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February 11, 2016

Capitol Hill Gets First Openly Transgender Staffer of 113th Congress

New hire will help advance gay-rights agenda on the Hill. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

New hire pushes gay-rights agenda on the Hill. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Capitol Hill is getting its sole transgender staff member, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute announced Thursday.

Connecticut native Ben Panico, who last year interned in the office of Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., through the institute, has been appointed as a fellow for the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. He will spend a year helping the caucus, founded in 2008, pursue an ambitious gay-rights agenda in a Congress with a record number of openly gay lawmakers. He is the first openly transgender person to hold the position.

“I first started my work at Victory as a Congressional Intern and have now risen through Victory’s programing to a Congressional Fellow,” Panico said in a statement released by the organization, which has brought more than 20 college leaders to the District since launching its internship program in 2011. The fellowship program launched in 2013.

Funded by a grant from the David Bohnett Foundation, Panico will rotate through the offices of the seven House Democrats who serve as co-chairmen for the caucus, supporting Caucus Executive Director Brad Jacklin. He also will participate in educational and leadership development programs to learn more about Congress and policymaking careers.

“This is an opportunity for me to gain professional experience and build a network of connections,” Panico said. “Visibility has been so integral to the LGBT community’s progress over the years and I believe it’s essential to continue that tradition to increase awareness about transgender issues on Capitol Hill.”

The caucus co-chairmen work with a small full-time staff to advance a gay-rights agenda on the federal level.

Before being appointed a congressional fellow, Panico worked on state policy. As an intern at Equality Maryland, he did outreach for marriage equality legislation and a transgender rights bill. The Johns Hopkins University graduate also wrote a report to the Maryland Department of Corrections on best practices for transgender inmates, helped translate Equality Maryland resources to Spanish and organized listening sessions for members of the Latina transgender community in Prince George’s County.

“Ben Panico brings a wealth of experiences to this position, and as Capitol Hill’s only openly transgender staff member, he brings a much needed voice to the table,” Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute, said in a statement. “I am confident Ben will be able to gain immense experience and assist in advancing an equality agenda in Congress.”

From a workplace equality standpoint, Panico’s hiring is further evidence that life has changed drastically for gay staffers over the past decade. In 2004, facing unprecedented tension during debate for the now-defunct Federal Marriage Amendment, four staffers formed the Gay, Lesbian and Allies Senate Staff Caucus. They recently talked to CQ Roll Call about the group’s founding and future.

Correction 2:35 p.m.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Panico would be the first openly transgender Capitol Hill staffer. There have been three other openly transgender staffers in Congress, according to Steven Thai, press secretary for the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute.


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  • Anon ymous

    I thought Janet Reno was the First…..

    • Larry Bishop

      Nope, J Edger Hoover. Big cross dresser.

      • williampenn

        The evidence being…?

        • Larry Bishop

          Your father told me

        • dicksicario

          Same place you can find the evidence that JFK was bonking MM. Google it.

      • William Hofmeister

        First of all that urban myth is probably not true. It was started after he was dead, no one would dare say it when he was alive, even the President was afraid of him. It originally came from a very questionable source. It was spread by his enemies, all were too afraid to stand up to him while he was alive. There were also rumors of him being homosexual, but no real evidence was ever provided. Secondly, a transexual is not the same thing as a transvestite.

        • DegenerateArt

          J Edger Hoover was a power mad freak,he was gay..No normal male has a close male friend like he did. He was a POS.

        • Larry Bishop

          you strap on a womans duds, you are a tranny of some kind.

          • William Hofmeister

            It doesn’t work like that.

        • dicksicario

          That story was alive for years before he died.

      • oldvlc

        I see you get your “history” from Hollywood. There is not one shred of evidence about this, total fabrication by his enemies. He was the only one fighting the good fight in the FDR admin and for that Hollywood will never forgive him.

        • Larry Bishop

          Locking people up for selling booze? Good fight? ROFL. he was a government thug.

          • oldvlc

            I knew I would have to explain. He knew all about the complete communist infiltration of our government starting in 1933 when FDR allowed Moscow to dictate what his every move would be. Instead the press savages everyone who would dare say anything about such infiltration, mocking Rep. Martin Dies and later Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Both were right incidentally. Just look at what Stalin did after WWII…swallowed up half of Europe without a peep from Truman. THAT WAS THE GOOD FIGHT I WAS REFERRING TO, a fight that was obviously lost. Except that we are being turned into a totalitarian state right in front of YOUR effing eyes and you don’t even see it.

        • realistic12

          He died after living with a man for many years. I don’t think I would call that “straight”, at least not where I’m from and it’s not from Hollywood.

      • . .

        his attitude can best be described as “I’ll fix *you* later”

      • el_polacko

        cross-dressing and transexualism are not the same thing.

      • dicksicario

        Lots of evidence just google the subject.

  • Phd

    Openly transgender? LOL There isn’t a single tranny that wasn’t obvious

    There is no such thing as rights based on your sexual desires. It’s self debasing to make a identity out of your sexual desires , literally reducing yourself to humans lowest common denominator with mere animals.

    • Robert Frano

      Re: “…There isn’t a single tranny that wasn’t obvious” {Phd}

      In my 22 year (professional & volunteer) urban paramedic career, I have met NUMEROUS transexuals, among others.

      Many, were, in fact ‘obvious’..
      Just as many were absolutely NOT identifiable, (as ‘trans’ – persons), until / unless one got to looking below the outward appearance…
      Such as when treating the injuries caused by homophobic / other prejudiced individuals / small groups, often, but NOT always…
      Out for a little alcohol-powered marauding!

      As a straight (hetero) person, in a multi-decade relationship with a wonderful woman…
      It sickens the / my / our heart(s) to hear all the self-righteous, &/or, superficially pietistic…
      Who speak – write homophobic comments / sermons / editorials…
      Which are sometimes, directly, translated into or used as excuses for…

      • zj sky

        supporting gay rights is one thing. Supporting people who want to surgically alter their bodies because they “feel” like they are the wrong gender is an entirely different animal. Were I a gay man, I’d question why trans people are included in my struggle

        • JP

          Michelle Obama is a Man!!
          MUST Watch

          • tcp53

            Not a very good job of being a drag queen….

          • War_Machine2

            I think the question should be, is Moochelle Obama a man, woman, or beast? I’m leaning to beast, probably a male beast………

          • dicksicario

            She is the newest breed of Wookie HeMoo’s

        • paoliana

          There are MANY gay men are not participating in gay marriage/gay rights agenda and simply keep their sexual preferences to themselves…and that is way it should be..
          Gay movement isn’t acceptance it is in your face gay mafia that is trying and succeeding to change the whole family dynamic and rob little children of their innocence forcing them to face and learn all the alternative perversion BEFORE they learn ABC….

      • Phd

        If you couldn’t tell , then there is something wrong with YOU ,

        You are straight. No one straight feels like they need to state a qualifier


      • DegenerateArt

        Go cry to another bleeding heart libtard..Are supposed to respect you because you were a paramedic? Most are creepy perverts.

      • GAS33

        Rationalize away mo rxon. Everything’s relative, everything’s okie dokie.
        Excuse ANY deviant behavior. democrats / liberals / ‘progressives’
        make me wanna vomit

      • Bridgette Shealy

        I’m sorry but they are not mentally right. Its mental illness hidden under the ‘gay rights’ umbrella.

      • dltaylor51

        I can spot one a hundred yards off.

      • Joe Mamma

        Robert Frano.

        Why did you find it necessary to emphasize that you’re
        hetero and have a girl friend??

        Are you a homophobe and are afraid to be mistaken for gay

      • Jim

        You write kinda weird. And by the way, because someone thinks it’s actually silly for a man to marry another man, for example, why do hate-filled folks like you say it’s “homophobic”? Then again, maybe it is like a phobia, since the vast, vast majority of males have a visceral reaction to seeing two guys kissing, etc. This is much more biological and/or innate than “phobia” in and of itself.

      • Macpappy

        injuries caused by homophobic / other prejudiced individuals / small groups,
        So, they were identifiable, at least by those that caused the harm?

    • stonehillady

      Well, Michelle Obama has fooled you and millions of Americans but it is all the rage in the beltway.

      • paoliana

        Well, that Tranny is obvious too!

      • boondoggles

        May the Lord protect the children in this great nation. As one man stated after homosexuality, transgender what is to stop these kind of people from promoting beastiality and a host of other perverse behaviors.. They have hit the bottom rung.

        • Macpappy

          Little known fact: When the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law was done away with the military also did away with the rule that makes it criminal to have sex with animals. A rule from the old Calvary days, where horses were prevalent. So……..

  • Anon ymous

    Hell, Kissinger for that matter

    • lysosome

      Or the wookie in the White House.

  • Gas_Passer

    The talking heads of the liberal news media will pee their pants with joy when they hear this news!

    • Howard M Ccomber

      They just did. Stripper joint in SF hosting a hiring fair. Not the female kind either.

    • Hannibal

      The press all pee sitting down.

  • T S

    Calling a man a woman just because he cut off his willie is no more accurate than cutting off a dogs legs and calling it a fish.

    It’s a mental illness. Cheering it on is cruel.

    • TulsaSooner1979


      • laurie66bay

        What a shock. The freak will be brought in by a democrat.
        Because how can the United States truly be free if a bearded man in a skirt, garterbelt and hose isn’t allowed to go to the same bathroom as your 5 year old daughter.

        • Steven Reed

          Democrats: Either they want to kill it or cut it off. Weird.

          • dicksicario

            Wonder if MOOchelle had hers cut off,
            Time will tell

        • el_polacko

          a “bearded man in a skirt” is not a transgendered person. educate yourself.

          • laurie66bay

            If he says he is a woman, then he is. He’s just pre-op. lolol

          • texmaster

            The man is still pretending he’s a woman regardless of how he dresses. Why do you hate science?

          • bluemanx

            And nature?

          • Myke Britt

            That isn’t a “man” it’s a thing that should be in a padded cell!

        • Jim B

          Democrats gathering is like watching the Star Wars bar scene

          • Iatemine


          • laurie66bay

            Love how the censors deleted my brilliant comment. Can’t allow certain truth’s to be spoken. It only got about 500 upvotes. lolololol. That must have been the thing that really bugged them. lololol

          • Phd

            This had 192 likes but was removed


            Openly transgender? LOL There isn’t a single tranny that wasn’t obvious

            There is no such thing as rights based on your sexual desires. It’s self debasing to make a identity out of your sexual desires , literally reducing yourself to humans lowest common denominator with mere animals

            Someone telling you to embrace your sexual desires as a personhood is not helping you, they are not uplifting you..
            They are removing what makes you human and above the subjective lives of mere animals.

            The gay “rights” campaigners problem is not their sexual desires, Their problem is that they are stupid and shallow thinkers.

    • tcp53

      Like making everyone call a Cadillac driving down the street a HAMBURGER doesn’t make the Caddy a hamburger, no matter how much you repeat it…..

    • SWDC

      Question: Why does Germany lead the EU in inter sex births whereby doctors can not distinguish the sex of the new born?

      • laurie66bay

        Are germans nearsighted?

        • SWDC

          Medical conditions adversely affecting humans should not be mocked.

          Remember when Gov. Sarah Palin’s child was mocked for being born mentally defective.
          Recall the mocking of the Special Olympics on late night TV.

          I do and I did not like it at all.

          • welovetheUSA

            Shes not working in the White House near secret information is she? They put a nut who wares dresses in the White House…and hes a man! What the heck…

          • el_polacko

            a transgendered person is not “a nut who wares (sic) a dress”…and what the heck does a person’s gender status have to do with working with classified information ??

          • SWDC

            Perhaps some are confusing J. Edgar Hoover with transgenders.

          • texmaster

            Why do you hate science so much? Do you embrace a nut if they think they are a dolphin as well because its got as much scientific backing as transgenders do.

          • Kimbell

            Gender NO!!! Character and Mental Condition YES!!!!

          • Macpappy

            It is a simple thing. Homosexuality is a deviate behavior. It deviates from nature. The normal way things are meant to be done. If a person practices a deviate behavior, especially to the point of self mutilation, then that person should be treated, as an unwell person and not put on a pedestal to highlight their disability.

        • SWDC

          1. “Jun 17, 2014 – Inheritance and Genetics of Intersex conditions including heritability, family history, and inheritance patterns.” (rightdiagnosis)

          2. ‘Overview of Congenital and Inherited Anomalies of the Reproductive System’
          “Cryptorchidism, Prolapse of the prepuce, Penile deviation
          Persistent penile frenulum, Hermaphroditism, Segmental aplasia of the paramesonephric ducts, Double external os of the cervix, Gartner’s ducts, Freemartins, Rectovaginal constriction” (merkmanuals)

          • 96leroy

            Is it due to estrogens (and whatever else) from BC pills that are peed out into the waste treatment system and ultimately recycled to humans in some form?

          • SWDC

            ‘Taking the pill for past 40 years ‘has put women off masculine men’ Updated: 10:33 EST, 8 October 2009

            “It ushered in the 1960s sexual revolution and gave women control over their own fertility. But the Pill may also have changed women’s taste in men, according to a study. Scientists say the hormones in the oral contraceptive suppress a woman’s interest in masculine men and make boyish men more attractive. Although the change occurs for just a few days each month, it may have been highly influential since use of the Pill began more than 40 years ago…
            (Classic men: In the Fifties, more masculine men like Burt Lancaster and Kurt Douglas were considered attractive)
            (Tough guys: In the Sixties rebels like Sean Connery and Steve McQueen made women weak at the knees)
            (Big hair: Long locks like John Travolta and Ryan O’Neal’s hit the spot in the Seventies)
            (Softer look: Pin-ups like Rob Lowe and Michael J. Fox were popular in the Eighties)
            (Girly locks: Heart throbs of the Nineties had flowing hair)
            (Tweeny pin-ups: 2009 favourites look cheeky and boyish like Zac Efron)” UK Daily Mail

          • el_polacko

            history is replete with examples of men adopting fashion styles that would be considered feminine today. it has nothing to do with the pill.

          • SWDC

            A classic “nature and nurture” argument

            As exampled in Parkinson’s causes genetic or environmental or both? Read more about some in the 70’s taking synthetic herione causing Parkinson’s

            Hormones (chemicals) do have an effect no doubting that. fyi There is more since the post already too long.

          • SWDC

            Recycled sewer water.

        • Kimbell

          No!! Their Short and Squat……so they can fit into TANKS….er…. Panzers!!!

      • el_polacko

        a fairly high percentage of babies are born intersexed (which was formerly called hermaphrodite.)

        • SWDC

          Why does Germany lead in EU is the question.

        • texmaster

          Making up facts doesn’t help you. Its less than 2%. Where are you getting this nonsense?

          BTW, you are talking about a genetic disability and we have no problem calling those people what they are. Genetically disabled worthy of being labeled as such.

        • GAS33

          Rest of us use a perfectly good English word, freak. But thank you anyway ‘Dr’ Pollogck.

    • Jim

      Man, how very true!

    • Steven Reed

      Bingo, Bango, Bongo, Dingo, Dango, Dongo

    • War_Machine2

      Amen! I’ve been saying the same for years.

    • boondoggles

      Our nation has become like Sodom and Gomorrah and don’t think for one moment our Lord will not judge it the same as he did in the old testament.Those who go along with this perversion will be judged as harshly as the ones who are doing it by the Lord. I pray the Lord be with his Christian children during these evil times. It comes from the top, our leader is perverse and as such has opened the door to all vile, sinful behavior. His judgement will come from the Lord in due time.

    • el_polacko

      before you worry about “cheering it on”, perhaps you should learn something about the subject. transexuals go through years of counseling and hormone therapy before any operation is performed. the operation, by the way, does NOT involve a “willie” being “cut off”.

      • SWDC

        Even then not all are approved for the op.

      • Dane Ironfoote

        Saying it was cut off is a nice way to put it. In reality is it even more disgusting, what they do to it.

      • John Pemberton

        years of counseling being told cutting off your penis is normal.

      • Kimbell

        If your one?…..then speak up and say so!!!

      • GAS33

        I see. And you are not being intellectually honest either, Mr. Book-Reader.

      • Chris Kelly

        Technically you’re right – willie is just cut down the middle and “inserted” to form a fake virginia – bringing new meaning to “go fck yourself”.

        • GAS33

          Which he probably does, or his boyfriend does.

      • T S

        I stand corrected: Spending years talking to a dog about how much he wants to be a fish, and then slicing the dog’s legs up, and cramming them up inside his body, does not make the dog a fish.

      • doomsday_survivor

        actually some of it is cut off, the rest is used to make a fluffy pocket

    • jack

      T S means transexual

    • icetrout

      anyone who cut’s off their junk is defiantly mentally disturbed… democRAT’s are ruining our country @ breakneck speed… hope their satisfied with the outcome… I’ll be out @ the range again tomorrow,wondering if the democrat’s are sharpening their shooting skill …

    • SoundMind

      LOL x 50…!! Spit out my coffee when I read your comment, laughed so hard. Number One comment of the day! Thanks so much…
      Sign me, Soaked keyboard

      • T S

        Sincere apologies to your keyboard! Thanks.

    • Derp_Meowslurp

      agree. What part of this is a news story anyway? You don’t think there is some sort of LGBTBBQ agenda? constantly shoving into our faces. LIke anyone really cares. The only people that constantly report on this stuff are insecure weirdos that want to prove they aren’t bigoted, but i suspect that the most bigoted people are the ones that always bring stuff like this up, as if they’re trying to create a special class of citizen, like putting a bear in a cage to show at a zoo. Sorry but i don’t believe people should be made a spectacle anymore than they make themselves.

      • michael curry

        It’s a post on an insignificant blog. The reason it’s “news” is because Matt Drudge linked to it to get all the Crazy old bigoted white people riled up about how our country is going down the crapper. I don’t think pumping yourself full of hormones is a good idea whether they are male or female hormones but i also don’t think that it disqualifies anyone for a job, nor does it point to any type of moral decay.
        Morality is supposed to be “treat others as you would like to be treated”, unfortunately the “moral right” thinks it is “treat others like vermin unless they play exactly by your own arbitrary rules”

        • Macpappy

          the Crazy old bigoted white people
          Who is the bigot here? Oh, and for your information, morality is not “Treat others like you want to be treated” that is the “Golden Rule”. Morality is the rules of which you live by. Some live by loose morals, others live by a more meaningful moral standard, based on faith, and life experiences.

          • michael curry

            I wasn’t being bigoted.Bigotry is when you paint a large group of people with a broad brush based one a singular trait. I was very specific in saying “crazy bigoted old white people” and it sounds liked i hit a nerve. And what faith or life experiences led you to believe that being transgendered hurts those around you? do you have a bible quote? Do you have an anecdote of how opne guy cut their peepee off and his entire town went to hell? Teach me something grandpa.

          • GAS33

            Those knee grow boys and girls are sure well-behaved in Ferguson, MO. Too ‘broad brushed’ for your Rastus?

          • michael curry

            No that’s exactly the type of racist rhetoric i was goading you into. Thank you for proving my point. In contrast keep in mind that the founding fathers shot people because taxes were to high while the kids in ferguson broke a few windows because their friend was murdered. It kind of puts things in perspective.

          • GAS33

            Anything you say, Tyrone. You like saurkraut with your wieners?

          • Guest

            Oh, 18yr old 6’4″ child also liked color red (left at memorial). Noamean?:

          • WTF !!!

            And no one stole any work boots,,,,,,,,,lazy muthafukas

          • doomsday_survivor

            “kids in ferguson broke a few windows because their friend was murdered” they did more than that.Did you also see how some were laughing and smiling as they were stealing stuff, apparently that’s how they grieve.

          • Conan the Republican

            Apparently, NOT murdered, it’s turning out. Cop was black, and sustained facial injuries. Your little ANGEL Big Mikey, just got done robbing a damn liquor store prior to his well-deserved airing-out.

          • Carroll Barber

            Really? Seriously!?! :)

          • Conan the Republican

            Screw a bible quote. It’s NATURE, Mr. Freud. NATURE ITSELF screams at humanity: “YOU ARE VIOLATING NATURAL LAW!” And don’t give me this crap about “all the homosexuality in nature”. CRAP! It’s the aberration, not the norm. Plus and minus attract, Plus and plus repel. Got it? Class dismissed…

          • Macpappy

            I think you have your words mixed up. a bigot is a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group. You know, like Old White People. Oh, and you got me on that one, I am an old white person. For your last question, transgendered people as you call them are suffering from a mental disorder that has them totally confused and self-destructive. They have a high suicide rate, and any mentally ill person can be a threat to those around them. Their deviant behavior is a cause for alarm around our children and other innocents.

        • GAS33

          Oh so enlightened and tolerant, dimmercrats and ‘progressives’ except of people who disagree with them, and then they bring out the long knives, file lawsuits, press boycotts, etc, etc, etc. So ‘enlightened’. LMFAO

        • Eli Odell Jackson

          If you were doing wrong wouldn’t you want somebody to help you out?
          To correct you? To rebuke you lest you fall under the condemnation of sin?
          I know I would.

          And I don’t believe the fact that the average ‘transgendered’ lives to the age of 28 is a very good thing neither, to die at such a young age after a life of drug-addled prostitution and sin… I believe I’d move heaven and earth if my kin came under such a diseased state of mind.

          And you think it’s not moral decay? Are you thinking at all? Are you kidding me?

          I guess our puritan forefathers just lived in debauchery and sin constantly, oh brother they had their trannies and their witches and whatnot.
          Michael Curry: “Nothing to see here”

        • Myke Britt

          We take good care of our pet animals, so just lock up the PERVERTS and feed them well.

  • tickle

    Oh Goodie! Now we can sleep at night.

  • Informed Voter

    So what historical effect is this queer going to have in our nation’s history, other than one of debauchery!!

  • Patriot1212

    So taxpayers are paying him (she or it) to promote gay and transgender agenda in Congress.
    Excuse me, less than 2% of America is gay. Why do we need to spend tax dollars this way?

    • Frank Dilliard

      Let’s vote on it……oh yea. As citizens we really don’t get to have a say in this. Once our Congressmen get elected, they pretty much do whatever they want. The short term memories of their constituents ensures that they get reelected.

  • Howzah123

    DNA = Reality

    God wrote the code. These perverted sexual desires are a virus

    • Devin Kedward

      It’s hilarious that you believe in god, and yet make claims about reality.

    • Steven Reed

      You’ve hit it.

  • Dave Turner

    If they were qualified for the job, then great. Otherwise, who really cares?

    • Rationalista2

      The morally Left will use your silence to interpret support and then will
      attempt to squeeze a mile out of the inch you just gave them.

      That translates into bullying and threats into accepting their lifestyle until all opposition is destroyed.

      Wise up and get off the fence…

      • Dave Turner

        Sorry, honestly I just don’t care. If a person is qualified for a job then unless there’s a uniform or dress code that prevents them from getting it, let them succeed or fail on their own merits.

        I realize this is just another publicity stunt by the left just like the Michael Sam drafting in to the NFL was. But at some point the public isn’t going to care about these “firsts” anymore.

        And the morally left can go screw as far as I’m concerned.

    • Phd

      They are mentally ill.

  • Patriot1212

    That adams apple will be a dead give away.

    • Larry Bishop

      that and the junk she sports the day she wears yoga pants to work. Yuck!

    • KenTFM

      Leave Ann Coulter alone.

      • FL_Stingray

        I thought he meant Bruce Jenner

        • KenTFM

          Could be the same…you’ve never seen them together have you? :p

      • dicksicario

        Can’t you just imagin being in bed with Coulter, she would be giving constant directions.

  • TED from Boston

    This is so exciting, perhaps a panel of pundits should discuss it ad nauseum on that maddow show, this is right in his wheelhouse.

  • Rationalista2

    Here’s what the gay rights agenda is really about…

    Demanding tolerance gave way to demanding recognition which gave way to demanding equality which is now giving way to demanding superiority.

    So much for the Stonewall excuse that all they wanted was to be “left alone”…

    Gay fascists won’t be satisfied until they’ve silenced every opposition – especially true born again Bible believing Christians…

    Examine evidence where Christianity is being intimidated through bullying, threats, intimidation, laws or lawsuits – Christian business owners who are approached by gay couples trying to force them into compromising their beliefs and then suing them when they won’t…gays picketing churches who’s ministers preach that homosexuality is a sin – does that sound like “tolerance” ? How about the “tolerance” that was shown to Chi-fil-A or Duck Dynasty ?

    It’s happening more and more – so it’s not just about “equal rights” anymore –

    it’s about eradicating any ideology that disagrees with homosexuality.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10: “Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.”

    • L!b@r+y

      You are correct, and I recognized the nature of their agenda long ago. They want permanent victim status and special priveleges, which they are getting now thanks to the left wing.

      It will only get worse.

      • chris

        Because being treated unequal and being subject to hate crimes isn’t being a victim, right? I’m sure any person would like to never have to be a victim. But you’re right that it will only get worse if you mean that equality will continue to happen. Sorry you have to continue to have your prejudice questioned by those in society that are for fair treatment of others.

        • GAS33

          Go sug a wiener perv, or just bend over, Are you the pitcher or the catcher?

          • chris

            So because I can be tolerant of something it must mean I am that something? If you must know, I’m not gay. But I’m sure that means nothing to you. Equality doesn’t have to affect your lifestyle, ya know? You can still have all the hetero sex you want. Unless you’re just pissed that it means it’s not exactly as cool to go around throwing insults to the type of people you hate.

          • GAS33

            Buckwheat says, “Dim-uh-crats, fagzzz, nizggz, and illegals beez OH TAY!”

          • chris

            Ok, gotcha. I think you were born in the wrong century. Too bad it’s not the good ole america of the past when you could just lynch those you disagree with, right?

          • GAS33

            You get the last word, Rastus, “Yassuh, Mr. Benny!”

        • L!b@r+y

          No one here is condoning or advocating for persecution or criminal acts; that is a straw man argument. I don’t care what your sexual proclivities are, but you shouldn’t expect that everyone wants to know about it and praise you for it. You have a right to your sexual fetishes and I have a right to find them repulsive. Those who are religious also have a right to not support behavior that violates their beliefs.

  • It’s over

    According to Darwin’s, survival of the fittest, anything that can’t breed is genetically inferior, kind of like the government…

  • Larry Bishop

    cut your junk off and get a job for life. Protected class of citizen now. Anyone remember America?

    • Chaunte

      I remember pre-Obama America.

      • phillies210

        It’s a shame that todays youth will never know that America!

      • williampenn

        Pre-communist America.

      • John J Coltrain

        I remember pre-clinton america, it’s steadily gone downhill since…..

        • Frank Dilliard

          Sadly virtually no one remembers America before the Progressives started ruining it. It started with Teddy Roosevelt and then things went horribly wrong under Woodrow Wilson. We’ve been heading for disaster ever since.

      • donniea

        America is in rapid freefall. Everything in America is going to the lowest common denominator.

      • a fan

        Chaunte, maybe you can regale us with stories of that time! They seem so long ago.

  • Chaunte

    More affirmative action.

    • Frank Dilliard

      And the quota system that goes with it.

  • Chaunte

    Now we hire people based on sexual preference. What happened to ability?

    • James

      Talk about “ability”…

    • Prelusive007

      I have a dream . . .

    • William Hofmeister

      If we cared about ability, would we have elected Obama? Silly girl.

  • phillies210

    H O M O!

  • Silver


  • scarlet pimpernel

    Was it Obama or Mrs. Obama; they do look alike.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    MI-05 voters must be very proud of themselves.

  • James

    Gosh…that is just so great…really…really?

  • Just Saying

    How special. Congress is so hip. Wish they would do their jobs though.

    • zj sky

      I kind of like it better when they do nothing. less damage to you and I!

      • Just Saying

        True, that. I was thinking along the lines of keeping the executive branch in check. New law? Hell no, unless it results in less government intrusion.

      • Just Saying

        True that. Constitutional job I meant.

  • Rick Smith

    I have an idea — how about “rights for everyone.”

  • phillies210

    I an dreaming about the day that our congress is 100% gay, transgendered, and full of illegal aliens!

  • Speakyourmind

    The new Persian empire

  • FL_Stingray

    I could care less what it is so long as it goes about its job just as anyone else.
    However, I do have a problem with it if it becomes some kind of taxpayer funded beacon or lobbgyist for a cause.

  • Brad

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “TRANSGENDER.” There are two and ONLY two sexes, and except for the vanishingly small fraction of the population who are born with legitimate genetic sexual abnormalities, a person is exactly the sex his or her genitalia would indicate, and that his or her XY or XX chromosomes confirm. This remains true no matter what clothing choices, hormone therapy, or surgical alteration he or she might undertake to deny that reality.

    A man who thinks he is a “woman in a man’s body” is mentally ill. He (or a woman in the opposite situation) is suffering a serious delusion, as assuredly as the 80-pound anorexic who thinks she is still too fat despite all the evidence to the contrary. It is as unethical to humor these delusions (or for a physician to take part in mutilating people, to help them disguise themselves as the opposite sex) as it would be to encourage the anorexic to diet, or for a doctor to perform liposuction on her.

    As mentally ill people, so-called “transgenders” deserve not hostility, but compassion (at least for their condition, though not necessarily any effort to characterize it as “normal.”) However, that does not mean we should accommodate their fantasies; a big part of that compassion should take the unwelcome form of our refusing to honor such a person’s “choice.” Our disdain should be reserved more for the politically-correct liberal idiots (like these gutless college administrators) who indulge and reinforce their delusions by trying to legitimize their unfortunate self-deceptions.

    • Frank Dilliard

      Very well said Brad.

    • el_polacko

      like so many others who are posting here, you are simply uninformed. if you are so interested in the subject of transexualism, you ought to learn something about it before spouting off.

  • williampenn

    People are no longer celebrated for their achievements. They are celebrated for how they like their sex. Ironically, our gay president remains in the closet.

    • James Brown

      And his transsexual “wife”

    • dicksicario

      He has to the MUSLIM’s cut off another part of a Homos body.

  • Zootopia3000

    Yay! Handjòbs all around.

  • lysosome

    Wow, now all of the world’s problems are solved, cancer is cured, poverty is gone and hunger is abated. And why is the public required to know this?

    • GOPnLIBhater

      The global temperature just came down 2 degrees. Insanely chilly this morning in Northern Virginia, actually.

  • MicheleLloyd

    Thieves, liars, murderers, prostitutes, pedophiles, homosexuals, lesbians, and now transsexuals. Yup the Congressional Circus tent is now full.

    • dicksicario

      Add those with DWI’s and mistresses any you have the entire house and senate covered.

  • TahoeGuy

    He/She/It will fit right in with the other dirtbags on the hill.

  • R-WOOD

    LOL Openly

  • zj sky

    I wish it luck

  • lysosome

    Next announcement will be the building of a new Congressional tranny restroom paid for by the American Taxpayer.

  • James Brown

    Not the first in Washington however, Mike Obama would get that nod.

  • johnny99

    Surprise — it’s a Democrat!

  • mlb77

    Read the Obama Antichrist prophecies, they are very sobering…

  • kzintius

    Seriously though…who cares?

  • smap

    Lol you people all assume that the staffer is a man becoming a woman. It’s really a woman becoming a man. Is that going to gross all of you out as much? Probably. Here’s a question to ask yourself. “Why do I care?” A lot of you clearly care very much!

    Do you know what gays want? They want to be left alone and get the same courtesy afforded to straight people. That’s it.

    I can never fathom why people are all stuck on what other people do. It’s like you’re obsessed with how strangers that you’ll never meet live their lives. Just shrug and move on. Do something else with that energy. Get a hobby or something.

    • lysosome

      If gays want to be left alone, the best course of action is to keep their sexuality to themselves.

    • Earl of Taint

      I am happy to live and let live. Maybe if people kept their private lives private and stopped trying to indoctrinate my kids to embrace their particular fetishes, we could all do that.

    • Playtrombone64

      “It’s really a woman becoming a man.”

      Sewing up a natural, perfectly good vagina and attaching a constructed penis does not make a woman into a man. Removing ovaries to prevent production of estrogen and taking testosterone shots does not turn a woman into a man. A woman is born with two X chromosomes while a man is born with one X and one Y chromosome. This fact remains, regardless of the medical and surgical procedures.

    • Prelusive007

      You really are stupid, aren’t you?!

      • mr.Truth

        NO – nobody is as stupid as that guy :)

        • Prelusive007

          Well there’s something wrong there.

    • johnny99

      How do you know he’s gay? Maybe he switched because he likes women and wants to have normal heterosexual relationship?

  • MNHawk

    Is that something one puts on their resume, kind of like that rapper?


    I cut my richard off.

  • right here

    This is so cool. I wish I was gay.

  • R-WOOD

    How about he gives his balls to Obama ?

    • James Brown

      Obama would probably like them in his mouth.

    • dicksicario

      MOOchelle already does that.

  • Karen Woods

    I guess this is suppose to be a proud day for America……….good grief

  • Gilchrist

    That’s what the circus in congress needed, a transexual just to make it a little more disturbing.

  • donniea

    This country is toast. Once all of these illegal immigrants are granted amnesty to become democrat voters, the liberals will have a total lock on the federal government. Then everything will be all liberal all the time. It will be full speed unstoppable liberal agenda.

  • allah_loves_theodor_herzl

    Rome circa 2014

  • Beth St George

    Congrats… Another step toward equality…

  • Moliminous

    A self-identified, self-named politician is as empty as a self-identified trans-gender. They have the worst of both worlds, no stones, no soul, no life. Why do we keep celebrating death as if it were life?

  • Earl of Taint

    They can sew male members to their elbows and have a slap fight, for all I care. Just keep it to yourselves. Your sexual preferences don’t make you special.

  • coolfoolagain

    Well, good for them…

  • a fan

    Since ‘s not the first, never mind” on the entire article?

  • mlb77

    The prophet Daniel said the antichrist would…
    a . not desire women
    b….be the leader of a very powerful and diverse nation that broke in pieces many other nations…..
    c… be ‘diverse from the first’ of all the other kings..first black?
    d… he would subdue 3 kings… Bush, Bush, and Clinton….it’s coming…
    e… he would be the 11th King to come out of the very powerful nation, he is the 11th since the WW2 victory……

    Read several current Obama Antichrist prophecies at revelation12dotca

  • Fred Williams

    I don’t remember seeing “a white christian heterosexual male was hired as a staffer” on this blog anytime before! Who cares, just be people.

  • Mr. Conservative

    This is something to be proud of and celebrated?

    More like something to be pitied…

    • Nothing in Particular

      Celebrate Perversity!

      • Mr. Conservative

        No disagreement from me.

  • Ibulena

    Keep asking ….what the hell is a transgender? A cross dresser? Gay or lesbian? What???

    • Prelusive007

      A transgender is a lesbian who wants to use the Men’s Room.

      • Ibulena

        And/or a man who wants to use the Ladies Room.

  • Prelusive007

    The first “openly transgendered pervert” . . .the operative word there is obviously “openly”.

  • Shane Von Russell

    No rest until all of Congress is Transgendered!!!

  • Prelusive007

    I have a dream. I dream of a day when ALL left wingers are homosexual. I dream of a day when NO birth control is needed because there is no way for ANY of them to procreate. I DREAM of a day when they, by virtue of their own lack of virtue, become extinct.

    (someone please engrave that on a statue somewhere)

    Thank ya. Thank ya very much.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Chicks with dix ?

    • Prelusive007

      Maybe that’s the secret behind the left wing nut job band “Dixie Chics”.

    • Stelex

      That is, without a shadow of doubt, the most disturbing pictures I’ve seen in a while. And I’ve seen shith

  • Prelusive007

    O M G . . . . . what would Robin Williams say? Pour me another shot. . . . I need a belt.

  • Rich71

    Trannies are like vegan bacon. They like saying you cant tell the difference and its almost the same but the truth is no one really likes it and everyone finds it gross whether they admit it or not.

  • mr.Truth

    It’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to stiffle your normal human reaction to atrocities like this …unless you are a commited leftist :) .

    I have one of these guys … in my “environment” …he is Old , he is Fat , he has big hairy calves and a big bulging belly on him/it …he has long hair and he wears really , really ugly dresses with plunging V necklines that tantalizingly expose his growing , hormone injected boobies. The very best word I can honestly think of is …”abomination”.

    I try not to be unkind… but he makes me nauseous just to look at him…even for a little bit :)

    • Prelusive007

      …..and a left winger wrote a song about ‘him’ years ago;

      “Color Him Father”

    • johnny99


  • DegenerateArt

    Our enemies laugh at us as they destroy us.

  • ProAm1

    What a great world we live in today. If this person were normal, no one would ever know it happened!

  • XPatinPH

    nothing wrong with tgirls and ladyboys

  • gracepmc

    At this point, unless the comment is yea, it will be mistaken as hate and Eric Holder or the IRS will appear at your doorstep. Congratulations to Mr. Panico and any person of merit who is hired. Especially in this economy. But we need get down to the business of making this country work again and stop taking time outs to applaud and celebrate a person’s sexuality, color, religion, etc. Let’s get back to content of character.

    The correction that Mr. Panico is not indeed the FIRST transgender speaks to the knee jerk superficiality of this piece but takes nothing away from his success at finding employment. Hopefully he will use his voice wisely.

    • Stelex

      But you’ll never know if its a person of merit because they touted its sexuality.

      • gracepmc

        That is true and really unfortunate. It does not serve the applicant and it does not serve the employer.

  • Mariajuana

    Why is this news?

    • ProAm1

      Because this is what’s important to the deadbeat media today!

      • Mariajuana

        Sad state of affairs then…

    • Prelusive007

      Maria, the reason it is news is because there are still plenty of Americans who remember the day when we, as a country, at least tried to honor God and show some thankfulness for the blessings He bestowed on our nation.

      It’s news because so many of us are realizing those days are gone. Oh, there are plenty of us who are still reverent to God and are thankful for our blessings but we are seeing more and more influence in America from those who could not care less about God and those blessings.

      We have now become inundated with a crowd of “Americans” who simply do not give a damn about anything except their own selfish needs. They don’t care about the BIG picture. They don’t care about the affect they are having on a great nation. They are users and abusers and perverts and deviants who are all about taking advantage of the “American way” which is freedom, liberty, and etc. to the point that they believe they are free to thumb their nose at God Himself as they mock Him for the good He bestowed on this nation just a few hundred years ago.

      That’s why it’s still NEWS, Maria. The same reason that YOU believe it’s “cute” to put “juana” at the end of your name . . . to celebrate the thing that is so meaningful to you “marijuana” because it is your own selfish crutch. Sure, most of us have smoked it. But MOST of us realize too that we don’t want the country to go to “pot” per se just because we used to get a buzz now and then. I think you know where I’m going with this.

      If you don’t . . . . well . . . as Hillary said, “What difference does it make?” now?

  • Stelex

    Can’t be any worse than Pelosi

    • XPatinPH

      better looking

  • Prelusive007

    America; the land of perverts and nuts. And to think, this is as good as it gets. Damn.

  • XPatinPH

    Go Guyrl!!!

  • whatitism

    Glad to see capital hill doing it’s political correctness job , the only other job they are doing is to them selves ,,,, “HAND ” .

  • Travln Texan

    Well there you have it…all the problems of the world have been solved. No more wars…a chicken in every pot…domestic peace and love. We can all rest easy now that the important stuff has been handled.

  • Harry McMerkin

    Trannys– the beauty of a woman and the mental stability of a man. I’m calling this one a ‘win.’

    Wonder if they will pay shim like a man or like a woman?

    • XPatinPH


    • WBC

      Read the article – congress has hired the beauty of a guy and the mental instability of a chick. The institution is screwed.

    • Troy Stevens

      How about they pay the person like a person that is capable of doing the job. Trannies are car parts not people. Use of proper pro-nouns will work, or just person.

      • Harry McMerkin

        [tran-ee] Spell Syllables
        noun, plural trannies. Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.
        a term used to refer to a transvestite, transsexual, ortransgender.
        Also, trannie.

        • Harry McMerkin

          Boobies and a kickstand, ain’t that Grand?

  • WBC

    In a sane world, a woman who thought she was a man would be considered batsh*t crazy and treated accordingly – no differently than we would treat a man who thought he was a chicken or a bowling ball. Now we are supposed to humor the poor wretch, call her “him” and “he” and let s/him choose what bathroom to use. When we are forced to pander to nutcases in the name of “equality” we have rejected freedom, not embraced it. Western Civilization is done – stick a fork in it.

  • mlb77

    Obama’s open border agenda was revealed in 2011…. prophecies(dot)org

    But, through My servant, Linda Newkirk, I have often told you the plans of the enemy; and I tell you again, that you might prepare. The streets of the cities will run with blood because of race wars. The countryside will run with blood because of race wars; and you are only seeing the beginning of all that is at hand. For, their plan is also to import many violent Mexicans and to bring the Mexican drug wars over the border, to ignite race wars of one kind, or another, all over this nation.

    Hear Me, oh you people of America. Hear Me; for a fire has been kindled. This fire is the destruction of the U.S.A.; and this fire will not be stopped until you are brought down, oh you harlot nation of America.

    But, still I plead with you, oh My people. Repent, or perish!

    I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

    As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of August, 2011,

    Linda Newkirk

  • tommy

    So Ben was born Beth or something like that? Do I have that right?

    • XPatinPH

      Ben was born Ben he just lives as a “chick”

    • johnny99

      No, Barry.

  • another_engineer

    Trannies have what is known as “Apotemnophilia”.. they’re nuttier than a Pearson’s salted nut roll.

    • john_robinson

      nah…that’s only leftist trannies. It’s the leftism that brings the nuts.

  • bleufishcat

    What rights don’t they have?

    • Troy Stevens

      The very same ones that you don’t have.

  • johnny99

    Why stop at transgender? Why not hire someone who is even more bizarre, like trans-species? Maybe someone who is half human and half goat? Don’t say it can’t be done — that is what people said about “transgenders” just a few years ago. Instead say, “Yes, we can!”

    • Troy Stevens

      Transgenderism has been around a lot longer than a few years ago.

  • JP

    Michelle Obama is a Man!!
    MUST Watch

    • johnny99

      Hang on a minute. If Michele used to be a man and is now a woman, and Barry used to be a woman and is now a man, is that a gay marriage?

  • gtmancan

    My daughter is going through this lie of transgenderism. Society indoctrinates the vulnerable that they are not who they were born as and that their sex was “assigned” as though there was a choice in the matter. The internet has been a source of good and evil. I’m so devastated and living in Canada the government uses my tax money to destroy my daughters life! What an unjust and perverted world we live in. Transgender ism is indeed a mental illness but we have stupid fools who believe anything goes and just accept everyone’s “feeling” because you couldn’t possibly be deceived about such a thing. Lies, lies,lies. The heart is deceitful and we can grow up confused about our gender. Why is that so hard to believe? We as a society have to resist this politically correct acceptance of anything goes as long as one “believes it to be true in their heart” and “not hurting anyone”. Ask me if my wife and I are hurting. No we will never accept a lie! We love our daughter but will never accept her self hatred. Women are taught that they are inferior but that is a lie. Women are beautiful just as you are. If you’re a believer please pray for us.

    • bonzai

      I am sorry for both you and your daughter. I will pray. Greater is he . . . . You know the rest.

    • InChristAlone1

      I will definitely pray for you. Not long ago, I read an article written by a women who thought she wanted to be a boy in her childhood. She wrote about how thankful she was that her parents didn’t have this society to try and tell her what to do (back then none of this was even considered.) She is thankful now because she is married, a Christian, has children and a wonderful life. I will try and find it and post the link. My heart hurts for you. This world is so wicked. I have a niece who has lesbian professors in college and now is dappling in the idea she might be gay. It is very upsetting and I feel your pain.

  • oldvlc

    To even dignify this with a comment is admitting we as a nation have lost our soul.

  • Bill Birch

    So what’s next?
    A national coming out federal holiday? Flags will fly at full staff.
    What is my politically correct reaction supposed to be? O boy, that’s the 27 millionth person to reveal their secret. I feel like a big weight has been lifted.

    I expect flak but this “lets all celebrate another coming out” has gone over the top into the valley on the other side.
    Hopefully they were hired as the best person for the job based on qualifications and not quota orientation..

    • Troy Stevens

      One of the few comments that sounds harsh but is full of truth. No flak from this transgendered person. There is no reason for the world to know that this person is a transgender. Why not just leave the article at the fact that a new person was hired for this position and that they are the best qualified. Thanks to a media frenzy that never quits anything, any little thing, that could potentially create a stir among the right, left, or any political group is considered news.

  • johnny99

    I’m sure Congress will run more smoothly now that it has a new tranny.

    • rt90k

      More “change”. Perhaps of the (IVT) infinitely variable type of “sex drive”.

  • JonathanDunbar

    Wait wasn’t Obama and Michele the first LGBT on the hill?

  • springer

    Our tax money is being spent to advance a gay agenda in Congress? What the heck is going on.

    Next is inter-species sex promotion. What has happened to our beloved country.

    • 1twothree4

      Once you go Black Lab, you never go back!

      • T S

        I wish I could have upvoted that more than once. Good boy!

    • GAS33

      This has been going on for decades Rip Van WInkle! The democrat / liberal / ‘progressive’ agenda. First: ‘tolerance’ (of every manner/type of deviance). Second: Active promotion. Third: demonizing of principled opposition.

      Freaks should be satisfied simply to stay in the closet and not be found out, and then be grateful they aren’t ‘terminated with extreme prejudice’.

  • JBar595

    Democrat Representatives and Senators call her the new thing in handy fucs.

  • vadave

    I’m confused. I read the article and he/she is called a congressional staffer but he/she works for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute funded by a grant from the David Bohnett Foundation through the institute and he has been appointed as a fellow for the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. Who exactly does he/she work for?

    • Denny Crane


  • bonzai

    Isn’t a transgender person basically crazy? If a man thinks he’s a dog, a child, santa clause, or a houseplant, we call him crazy. If a man thinks he’s a woman, he’s a democrat hero.

    • InChristAlone1

      I’ve always asked….would you let a man who cuts off his penis to feel normal… perform surgery on you? Fly the plane you are on? Lead our country? (that last one might be closer than you think!)

    • Troy Stevens

      No crazier than someone with depression. The healing begins with the transition. Instead of taking antidepressants that affect our minds and could potentially lead one to becoming psychotic like some of these mass shooters, we chose to change our bodies to match our internal wiring. It is no different than someone who is into body piercing or tattooing.

      • Denny Crane

        Hear, hear. As someone who identifies as a maple end table, I agree. And, you must accept me.

      • bonzai

        Really? A man who thinks he’s woman is no different that someone who gets a tattoo or a body piercing? That may be true if the man is dressing up for a costume party, but because his error is supposedly a fundamental part of his identity, your analogy is wrong. It’s more akin to a woman who thinks she’s her grandmother. The only difference is the democrat party seeks to exploit transgender rather than help them, and transponders would rather be exploited as long as they can maintain their delusion.

  • GAS33

    F*** all these creeps – this ISN’T News! There’s been closet weirdos in congress FOREVER! In the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries! An educated guess is at least half of them there now are freaks of one kind or another, Exhibit 1 – Barney Frank! Exhibit 2 – Anthony ‘Wiener’ Wiener. Pedophiles / cheats of every kind and variety. It doesn’t indicate ‘Approval’, it doesn’t indicate Endorsement, by Americans at large. And it doesn’t mean THEY’RE NOT STILL FREAKS! Michael Jackson apparently liked to roll around in urine soaked sheets, it doesn’t mean you want your little boy sleeping over at his house, or dating him! Good Grief!!

    • 1twothree4

      Don’t forget Ted Kennedy! He got the first confirmed kill in the war on women!

      • GAS33

        Roger and amen!

  • johnny99

    I don’t understand all the commotion over an LGBT. It’s my favorite sandwich and I have one almost every day for lunch. What’s with all you youngsters?

    • dicksicario

      You put Grits in your BLT ?

  • johnny99

    Surprise — it’s a Democrat!

    • GAS33

      LMFAO! BINGO!!

      • Mind_yourmanners

        Better make your account private because I’m going to stalk you all over disqus, lol. You’re my new bigot best friend!!!!!

  • T bone

    The slow and steady drip, drip, drip.

  • portle44

    Thank goodness someone finally made the hire.It was becoming a very serious worry.

  • Banshee 722

    WHO CARES…the country is a disaster and this is news.

  • azgirl

    I guess there won’t be a big announcement when the first mentally challenged staffer is hired. Congress is already full of them.

  • 1CEO

    It is long overdue for the “Congressional Straight White Men Equality Caucus”.

  • Ursasclaw

    Great, it should fit in nicely with the perverts and child molesters in Congress.

    • Troy Stevens

      Just because someone is transgendered doesn’t make them pervs or pedophiles.

      • GHOSTDAWG305

        good chance tho

      • Ursasclaw

        You need to look up the word pervert in the dictionary.

        a : to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right : corrupt
        b : to cause to turn aside or away from what is generally done or accepted : misdirect
        a : to divert to a wrong end or purpose : misuse
        b : to twist the meaning or sense of : misinterpret

        A pretty accurate description of “transgendered”

        Full Definition of PEDOPHILIA
        : sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.

        That definition describes a lot of congressmen who have taken advantage of underage staffers.

  • TonyXL

    Congratulations to it.

  • stonehillady

    This so Congress can appease The so called First Lady a cross dresser herself. For Michelle is no lady, she is also a Tranny, that is why so much of this is in the news, maybe by the end of Obama’s Presidency, Michelle will finally come out of the closet, she is really Michael & the daughters are adopted.

    • skippylopezjr

      Michelle has a nice sized german sausage swinging down low.

      • The_Exile

        She ain’t that big… you can see it in pictures of times when he/she/it had dress malfunctions.

        • dicksicario

          With the size of her feet you would think she has a wooper black snake.

  • buffmuffin

    lol, hired for life. No need to even show up for work.

    Just try firing that.

  • skippylopezjr

    What a sick disgusting freak show world.

  • Troy Stevens

    Lots of hatred.

  • x32792

    This is the biggest and most pressing issue EVER.

  • dltaylor51

    Leave it to the democrats to make Washington look more and more like a freak show.After Hillary ripped Obamas nuts out last week he could qualify as a trans gender bender.

  • InChristAlone1

    I’ve always asked….would you let a man who cuts off his penis to feel “normal”… perform surgery on you? Fly the plane you are on? Lead our country? (that last one might be closer than you think!)

  • Charlie Jenkins

    It’s only fitting for a bunch of Frankenstein Neanderthals to have weird pervs as servants

  • Brian Patronie

    Without pictures this article is worthless…

    • AZ Schumi

      Just put Maddow’s mug up there…

      that fills in plenty of blanks

  • SaneZidane

    Funded by a grant from the David Bohnett Foundation, Panico will rotate through the offices of the seven House Democrats who serve as co-chairmen for the caucus……

    A typo perhaps?
    That is very telling right there, folks. Rotating with seven House Democrats makes one wonder whether he is going to be a staffer, a stiffer or a stuffer.

  • Raul Jimenez

    It is sick out there and getting sicker.

    • Yankeefan

      channeling Bob Grant – excellent !

  • Bear mauler

    What in the name of Barney Frank is going on here???

  • MTReynolds

    “We at Johns Hopkins University—which in the 1960s was the first American medical center to venture into “sex-reassignment surgery”—launched a study in the 1970s comparing the outcomes of transgendered people who had the surgery with the outcomes of those who did not. Most of the surgically treated patients described themselves as “satisfied” by the results, but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have the surgery. And so at Hopkins we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery, since producing a “satisfied” but still troubled patient seemed an inadequate reason for surgically amputating normal organs.

    It now appears that our long-ago decision was a wise one. A 2011 study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden produced the most illuminating results yet regarding the transgendered, evidence that should give advocates pause. The long-term study—up to 30 years—followed 324 people who had sex-reassignment surgery. The study revealed that beginning about 10 years after having the surgery, the transgendered began to experience increasing mental difficulties. Most shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable nontransgender population. This disturbing result has as yet no explanation but probably reflects the growing sense of isolation reported by the aging transgendered after surgery. The high suicide rate certainly challenges the surgery prescription.” Source: WSJ

  • mlb77

    Obama’s open border agenda was revealed back in 2011 at prophecies(dot)org Here is an excerpt….

    But, through My servant, Linda Newkirk, I have often told you the plans of the enemy; and I tell you again, that you might prepare. The streets of the cities will run with blood because of race wars. The countryside will run with blood because of race wars; and you are only seeing the beginning of all that is at hand. For, their plan is also to import many violent Mexicans and to bring the Mexican drug wars over the border, to ignite race wars of one kind, or another, all over this nation.

    Hear Me, oh you people of America. Hear Me; for a fire has been kindled. This fire is the destruction of the U.S.A.; and this fire will not be stopped until you are brought down, oh you harlot nation of America.

    But, still I plead with you, oh My people. Repent, or perish!

    I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

    As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of August, 2011,

    Linda Newkirk

  • Bob

    Does this mean he can screw himself?

  • tcp53

    This just shows how SICK and out-of-touch the Democratic Party is. The truth is, all the laws, TV shows, movies, and protests in the world won’t change the FACT that the 97% of Earth’s population who are heterosexual have a natural, instinctive, and visceral repulsion/revulsion to the sight of homosexuals/”transgenders” engaging in amorous behavior (and always will)……

  • Bob

    Just to show how liberated they are, Democrats announced that they will nominate a black sheep for president in 2016.

  • Elcigaro

    Well, isn’t that stylish. Why is this a story?

  • realistic12

    Correction 2:35 p.m.
    “A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Panico would be the first openly transgender Capitol Hill staffer. There have been three other openly transgender staffers in Congress, according to Steven Thai, press secretary for the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute.”

    Nice reporting Hannah Hess….you’ll certainly be moved up in line for White House Press Secretary now. dumaz

    • johnny99

      Why not retract the story since it is now incorrect?

  • realistic12

    I love lamp. Don’t I get special rights?

  • warman


  • dennis1960

    I don’t see this as a big deal, having a guy in the Capitol who pretends to be a woman. Hell, we put a guy in the White House who pretends he is a leader.

    • johnny99


  • TexBill

    Did I miss it or did this story not mention that Ben was a woman who had an adadicktome performed? Or was it a person who used to be called Ben who had takmedickoff performed? Is it politically correct to mention that the guy used to be a girl, or vice versa, or are we now allowed only to refer to a switcher as “transgender.”

  • overtaxed77

    Wait a minute, you are telling me Nancy pelosi didn’t use to be a man?

  • Ronald Moscatello

    This makes me so happy I can almost crap in my pants !

  • Fanfare Ends

    “Funded by a grant from the David Bohnett Foundation, Panico will rotate through the offices of the seven House Democrats”

    Uh huh…

  • johnny99

    Thanks to “gender-reassignment” surgery now every Democrat male can have a va gina.

  • JohnHoward

    The right to procreate, being fundamental, is only as it is in nature: As our birth sex, with someone of the other sex who consents to all the obligations or marriage, using our own natural unmodified gametes. It is not an abstract right to procreate as either sex, with either sex, or by ourselves with purchased gametes, or with engineered or modified genes, or using surrogates or third party, or without consent to marriage.

    • addtocart


      • JohnHoward

        There is no right to reproduce as the other sex, or with someone of the same sex.

  • ron

    The country and world is burning up and this is what congress and the press view as newsworthy and important? We have become a country with little hope…

  • Mikey

    Things have gotten so bad that you gotta cut your nuts off to get a job.

  • Taciturn

    many pervs in congress will salivate at the thought of shtupping her/him/she/he..Whatever !

  • Mikey

    I thought saying I’d Give My Left Nut For A Job was just a saying.

  • johnfree2

    The Democrats/socialists/communists are destroying Amerika….and Amerika is too stupid to see whats coming…..Orwell was a prophet. Most don’t know that Marx was a satanist.

    • Adriel Cruz

      Maybe you are the stupid one? Placing k’s where there should be c’s? When a sp** schools you on the English language, it may be time to go back to grade school.

      • johnfree2

        AMERIKA = Communist America

        • Adriel Cruz

          Sorry, not in the dictionary.

          • johnfree2

            I have two masters degrees – so you see I think outside of YOUR BOX…in case you haven’t caught my drift, I hate what the left is doing to MY AMERICA and that probably includes you.

            my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge….Hosea 4:6

            And AMERICA is being destroyed because of people like you..

  • johnny99

    Adding “of the 113th Congress” to the headline is a lame and amateurish way to save this story, which is a non-story now that we’ve learned he is NOT the first openly transsexual staffer. Imagine this headline: Jackie Robinson will be first black baseball player . .. of the 1947 season.

  • MyOpinionPost

    This is not news. This is propaganda. Anyway, who really cares?

  • Mojo


  • NSSA3Way

    He could have set a better administration example by enlisting in the Army and more specifically, a combat arms unit.

  • Carl Anon

    And I drank a cup of water 15 minutes ago… So what?

  • MonsterFace

    now all that’s left for this administration to hire is a person based on their COMPETENCE instead of their “handicap”!

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Oh good, another affirmative action LGBT hire. Being competent and qualfied for a job, don’t matter to the left, only gender, race, and sexual preference count. Oh yeah, and the desire to push insane leftist agendas really matters too.

    • Adriel Cruz

      No, the point is equal opportunities and representation for all. And, if we chip away at the White heterosexual Christian male power structure, that’s always a plus.

      • MonsterFace

        yeah because the white heterosexual Christian male founded and build the greatest country in the history of MANkind and everybody else didn’t and couldn’t.

        • Adriel Cruz

          I see you the Country through the eyes of a White male. I’m happy minorities will soon outnumber you. Happy days are ahead!

          • MonsterFace

            I am a “minority”!

            I’d rather live in a “white”
            ruled/run country than in a “brown” or “black” ruled/run MESS! If you don’t understand that…then you’re in dire need of psychiatric treatment.

          • Adriel Cruz

            haha, you had to offer that disclaimer, “I am a minority!”

            Well, congratulations. What do you want? A medal?

          • MonsterFace

            I want to continue to live in a free and prosperous country, Unlike you who’d rather live in Mexico or Saudi Arabia or Nigeria, etc..not much freedom or prosperity there.

          • Adriel Cruz

            Do you really have a monster face?

          • MonsterFace

            only when dealing with unreasonable, illogical people like you.

          • Guest

            Well I guess your monster face will be permanently set to “monster” as there are more people with my point of view.

          • MonsterFace

            Nutz is not a point of view.

          • snuff1

            If being happy is a third (or 4th or 5th) world shithole then you will soon be in heaven.

          • Adriel Cruz

            4th or 5th? exaggerate much? America will still be a great Country, but its relative position is shifting, as other Countries increase in political, military and financial power.

          • MonsterFace

            so you’d rather live in a world dominated by Russia and/or China? You need serious help, please look into migrating to India!

          • Adriel Cruz

            It’s not a choice, other Countries will rise in prominence, whether Americans like it our not. You know, America is not the only Country in the world. And if recent news events are any indication, it is hardly “exceptional.”

          • MonsterFace

            with the help of the United States…and the FACT that we are who we are and have accomplished what we’ve accomplished PROVES we are an exceptional country! I don’t see millions of people risk their lives to live in China or India or Russia…THEY come here to seek opportunities and greater freedom to live their lives under the blanket of our constitution.

      • bonzai

        White heterosexual Christians are your only hope of survival. Without them, the world will teeter between anarchy and totalitarianism.

        • Adriel Cruz

          Because other Countries, who aren’t White, heterosexual and Christian, can exist peacefully and have stability. I few come to mind. If anything, our Country’s history has been one of destabilizing governments around the world, with the unimaginable consequences to their respective populations? The Great White Hope? I think not.

          • MonsterFace

            NAME ONE!

          • Adriel Cruz

            Many Asian countries, countries in the Middle east, South American countries, etc.

          • MonsterFace

            GIVE ME A NAME!

          • Adriel Cruz

            You just want to Google your head off. You already seem batsh** to me.

          • MonsterFace

            LOL, you can’t name one, you can’t defend your position.

          • Adriel Cruz

            Because, you seem to lack logic. Offering a country’s name will not make a difference.

          • MonsterFace

            It will confirm or disprove your statement…give me a name!

          • snuff1

            God you are dumb.

          • bonzai

            Name those countries. China? Any country in Africa? The middle east? You might find a few Polynesian islands, but my guess is that you’d find them filled with tribal disputes, and the don’t “exist peacefully” as you fantasize they do. Sadly, your bigotry and the far-left distortions and cliches that are the basis of your worldview have blinded you.

      • johnfree2
    • MonsterFace

      only CERTAIN genders, ethnic groups, sexual preferences and religions matter to this administration.

  • Tom Dockery

    We are not free until $heldon and Roger give us the right to invest our money as we see fit without having to move to Nevada.

  • FreedomTrickle

    “openly” is the keyword in this article

  • johnfree2

    Check out the communist manifesto in the congressional record back in 1953….the left is proceeding according to plan. Welcome to the New World Order….The goal is to destroy the family, values and religion…and since “they” have infiltrated the media, most are clueless as to what is really happening….

    Sadly, Its too late to save Amerika….thanks DEMOCRATS

    My children and grandchildren will curse you.

  • Warren Wilson

    This article used “he” where an editor would normally have used the person’s last name. Half of those butch women are on testosterone anyway. Ever hear Janet Napolitano talk?

    • richard_head

      She mumbles as she is trying to spit that carpet taste out.

  • Stanley J. Walljasper

    Openly = making it an issue at every moment?

    No thanks. Just take the job, keep all of your sexual wonderfulness or martyrdom to yourself, just like any other professonal in the workplace, please.

  • CrossHugger

    It is all about being something God made you and you don’t like it. How come in gay relationships, one of the partners plays a male role and one the female. God created you to be a man or a woman so own it. It is a choice.

    • Guest

      I’m gay and I have to say that is not true. Sex, gender and sexual orientation are three distinct things. Stop injecting God in this argument, not everyone is Christian.

      • richard_head

        Was you born that way or indoctrinated?

      • Mr. Fish (catch & release)

        Many times God and Mother Nature are used interchangeably. But you already know that don’t you?
        I don’t know the difference between sex and gender, unless you consider sex, “the act” itself. Sex and orientation while different are not separable in the mind of a more traditional viewpoint. While I ( for one) am tolerant of your existence, I am not tolerant of your desire to be acknowledged as an influence on society.

      • Snailmailtrucker

        Maybe you should be !

  • jonahanalb

    It is obvious who is in charge and what the agenda is in destroying our country and
    our moral values as a society. Where did the qualifications and serious expertise go to? When you see the ISIS flags running into Washington where will your high heels and stockings take you?

  • mike

    Ladies and Gentleman the meet the next president! It has no experience but is the next evolution in the liberal ideology of leadership! So we can all be more tolerant of those of us who are different!! Jeez it is never going end knowing what freaky things people do!

  • intellectone

    Does the United States Government need one more type of ‘Objectively Disordered’ employee?

  • richard_head

    Coming soon. The first sheep loving ISIS commander will be the head of the Secret Service!

    • dicksicario

      Holder already has that distinction

  • paoliana

    Is there ANYTHING DEMOSLEEZE scum hasn’t destroyed?

  • The Oracle

    God didn’t give the LGBT crowd at Sodom and Gomorrah RIGHTS.
    He issued his disgust by destroying the twin cities.
    Can’t say that I want to be caught up in the same kind of horror.

  • The Outlaw Josey Wales

    Moochelle the tranny finally got a job?

    • dicksicario

      Queens don’t have jobs

  • billybobz

    faqs and democRATs.

  • rlc14433

    Hussein ‘Scandalous Shitstained Liar’ Traitor Soetoro Obama, radical liberal democratic hypocrites, queers and ‘transgender’ trash are POISON to America.

  • Danvil

    Where is the White Christian Straight Caucus? We’re not allowed to organize because we are being legislated out of existence by our own government. Time to fight back, against the evil Progs.

  • Jim

    Why does this article keep saying “he”. She’s still a female. These are the same people who’ll go against genetically modified foods (maybe they’re right, maybe they’re not) yet to surgically make a phony male from a female is “equality”? No, it’s mental illness.

    • Samuel Stein

      She can butcher her body, cut her hair off, take male hormones and dress like a man but she will never be a man. She will be a disordered and dysfunctional female until the day she dies. She was born female and she will die female. All that is needed to prove that is a simple cheek swab. Her chromosome configuration is female and always will be female. This pandering to the mentally disordered is outrageous.

  • susandanielspi

    And the freak show continues.

  • Mungo

    To go along with our Transgender First “Lady”

  • SpamFace Plant

    Cruising for a cougar daddy…Maybe he’ll hook up with Barney.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Change your sign, dude, and be honest about what you really, really want: not equality but favored protected class status and preferential treatment over heterosexuals for access to education, employment and government benefits.

  • ctwatcher .

    Good luck dude…I mean ma’am…

  • Richard_Wiggler

    Rise of the ‘Planet of the Apes’
    only in REAL LIFE.

  • Jasonn

    How inclusive and progressive of you, but do you really want someone with serious psychological issues on the payroll? Gee, what could go wrong?

  • Smacky Z Frog

    I’ve been reading on HuffPo about the revolution is coming. Wonder who loses first when the people rise up and take heads? Hmmmmm, let me think, Germany, Russia, Iran, Iraq…. Hmmmmm, I don’t think these people really want what they claim. Just a guess though.

  • Paladin

    ‘The Christian Live & Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States’… Benjamin Franklin Morris – 1864… This work will affirm without question the founding of our republic of republics, the US, as a Christian nation… read it if you dare to be informed. That considered… homos are an affront & a grave sin according to my Christian tenets & philosophy… yet we allow them into the fabric of our government…

  • gregpusczek

    Lame. Who cares? Gratuitous staffing for the sake of media coverage.

  • Blandly Urbane

    So, is he really she or vice versa?

  • antigreenman

    A confused liberal lobbying for 2% of the population. Great. . . . I wonder what he/she/it will want to cram down our throats and tell us it tastes good?

  • TruthDetector

    I thought Obama was a Senator before he became POTUS.

    • dicksicario

      He was
      A POS one even back to his days in the IL house

  • TruthDetector

    “Correction 2:35 p.m.

    A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Panico would be the first openly transgender Capitol Hill staffer. There have been three other openly transgender staffers in Congress, according to Steven Thai, press secretary for the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute.”

    What, no retraction?

  • Samuel Stein

    This is disgraceful. Leftist progressive hands are all over this madness.

  • bill_a_bob

    “A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Panico would be the first openly transgender Capitol Hill staffer”
    Guess Panico will have to go back to being just a closeted transgender Capitol Hill Staffer or celebrate at being the first fourth openly transgender Capitol Hill Staffer. I can hardly wait for Roll Cáll to break the story on the fifth openly transgender Capitol Hill Staffer. Can journalist be impeached?

  • Ron Paulyes

    Please facebook message me your address or email me at so I can write you a thank you card whilst on bed
    rest. :)

    I have been on Testosterone for one year now,
    and I am so pleased with the results. I cannot wait to have surgery and
    feel so much more comfortable in my skin. My double mastectomy is
    scheduled for December 10th with Dr. Beverly Fischer, here in Maryland.
    Because insurance companies do not cover gender affirming surgeries for
    trans* individuals, I have to pay the whole cost out of pocket. The
    surgery is $7,350. So far, I have paid almost a third of that. If I
    could get even a hundred dollars in donations, it would mean the world
    to me. Being a full-time student makes it difficult to save money, but I
    have been working diligently, as this surgery is really important to me
    and my mental health. For once, I am looking for to beach season!
    – See more at:

  • TruthBeTold

    Now we’re all free! Hurray!

  • Zach Peterson

    Now there’s a Circus Freak to go with the rest of the clowns in DC. Step up, folks, step up, see the man who cut off his penis! 5 cents only!

    • luckyoldsun

      Since they call this person “Ben Panico” and “he” and “him” throughout the article–and since it’s now considered a hate crime to not refer to someone by their chosen gender–I’ve got to figure that they’re talking about a woman who “transitioned” into being a “man.”

  • Moronbusters

    “transgender”? That is like “trans-species”. A human who thinks they are a dog or something other than they are. Why is this news or a good thing?

  • The Gay Pope

    I thought Cher’s kid was collecting used condoms and syringes in the NY subway system

  • Drillforoil

    Ho No!

  • Nelliebaxter

    Good for them, they haven’t done anything else in the pas 6 years.

  • Alphonsus_Jr


    Kyrie eleison,
    Kyrie eleison,
    Kyrie eleison!

    Christe eleison,
    Christe eleison,
    Christe eleison!

    Kyrie eleison,
    Kyrie eleison,
    Kyrie eleison!

  • welovetheUSA

    Ah come on, these men calling themselves women are mentally ill…what are you people doing putting a nut in around congress? Where is the security clearance? This is beyond sick..its down right un-American.

  • DriveMonkeyDrive

    Even when everyone leaves Washington for their home states it is still the number one place to go to if you want to see the circus.

    • dicksicario

      Just don’t leave your hotel at night in DC

  • Alphonsus_Jr
  • Happybidr

    I can’t imagine a topic that is more creepy than this. Next thing this person will do is try to figure out how to get everyone who doesn’t agree with him FIRED. the Left is so hypocritical. I think they’ve just completely given up on the Constitution, certainly the Bill of Rights. Remember, now you Are the govt, so please don’t try to take steps to silence people who disagree with you because the Constitution actually DOES forbid that. “Congress shall make no law….” (Too bad it didn’t stop there.)

    • Snailmailtrucker

      That is exactly what Obama has done with the IRS….DHS…..DOJ….
      Have you been sleeping?

  • HoosiersH8LibTards

    I could care less if this new staffer is gay, straight, left, right, center, Atheist, Christian, Agnostic, etc., as long as he/she/it does the job they are paid to do.

    FYI: Real Americans don’t give a DAMN what you do in your private lives! We don’t care who you sleep with, who you love, who you hate…. we just don’t care.
    Why? Because we are focused on our own lives.

    • Snailmailtrucker

      You do realize that anyone who is willing to cut their jewels off has an agenda !

      • HoosiersH8LibTards

        Yes, I am aware of the possibility, but it still does not change the fact that I don’t care. Everyone keeps telling me, that as a Christian, Conservative, pro-2A single Caucasian father, I ‘hate’ people who are different, ie., gay or transgendered. The actual truth is, I don’t care what you do in the privacey of your own life. It is your business. Quit telling me I have to accept anything! If you want to cut off your jewels, good for you. As long as YOU or your private insurance covers the costs, snip away. Your dime, your new vagina. :-) Enjoy!

  • AntiKass


  • Warren Banta

    What are the gays, lesbians and transgenders going to do when no one thinks they are novel anymore. When no one cares what or who they are.

  • J S

    Who cares??????

    • Snailmailtrucker

      You should !

      • J S

        Why, it was never pointed out when the first openly heterosexual entered Congress, why should a transperson get special treatment because of their sexual preference?

  • outman

    oh thank God this is news…..

  • axethecouncil

    Nancy P. Lousy?

  • Twilightstar

    Well, our government is now complete.

  • John J. Griffin

    This should really excite Obama, he will pick up his phone and make that call while a marine rots in jail in TJ and Christians being slaughtered by his buddies in Iraq and Syria.

    • Twilightstar

      He might still be too busy golfing on Martha’s Vineyard to notice.

      • OldOllie

        Still, I would expect him to approve. After all, he’s married to one.

      • John J. Griffin

        Your right, how dumb of me.

  • YankeeSoonerBill

    No Hannah, the Looney-tune left, anti-American democrats have hired a transgender person, NOT CONGRESS!!!

    • el_polacko

      why shouldn’t a person who is qualified for the job not be hired ? because YOU have a bias against them ?

      • general1redcent

        Because this is NOT a “real” job at all, it’s an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, made-up, BOVINE EXCREMENT, LOBBYIST job INSIDE CONGRESS !

        • el_polacko

          if you are hired and paid for a position, it’s a “job”. why that upsets you is beyond me.

          • general1redcent

            It’s a PRETEND job, one manufactured, in BAD faith, to mollify 2% of the American population, many of whom don’t even care about it !

            I guess that YOU don’t work, don’t pay taxes, and couldn’t care less about ANYTHING except your genitals.

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    Not only have we normalized and mainstreamed ghetto-esque behavior, we’re on the path to normalize genetic/psychotic freaks of nature. And what “rightth” are they squealing about? They have every “right” the rest of us have, which are all outlined in the Constitution. Marriage is not in there anywhere, and the equal protection clause is not a catch-all for freaks wanting free schit or demanding normalcy. I have had it with ‘Rats and their effed up stupidity.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    A liberal New England democrat gender confused staffer….
    Remove the Congressman and then everyone else involved….
    Everyone knows their agenda and it has nothing good for America !

  • flyfisher111

    And exactly why is this news ?

  • dicksicario

    Bet she will get along well with the HeMoo married to Obama.

  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes

    Democrats are perverts…plain and simple….

  • Sweettea71

    “has been appointed as a fellow for the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. He will spend a year helping the caucus, founded in 2008, pursue an ambitious gay-rights agenda in a Congress with a record number of openly gay lawmakers.”

    Congrats on the new job, but is there any American Citizen Caucus? Frankly that’s the only one we should have or care about. You can have blacks, whites, browns, straights, gays, those who aren’t sure, guys, chicks, those who aren’t sure as members. No wonder we are are at the point of hating each other with all this self interest.

    DC is a cesspool that needs to be flushed.

  • Attila

    Another float in the Democratic Party Parade of Degeneracy and Mental Illness.

  • Top Hand

    Masculine Michelle, Barack’s husband, will feel me comfortable now that there’s another one there.


      The beast has to have custom made shoes as they don’t make size 14s in womens. I did hear they danced the night away last night at the vineyard. She do love to get down, get down.

  • Top Hand

    Look how masculine this one is! Look how big and masculine this guy in the middle is! Look how big his arms, legs and feet are compared to the men on either side of him.

    • Melvin Bennett

      They always did like to dress up like women.

  • Chris L Harris

    On this country’s current trajectory, we should have a President Caligula by 2020.

  • sailordude

    Funny how the correction at the end of the story says this is NOT the first TG staffer. Drudge should take the link to this non story down.

  • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

    We have leaders of depravity and debauchery in Washington.

  • Melvin Bennett

    Getting pretty close to the days of Caligula with this current group of freaks in control. Just waiting for the Olive leaves on top of their heads.

  • TomLa

    When the international Communist said they would bring the US down with decadence they meant it. The District has collapsed and the deluge has begun.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Why would anyone care? Just another sign of the collapse of America.

  • texmaster

    The correct term is gender denier not transsexual or transgender. Trans according to the dictionary means change. No gender denier changed their gender by adding to or cutting off parts of their body which is why they should be called what they are, gender deniers because nothing changed scientifically. Liberals simply hate science.

  • Mike Gilmer

    I knew it would be a Democrat before ever reading the story.

  • TomLa

    The ” Democrats” are all into to homosexuality, transgenders and abortion. What will they try to normalize next, bestiality, child sacrifices and open borders?


      All of the above.

  • Honshu Makpeet

    Incomplete T.S. Not only is it mental illness, it is a case of grotesque mutilation. Mutilation done by so-called doctors with the duplicity of psychologists and psychiatrists. Violate nature long enough and it will vomit you out eventually.

  • artyvanguard

    I have nothing wrong with hiring the best person for the job.

    I have something very wrong with hiring on the basis of quotas like skin color and gender.

    • teddie77


  • racists yokels better run

    oh boo hoo hoo you whiny righties…

    • teddie77


  • RenegadeScholar

    Capitol Hill Gets Its First Openly Transgender Staffer of the 113th Congress

    I wonder when they will hire their first schizophrenic narcissist?

    Oh yeah–Obama is already there.

  • TomLa

    I am glad to see the Democrats working for the Latino vote. Because Latinos love their transgender, not

  • Tattooed

    Will they pay him/her more because she’s a he? Or less because he’s a she? THAT is the question.

    • Candice

      Depends on what day their period is.

  • Candice

    So now they are hiring shims. Big deal. Just do the job.

  • Jeffy White

    There’s no such thing as “transgender” it’s a guy with a boob job and a psychiatric disorder.

  • Guy Fleegman1

    Not the BEST person for the job I bet…but hired anyway LOL America is fawking done.

  • Gas_Passer

    The demorats are gonna pee their pants with joy when they hear this news…

  • RayinSD

    If any other group of people in America had a suicide attempt rate at over 40% there would be a national outcry over what to do about it. Instead, we allow this group of people with a higher than 40% suicide attempt rate to join the military. We pretend that it’s just a normal variant of human behavior, instead of what it actually is, a MENTAL DISORDER. Cutting a penis off does NOT make you a woman no matter how much you want to believe it does, sorry.


    “Ho Hum!”

  • Lucian

    Welllll, at least they’re getting the important stuff taken care of.

  • Kimbell

    It’s started!!!……Election Day cannot get here Fast enough!!! The Crazies on the Left want every body to join in the Fun!!!!

  • top secret

    I always knew Congress was confused…this confirms it.

  • Lance1234

    Let us hear it for Mental Illness!
    Mainstreaming deviance. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  • Roger Edward Harris

    Congress like the state department has no more credibility. Making it a priority to hire _____ (fill in the whining minority) over competent people won’t make it a less credible establishment. In fact, congress could go home and we would probably be better off.

  • ericibsen

    You cannot change DNA no matter how much lipstick you put on it.

  • Johannes Perlmuther

    Another waste of taxpayers’ monies by the bloated, wasteful, out-of-control Congress and Federal government. I never thought I would see the day when abnormality and perversion are celebrated in our Capitol and members of Congress. Just what is the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute? Is this the vetting committee for Obama’s outreach and recruitment, or a branch of the Democratic Party? Whatever it is, I am positive it is not what our Founding Fathers intended for a moral society.

  • ounceoflogic

    Is there such a thing as too many ‘rights’?

    • glock22

      Apparently not…unless you’re a white male, then you have no rights.

      • C. Edmund Wright

        especially a meat eating gun toting heterosexual married God fearing tobacco using self employed white male…….

      • ounceoflogic

        You keep thinking that, accepting your victim status, voting Democrat, and asking for handouts and special treatment. It beats working your way up.

  • L K

    Lesbos have a real issue with men who trannie to “women”-it’s like a Trojan Horse, without the testosterone.

  • Chuck Upster

    Equal rights, not special rights

  • myvoice2

    Wonder if they’ll start having drag shows in the east wing now, if it already hasn’t happened yet.

  • glock22

    This is news? Who gives a s**t?

  • Fip1

    More reasons for the Dems to conquer and divide the country.

  • Macpappy

    Well, that makes two, doesn’t it. The first “Lady” is a man too.

  • Tom Magee

    “Panico will rotate through the offices of the seven House Democrats who serve as co-chairmen for the caucus.”

    Yeah, no doubt…

  • Kemo Sabe

    When it finally happens. Leave quickly and Don’t Look Back.. Repeating: “Dont Look Back.
    When will it happen? No one knows the time.But happen it will. Unless, Unless we repent quickly. But, from the looks of things, we are doubling down. Digging ourselves through the gutters which are now in our rear-view mirror as we tunnel ourselves into oblivion. No Abomination today is considered too much/too far.
    We are an adventurous nation. We are seeking and exploring new way to wallow into more depravities as we dance merrily around the Golden Calf.

  • mucklucky

    The Civil Rights Act forbids discrimination based on sex (male or female), race, religion, or national origin. It does not forbid discrimination based on sexual preference. If you cannot look between your legs and determine your sex, your are an imbecile.

  • Stephanie Payne

    Wow! What a surprise (sarcasm)! It’s a Democrat! Folks, it’s time to take back your country from the angry leftists who insist on dividing it. These people have every right afforded by the Constitution, but a tax-funded special “caucus” for LGBT issues is not the government’s role. Throw the bums out, whether they’re gay straight or trannies!

  • Bruce in AZ

    How is this news-worthy?

  • Layla

    Once again, everybody on Capitol Hill misses the point….it is not about YOU. And this is just another glaring example of why you need to be sent HOME. The American people are losing jobs, homes and you are worried about your rights.

    YOU have put this country in the toilet and flushed. And now it is your turn.

  • KMAN

    Didn’t even have to guess they’re Democrat.

  • MudFlapShoes

    what’s a transgender issue?

    edify me.

  • PinkPigs

    Dems love perversion………

  • NB Forrest

    We are more worried about a circus freak show than national security!

  • NB Forrest

    Why aren’t these trannies in muslem countries raising hell!

  • Elisabetta

    Wow…now THAT’s something I really wanted to read! Something to aspire to….yeah, right. Great, WDC. I’m so glad they think this is news.

  • Cheryl A

    WTF who needs to know this???????

  • Joe blow

    Let me get this straight: What did “he” used to be; and what does “he” claim to be now? I need to know this so I can time my horselaugh.

  • yepster

    Now their’s two tranny’s in the White house,Moochelle or Micheal Should invite the New Tranny to do lunch.

  • therhymenoceros

    So, according to the correction, he or she is actually the fourth. I’m guessing for effect. I would also guess that this is the third time they’ve run this scam. Same effect though….yawn.

  • Heather Savage

    Why exactly is this news?? For a group of people who want to be treated “equal” this is anything but equal. What goes on in a person’s private life should be just that: PRIVATE
    I have not one thing against people’s gender/sexual orientation or anything else along those lines, I just don’t understand why this is news

  • WTF !!!

    ALL FAGGOTS NEED TO BE DEAD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Colorado Kidd

    I don’t understand what rights gay people don’t have that I have.

    • GAS33

      Exactly! Everyone has a ‘right’ to pack fudge, but except for a few freakoids, who wants to do that????

  • newsbubba

    Glad they added “Openly” in the description, given some of the liberal lollipops who have worked for Congress over the years.

    • Karl Magnus

      I’m surprised that the deviant doesn’t work for Bawny Fwank & pals.

      • sstflyer

        He did when he was a ‘guy’.

  • ABnormal

    a transgendered Wookie first lady, and now a congressional staffer.

    • frankr

      Michael. Michael row the GOAT ashore, hASSaLOOOOOOya, Michael rowed the GOAT ashore, hASSaLOOOOO…ooooooYA!

  • John Galt

    If I think I’m a dolphin trapped in a man’s body will surgically attaching a dorsal fin and demanding everyone call me flipper get me praise and recognition from the media, Obama and his liberal ilk? Will pressure be put on Sea World to hire me as a featured performer?

    • frankr

      Nothing’s off limits down this road!
      PERVERSION is the rage today! PERVERSION is the new DRUG OF CHOICE, the new HIGH. The more perverse you are, the more recognition is afforded to ya!!!
      PROOF POSITIVE that either there IS NO GOD or God has forsaken America for some reason or reasonS.

      • Karl Magnus

        I wouldn’t say that. Some people have compulsions and obsessions. Good for THEM, but bad for society.

        • frankr

          Its TRENDING Karl. Kind of like a SNOWBALL, rolling DOWNHILL and getting BIGGER and moving FASTER!!!


  • Karl Magnus

    Gee … The “Hey look at ME!” crowd is disgusting. DECENT and SANE people don’t buy into their deviant agenda and WE don’t announce OUR “fetishes” if we have any.

  • obammy

    And in other news…. nobody cares. This is not news.

  • clifford mckercher

    must be obama’s jihadist wife!

    • frankr

      that would be v jarett

  • JackP32

    So who gives a sheet?

  • amagi

    I have no problem giving everyone equal rights under the law. My problem is everyone is increasingly getting special depending on the group you belong to. Black Caucus, Hispanic Causcas, now the LGBT Equality Caucus. This is not about equal rights, it is about special rights.

  • intewedm

    Another example of how out of touch Congress is! Queers are perverts and should be kept in the closet…or cages would even be better!

    • frankr

      or in the ground!

  • sstflyer

    “Mr., Mrs., Ms.” Now we’ll need a new ‘honorific’ for Ben Panico. I need help, the only one I can think of is ‘Its’.

  • doomsday_survivor

    capital hill hired Michele Obama?!

    • frankr

      He’s married to the OTHER pervert in the White House!

  • Moral_Hazard

    If you see a figure in a black rubber suit and gas mask walking the halls of the capitol, don’t be alarmed! It’s not a terrorist attack or bioweapon drill. It’s only Martin Solace, the first congressional staffer who is a long-standing member of DC’s vibrant rubber fetish community. Said Mr. Solace (we think) in an interview with Roll Call, “It’s a wonderful day where all members alternative communities are honored and celebrated in our nation’s capital.” As part of his expression of fetishistic joy, Mr. Solace dresses in full head-to-toe rubber garments exclusively and is almost never seen outside his home without his gas mask. When asked how he handles sweltering DC summers, Mr. Solace replied, “I sweat a lot, but it’s worth it in order to raise awareness that cotton is not king.”

    Extremist conservative senator, Jesse Helms, was quoted as harrumphing, “I don’t care what he likes to wear, but he better have a suit and tie on when he’s in the Senate Chamber.” A small group of fetish protestors assembled in their colorfully black attire outside the capitol building today shouting, “No justice, no peace!!” but it was tough to tell since many of them were wearing gas masks.

  • RMorrow

    Our Congress just keeps getting more more stupid. And Congress wonders why the American people have such disdain for them?

  • Yukiko

    What a quandary for our congressmen and women. They will have to decide whether to turn over the page or ask for a BJ.

  • Tom Thumb

    I thought John Boehner was the first??

  • RecoveringLiberal

    Oh boy, they finally hired someone based on their mixed up sex preferences. I’m so relieved…..

  • IndyRepublican

    F’ing pervert.

  • Verbotene Gedanken


  • Pardonme

    This should raise the positive feelings for the Congress because they are oh so openly diverse and welcome the minority viewpoints with great lust. Now let’s make sure that the salary of this “person” is equal to either the male employees or the female employees; take your choice.

  • carlzilla

    Sexual perversion is not a civil right.

  • pjdjmj

    Throw up.

  • rs1123

    Probably Pat Riley.

  • Just Saying

    The animosity here is amazing. How exactly does a congressional staffer being transgender affect your life in any way whatsoever?

    • johnny99

      If not then why is it a story?

    • frankr

      Words, concepts, IMAGES created FROM words, affect a person, MORE on!!!

      Think of a word, mam! ANY word! For the sake of argument, lets use the word: DOG. When you say or hear the word DOG, you don’t ‘see’ the WORD dog, you see A DOG, a picture OF a dog, in your ‘mind’. That goes FOR ANY WORD, ANY TIME, ANY WHERE, with ANYBODY!!!
      GET IT?!!!

      For those that actually adhere to & live their life accordingly, to a FAITH/BELIEF, any kind of PERVERSION, be it homosexuality or otherwise, conjures up IMAGES which are offensive & totally against their belief.

      If you STILL DON’T GET IT, then you’re a f k ng idee ot!

      • Just Saying

        Then why did you read the article?

        • frankr

          I’m mature. Discernment is something I acquired as a teenager.
          Go back to school, if you ever went in the first place, and this time, PAY ATTENTION!

          • Just Saying

            Discern this. If, as you wrote, the words create the image that offends you and affects your life, why do you read the words? It’s a simple question.

          • frankr

            It’s called CONTROL, mam!!! I’m IN CHARGE.
            Simple enough for you?!!!

          • Just Saying

            Apparently, that makes sense to you on some level. So just go with it.

          • frankr

            thank you.

          • Just Saying

            I’m not sure how “sematic” applies in this case, but I do get the impression you get much of your exercise from leaps of logic and jumping to conclusions.

          • frankr

            …so says the young child to it’s father!
            Geez, the arrogance is out done only by your ignorance!
            Any leaping I do is quite calculated child and my conclusions, deliberate!
            Ask your momma to change your puree to something with some FIBER in it, you need cleaned out, son!

          • Just Saying

            Better get a new calculator. Anyone old enough to be my father wouldn’t be using a computer. And I’m sure that information will inspire you to make even more unfounded assumptions. You appear to be quite taken with your own intelligence, such as it is. Good for you.

  • johnny99

    I can’t understand why Congress has a 13 percent approval rating . . .

  • sunnyd55

    I thought Baaahney Fraank retired.

  • Freeland_Dave

    That should open up some eyes in the Congressional steam baths now shouldn’t it?

  • jennylynn

    Homosexuality is not freedom, It is slavery. Bondage of the worst kind to their own sinful lust and desires. Jesus came to set the captives free!!!

  • Myke Britt

    Is it a HE, SHE OR “IT”???

  • Concerned Citizen

    Full Definition of BIGOT
    : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
    570 comments below, most fit the definition above….

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