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March 30, 2015

A Sugar Tax? Rosa DeLauro Wants One.

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DeLauro. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Just in time for the closing of a comment period on proposed new rules on nutrition labels on most packaged food products, Connecticut Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro weighed in with a letter to the FDA encouraging the plan to keep added sugar as a stand-alone line on the proposed food nutrition labels. It wasn’t her only proposal this week on keeping the sweet ingredient in check.

DeLauro also introduced legislation that would add a 1-cent-per-teaspoon tax on sugar and caloric sweeteners.

The measure would use the money raised by the tax to fund initiatives to “reduce the human and economic costs of obesity, diabetes, dental problems and other health conditions related to sugar-sweetened beverages,” DeLauro said.

Here’s an online conversation from the TED organization about sugar taxes. The National Institutes of Health also released an analysis in November 2013 of the potential effects of a sugar tax on obesity.

  • Paul Wolf

    She really looks demented and her actions only reaffirm it!

  • Cy Nout

    The US government’s debt on January 19, 2001 was 5.7 trillion dollars.

  • billjcanada

    My list of politician that need to have anything that may kill them to occur gets longer by the day. Here is a short suggestion to any current or future politicians. SHUT THE HECK UP AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS BEFORE YOU BECOME A ENDANGERED SPECIES. What I or anyone else drinks, eats, smokes breathes or does is none of your business.

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