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February 12, 2016

16 Senate Women Say ‘Run, Hillary, Run’ in 2016

With President Barack Obama’s approval ratings near a new low this week, the Democratic water-cooler talk is focusing especially early on hopes for 2016 — with the bulk of today’s attention on news that all 16 of the Senate’s Democratic women have written to Hillary Rodham Clinton, urging her to run.

The unanimity of the group means as many as three potential aspirants for the nomination would defer to the former secretary of State, adding to the sense of inevitability about her candidacy and to the expectation that her bid would essentially clear the Democratic field.

Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has been widely touted on the left as a worthy liberal alternative to Clinton, and she hasn’t explicitly ruled out such a candidacy. But the freshman senator’s signing of the letter appears to amount to such a demurral. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota have both publicly described themselves as Clinton supporters and have signaled they would shelve their White House aspirations if she ran next time. Their signatures lock those promises in place.

Another newsworthy signature comes from the dean of the female senators, Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland, because it means she’s not waiting for her state’s governor, Martin O’Malley, to formalize his presidential intentions before declaring her preference for someone else.

The letter was orchestrated by Barbara Boxer of California in early spring, only months after Obama’s second term began and Clinton left her Cabinet seat. It came just as the Ready for Hillary super PAC was being created by aides to her 2008 campaign in an effort to centralize the recruiting efforts. Clinton herself has said she won’t announce her intentions before next year.

The missive was intended to be a private message to the onetime New York senator from her former colleagues, and its text has not been disclosed. Its existence was revealed Monday by one of the signers, Kay Hagan of North Carolina. “All of the Senate Democratic women have written her a letter encouraging her to run,” she told a gathering of donors to EMILY’s List, part of a series of meetings the group is staging across the country to promote interest in a female Democratic candidate.

Two other prominent Democrats committed this week to supporting a Clinton candidacy: Rahm Emanuel, who left a power-player career in the House to become Obama’s first chief of staff and is now mayor of Chicago; and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California.

The boomlet of interest in 2016 comes as a series of recent surveys shows Obama’s average job approval rating once again slipping below 44 percent. It’s generally been above that benchmark since the summer, but it’s been dragged down by a welter of problems — spying by the National Security Agency, the balky approach toward Syria’s chemical weapons, the government shutdown and now the multifaceted troubles for the rollout of his health care law.

  • James

    Well now I am convinced that we should not elect anymore women to the Senate. These females must be a bunch of Lesbians or at least men haters to want a bloody terrorist traitor like Hillary to even claim to be a woman let alone run for President. This must be Hanoi Jane’s fan club a bunch of hand wringing necessary idiots. The only place Hillary should be running for is some country that we cannot get her from. I think Libya would be a nice place for her to run too. She might get elected there. I am serious, I will not vote for another woman for any office after hearing that these women want Hillary.

  • del


    16 Progressive Democrats who are missing a Y chromosome are urging her to run. This is not a clamoring by “women” in politics by any stretch of the imagination.

  • NotThatGullible

    Let’s be real. These women are out of touch with the country, and reality. Between her record as Secty of State, and Benghazi, Libya, she should never be allowed to hold political office again, let alone a “high office”.

    • lynda klodt

      I think these women are very much in touch with other professional women in this country. If a woman ran this country she would have put Congress in a locked room with NOTHING to eat until they hammered out an agreement! Enough of the white men woman haters!

      • NotThatGullible

        Lynda, first let’s not assume the race and gender of anyone here. Typical Leftists play the race and gender card anytime someone disagrees with them. Is that you?

        Furthermore, the progressives in charge hate their own ACA so much that they are the ones who shut down the government. If it were such a “good thing”, they would have signed up for it. They are exempt, yet they shove it down the throats of the 70% of the country who do not want it. These women are in touch with their own purses and wallets…that’s about it.

  • gma14

    I know a guy that has a bumper sticker on his front bumper of his HUGE Dodge diesel truck–It says “RUN, HILLERY RUN”

  • moscoa

    Hilary’s baggage is enormous. Benghazi is substantive and still simmering, despite attempts to repress the story. And the fallout from Obamacare is likely to seriously shift the Democrat center of gravity away from the left by the time ‘16 rolls around. Outside the inbred establishment, Hilary’s chances are small and shrinking.

    • tpartynitwit

      Feh, keep shtupping that Benjizzle Chicken, pal. No one outside the RWNJ bubble cares. BawwwwwwwwwwwK!


    A President’s job is to protect Citizens. Checking her record, she let four Citizens die in Bengazi, “What difference does it make” will be her campaign slogan…….I’ll feel really safe knowing she’s protecting me…..NOT….Epic FAIL…….

  • Wuthie

    I can’t think of one Republican Hillary can’t beat except maybe Christie. That would be a tight race. They both have baggage. Hillary’s is know Christie’s will be more public if he decides to run.

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