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February 7, 2016

Ted Cruz Showed He Can Talk the Talk, but His Walk Is Harder to Measure

Cruz leaves the Senate chamber after his 21-hour speech that ended Wednesday. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Cruz leaves the Senate chamber after his 21-hour speech that ended Wednesday. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Ted Cruz undeniably secured a spot in the annals of senatorial theatrics at the stroke of noon Wednesday, when parliamentary inevitability required him to yield the floor after 21 hours and 19 minutes.

Other than applause from a modest collection of fellow Republicans, did he gain much of genuine worth for his considerable talk-a-thon troubles? The ledger of political costs and benefits looks close to impossible to push toward balance.

Not so for his likely presidential rivals, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, whose mastery of the Senate juggling act looks pretty good by comparison.

About the clearest good for Cruz was that he emphatically made good on the promise at the heart of his campaign last year for the open seat in Texas: He would not go to Washington to make friends but to shake up the capital’s outdated ways of doing business.

His insistence on acting out his Mr. Smith fantasy, without any hope of stopping the continued funding for Obamacare, spawned glib talk about a new entry for the procedural playbook: the faux-libuster. But that approach earned him not a single visible additional Senate ally, while prompting the already considerable disdain for him in the Republican as well as Democratic cloakrooms to spread and intensify.

(The nine senators who helped him out on the floor — with speeches masking as questions that allowed Cruz to give his vocal chords an occasional break — were the same tea party types who have been part of his coterie all year.)

And the provocative jabs Cruz took at the strategies (and strategists) from both parties amid his “Green Eggs and Ham” meanderings drew bipartisan complaints that someone had been allowed in the club who could drag its collective reputation still lower by coarsening deliberative discourse in the Senate as never before.

An informal online adage, known as “Godwin’s law,” holds that the first person to make a Nazi analogy is considered to have lost the argument. By that standard, Cruz’s red card came just half an hour in — although anyone who hadn’t tuned in yet got a chance on Wednesday to hear a particularly exorcised John McCain repudiate his fellow Republican for likening lawmakers willing to acquiesce in the implementation of Obamacare to the Hitler appeasers of the 1930s.

Outside the Capitol, though, Cruz’s stagecraft had some tangible benefits. His visage dominated cable news coverage of the budget showdown for a dozen news-hour cycles, during which hardly a slick hair on his 42-year-old head slipped out of place and his sky-blue Windsor knot slipped only a little off his white collar. His black tennis shoes, not the ostrich cowboy boots he normally favors at big moments, kept him looking comfortably in command at the podium all through the night. In other words, Cruz got the footage of vigorous anti-establishment determination he’ll want in the initial television spots for his coming presidential campaign.

Saying essentially the same thing over and over around the clock, while keeping the passion level high and making the rhetoric sound forever fresh, was also terrific practice for the stump speeches he’ll be making in early primary states two years from now.

And by gaining 20,000 new Twitter followers while holding forth — with aides tweeting on his behalf back at the office — Cruz crested 153,000 and surpassed the total for state Sen. Wendy Davis, the other Texas politician who used a filibuster this year to propel her national profile. (Her opposition to abortion restrictions has made her the Democrats’ favored gubernatorial candidate next year.)  That social-media win was another reminder that national political followings aren’t generated the way they used to be, and Cruz knows what works now.

But followers aren’t the same as donors. And there was no indication that #MakeDCListen had anything remotely close to the fundraising success of Kentucky’s Rand Paul, who raised almost $100,000 for the Senate GOP campaign organization during his 12-hour, 52-minute #StandwithRand actual filibuster in March — to promote the much more niche cause of preventing drone strikes on American citizens in the United States.

The fact that Cruz is nominally among the leaders of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and Paul isn’t only underscores how the Kentuckian has been able to make his crusade a clear political winner, as well as a policy victory, in ways to which Cruz hardly appears to aspire. (The Justice Department gave Paul the written promise he wanted.)  Paul’s reputation these days is that he’s remained just collegial enough to stay on the team without being co-opted by it — willing to take on his leadership without personally vilifying  them.

Now comes Florida’s Marco Rubio, the third senator eyeing the 2016 Republican nomination, who may have benefited most from the Cruz crusade. He and Paul both lent their names and not a small amount of their time to their rival’s C-SPAN2 show, though both avoided Cruz’s temptations to join in criticizing the establishment. Rubio’s contributions were more timely, though, because many in the tea party crowd have come perilously close to abandoning him after his decisive role in the Senate’s path-to-citizenship immigration compromise.

Rubio was comfortable enough in his political skin to slip away from the Senate on Tuesday night — to get to a Capitol Hill Club fundraiser for Gov. Terry E. Branstad of first-caucus-in-the-nation Iowa. Cruz, another scheduled headliner, was pinned down elsewhere by his own devices.

That may foreshadow the Senate’s new presidential campaign dynamic. If Rubio never sees fit to mount a profile-raising filibuster of his own, it will mean the place won’t have to be held hostage to every aspirant’s morality play.

  • tpartynitwit

    Tedious Ted, the Nudnik of the North, could blow away Paul’s dollar totals for Paul’s actual filibuster if Cruz charged $200,00 for the opportunity to kick him in the cubes. That would be undoubtedly popular on both side of the aisle, and tie up public transport services for days.

  • pragmatist3

    Ted Cruz handed the Democratic Party 21 hours of video. This performance will win him some primaries but the 100 spot ads it spawns will make him a laughingstock

  • Alexis

    Mr. Hawkings – it was Cruz’ “criticism of the establishment’ – that is his ABSOLUTE TICKET TO RISE ABOVE RUBIO – IN A HEARTBEAT; Rubio has already lost his credibility with the ‘potential electorate to put a GOP in office’.. Rising above Paul, is a misnomer. Paul has a limitation that Cruz does not have – as the trick of winning the 2016 election is totally out of the hands of anyone who cannot conquer the following set of circumstances:

    Paul is not as ‘marketable’ for several reasons – all of them mentally and morally positive, however, one physical characteristic is not easily overcome in this situation: His physical appearance and personality style.)

    Going up against Hillary Clinton is a psychological-fight above everything else, it is to do battle for the ‘imagination of a dull-minded electorate’. They are driven by ‘imageries’, that they automatically ‘obey’. They do not rationally reason about anything, they are highly ‘visually’ and ‘personality’ oriented: They understand brutality, tyranny, and deprivation. Paul’s persona is quite the opposite – but, Hillary’s ‘is that’, in spades. Cruz’ is powerfully ‘immovable’ – some of which is his persona (as is Paul’s), but much of which is his physicality; body density – size/height, facial features – his jaw, nose, and mouth ’emit the energy radiation’ of a mind that is ‘fiercely determined’. This ‘message’ emanates from their ‘shape and form’, as well as the ‘energy of their proportionate distance and angles, one to the other’.

    ‘Physicality’ is ‘matter’ – all gross matter is ‘of a solid physical form’, All human ‘form’ radiates the energy of ‘The Mind’ that ‘hosts it’. This is a subject that is anything but superficial, as ‘that Mind’ consists of layers of the accumulation of relativistic Mind-Stuff – “Mental Energies” – of eons of Time, which comprise the ‘Mind’s cumulative profile, which is one’s ‘psyche’ – from the beginning of Time – and which define the ranges of every organism’s ‘Mind-Consciousness-State’ – before Consciousness of indiviudality and thru it, to its eventual evolution of ‘Consciousness of Self as The Whole of the entire Cosmogony of existence’..

    They are both impersonal and personal; they determine our race, and all of our genealogical histories, as well as all of our individual psycho-emotional history(s)…. They are that which are the catacombs of the SpaceTime ‘Memory Bank’ of the Cosmogony of all that has been ‘thought’ – which data lies within the Nervous System of every organism, unconsciously – and forms the ‘energy story’ of our ‘individual’ cerebral-spinal state, which we experience ‘consciously’ only superficially, at the very top of this ‘golden braid': Our, ‘this life’s most recent subconscious memories’,

    This is only a superficial layer of our indivdual Mind-Stuff': Behind that is ‘buried’ deeper layers of our individual cumulative Memories that are our ‘unconscious-self’ memories – both in this life and that which we’ve inherited ‘from the past’, which constitutes the infinity of energies that rise to the surface as each human being’s ‘persona’ – as his instincts, his intelligence level, his psycho-dynamic state – and his physicality; they have determined ‘the form of his physical body, and his facial features’ – at the time of conception..

    In summary it is all of this that constitutes the Story of Evolution – of a single Particle of ‘Energy’, making its evolutionary ‘energy-levlel’ way through the journey of levels of intelligence-states, to become ‘conscious of ‘being’ – an ‘individual’ self. It is the journey from the beginning of Time to ‘complete itself in our Psyche – at some point of our personal evolution – within the ‘collective that is our human-kind, within the universe of our planet, within our universe’s cosmology – finally, to our attainment of ‘Consciousness of consciousness': ‘of BE-ing IT – consciously’ – having used our Will Force to consciously ‘return to our Cause – ‘Idea’. We have returned to ‘our Cause’ thru the evolutionary process of having consciously ‘inversed the Mind’s energies’, from a 3-dimensional construct throughout its drama to elliptically-return, from The Square of ‘our perception of Time and Space’ to ‘Consciousness of self as the singular: Whole’: The Grand Unified Field. Until then, we are as Kipling described, in The Gods of the Copybook Headings”, “the dog that returns to its vomit”.

    Debates about ‘form’ and ‘structure’ have existed since Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle – to modern-day Particle Physics theory, While, ‘fine matter’ is massless – unlike gross-matter it is without form, but has ‘structure’ in the Platonic and Pythagorean sense. It is ‘the energy level of the cerebro-spinal system, the nervous system where all of its product is stored: ‘Thought and its relative dynamic, Emotion’.. All ‘physical form’ is an energy that is precise to the physical diameters of the energy of its form, and of its relative aspects to the ‘form’ of its function.

    The transition between these Energy-state dynamics,is ‘feeling'; that is perceived to be ‘in the body’, and ‘in the Mind when the body is in pain or is experiencing pleasure’. Feeling is experienced ‘in the Mind’ when It is experiencing pleasure or fear relative to its ‘perceived’ gain or loss of that which is the subconscious Mind’s perspective of its physical self, as a unit of its greater self: Its ‘projected self-body': Society. Only the Mind registers pain and pleasure – which is registered at a level that is relative to the State of Mind-Consciousness of the individual.(*). How much of which in each individual, depends on the energy-level of the individual’s Mind-Consciousness-state – inter-and-intra dynamically.

    (*) Recall that a ‘pill’ of a mind-numbing substance, or alcohol, drugs – ‘block awareness of body pain’. While other drugs block ‘Mind pain’ – from registering the body’s and the mind’s pain. Regardless, the ’cause of, and life-cycle of that pain does not go away with ‘mind-numbing products': It is “THE MIND, ITSELF THAT IS THE CAUSE OF THE PAIN – and, accordingly, until that Mind is healed the Psycho-dynamic pathology of ‘that Mind’s illness’ will not go away. On the contrary, it has ‘a life of its own – relativistically – It will cumulatively become a greater and greater illness – unconscously – until it has modified other aspects of your Mind’s and Body’s functions. ‘Physical illness’ is nothing but the ‘reflection of The Mind’s illness – in some imbalanced aspect of The Mind’s psychodynamic state, which ‘is its Mind-Consciousness-Energy State’. .

    All such ‘energy messages’ radiating invisibly, to the human eye – from an organism, that possesses Mental Purpose, unconsciously as the programmed energies of Memories prompting the unconscousn mind ‘to act’ – are more ‘real than is any cyber-transmission between individuals. Those whose consciousness is of an intelligence energy-level to experience that message intuitively, ‘see, hear, smell, taste, and can touch’ that energy ‘intuitively’ – and recognize the ‘psycho-dynamic level of ‘its origin’.

    Simultaneously, all whose ‘conscoiusness-state’ is ‘not of an energy range of intuitive intelligence’ will not ‘get that message consciously’, but, ‘will FEEL its energy subliminally’ – which will ’cause him to re-act positively or negatively to the Energy ‘that IS The Message’.(*). How it is experienced, depends on the ‘receiver’s Mind-Energy-state’, on the scale of positive/negative energy ‘relative to The – Energy – Message’ – and, relatitve to the higher-level-Energy to which the lower range is ‘subject’. These are inter-and-intra-dynamic functions ‘of The Mind’s infinite scale of Consciousness-capacity.

    (*) McLuhan was a Thinker, ahead of his time – as was the Great Mind, EP – his close friend even throughout the St. Elizabeth years. His authorship of “The medium IS the message” was his understanding of this phenomena..
    Individuals such as Einstein, and so many other great, incredibly intelligent Minds, live their lives ‘intuiting’ then ‘proving’ the ‘energy messages they experience FROM WITHIN THEMSELVES, FROM A HIGHER-LEVEL-CONSCIOUSNESS-STATE – ENERGY LEVEL – THAN IS THEIR ORDINARY ‘COGINITIVE STATE OF MIND’. (It’s the Evolutionary Scale BETWEEN To Be or Not to Be).

    Bohr’s definition of this drama is said best: “Nothing exists until it is measured”

    These individuals who are not of an intelligence level to ‘think rationally’ are now the majority of the American populace. They function from the ‘observer perspective’ of their Mind’s lower-level energy-state – which is 100% a ‘subjective’ ‘obersver point': It is one dimensional: “Me”. They have no broader template of intelligence range – they are unable to ‘see themselves objectively’ – consequently, they have no ‘otherness’ perspective about themselves, from which to view themselves in a relative dynamic with others, from another’s perspective.

    Consequently, everything they experience either ‘feels good or feels bad’. There is no ‘reasoning between these two poles from a higher level of self-dynamic to ‘reason about WHY’ something does or does not feel good. They simply ‘react in/from an autonomic pre-programmed ‘motion-dynamic’ of that which is the ‘energy-level of their brain’s present evolutionary state’ – per its psychological programming which is each individual’s brain ‘mapping’.

    These individuals who comprise the electorate of the U.S. who are the ‘straw votes’ that ‘confirmed a sufficient number of votes to cover up the fraud that put Obama in the Presidency’ – are merely background for the ‘real power’ that put Obama in the Presidency, They are ‘the graphics’ that obscure the facts, and as such they are ‘courted with Goodies’, as more are imported from our Southern borders, and from nations that will supply more “dumb” human-units to keep this cover expanding until it has taken over the entire country with its deceit. This is what the JFK/RFK-inspired 1965 Immigration Reform Act was designed to accomplish for the eventual ‘dumbing down’ of America – in order to confirm a ‘moat’ of creatures, to perform an unconscious purpose of ‘creating a dictator’ – thru the seasons of ‘social democracy’/’social justice’, – laying the groundwork for ‘social and economic Marxism’, which naturally converts from Communism to Fascism – just as it did in the Weimar Republic – producing Hitler. .

    These individuals, whether U.S-born or not – get their messages of ‘how to vote’ by ‘sensations’, they react to visuals and ‘articualtions’ that stimulate their five senses. These are the messages that are of their level of intellgence that are instinctually ‘self-preservation’. Their ‘self’ is at the evolutionary level of ‘a physical form'; they’ve no sense of ‘self’ as a ‘Mental-dynamic’ of a cognitive range of intelligence capable of observing their animalistic-lower-range ‘unconsciousness of individual-self’ instincts. It does not occur to them — they just act on their instincts.of (physical) ‘self-preservation’. No concerns about their Mind’s ‘preservation’ because they are not sufficiently evolved on the scale of human evolution, to ‘experience the Mind as a tool of a higher-level capability to preserve their physical body, than is the ‘tool’ that is their physical body': They ‘use the body to attack’, and by instinct only – rather than ‘using the Mind’. They are still at an evolutionary level that is not cerebrally fully-developed to the higher levels of Mind-Intelligence: To use The Mind to discriminate and make choices, with the calculus of forethought of consequences.

    ‘Animals’ do not possess the ‘reflective consciousness’ dynamic of creatures of a higher cerebral evolution – they do not ‘think of the consequences’ of their behaviors, positive or negative. They do not possess the capacity to ‘strategize from all four corners of The Box’. These individuals are of a Barbarian intellgience state – which is not said quite rightly. Charlemagne was ‘a Barbarian’ and a unique figure in mankind’s evolution. Revised: They are to pre-historic creatures, what a Cro-Magnon was to a Neanderthal. .They will experience the pain and suffering of deprivation and of life on the periphery of society’s vortex, until they have suffered enough to ‘choose to change themselves, in order to change their circumstances’. They will ‘learn to think’ – as infants learn to walk.

    They are human-rodents, on a scale of comparison to individuals of a more highly evolved intelligence range;.They do not have a capacity of intellectual knowledge from which to counter their Barbarian instincts – they simply ‘react’ first to visual,and auditory stimulus – then to ‘touch’ – as well to olfactory stimulus – lastly to taste… Everything passes their blood-brain barrier and goes straight to their subconscious-mind’s emotion-state – undigested..

    Obama is not intelligent enough to cognitively understand the foregoing, but by an instinct he is primitively programmed to use all of the instincts of ‘Primitive Man and the Beast of the Jungle’. This is the evolutionary level of The Mind’s total ‘unconsciousness of Itself’ – beyond a sub-conscious promitive instinct of a one-dimensional need that is the body’s preservation-dynamic: Hunt, kill, eat. Consequently his ‘self-preservation instincts are dwarfed at his physical being’!

    This is the psychological ‘key’ to the success of an Obama, and a Hitler – and, will be Hillary’s – ‘if’ – a stronger Mind-Energy does not ‘lift the dull-minds of America’s dominant culture today, to a higher-energy level, by sheer force of ‘being of a higher energy level’ – himself. Both Cruz and Paul – are – however, the Q is whether ‘their Positive Energy is more powerful than is Hillary’s Negative Energy. The Titanomachy – the great battle of the Immortals, we know as the War of the Titans is the allegory of this battle. The battle of the older Titans against the young Olympians, between Mt. Othrys and Mt. Olympus – before the existence of mankind, is the mythology of The War between Positive/Negative Forces – as told in The Story of Physics, and The Story of Krishna and Arjuna in Sanskrit literature – among other examples in literature.

    How do you think Obama got himself elected in ’08? It was by using all of those psychological ‘tricks’, which he copied straight from Hitler’s staged ‘psycho-dramas’ – and, as well, by using their respective occult practices (a major part of their strategy – which the public knows nothing about; Hitler lived by such practices, as we know – Obama is doing the same, ‘as we don’t know’ – but, was overwhelmingly obvious in his entire campaign to ’08). . It is an ‘energy principle’, at work; The principle of its action is impartial, ‘who’ is using it, and for what end, is what defines whether it is positive or negative. ‘It’ falls to Newton’s Laws of Energy – no matter who, what or where; it’s an ‘Energy-dynamic Principle of Motion’. The ‘Mind’ is what accelerates it; the ‘state of consciousness of ‘that Mind’ is what determines the level of the energy ‘at work’.

    Obama and Hitler have used it to destroy humanity to the extent possible. You are using your ‘powerful energy’ for good. Hitler’s, Obama’s, and Hillary’s natural energy is powerfully negative – intent on ‘destorying all that is positive and good in humanity’. (They have all 3 taken their cues from Albert Pike’s “Lucifer” instructions, of 150 years ago – predicted by him specifically about ‘this time period in the life of the U.S. – and, the globe.’.).

    These individuals,who are subject to such programming, can’t handle ‘opposition’, they are masochistic, as well as sadistic – they will lie down like puppies on their backs, paws stretched upward, to avoid being beaten.- though they ‘love being beaten’. They are masochistic, remember – it is all part of the role play that makes them feel that they ‘do exist’. Without that, they have no feedback from society, as they are psycho-emotionally programmed only to be ‘abused’ – and, ‘to abuse’ when they have the opportunity. They are the extreme of a co-dependent psyche. .Hillary has that effect on them – and, incidentally, she ‘loves it’! She is the other extreme of a co-dependent psyche. It is ‘her subconscious pattern to abuse’. (Consider her sexual orientation, which is merely acting-out those deviant psycho-dynamic patterns in her psyche). Though it isn’t Cruz’ intent to beat them, they do not know that, they do not ‘think’, they just react to visual prompters.

    The psychological task is to out-do Hillary’s ‘natural brute image’. They love ‘brutes’ – witness the brutality they’ve grovelled in to lap up Obama’s abuse of them – while he placates them with ‘give-aways’ – no jobs, no respect, just food stamps and free phones.

    We don’t want to be doing ‘give-aways’ – but, Hillary is. To counter-that-subconscious emotional deficit with ‘that crowd’, it is critical – ‘psychologically’ – to bowl them over with the sheer force of an imagery that they will naturally submit to’. These are not cerebrally-driven creatures, they are of a herd-mentality, accustomed to being rounded up with lassoos and whips, then led to a trough for their chow. Hillary does that naturally. Cruz will not, but ‘they will think that he does’ – just by the sheer force of his physical imagery combined with his strong will-force.

    He has a good shot at this – ‘if’ – he refrains from ‘praising Caesar’!!! That was the dumbest thing he’s done so far: Obama is still alive, for God’s sake. He needs to take a cue from Brutus. He ‘came to bury Caesar’ not to praise him. First, as Sun Tzu said, his job is to kill his enemy, then bury him – then, if there’s some compulsion left in him to praise him – or ‘her’ in this event – ‘bury it’. As W.C. Fields said, “no use being a damned fool about it”. But, then, he was talking about ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try again – and if you fail, then, give up…no use being a damned fool about it’. We aren’t expecting Cruz to not succeed.… “A BOUDICA POINT OF VIEW: Take No Prisoners”

  • Defend Liberty

    If we examine the contrast between liberty and servitude, we discover that the “negative” sense of liberty does not reduce its desirability.

  • Defend The Constitution

    It is impossible to understand our complex, distributed, technologically-driven modern civilization without recognizing that each of us is ignorant regarding almost every facet of it.

  • George Allegro

    While today’s Internet technology enables the principles of morality, liberty, and prosperity to spread as never before, its imagery also unleashes the anti-social passion of envy from its moral cage.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Our emotions are exploited relentlessly by those who oppose liberty & understand the manipulative power of the mass-TV-media.

  • jwhitehawke

    ‘Theatrical’? Senator Cruz brought the many of the talking points to light on people working 29 hour jobs thanks to Obama declaring 30 hours as full time. Tens of thousands of workers and retirees lost the health care ‘o’ said would still be an option as congress accepted it. As Americans are becoming more informed by new congressmen who support their constituents
    AND our constitution. You who like big govt, big debt and the destruction of our way of life; what can I say but go f*ck yourself.

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