its pretty bad when you have to do that. think about it, its par for the course when you Consider how much America is vilified around the planet, but its an insult to Canadians.

    • jafo

      That’s a myth on youtube and other anti American websites.
      Hence, we now know you’re anti American. good for you.

    • jafo

      Canada is ruled by the Queen. Hence, she has dissolved your parliament 3 times in the past 8 years. She’s even on your money and she has to declare war for Canada. You’re not even a real country. You’re just a country on training wheels. Here in America, we like to call Canada: Northern Michigan. The Canadian Gov General appointed by the Queen rules Canada. And she rules your parliament as well.
      Canada is pathetic!! You never fought the British for your freedom. Atleast we did. Enjoy your Queen, lol. My gosh this is 2014 and you still have a Queen? hahaha. Grow up Canada.

      • jake

        you still didn’t answer the question “why do Americans wear Canadian flags on their clothes and luggage when they travel?” and apparently you don’t understand much about our great nation, and its that arrogance that has just about every nation on the planet gunning for you Americans. Canadians paid a heavy price in blood in All the major wars(none of which was started by Canada, i might add), and Canada is respected worldwide, the same can’t be said for America, you and i both know it.

      • Dan Summers

        Becasue Canada is more mature then America. We can solve our differences without violence. We found a peaceful way to separate from Britain…there was no need for blood shed. We have a real national anthem, not a reworded drinking song for one.

        The Queen has not disolved parliment…it was the Governer General her appointed(Chosen by the Prime Minister not the Queen) representative. She acts at the request of the Prime Minister and is nothing more then a cermonial figurehead.
        The Canadian Prime Minister has more power Federally then the President of the United States has. Due to how residual powers work. All powers not assigned to the provinces fall to federal jurisdiction, while in the US anything not laid out in the Constitution is given to the individual states.

        Right Canada is pathetic…the Entire country has less murders in a year then an average American city. Canada does not let religion interfer with politics or our childrens education. And America’s roots in Slavery are still very alive today…when was the last time Canada had a race riot?

        • Jack

          Don’t take these fools serious they do not represent the majority of Americans.

        • Mike Elliott

          But Dan fails to acknowledge that all of these great accomplishments he boasts about never would have come into fruition if it were not for American and her broad defence cover. Canada spends all of her monies on maintaining these fine amenities while America spends all of her monies on defending them. I guess America just likes having a ‘bee-autch’ as a northern neighbour. When push comes to shove though I will be irked by Dan’s screams for help.

  • Lamb Chop

    Erskine “the Ten-Horned Devil” Cooney Jr. resents Canada because it wants to extend the Keystone pipeline south into the U..S. He is also is deeply suspicious of any nation that does not have millions of sponges, parasites, unemployables, disease-ridden, uneducated, illiterate, and guaranteed lifelong Democratic voters that are averse to taking bus trips across our porous borders in order to wreak havoc with our economy and way of life.

    Oh oh! Maybe an invasion of Canada is in his plans.

    • Larry Lyons

      hate much?

  • Moses Cohen

    At a time when the Middle East is on fire, Germany upset by being spied on,
    internal problems with people abandoning the workforce (62 % in the US,
    67 % in Canada) and on and on, this argument is a complete lack of
    respect for our neighbors to the north. When 9/11 happened, US passenger
    planes were not allowed to land on US soil. They found heaven in Gander,
    Newfoundland where the population there greeted everyone, gave free
    room and board until it was safe to leave. Lastly, here in Calgary, Alberta,
    of a population of 1.3 Million we heve 100,000 US residents working
    mainly in the Oil Industry, they are happy to be here and we are happy
    to have them.

    • inrainbowz

      Your sense of geographical proximity is in question.

      • bstacy

        How so?

    • herb

      Love Alberta. So much better than the communist terror refugee state known as Ontario. In Ontario they charge the most for auto insurance, hydro and student tuition, yet they by far offer the most handouts to refugees and worthless scum who come in and call themselves canadians when it is convenient to do so, like when they pick up their free ohip card for themselves and their undesireable clan.

  • Father_Russia

    grab Canada right now.

    • aaron1313

      Go away and mind your own business.Canadians and Americans like each other (mostly) and we get along fine.Like everyone else we have our problems but we work them out PEACEFULLY.Unlike you guys.

  • Father_Russia

    there are no plans ?lies. Always have a plan and if not you will need to send in the resignation of the US General.

  • JRSCline

    Canadians really don’t like to be reminded that they were British when these wars occurred – there was no “Canada” – just an Upper and Lower pair of colonies. Confederation occurred decades later.

    There were indeed Canadian militias in play, but the American ground forces were drubbed by British regulars, not locals.

    • aaron1313

      Nope.The locals,English,French,Loyalist,and Indian ALL participated fully in the defense of the Canadas in 1812-15.The British regulars played the leading role however.

      • JRSCline

        Precisely what I said. Provincial militias and other irregulars were not decisive for either side.

        At best, irregulars can harass regular forces, even to the point of causing them to withdraw, but they do not take or hold key terrain. British redcoats beat American bluecoats, period. If local militias and Indians had been effective against American regulars, for instance, York wouldn’t have been burnt.

        It was well for the British that American expeditionary forces were so hampered by disunity of command, poor supply and incompetent leadership. And it was well for the U.S. that the British expeditionary fleet was not more successful against the plucky American Navy. As it was, neither side achieved its offensive objectives.

        The “Canada won!” mentality is not only clownishly ahistorical, but disrespectful to the mother country that birthed both our nations.

        • carry a big stick

          Wrong. Canadians fought and beat the YANKEES at Stoney Creek . The Native people fought against the YANKEE and beat them every time.

          • JRSCline

            Go away, dear – the adults are having a conversation.

          • herb

            Nope. Maybe you are stoned in a creek? Canada did not exist before 1867. The BRITS burned down the white house and engaged in the war of 1812.

        • herb

          You are correct.

    • carry a big stick

      We considered ourselves to be CANADIAN . And the “Upper and Lower” parts you speak of was called Upper and Lower Canada. Even your pres. during the war of 1812 called for the invasion of CANADA!!

      • JRSCline

        Please engage your time warp and just don’t come back.

  • Victor

    moose-riding, maple syrup-guzzling Mounties… you forgot beer drinking and sheep shagging – we have a strong Scottish presence ;)

    • Les Brown

      Anyone mention sheep-shagging here? Keep my Kiwi mates out of this, they don’t like their relatives being associated with the Scots.

  • mrlgh

    As a Canadian, not only am I not offended, but disappointed that I will not be able to move to the warmer pastures of Florida any time soon. Come on America, get your act together….winters are getting colder!!!

  • firhillfan

    Sure we believe you Gen Dempsey, as much as we believe pigs can fly and lead floats.
    The US is only interested in the US and its needs and that is true of many countries but the difference is that the US feels an entitlement to everyone else’s resources and inexpensive labour.
    Canada does not but unfortunately we share a border with the greediest and most aggressive nation on the planet and with 1/10th the US population, we will be unable to defend ourselves & our resources.

    • aaron1313

      Maybe you’d like Russians on our borders?Americans are OK.Got nothing against them.

  • Tim Starks

    As the author of this article I’d like to thank y’all for the warm reception and debate it has spawned. It’s been fun to watch. A couple points in my defense: If you visit other articles on the blog, you’ll see that there’s a great deal of substantial policy discussion, and this light-hearted article didn’t take more than a half-hour away from that effort; I’m a big fan of the Canadian people, having visited a few times, and the stereotypes at the end were so deliberately ill-founded as to strike me as impossible to take seriously (who can ride a moose????); and Starkey McStarkerson Is a pretty good attack.

    • DoNotLikeItDealWithIt

      As a Canadian, I found your moose riding maple syrup mountie joke insulting and I believe you owe Canadians an apology. It’s not funny to make ignorant jokes at the expense of others.

      • JRSCline

        Do not like it? Deal with it.

        • DoNotLikeItDealWithIt

          I did, I dealt with it by calling this writer out on it by confronting the writers ignorant joke. It was unprofessional to make such a statement, now let me enjoy my day.

          • JRSCline

            Try to be thankful we haven’t yet discovered how ripe for ridicule your national wait list system – oops, healthcare system – actually is.

            I suspect you’d do better to examine the myriad of Canadian-sourced jokes that are equally ridiculous in lampooning Americans.

            Or you could exchange your sense of humor for a newer, less sensitive model… and enjoy your day far more.

          • DoNotLikeItDealWithIt

            Our healthcare system works just fine, I’m actually waiting to see my doctor and it’s no Boxing Day lineup which ignorant Americans such as yourself assume being into the far right wing media machine. Oh and guess what, all I need to do is hand the secretary my Healthcard so she can swipe it. I will not see any medical bill and I don’t need to worry about any associated costs. So laugh at us all you want like the fool that you truly are.

          • JRSCline

            My sources for Canadian healthcare woes is Macleans and other domestic media – hardly right wing by anyone’s standards.

            And for someone who demands courteous treatment, you’re quite fond of the insults yourself. Have a Molson on the chesterfield and just chill out. Most Canadians are not so uptight – are you from Trawnta or something?

          • DoNotLikeItDealWithIt

            Lol, I literally just had a conversation with an American who recently moved to Canada. He loves the fact he can safely walk the streets at night. He loves the fact he can just have his healthcare card swiped at the doctors office and not worry about having to fill out insurance papers. He’s pleased that Canadian Doctors will refer patients to a specialist when needed without hesitation. He told me how corrupt the medical care system is there. He told me how he was robbed twice at gunpoint. He told me how the kids there whip pennies at the teachers there and how bullying is more widespread there as well. Knives are frequently brought into schools by students. Here, most people are not crazy enough to bring weapons into schools but I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. He originally thought we lives in igloos but when he came to a conference here, he asked to be transferred to Canada. He also told me how bad it’s there in USA, homes abandoned, pets abandoned left to die, that is just straight up sick! There’s no way he would ever want to move back to USA. He said it’s alright for single people but not a place to raise a family. He said the schools are much better here compared to American schools. So keep up laughing at us all you want and keep safe.

          • JRSCline

            There are 330,000,000 Americans – you’re bound to find a few who’ll fly the coop for various reasons of their own. (And homes abandoned? What, is he fleeing Detroit? Or Las Vegas?)

            Obviously your new pal is happy to pay higher taxes and prices up north, and if so, good for him.

            If we all felt that way, you’d have 329,999,999 more landed resident applications – but you don’t.

            Frankly, most of the Statesians who’d really benefit from moving to Canada will never be approved for residency – because Canada pre-screens out any applicant with a medical condition that might place an undue burden on the healthcare system.

            So you keep on pickin’ and choosin’ and actin’ all superior, and we’ll keep on serving as your buffer to the Latin American hordes looking for a better life.

            Trust me, if you had to absorb all these people, you wouldn’t want single-payer healthcare any more than we do.

            At least our immigrants work hard, if they don’t bring much else. (More than I can say for some of the native-born here who want their ‘free’ stuff, paid for out of other people’s pockets.)

          • DoNotLikeItDealWithIt

            Maryland, I didn’t enquire if he lived in other areas. ; )
            Anyways, I’m not saying Canada’s perfect. To compare Canada to USA, it’s like comparing Apples (Canada) to Bananas (USA). Both have different advantages and disadvantages. There’s plenty of things I do admire about Americans but plenty that frustrates me as well, same goes for Canadians. Anyways, I’m done with this silly pow-wow because it is what it is, moving on now.
            Chow! ; )

            Oh yes, just to increase your knowledge about Canada. There’s no place called Trawnta here, it doesn’t exist, lol!

          • mzwalker

            Actually, Maclean’s is considered a far right-right magazine in Canada. If you are going to continually insult Canadians, at least get your facts straight. BTW: It appears trolling is your source of fun given the copious amounts of negative, somewhat ridiculous, comments made regarding our health care system. Frankly, methinks you’re protesting too much. You may be one of few Americans who do not have to choose between going into possible debt or getting a medical procedure done; do not pretend as if millions of your fellow Americans enjoy the same freedom of choice as you do. As if it is a reasonable argument for a superpower country not to have universal healthcare for its own citizens while spending billions on weapons to protect its interests abroad!

          • JRSCline

            In Canada, the U.S. Democratic party would be right-wing. Let me guess – you vote NDP?

            Do try to be original if you’re countering with the usual canards and tropes Canadians love to fling at Americans.

            Trollbit: We spend billions in large part because we’ve obligated by treaty to protect our freeloading friends who spend so comparatively little on their own defense. Your interests align with ours, economically – yet you don’t pull your weight, militarily.

            Defend thyself – and see if you can afford a one-payer system without incurring massive debt.

          • mzwalker

            Hahaha…the usual trolling!
            Actually, the Democrats are the equivalent of the Liberal party here in good ole Canada. Here’s a lesson for you: Conservative/Reform Party = Republican/Tea Party, Liberals = Democrats. There is no American equivalent of the NDP because America is built between two parties; one which is far right (Republicans) and the other which is right-centre (Democrats).
            Again, given your posts, which just reeked of typical narcissism and misplaced superiority btw, please learn to take your own advice, eh! By the way, I am officially an ABC’er = Anything But Conservative. I would venture a guess that you are a Republican or a Tea Bagger; however, I prefer not to make assumptions. You do know what they say about assumptions, right? Troll on away my American neighbour.

          • JRSCline

            The NDP isn’t even federally competitive. They’ve got BC in the tank and a shot in the hard-up Maritimes where the gospel of wealth-redistribution sells well. That’s it.

            Both the Conservatives and Liberals (speaking federally) are equivalent to Democrats, and there isn’t a comparable party in Canada to the Republicans. Tea Party is right out. You’re several notches to the left of your Statesian neighbors.

            All that said, you’re boring me.

          • herb

            Here are the facts from a real Canadian. Thank God we have a strong conservative gov’t in power. The liberals run by pot head justine turdeau junior are a disgrace. They love refugees, official bilingualism, terrorists and tree huggers. They will and have ruined Canada, much like turdeau senior. The NDP are communist jihadi supporters and would shut down the oil sands.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    With crazy president like Obama, this is possible. He trashed US and adored Muslims in his Cairo speech. He declared his support to Muslim Brotherhood and accommodated Hamas. He released Taliban generals. He disarrayed healthcare system. He allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to US. He is bent on destroying US, so invading Canada is not far fetched, LOL.

    • Juan Sanchez

      maybe he will invade canada because it has universal health care, which he can’t seem to establish in the u.s.

  • guest

    To start with thank GOD U.S. is not like Russia, so as a Canadian I don’t have to worry.

    • aaron1313

      Me too.I sleep well knowing we have a friendly neighbour on our southern border.

      • DoNotLikeItDealWithIt

        Keep your enemies closer than your friends

    • carry a big stick

      and what country has invaded Canada? Not Russia!! Not Argentina! Not Zimbabwe ! Only the USA has invaded us. Russia is not a threat. The USA is THE THREAT!!!

  • bcdemon

    I can almost guarantee the US has an invasion plan for Canada. If you want to see it, nationalize the oil and gas industry, better yet, apply to join OPEC. USA hates when countries do that.

  • aaron1313

    That’s what you said in 1812 too.Didn’t quite work out that way did it?
    Anyway,American business owns everything worth owning in Canada .Unless the US gets taken over by a madmen war between the 2 countries is inconceivable.

  • Emmanuel Bahinting Anajao

    If the United States is planning to invade Canada, I wished to volunteer for Royal Canadian Army to be an asset to halt them. I’m a Dabawenyo from Davao City, Philippines.

  • xzanthius

    Well… I’ve got half a dozen viscous trained beavers and a small herd of caribou ready for the coming conflict. Plus me and my pals have some serious apologies that will make everyone far too sympathetic to us to fight back.

    • malcolmb

      I doubt that the viscous beavers would be able to move fast enough to have any military value. They might have the effect of slowing down the US advance.

  • westernread

    Bill Stewart: Funny stuff. I for one would surrender to Canada. The only difference between Colorado and British Columbia is the distance to Utah ski resorts…

  • JRSCline

    Flagged. Go away. Adults are talking.

  • gollywhopper

    Better hold on to a plan if any, for if Justin Trudeau is elected. Heaven help Canada should that happen.

  • Daniel Katzenstein

    How long woul it take to plan and execute an invasion of Canada if it started sending Kassam rockets over the border and Hamas fighters under the borders and on to US beaches?

  • Robert Drzewiczewski

    The Republicans will go to any length to avoid work and dealing with important issues-all they can do is blame and come up with absurd notions like invading Canada-the example used was 200 years ago, by the way. The GOP loves this era as they are always referring to the 2nd Amendment, which was drawn SOLELY to deal with the issues of the day.

  • joopzkie

    That was hilarious! I thought it was a joke!

  • tukmol

    if US will do that canadian soil will be part of US and their citizens will become US citizen. US don’t want to give illegal immigrant path to citizenship but if they act on it it contradicts their own action. bunch of hypocrites. LOL.

  • section9

    Thanks, but I’d trade Harper for Obama in a heartbeat.

    • Pearls to Swine

      You have a deal.

      • LouiseShah

        Nah. They can keep Obama. He screwed us over (and his own country) with the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • CroMisterc

    Je suis Canadien et vit au Québec ! Obama et ta gang de voyous, l’on se foute éperdument de vous ! TRANSLATION FOR ALL AMERICAN DUMMIES…….
    I’m a Canadian and live in Québec ! Obama and your bunch of liars (like Botox Kerry) and thugs, just leave us alone ! You’ve lost all of your worldwide credibility ! BUZZ OFF !

  • Memy SelfAndi

    America is already being ruled & controlled by an Overlord, its called the Zionist Lobby & Israel. Why else do you think America went to war with Iraq. Iraq wasnt a threat to America but it was to Israel…….

    • American at large

      another sick muslime parrot

  • Miss Myrtle

    Dearies, we are so glad to hear that no invasion plans are imminent. But just in case, I have stockpiled all of the cheap champagne I can find (from the Napa Valley, of course). Have made sure that my Red Cross Emergency Survival Kit is fully stocked. Know all the words to the Star Spangled Banner (unlike most celebs who sing it at US sporting events) and can pledge allegiance to the Flag in a heartbeat. Have already subscribed to Sarah Palin’s new TV channel (for comedy value only). If invaded, hope it means that Nate n’ Al will open a branch in Vancouver, and that John Oliver will come to visit occaisionally….

  • GML

    Well, he says there’s no plan to invade; but I think, on the whole, I’m glad I moved from Canada to Israel where it’s safe.

  • Shane Willis

    Lies!! this plan has been around for years: http:\

    • revdrdark

      Hey, you found it on the Internet, must be true.

  • Danilo Puyat

    If Canada refuses to take back Justin Bieber then USA should resume invasion of Canada.

  • ClaudeScales

    Sometime in the 1920s a Canadian military delegation made a “good will” visit to U.S. military installations and, while doing so, drew plans for an invasion. This was, I think, a demonstration of the old adage, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop” and, as another commenter has pointed out, the U.S. military had contingency plans for an invasion of Canada.

    The Canadian invasion plan envisioned an initial southward thrust to capture and defend the “Albany salient.” The planners didn’t take into account the fact that an army forced to occupy and defend Albany is an army in danger of mass mutiny.

  • jason wright

    lol omg to stupit this article. correct me if i;m wrong but isnt Canada the US’s biggest trading partner? or a close second? two of the best countries in the world if you ask me.

    • revdrdark

      No; China is.

      • herb

        Wrong. Canada is Americas biggest trading partner by far.

  • Why do I bother.

    ROFL, Maybe the USA would be better off with a little rational governance for awhile. Tell you what, pay us management fee of 0.1% of your GDP per annum, and we shall balance your budget, remove BIG MONEY from politics, fix your health care system, teach you how to educate children in a public school system, and talk tough while dismantling your military. Anything I missed? Oh yeah, we can also teach you to drink real beer.
    Cheers, from Canada

  • Why do I bother.

    You seem to forget that our loving Conservative government has withdrawn any form of health care from refugee claimants. The taxpayer is still on the hook for the funerals this policy has resulted in though.

    • Alex

      Not any, just extended health care. I don’t think it is justified when refugees have better health care coverage than Canadian that pay taxes. Besides, I know some of these “refugees”, total fraud, they have more money in their native countries than most of Canadians and yet they collect all benefits here

      • Why do I bother.

        That is the problem with you and millions of Canadians. You would rather take a harsh approach and ignore the facts than think. Refugee claimants of any stripe are prohibited from working in Canada. That means there is no legal way for them to pay for health care. By denying refugee claimants the opportunity to earn anything, whilst cutting off access to even basic health care you are condemning a great many people to death, or escalated health issues. That has been shown already with new diabetes diagnosis resulting in coma rather than treatment, children being born to mothers without access to pre-natal care, and the list goes on and on.

        • Alex

          They can apply for work permit and if they have no way to support themselves, the permit will be granted. Thousands Canadians that paid taxes all their life were not getting the same coverage as refugees. Why the are entitled to the privileges, many of the would go back to their native countries once they get their passports, so much for the threat to their loves

  • gccnc

    Too bad
    ez pickens

  • Allen

    If only Canada would invade. Then, maybe, we could get rid of ALL the lying, thieving, crooked politicians in Washington!

    • Larry Lyons

      And replace them with lying, thieving, crooked politicians in Ottawa

  • rt90k

    Those Canada drones disguised as geese are taking down planes left and right, and damaging my crop. They need to be stopped behind enemy lines. Warnings must be in full, strict compliance with Canada bilingual body of law.

  • Marc Leblanc

    We got our snowballs ready in the fridges

  • revdrdark

    We would totally eat their bacon and wash it down with a bag of milk.

  • Craig Murray

    Yes America…..we have no plans to invade…..just keep believing that….;)

  • Todd McDonald

    You left out the part where you burned the White House. Canadians seem very proud of that. Possibly rightfully so. Though, we are also secretly pleased you burned it. That incident gives us an amicable excuse to invite you back.

    • Ron Johnson Fun fact: we also stole the President’s clothes…tee hee.

      • Todd McDonald

        And you’re still wearing them!

        • Ron Johnson

          Completely off topic, but the West Point river chain might have been the inspiration for the one Tyrion used in the battle of Blackwater Bay for you George R.R. Martin nerds out there. Different war, but America’s battles got me thinking on that. I haven’t stolen this idea. I thought of it on my own :) Probably wrong.

          • Todd McDonald

            Damn you Benedict Arnold and Major Andre! ::shakes fist::

            Not a George R.R. Martin reader/viewer, so no idea about the chain. However, I always like it when people connect the dots in a plausible way.

        • Faisal Rashid

          Ha ha

    • Mike Elliott

      Actually the British Army stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia burned down the White House. Canada was not a country then. Halifax was the supreme North American headquarters for the Royal Army and the Royal Navy. That city’s Citadel and it’s harbour were never challenge by either the French or the Americans. Indians once raided the opposite side of the harbour however but quickly dispersed before the King’s army arrived.

    • jack

      You really are a brainwashed fool.

      • Todd McDonald

        Or maybe I’m a graduate of a top college with a degree in history and a keen sense of America’s political climate.

  • larry2012

    If Canada has any viable resources, we should invade them, in the name of spreading “democracy” of course. After all, that’s the way we view the rest of the world. I mean, why else are we in the Middle East? It obviously isn’t to propagate peace, but to generate more profits for the military/industrial complex. Lots and lots of money.

  • Larry Lyons

    why should Canada invade, it already owns Hollywood and a lot of ht eenergy industry.

  • publiusr

    Interesting—I will say this though.
    Our icebreaker fleet is pathetic. The former Soviets have 32 icebreakers, we only have a couple or so last I heard. Instead of a pivot to China, a pivot to the Arctic may indeed be wise after all.

    One of the worst curses you can bestow is the command “go to the desert.”

    That will waste a man’s strength.

    To BUILD a man’s resolve, you send him North. This way, you get back veterans with more of a World War II mindset, instead of schizoids coming home with a bad case of shell shock.

    I remember reading about a vessel proposed at the end of WWII called the Isle class. This thing was half-carrier, but with some big deck guns at the bow.

    The Russians have huge cruise missiles with advanced motors, but with size rivaling the old Regulus, if not the BOMARCs:

    I figure an Isle-class icebreaker/fighting ship combo with some large near Skybolt size missiles would do the trick.

    Dual reactors, like the Arktika class–a working ship that can fight, tow Sea Dragons and oil rigs both. If it gets stuck on the ice, it wenches itself free with cables to whatever large object it is towing. AGW is real, and it is opening up the northwest passage for good. That will open up more resources for up, without having to deal with a hostile populace. Kill the Ford class carriers and the F-35s, and build us something we can use.

  • tob

    Indeed, why would one, or the other, invade. They both serve London and Rome.
    So long as the slaves are happy and profitable there is no need for war.

  • jafo

    Canada is ruled by the Queen. Hence, she has dissolved your parliament 3 times in the past 8 years. She’s even on your money and she has to declare war for Canada. You’re not even a real country. You’re just a country on training wheels. Here in America, we like to call Canada: Northern Michigan. The Canadian Gov General appointed by the Queen rules Canada. And she rules your parliament as well.
    As for the war of 1812: Canada wasn’t even a country, hahaha. I love how you Canucks claim that win, but you were nothing but Brits with wigs on.
    The USA won the war of 1812 because I don’t see a British flag outside and the British left. The British left because they couldn’t win. So they drew up a treaty that both sides could agree too.
    However, the Battle of New Orleans was the turning tide of the war and the USA would’ve won the war. But that battle didn’t count because the war was over. They wer late getting the letter to US and British forces. lol.

    • Ron Johnson

      That is so funny and insecure and such an obvious attempt at trolling I can’t believe I’m responding but I’m bored. First: you’re repeating some of what I said which makes you look VERY stupid. I’M the one that pointed out Canada didn’t really even exist then. I mentioned the dates and everything so don’t know why you feel the need to repeat what I already know. Try reading things accurately instead of just reacting to them like an insecure juvenile. Second, the Queen is a figurehead only and has no real power, this is true even in England! You really read none of my post did you? Are all Americans this stupid? And most importantly: Find some value in yourself. Who cares if your sports team won some game? That’s not YOU on the field accomplishing anything, it’s the players. People who want to identify too radically with a team/country/gang/whatever show that they feel the need to be a part of something bigger than themselves so they can have an inflated sense of worth. Hope you grow out of that. There are many countries that are/were part of the Commonwealth that are independent countries in the U.N. If Canada wants to go to war, trust me I know a bit about Canadian law, the Queen can’t veto it. As in the Vietnam war, the U.S. considered it’s position at the end of the war of 1812 a “draw”. In retrospect, both wars could reasonably be considered a loss for your country, having failed in your expansionist goals, having lost ground to the “enemy”, and having expended human lives and extraordinary resources for naught. Get educated dude, and learn how to read. One of the main points of my post was that Canada DID NOT beat you because we weren’t even a country until years later, and that’s the very point you labored on as if I did not know that? Wow you’re dumb. But hey, you’re American ;)

      • Mike Elliott

        The only one sounding dumb, ignorant, plus rude is YOU Ron Johnson, and I am a Canadian. I consider you some kind of jealous jackass. You are the one who needs to grow up. You are a hate spewer. If it weren’t for the Americans, the Russians would have come over the North Pole years ago.

        • US White Trash

          Come over the North Pole? And why do that? How do you supply an army/airforce? You sound just like my fellow citizens who worry that ISIS will come here on boats and invade the USA! Their answer: more weapons! More wars! The greatest defense against an invasion are the 2 great oceans. Always have been and always will be. The eastern cities may burn up in an attack ( and many of us in the western half would not care) but no army will be able to hold the ground and as we learned in Viet-Nam and Iraq: you must control the ground.

          • Mike Elliott

            How do you come over the North Pole? Easy. Long range aircraft filled with paratroopers, supplies, armored vehicles, etc. and Russia has always had plenty of them. No match for Canada without American support. They would land in Canada’s isolated north, build bases that would be constantly supplied and then advance on the southern cities at will. Don’t forget, the shortest distance from Russia to the US is over the Pole. That would be their route to rain intercontinental ballistic missile in the event of a nuclear war.. regardless of any oceans.

          • rattyxv

            Mike – nice try. ‘Advance on the southern cities at will’… You totally ignore climate and geography. The distances are immense, winter would make Stalingrad feel like Club Med and the rest of the year the ground is a swamp – think the Pripet Marshes a thousandfold. There is one highway, held together with string and bailing wire, that couldn’t carry tanks, never mind tank transporters and fuel trucks. Plus, what’s the point? What would the strategic relevance of a Canadian colony be to a restored Russian Empire? A place that would be indefensible even if it was somehow invaded successfully.

          • Mike Elliott

            The climate and terrain could easily be overcome by modern mass-transport aircraft landing in regions south of the regions you refer to bringing tanks and thousands of soldiers. Equally, initial Canadian, first-defence aircraft with it’s army could easily be neutralized.

          • rattyxv

            Oh dear Mike. The Russians have some heavy lift aircraft for sure, but they could likely carry only about four tanks each, or maybe 500 lightly equipped soldiers. The distances they would have to fly would require mid air refuelling which these planes are not equipped for. Even if they were retrofitted with an airborne refuelling capability the amount of fuel they would require is beyond the capacity of airborne tankers. And where would they land and take off from again? Not many airports anywhere have the runway length to accommodate aircraft of that size. And resupply? The logical thing would be to land in a shopping mall where food can be sourced from Costco and ammunition from Canadian Tire and fuel from the attached Petrocan station, but that’s not going to happen, unless the aircraft have a VTOL capability. But they don’t and won’t, because even if such a capability was even possible, the power deployed would destroy the hard pad rendering the plane immobile.

            Mike, if I were you, I would stop worrying about a Russian invasion of Canada and focus on a very real and present problem, the existence of a narco state on your southern border. The social damage to the US already is immense and the costs of trying to deal with it are enormous. Plus there is a steady reconquest of the southern states through immigration, legal and otherwise, and comparative birth rates between hispanic and, er, other Americans. What will happen if the Mexican state totally collapses and there is a vast movement of refugees northwards, overwhelming whatever border protection is in place? What is the Pentagon contingency plan? Given the disproportionate representation of hispanics in the US military, can the US government be absolutely sure of the loyalty and reliability of US military forces? Mike, I’m not trying to duck the issue of Canadian military weakness, but I’d like to see your fertile and agile mind applied to a real problem.

          • Mike Elliott

            Wow, what a concerted effort. I love the “oh dear Mike” part, only solidifying your arrogance and under estimation of a Russian guerrilla force and all that it could achieve. But then, snide remarks should be expected from one who hides his image and identity.

          • rattyxv

            Mike, forget the personal abuse and address the points made in my post. Your observation about Russian geurrllla forces, presumably speznatz troops, is not relevant to the insertion and supply of an invasion force. I asked you some questions – try and answer them.

          • Mike Elliott

            .. very much relevant. Such troops would procure the very things you previously mentioned plus lengthen any captured community airports. You underestimate the brut capabilities and quick timing of any first strike against slow to respond US/Canadian forces. By the time North American defense is capable of reacting Russian guerrillas would already be residing in populated northern communities.

          • Mike Elliott

            PS: I say Russian guerrillas as the Russian government would initially say they are an unauthorized army not sent by the Federation.

          • Mike Elliott

            Ignore the above “Guest” post. My mistake.

          • Mike Elliott

            * PS: I say Russian guerrillas as the Russian government would initially say they are an unauthorized army not sent by the Federation.

          • rattyxv

            So so called ‘guerrillas’ are going to capture community airfields are lengthen them. Using what as equipment? And what are they going to use as fill and followed by a hard pack cover? All to be done in a couple of days? How about a couple of years? And then fuel supplies for the heavy lift aircraft you presumably see arriving shortly afterwards with the invasion force – it won’t be found in a community airfield. And then bombs and aircraft to deliver the bombs to other cities from the seized northern airfields. Where are they coming from? Also one of your earlier posts had the so called guerrillas neutralizing first defence aircraft – how are they going to do that? They are going to have to get to Cold Lake, Bagotville and Trenton for a start. Do you have a sense as to how far these places are from Russia as well as each other? It’s not a couple of hours ride in a helo. Mike, it’s been fun, but I don’t think you are building a credible case for a Russian invasion of Canada, even if Russia had a strategic reason to do so. Actually, what I
            would like to read is your thoughts on the US-Mexican border and the strategic threat it poses to the US. (See earlier post).

          • Mike Elliott

            You seem to have missed my “PS” post about the term “guerrillas” as well as my expressed point about those forces taking control of everything captured, equipment, fuel, etc. Cold Lake and Bagotville could easily be captured through a surprise raid as they are not well defended.
            Yes, the vast northern territory is there but numerous long-range An-124-300’s (14 are in Russian military service) could easily drop paratroopers in various locations during a first-wave strike while returning home to refuel with their well-over 3,000 miles range.
            They also could easily be retrofitted to carry Flanker-E or T-50 fighter jets atop to disable any Canadian first-defense F-18 fighters with their antique Commodore computers on board.
            Regarding the southern US border: sorry, that topic is not of discussion here. Though I will admit it seems to be everywhere else though.

          • rattyxv

            Last comments from me Mike.

            1. Seizing community airfields then lengthening them idea doesn’t work. No guarantee that the earth moving equipment plus the dirt, tarmac, etc required can be found. Plus this sort of construction exercise takes a lot of time.
            2. An unauthorized Russian army won’t be flying around in Russian military aircraft, Although this is a bit of a non sequitur it is doesn’t really matter whether they are unauthorized or not.
            3. Heightened political tensions prior to any attack would mean increased base defence.
            4. I’m not sure that paras could jump from an Antonov and expect to survive.
            5. The use of paras as an insertion force has not been particularly successful over the years. Too lightly equipped, too difficult to concentrate as a force once on the ground.
            6. Forget snow cleared ice platforms. Weight is too much, surface is irregular, jet engines melt the ice, plus there has to be a fuel supply.
            7. There is no point in Russia nuking Canadian cities. It would immediately bring a similar NATO response. If they are going to nuke anything it has to be command and control in the US and NATO. So the threat of doing so is meaningless.

            8. The planes that the Antonovs are going to carry have to get on to the ground and be readied. The CF-18s are not going to wait till that happens. The comment about Commodore computers is patronizing and you know it. You’ve made an effort in your last few posts to avoid the ad hominem attacks and needless abuse – don’t go backwards.

            I would still be interested in your views about the US southern border and the general issue of how to fight asyncronous wars, where a Warthog is more relevant than a F-35. But I’ve got to go to work.

          • Mike Elliott

            I’m surprised you are still at it. Again and again you underestimate the ingenuity of your fellow man. Trained aircraft crews can easily shut-off all engines and slide on slippery surfaces. The threat of nuclear war would be on any response by US forces and not on Canadian territory or the Canadian forces. This would give Canada the excuse to stop all defense activity and want to negotiate, and believe me, they will. Superior Russian fighters are detached from delivery ships once Canadian fighters are within range. You’d be surprised on just how much aircraft fuel is kept in the far north. Just about everyone and his uncle is a bush pilot. In this scenario, the North Dakota missile silos would be rendered useless unless intercontinental ballistics are involved. To prevent a successful conquest of Canada, US fighter squadrons along with a standing army would have to be dug in across the far north other than just in Alaska.
            Again, good luck with the southern border dilemma, which it very much is. ……………Cheers!

          • rattyxv

            Mike – we’re done. Your unshakeable self belief, regardless of the facts you have to deal with, is not something I’m going to be able to overcome. Have a nice life son.

          • Mike Elliott

            You to dad. Cheers! Enjoy it while you can and forget about having offspring, I did years ago when I realized all of the incompetence out there was only into things for themselves.

          • jack

            Its obvious your not a military strangest or you would know Russia would have no trouble landing in the far North with troops and supplies. Russia would not send missiles the long way across the oceans when they are so close to us in the North

  • jafo

    Canada is ruled by the Queen. Hence, she has dissolved your parliament 3 times in the past 8 years. She’s even on your money and she has to declare war for Canada. You’re not even a real country. You’re just a country on training wheels. Here in America, we like to call Canada: Northern Michigan. The Canadian Gov General appointed by the Queen rules Canada. And she rules your parliament as well.
    Canada is pathetic!! You never fought the British for your freedom. Atleast we did. Enjoy your Queen, lol. My gosh this is 2014 and you still have a Queen? hahaha. Grow up Canada..

    • Xaider

      Canada is more sane than the U.S, that says something.

      • Jack Everett

        Very true unfortunately.

    • Janice Nielsen

      And you’re an idiot. We have our own constitution just like you. The Queen neither rules us NOR appoints the Governer General. But please remember one thing WE BURNED YOUR WHITEHOUSE AND DEFEATED YOU IN WAR AND WE WILL DO IT AGAIN.

    • Conspiracy_Fax


  • dano

    Long Live The Canadian Band Rush-

  • Airborn1

    What are these guys smoking?
    I hear they have recruited Killer Tomatoes.

  • jeffrey

    That’s right USA you should be scared. 99% of Canadians have already learned the American language. We have been secretly invading you for years, we have been infiltrating your NHL and now your NBA we have even been attempting to steal a NFL team from you. We have strategically been placing our actors in your Hollywood. You have been poisoned by our high alcohol content beer leaving you defenseless the following day. Our war with you comes from the inside of your country you have nothing to fear from the border. Think about that the next time you tow our navy home.

    • eyetheenk

      Your American language is English by name and origin, but neither of you has yet mastered it. Good work, but could do better and must try harder. B+.

  • jake

    Canada is prepared for an invasion, we have the metric system, that will slow down the Generals while they recalculate, we have booby trapped our roads and streets with potholes, that will stifle the convoys, we have highly accurate maps of our landscapes, they will never figure them out, and of course we have Canadian bacon, it will clog every artery, and heart valve, in the invading troops, and then we have the Canadian underground, they will engage the Americans in friendly games of hockey, and hip check them until they are disabled, and as a secret weapon, if they buy goods from us, we will tax them to the hilt, and in no time they will be broke, and they will have to go home in ignominious defeat and humiliation.

  • ArthurPaliden

    If the US military does not have a plan to seize Canadian resources and especially energy infrastructure in time of conflict then someone needs to be fired.

    (Am a Canadian)

  • Mike Elliott

    So I am an idiot in your opinion. A typical cheap shot from from one with the mind of an arrogant loser. You have only sealed your fate on who you are and on what you say; immature drivel. You lack taste so you quickly substitute with hateful ignorance and excuses.

    Listen to your seniors: “Never ever sh*t up. You have done enough of it here.”

  • appaulled

    This has come up a number of times and Canadians would be naive to believe there is no plan. The last time this plan was raised, the USA stated there was a plan in the event of Canada was conquered, so they could ” liberate ” Canada.

  • jack

    You know nothing about the war of 1812 and are just acting like a troll.

  • jack


  • tom_billesley

    Remember the Maine.

  • Ray

    What is all the fuss ABOOT? LOL!!!!

  • Steven Fay

    Lol , just a joke, but i must admit them Canadians i know are right grumpy aggressive people not to be trusted. The only ones i know play poker at POKERSTARS.

  • Xaider

    As a Brit, screw the U.S I’ll goto Canada myself and help them. Canada deserve way more recognition for their part in the WW’s, Americans like to take all credit with their huge ego.

  • Ian Young

    Would the Canadians accept a declaration of war if a French version wasn’t also sent?

    • Janice Nielsen

      LOL probably not.

  • Conspiracy_Fax

    After you all finally stop laughing, I will direct your attention to the burned wall in the White house from when Canada invaded and successfully burned the WHITE HOUSE!

    Don’t believe me? Just means you are uneducated in history. In fact there are studies that directly link lower education and IQ with increased sense of superiority.

  • Faisal Rashid

    Wake up guys. Of course the US would invade Canada for economic reasons if push came to shove. As one other commentator (Mike Elliott) has already noted there already is a mechanism for the US to (legally) invade Canada. He appears to imagine however that the US would only do that to defend Canada or to help prop-up it’s internal security. Huh! Never once in it’s existence did the US (administration) do anything for any other country unless there was something (and something big) in it for the US of A; and the agreement between the US and Canada is a very strange one. It doesn’t even require the Canadian parliament to approve the “helping US hand”! It only requires the Canadian Military to invite them in – a point which I find very strange. This means that if the Canadian people have an argument with their Government, then the Canadian Military can call in US troops without recourse to the Parliament. Of course, no-one would ever want to have any aggressive action between our two countries, but (like Switzerland) it is always a good idea to exist in a high state of defense against any possibility. War only occurs when one country imagines that it can dominate another country which has resources that are valuable. The real reason why the border between Canada and the US is relatively open and certainly peaceful is to do with the psyche of the Canadian people – they are pretty easy-going people with a good social security and (free) health system etc. The same cannot be said for the US side where it is a dog-eat-dog system which is already under tremendous stress. It wouldn’t take much more pressure to cause it to fold with unknown consequences. Hopefully something will avert any serious social breakdown in the (good ole’) US of A

  • Fenton Slo

    Canada has been at asymmetrical warfare with the United States since the first shock troops led by Mary Pickford invaded Hollywood during the last century. Massed waves of Canadian comedians have now completely overrun the American movie industry and “Americans” have been rudely shunted aside as an armageddon style showdown gets under way between Canadians and Mexicans to see who will pick up all the marbles that the US has been losing for so long now.

  • marc broussard

    Now I’m really scared. It was all a big joke til I heard about an invading Canada.

  • josh_alexei

    We may have our differences, sometimes serious, just when PM Chretien did not agree with George W…”you’re with us or you’re with ‘saddam'” but we always find a way to settle it over Molson Canadian beer..

  • ivor a Emberton

    Interesting because in this event we would have to support Canada for god knows how many reasons , the main one being their loyalty every time we needed them so we are in their debt without doubt.

  • alejo mendoza garcia jr


  • alejo mendoza garcia jr


  • TONTO Hihosilver

    Surprising that, when they have invaded nearly every other country in the world either militarily or financially.

  • From Luddite Lodge

    The real problem is that whilst the border with Canada is secure, the border south is far from secure

  • greypoplar1

    It isn’t the Pentagon that needs to have a contingency plan for an invasion by Canada, it is Taylor Swift. Her competitor to the North, Béatrice Martin of Montreal (better known as Coeur de Pirate), who has already dominated Canadian popular music while singing in French, is preparing an album in English. She has already made some forays into the East Coast and California – see this concert in San Francisco in September 2013.

    Taylor would do well to watch this interview on CBC’s ‘Q’ in March 2014.

    Popular music in both the States and Great Britain is in a decline which is why Taylor Swift (who is talented) so easily dominates it. But Béatrice (who like Taylor was born in 1989) has several times her talent and is super-intelligent.

    And for those readers with more interest in politics than pop, watch Ms Martin between 7m30s and 9m10s in the interview. Her succinct but perfectly expressed replies about Quebec separatism show the views of her generation and explain the unexpectedly decisive electoral defeat of the PQ two weeks later. ‘Coeur de Pirate ends 47 years of Quebec separatism in 90 seconds’, you might say.

  • Milo Go

    Canadians are invading the southwest and the southeast every winter numbering in the millions with their RV.

  • Colin

    Canada also had a plan to invade the US in a pre-emptive strike and even sent 2 officers in the interwar period to update the plan. Canadian Militia did support Royal Marines on their attack on Washington.

  • Terry Field

    Did not General Curtis Lemay say he wanted to bomb Quebec back into the stone age because of the threat of French Fries to a nation consuming only Freedom Fries??????

  • Sonia Singh

    earn up to $5000 monthly on ht$t$p:// (remove $ sign and use the link)

  • Prometey Bezkrilov

    Well then let the general answer a few questions?
    1. Why foreign pervert agents are present in any
    Canadian airport and why are they touching the crotch of every Canadian who
    happens to fly even in transit through the United Security States of America?
    2. Why was Canada included in “Common security perimeter”?
    To me it sounds like a long common electric fence around a big Gulag
    3. Let’s see the stated goals for Northcom:

    …..protecting the territory and national interests
    of the United States within the contiguous United
    States, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico (and the air, land and
    sea approaches to these areas).
    I think the general is lying on record.

  • steven meleski

    Lookout……when U.S. needs Canada’s water resources, the kidding around will be over. California is in major drought. Canada has LOTS of water.


    Less than twenty years from now the United States under Mexico may well invade Canada. Reinforcing la Alianza Estratégica (strategic alliance) with México, the countries in Central and South America are already covertly encouraging, aiding and abetting Mexicans in their mission to reacquire Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah and take revenge by infiltrating “illegal immigrants” to become fifth columnists using the Spanish language as the weapon to divide and eventually galvanize separatist movements across America in a massive scheme to destroy the Anglo-Celtic built society from within. What is going on is the process of invasion, reoccupation and eventual reclamation.

  • Mack

    Canada is the only stable country in the Western hemisphere; why would they want that stereotype-sodden dullard Jafo or, really, any of us?

  • tweets21

    Geography is geography. Most geography we live with is a direct result of the British Empire, and then what was redone post WW 2. Canada was part of the Brit empire, and ended up having to co exist with the US ,who is for the most part something Canadians resent.

  • Tim

    It would be wise for the US to invade Canada. The invasion can start on a Friday morning ( no need to start too early )and end late evening on the same day. The US will have a tough time though as they will be meeting heavy resistance from Canadian bombardment in the form of Tim Horton doughnuts which will make the US advancing forces slow down. After which the population of Canada will sigh with relief from the current government senseless taxes and ridiculous insurance rates.

  • rachit

    any country which becomes a US stooge is bound to go to dumps……e.g. Mexico is a drug state, Pak is a terrorist state, Iraq is the most dangerous place on earth and so on….

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