Roll Call: Latest News on Capitol Hill, Congress, Politics and Elections
February 6, 2016

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6:37 p.m.
The Public’s Pox on Washington Deepens
11:53 a.m.
Shutdown Looks Inevitable Unless Boehner Changes His Mind
8 p.m.
Whither Immigration Overhaul? Big Dreams Are Made on Such Little Stuff
11:59 a.m.
What If Ted Cruz Had Read ‘The Little Engine That Could’?
6:29 p.m.
Ted Cruz Showed He Can Talk the Talk, but His Walk Is Harder to Measure
11:55 a.m.
Gridlock in Congress Leads to 3-Cent Hike in Postal Stamps
6:01 p.m.
CR Timeline Gives Appropriators a ‘Jingle Bells’ Endgame
11:53 a.m.
Senate Democrats Eye a Third Fall Showdown
5:54 p.m.
Senators Want Obama to Hold Hard Line on Iran, Confident He’s on the Same Page
12:01 p.m.
House GOP Sets Up Staredown With Obama Over Debt Limit
8 p.m.
Inside the Inconsistent Way Congress Would Implement Its Share of Any Shutdown
11:10 a.m.
Food Stamp Vote Shows GOP Leadership Challenge
12:01 p.m.
DeLay Wins Appeal of Charges That Forced Him From GOP Pinnacle
6:12 p.m.
Shutdown-Averting Endgame Buys All Sides a Second Play
Shutdown Prospects Soar as Obama, GOP Square Off
6:13 p.m.
Day of Indecision Doesn’t Bode Well for Decisions to Come
6:13 p.m.
The 50 Richest Are Different, Yes, Even From Other Members of Congress
12:09 p.m.
50 Richest Are Different From You and the Rest of Congress
8 p.m.
Bachmann’s Cautionary Tale: Sweat the Small Stuff, or Pay the Price
11:47 a.m.
GOP’s Next Move Against Obama? Judicial Wars, Round II
5:53 p.m.
After Bowing to Congress on Syria, Then Pulling Back, Will Obama Ever Return?
11:59 a.m.
Shutdown or Default: Which Road Will House GOP Choose?
6:04 p.m.
Were They Aiming for the Dome on Sept. 11? A Capitol Myth That’s Hard to Shake
11:51 a.m.
New Consensus in Budget Wars: Truce Until Dec. 15
5:51 p.m.
Razorback’s Edge: Why Are Arkansas Rivals Split on Syria?
8 p.m.
Rand Paul-Chris Christie Feud Gets a New Jersey ‘What Sup Witch Yew?’
5:38 p.m.
On Syria, McConnell Remains Lone Hill Leader on the Fence
12:19 p.m.
Ahead of Hearing, Solid Support for Syria Strike at Senate Foreign Relations
8 p.m.
GOP Missed an Opportunity in Skipping MLK March Anniversary

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