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May 29, 2015

Obama’s Snack Comments Upstage White House Nutrition Dinner


The president gets a cone at a shop in St. Paul, Minn., in June. He went “off message” about ice cream during a White House event on school nutrition standards. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

First lady Michelle Obama is battling GOP congressional appropriators over possible changes to her effort to overhaul nutrition standards in the federal school lunch program. Roll Call’s Cady Zuvich reported on the recent “Kids’ State Dinner” at the White House, which touted the new USDA school nutrition standards:

“And while the vast majority of the schools are doing just fine with these new standards, those few complaining voices happen to be the loudest voices and they’re getting the most attention right now,” the first lady said at the third annual Kids’ State Dinner, slamming Congress for “undoing some of the progress” made.

The No. 1 resident of the White House might be a little bit counterproductive, too. CQ Roll Call Philip Brasher notes that President Barack Obama went “off message” at the school nutrition event with comments about his fondness for snacks and ice cream.

  • somyakomya

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  • gezzr

    ““And while the vast majority of the schools are doing just fine with these new standards,” I think this is a “Clintonian LIE” (repeated LONG and LOUD enough by the speaker and the press, such that it seemingly becomes truth?) that Mooselle keeps telling herself to reinforce HER power grab of the US Education Agency! Schools either have abandoned “HER” guidelines or NEVER implemented them… She lives in a world that she is the Red Queen!!!

    • chynna

      PLEASE get a grip on reality. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you let go for your fixation of hate and bigotry for even minutes you might be capable of rational thought and logic.

      There NEVER was any power grab, there were SUGGESTION on eating healthy. Sad that the morons in the USA cannot even take any suggesting without getting bent out of shape for years at a time.

      • Steve

        Chynna…what they did is not a “suggestion”. They have MANDATED that EVERY public school MUST serve certain items and not serve certain items. These are rules imposed on the schools by the USDA. Among other things, they have restricted the biggest fund raiser that every school uses, bake sales. These are NOT suggestions. If you do not follow the rules, they will take away funding.
        I suggest that you actually do a little research before your post next time.

        • sontaron
        • JustMe2013

          I think it is digesting.. I bought shares in insulin manufactures based on what was being provided in schools… how that is changing, my entire portfolio is under risk.

          • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

            LOL. A very good one.

        • fuzzball

          So? Let them ear nutritious food at school. Keep in mind 99% of the problem is what they eat at home, not at school

        • heatherGirl

          If schools do not follow the guidelines they loose federal money…….. that is hardly a “suggestion”.

          • Feathers

            Exactly! SMH. Somebody left the box of Idiots open… 21 people actually “liked” Chynna’s post!

        • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

          You write: “They have MANDATED that EVERY public school MUST serve certain items and not serve certain items. These are rules imposed on the schools by the USDA.” So, I gather the ‘they’ is the USDA. Where does Mrs Obama’s ‘power grab’ kick in? Does anyone have documentation to this effect? Please post here.

          • Feathers

            WHO, the hell, do you think is behind it???

          • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

            Common sense, perhaps. Or statistics on the relationship between health and eating habits.

      • javier Reagan

        You live in the bogus world of Obamanism..mandates for the ruination of a once “great nation”

        • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

          This ‘nation’ could not have been that great if all it took was one man and approximately 6 years of ‘Obamanism’ for it’s ‘ruination’. Get a grip and start working towards positive goals rather than have scapegoats for the American electorate’s unwillingness to participate in the democratic process by voting!

      • remainderman

        Suggestions? Yeah, right. These people don’t make suggestions. It’s do it my way or that school loses funding. And why is it bigotry to disagree with tyrants? When Richard Nixon tried to grab power or when Jimmy Carter did, was speaking out against them racism? Wake up.

        • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

          Whatever happened to Pres Carter’s ‘power grab’? This question is keeping me awake at night. I last saw him grabbing a hammer to nail together a home for less fortunate people. Enquiring minds, etc.

          • remainderman

            So you respect Carter for building homes for humanity. Commendable, of course. But leadership required him to do what’s best for our nation. His response to our hostages being taken in Iran was to lock himself in the Rose Garden until they were released. His response to opec’s embargo was to tell Israel to leave the Sinai Peninsula. We had gas lines contributed to an “energy crisis” artificially created by Carter’s overall disdain for the US being a superpower. His long anti-isreal campaign is echoed by Obama. So my comment was more about ineptitude and putting his idealism ahead of what’s best for our country than his power-grabbing. Either way, criticizing a sitting president is not racism.

      • Glenn Beaton

        Actually, you’re wrong about that. The nutrition rules got imposed on the schools. The Fed Gov has the power to do that. Look it up.

        • allen goldberg

          Actually Glenn, the Feds EXTORTED PARTICIPATION from the states by withholding federal dollars due them. Typical Obama Chicago gangster tactics. And now that it has been revealed, the States are pushing back saying no….but please rave on…

      • allen goldberg

        YOU ARE WRONG. There was a definite attempt to extort this program into existence, but withholding federal dollars and forcing this program upon every school. As far as bigotry and hate goes, color is not the issue. If the program is asinine, I will say so. The color of the person is irrelevant.

        • heatherGirl

          They also compared the public school lunches under Michelle Obama’s plan……… with the lunches served at the private school the Obama children attend…….

          Guess which one looked edible?

          • allen goldberg

            uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..let me see….the private school????

      • allen goldberg

        And as usual, the libtard in the group responds with accusations of bigotry and hate. NO FACTS at all.

        • heatherGirl

          Amusing isn’t it? The same liberals who accuse people of hate with Obama in office…….. are the same liberals who hated Bush for eight years.

          Liberals oppose hate…. unless it is their own!

          • allen goldberg

            Amusing? NO. Hypocritical…yes and even stupid. Like we all would forget the nasty vulgar treatment 24/7 the libtards and the media ‘extended’ towards GWB….if they dared to apply the same scrutiny to this Fraud in the WH, the American public would be HORRIFIED!!!!

          • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

            Liberals did not ‘hate’ Pres Bush. They simply did not agree with what happened under his watch: War under false pretenses; interference in the CIA intelligence gathering operations (check the number of visits by Vice-Pres Cheney to CIA Head Quarters leading up to the Iraq war.); declaring ‘Mission Accomplished’ while it was a total lie and the Pres and his underlings knew that at the time. I can go on. Did anyone hear or see Congress people on the Democratic side disseminate attacks against Mrs Laura Bush’s physique? Please send me the ‘cartoon’ with Pres Bush being racially attacked. Which Congress people held a meeting on the day of Pres G W Bush’s inauguration in order to ensure that his would be a failed presidency? Simply asking. Liberals did not love Pres Bush. And the same level of personal attacks were not made against Pres Bush. Unless I missed some. In that case, pse supply examples.

          • Akira Bear

            I hate Bush. I really hate him. I hate the way he lied repeatedly to get us into wars. I hate that his entire inner circle were huge investors in Halliburton at the time. I hate the way the entire war was handed to Halliburton – at an untold cost of lives. I hate the way Halliburton starved our soldiers in order to turn a bigger profit. I hate that the Bush regime violated the Geneva Convention. And I hate the way that now, because of Bush, we are hated all over the world.

          • allen goldberg

            Wow! And the lying fraud in the white house can do no wrong? You take on Mr Bush is so distorted, so filled with wrong conclusions and misrepresentations it difficult to reply…other than to say..I disagree and remove your head from your backside when you can. Mr Bush was not perfect, but your perspective is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

          • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

            Hate is a little strong for me. Feeling disdain and believing that he should be in The Hague to be tried on war crimes are my beliefs.

        • Akira Bear

          Thank goodness your response wasn’t at all hateful. (face palm)

      • Watchin U

        Where have you been? It was NOT a suggestion, it was, they either do what Mooch wants or get no federal money!!!! Get informed, Obama butt kisser, oh, I mean Chynna

        • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

          I find that usually when people do not have factual arguments to present they resort to personal attacks and name calling. Not helpful. Just saying.

      • Feathers


        Where in THEE HELL have you been? Living under a rock??? Michelle’s Federal School Lunch program has been a MAJOR FAIL. Millions upon millions of dollars in food waste has been reported in cities all across our country.

        Over 1 million kids have STOPPED buying these lunches and the kids who are getting them for “free” are throwing them away!

        I am now thoroughly CONVINCED Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

      • Sarojini Murthy

        Whether it is a “suggestion” or an order the fact is that the food is definitely HEALTHIER than what was being served earlier. And “Healthy” food is not always the tastiest….every parent has to cajole one’s child to eat his veggies and go easy on the doughnuts…So bake sales are not the best thing for growing school children….!!! The whole idea of making healthy eating mandatory is because the junk food industry in USA has caused the most monstrous disease rate….children eating unhealthy food cannot but help develop unhealthy lifestyles that lead to depression, despair and death….homicide and suicide. So if parents and kids are incapable of making the right choices and misuse their freedom….then a more mature hand is required to help them out from the gloom that awaits them!! It is a blessing in disguise….be grateful that someone has the good sense to save the country from worse peril it finds itself in….stop always trying to find fault just because you dislike the color it is coming in…Grow up!

    • JustMe2013

      Yeah. Plus, if she carries on with this fascist food reform, my stock portfolio is in trouble. My pharma-shares are rocking and my insulin futures are poised for a total explosion!

      • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

        Yea, being well-off is simply unbearable. The load to carry! Get it off my back, I can’t bear it.

    • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

      To me personal attacks diminish the commentator’s message. Just saying …

    • Akira Bear

      Frankly, I wish she would stage a power grab of the DOE. Then she could get rid of The Butcher of Public Education, Arne Duncan.

  • wmz

    Now, allow me to introduce Mr Obama。奥巴马,纯种美国野驴,我们有时也叫他“观海”,很高大上的一个名字。他很悠久,围绕他有很多话题,详情请联系我的qq:983355047

  • Toni Benoni

    It aint the governments job to tell kids how to eat. Thats what parents are for – or are you all now living in the land of the not free and chicken sh!t…

    • EclecticHorseman

      Yes, that is what parents are for. And it is what parents do … except when schools confiscate kids’ lunches made at home because they do not comply with the standards imposed at the behest of the Foist Lady. This is what the contention she refers to is all about: parents across the country refusing to surrender their decision-making power over their own children, a power liberals want to destroy.

      • Toni Benoni

        not close enough to the USA to know this detail. Very helpful… it is sad that the word “liberal” has lost its original roots – a lover of liberty, and has transformed into Nanny statism…

        • EclecticHorseman

          Absolutely correct. As you can see from the comments below, some not inconsequential segment of the population sees the government as the repository of all things good. I prefer to put the responsibility on the individual rather than entrust it to bureaucrats remotely situated in the halls of Washington DC

        • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

          Now, I wonder who is responsible for that?

    • sontaron

      So it’s not the governments job to say what should be served at public schools O.o You do know that the fact that they are public schools means that they are run by the a public body thus the government.

    • roman43

      Obese parents know what to feed their kids?? The parents need to be educated about nutrition first.

      • Toni Benoni

        by your logic, we should first test people if they are fit to be parents and if not, the nanny state should sterlise them… in fact Adolf Hitler did just that in Germany – made sure that all teh little aryans got the “right” nutrition, and those “unfit” to breed were stopped from doing so? America is a free country and with freedom comes the need to be brave and own the consequences of your actions. If you want to feed your kid junk and it ends badly for the kids, thats on you… it seems that in teh USA freedom has been confused with the right to a life without unpleasant consequences… that is an infantile view of the world. But as I said, I am not close enough to the USA to know the details. I live in a country where many people go to be hungry and would love the unhealthy lifestyle the average overweight kid in the USA enjoys… but your government will happily continue to try adn save you from yourselves… as all fascists both left and right are so happy happily to do.

        • roman43

          if you equate education with Hitler, then you might have some major issues…

          • Toni Benoni

            if they are educated and then choose to be fat slobs, then what do you propose. Seriously – you americans cant handle your own freedom to choose. it is bizarre…

      • Rita Geraghty

        True, Roman43. Many obese parents don’t really know how to care for their kids. In Ireland, our government had pulled out sweets’ vending machines from schools after a 3 year old child had died from a heart attack due to obesity.

    • JustMe2013

      Yes. This is true.

      Except that it is also the government’s job to protect the people from the abuse by large companies. In less than 20 years most American’s — and the American justice system — will regard the food and flavor industry as significantly worse and more evil than the tobacco companies ever were….

    • wjshelton

      … except when those children are at school… Have you ever heard of “in loco parentis”?

  • Michael Ross

    So the man likes Ice cream, who doesn’t??

  • Sharmi

    Maybe it will be like the film. We all tolerate fastfood at schools and in public. I have seen how the food is processed for schools. Those factories are poisoning the food (esspecially the meat and fish are being washed with chemical stuff), only 1% is meat and the rest is processed junk.
    Amen to obese and diabetes for kids at young age. Amen to parents who are narrow minded, amen to the poisoners.
    The government should provide every school informative professionals to make them, the childeren and their parents aware of good healthy food and fysical movement.
    Change the way of thinking.

  • fuzzball

    I eat ice cream too. Just do not make a habit of it. Bet almost all the “eat nutritious” fanatics have had lobster with butter, Eggs Benedict, and on the way home from work, after not having any breakfast or lunch, I sometimes stopped for a cheesburger at Burger King or McDonalds, the ones that cost $1.00. Not often. I came to China and gained 5kg! (about 11lbs). You would not believe how much rice and noodles they eat and I have seen many overweight Chiinese people. The problem? Not enough exercise. As in USA, here in China few people walk to the supermarket, they take the bus, car or scooter. Really they do not walk any distance, yet their diet doesn’t changed. And what are schools in the USA doing? Cutting back on athletics!. The School Nutrional Food Act was initiated in 1946…Obama wasn’t even born, undated in 1966 revised in 19080 and again in 1981 believe that was the GOP most hated commie President Ronald Reagan Do not think Obama was even in college then.

    • Bob

      It doesn’t matter if you gain a few kg, it’s not all fat that your body is taking in and the rice and noodles have nothing to do with it. Americans eat lots of pasta, bread and cereal. They’re practically the same foods. The Americans even eat more meat. The Chinese on the other hand have rice as their main meal, but the reason why you got heavier, was probably because you’re not used to their diet of rice and noodles. Also you shouldn’t have Burger King or McDonalds in China.

    • Rita Geraghty

      I love Chinese food. I love their rice dish, noodles, prawn crackers, etc. Pity, I put on weight quickly with high carbs.

  • Carol Dijkhuyzen

    Oh for crying out loud,he is a loving human,… just like us,let the POTUS have his ice cream,without hatreds..

  • allen goldberg

    The Fata$$ Michelle needs to back off and stay away. It is not her responsibility to see what people eat. She is not an elected official and the government does not have the authority. Period.

    • Softship

      What’s you BMI? 45?

      Were you also bent out of shape when Laura Bush created the national initiative called “Ready to Read, Ready to Learn” or when Barbara Bush founded the Foundation for Family Literacy.

      • heatherGirl

        The problem is the kids are not eating the food that this program is pushing.

        • Softship

          Do you kow for a fact that not one single kid is eating the food that this program is “pushing”? If 20% of the kids are eating healthy foods, that would already be great.

  • Amnon

    The President likes ice cream and this is news? I’m losing more faith in the media each day.

    • heatherGirl

      I think it is news because while he is eating icecream, Michelle Obama is telling children to eat carrots.

  • I-Am

    Michael Obama’s metabolism is androgenically higher.

    • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

      Just using words that most people do not know the meaning of does not hide the intent of the writing. I believe that calling Mrs Obama ‘Michael’ is simply disrespectful. Like all name-calling – according to my dear mother.

      Here is the Wikipedia definition of ‘androgenic':

      Androgenic: Pertaining to the development of male characteristics, including body hair, the genital organs and muscle mass. “Androgenic” is the adjective form of the noun “androgen,” a word referring to any of the male hormones, including testosterone and androsterone.

      Androgenic development — that is, the development of male characteristics — begins in puberty, the time when a person becomes physically capable of producing offspring. In males, this time most commonly occurs between ages 12 and 14. A deepening voice is one of the signs of androgenic activity.

      Androgen is produced in males by the testes, the two globe-shaped reproductive organs below the penis, and by the adrenal glands, two small hormone-producing organs that each sit atop a kidney. Androgen is also produced in females in the adrenal glands. Overproduction of androgen can generate some male characteristics in women and exaggerate male characteristics in men.

  • heatherGirl

    Have you ever even once seen any of the Obama’s eating healthy, during any of their photo ops involving food?

    How often do we see Obama eating greasy sub shop food or burgers……. and how often do we see the family on vacations eating icecream?

    I think Michelle Obama’s healthy meal plans are like many liberal ideas, good enough for the unwashed masses, but not those who actually make the rules.

    • Hermina Jacobs-Sanson

      Mrs Obama has never suggested that people not eat ice cream, or hot dogs, or hamburgers, or fries or other unhealthy fatty, salted or sugary foods. We can all enjoy these tasty foods – in moderation! Not enough attention is paid to her exhortation that Americans exercise more.

      • mamacancook

        She’s not one to talk!! Always rudely stuffing her face with Wagu, caviar, champagne. Her recent “weight loss” was reported to be from liposuction!!!! “Do as I say, not as I do” from this “person.”


    A children’s taunt comes to mind when I think of the Obama’s: Liar, liar, pants on fire. Both of them are very careless when telling the truth is involved. The thing that bothers me the most is that I believe that they are aware that the majority of the population knows they are lying but absolutely enjoy the fact that they can continue to lie and enjoy the approval of the ignorant majority.

  • Justice Juice

    Congress isn’t undoing michelle obama’s quackery – America’s children have spoken – “You’re NOT our mom and you’re a hideous mean monster, michelle.”

  • truthsquad

    I am a public school teacher. Our cafeteria once served tasty, healthy meals that the children would eat. Now the servings are small, the food is unpalatable, and the children go home hungry because they do not eat what is served at school.

  • Rajendra

    Certain type of food and extra quantities of food may cause health problems as well as affect decision making as well as emotional balance.

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