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February 11, 2016

Authorities Prepare for Ferguson Protests in Washington

Demonstrators march on W. Florissant Ave., in Ferguson, Mo., August 14, 2014, during a gathering to show concern over the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed teen killed August 9th by a Ferguson police officer. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Peaceful demonstrators march on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Mo., earlier this month. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Downtown business owners and property managers in the District of Columbia are warning of the potential for violent Ferguson-related protests Thursday night.

Building managers suggested lockdowns and alternate travel routes to counter a national “Day of Rage” rally, planned to begin outside the White House at 7 p.m. The D.C. event is one of dozens of protests called for by the activists of Anonymous in a video that asks citizens “to collectively gather in support for those who are suffering in Ferguson.”

Update: Protests Stay Peaceful, More Planned

Capitol Police also are on alert for any protests near the Hill, hoping to keep things calm while still allowing demonstrators to exercise First Amendment rights.

“We are in continuous contact with our [law enforcement] partners regarding the proposed activity around D.C. and maintain our constant state of vigilance throughout the Capitol Campus,” department spokesman Shennell Antrobus told CQ Roll Call in an email.

Since Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, subsequent violence has unfolded between police and demonstrators in the St. Louis suburb.

One week ago, people gathered nationwide to honor the unarmed teenager’s memory and protest police brutality. A protest in Meridian Hill Park drew about 2,000 people. Park Police stood guard as protesters raised their hands and called for justice.

The “Day of Rage,” though framed as peaceful, has evoked more concern from law enforcement.

The Department of Homeland Security appears to be on alert nationwide, according to a bulletin that appears to have been issued by the Threat Management Division of the Federal Protective Service. It includes intelligence gathered on the events and details on Anonymous’ origins.

The bulletin describes Anonymous as an “asymmetric associated international network of hacktivist and activists entities known for a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on government, religious and corporate websites,” and notes people affiliated with the group like to wear Guy Fawkes masks.

“Currently there is no indication that protests are expected to become violent,” the bulletin states. “However, recent protests in Ferguson have resulted in violence, property damage and subsequent arrests.”

A spokesperson for DHS would not confirm the authenticity of the two-page bulletin, which has been circulated online as unclassified and for official use only.

In addition to the 7 p.m. rally, Ferguson supporters are planning a 6:30 p.m. gathering for solidarity at Columbia Heights Square. The tagline for the event, being publicized through Facebook, is “#DC says #BlackLivesMatter.”

Update: Protests Stay Peaceful, More Planned


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  • Bill__Kennedy

    The American elite has encouraged millions of what used to be called illegal immigrants to come here and compete with young low-skilled American workers for scarce jobs. So a lot of young black men face a bleak future, and are disaffected from an American society that doesn’t care about them, but the Chamber of Commerce and their elite helpers get richer.

    • Slam1263

      They had fewer than 20 people at the #DayofRage.
      Funny pics from around the Country.

    • peggy6824

      There are jobs but these people refuse to work. A chain of grocery stores I know hires people who quit after a day or two saying the work is too hard.

      • Norm

        cool story

        • peggy6824

          That would be a King Soopers grocery store. Huge chain in the US.

          I see their over worked employees and when I ask they say they are shorthanded and working overtime because people either can’t pass the drug tests or they quit after a day or two because they find the work too hard.

          I have talked to at least 3 different employees on 3 different occasions.

  • Bill__Kennedy

    But don’t tell the great deporter, that would be immigrant-bashing, and might slow him in his task of legalizing another 5 or 10 million with a swipe of his pen.

    The elite’s state of denial on this is such that our President claimed twice in recent press conferences that everyone is with him on immigration ‘reform’, except a small group of Tea Party zealots determined to torment him. The media could have easily smashed that argument by citing the numerous recent polls showing that 2/3 of Americans are fed up with his lax immigration policies leading to the children’s crusade. But no one did – that might get you kicked right out of the elite. The elite don’t care what the masses think; it doesn’t even register in their cozy club.

  • Bill__Kennedy

    From a recent Reuters / Ipsos poll:

    ‘Seventy percent of Americans…believe undocumented immigrants threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs, according to the poll…

    45 percent of people in the poll, carried out between July 15-22… said the number of immigrants legally allowed to enter the country should be reduced.

    Only 17 percent thought more legal immigrants should be allowed to come to the United States. Thirty-eight percent said the number should stay the same.’

    • grumpy_old__man

      And most of them don’t realize that, without immigration, the work force will be so small that Social Security and Medicare will come crashing down just about the time they retire.

  • Sojourner Truth

    Round all of the protestors up, put them into C-130 Hercules aircraft, and deport them to Iraq and Syria where they can catch up with their Muslim friends.

  • jimmy

    What about Obama giving money to illegal aliens instead of poor Americans?

    • Old Hickory

      Why do you think Obama is trying so hard to stir up racial hatred. A lot of thoughtful Black Americans were starting ask questions. The party line about amnesty and illegal aliens was breaking down as they realized how much the invasion of the southern border would hurt them. So Obama and Holder are trying to create racial animosity to break up the coalition that was beginning to form between Black and White CITIZENS.

      • Old Hickory

        Sharpton and Jackson were sent in to make trouble. The so-called “Black Panther” network of violent racist criminals was activated to make a scene. Notice how only a tiny percentage of the people arresting in Ferguson are actually from there?

        • StraysAbound

          Hmmm … does that mean there’s going to be looting, pillaging, ransacking and burning around the White House area?

          • Poor62

            Maybe we could just open the fence like we have across our border with Mexico. No fence or security needed there, then why is it needed around the White House?

          • Thomas Rice

            Is funny, obummer isnt even at the WH, hes on vacation!

          • EmptyWallet

            I don’t have a problem with that.

          • Amberteka

            If he stayed on Vacation, Valerie Jarrett could run the nation just as badly as he does………………..

          • Vette66

            Val runs the nation now with the help of Soros.

      • Mobley22

        PEOPLE WHO ARE OPPOSED TO THE IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA ARE ALSO OPPOSED TO NATIONAL SECURITY. Our constitution give a clear answer to evil people like the current POTUS – IMPEACH. Those who oppose this for political fear (Boenar, McConnell, etc) do not belong in elected office and these useless cowards are a serious threat to our national security as well and therefore must also be

        • Arty9Ways

          it takes the senate to make an impeachment have any teeth..

        • Blue Hoss

          The folks who have voted for and support this admin or any like it are more dangerous to this country than any terrorist alive.

      • Poor62

        He needs a polarizing issue to get black voters to the polls in November. The timing of the investigation results, and the acquittal of the police officer, is needed in early to mid-October. Results come in too early, and the black voters will move onto something else. Come in too late, and there won’t be enough time to stir the racial hatred pot and get them to the polls in sufficient numbers.

        • Amberteka

          When John Lewis, the faux hero of the Civil Rights Movement, called for Martial Law…….the countdown was on………but…………..when Big Mike turned out to be a mean, HUGE, bully, caught on camera……… was not a catastrophe they could exploit. Now they will wait and hang the cop after the Mid Terms. No riots spreading, I think but they have a shot at it in the riots scheduled for. D.C. The Elites don’t like the crazies getting too close to them……….so No. The Big Riot will not come, inho. Thanks to those tanks and machine guns in Ferguson for killing martial law . Maybe . cancelling the election.( for.forever) off for the moment. John Lewis should make your skin crawl. During the election for Mayor in Atlanta, when a whie woman was winning, he went on the radio and said that if she was elected, black children would be pulled out of schools. That Police would come around and to that. And pull black people out of white neighborhoods. That the Police would turn dogs loose on white people, and open up hoses and stuff. HE WAS NEVER IN BIRMINGHAM. he was in SELMA. Which was mostly shoving. pushing. Cussing. Racial Slurs. ONE person went to the Hospital and it was NOT john Lewish. he got into a pushing,..shoving scuffle. Not a beat down. No one did at Selma. At Birmingham…those people ..that was a horror story. It is a miracle they survived.

      • Arty9Ways

        THat SIr, is the best explanation i have heard to date on the matter. WELL DONE .

    • Mobley22

      PEOPLE WHO ARE OPPOSED TO THE IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA ARE ALSO OPPOSED TO NATIONAL SECURITY. Our constitution give a clear answer to evil people like the current POTUS – IMPEACH. Those who oppose this for political fear (Boenar, McConnell, etc) do not belong in elected office and these useless cowards are a serious threat to our national security as well and therefore must also be

      • TK3839

        Impeachment is a waste, the VP will pardon then double jeopardy law will protect POTUS. We have to wait until he is out of office the prosecute.

        • Rowwdy Colt

          Biden can’t pardon him until after the fact. Obamao would still be tossed because he could not serve as a convicted felon, along with several other factors.

          • Arty9Ways

            The house has no ability to levy felony charges against anyone. all they can do is return a guilty verdict and let the senate decide what happens from there.

          • Rowwdy Colt

            The House brings forth the Articles of Impeachment. Which include felonies. The Senate is required to convict. The Chief Justice presides over the proceedings.

        • MooTieFighter

          This is the new America. There will never be another Nixon. If you’re in, you will stay in, NO MATTER what you do. The release of the 5 terrorist proves it.

    • laurie66bay

      they can’t afford to get their kids school supplies or feed them lunch, but they can afford matching tshirts for demonstrations,. Messed up priorities there.

      • Poor62

        The shirt store accepts EBT cards fool.

    • peggy6824

      “giving money?”

      Whose money?

      We shouldn’t be “giving money” to anybody. We should create opportunities for people to earn their own money.

    • WBCarson

      We all know that illegal Latinos have replaced black Citizens as the Dem parties Most Favored Minority. Black Citizens will continue to wallow in the Dem ghettos surrounded by violence, broken families and poor religion. Need to cull the black herd? Well, just pack more abortion clinics in. Dems have convinced black Citizens that self genocide in the Dem abortion mills is a “right and a choice!” The Nazis wernt even that devious.
      With a wave of a pen Obama will legalize hundreds of thousands of Latinos. He is prepared to E.O work visas for hundreds of thousands more. What jobs black Citizens could get will be gone. Why hire a Citizen when you can hire 3 Latinos for the same price.
      Where do you think Dems will pack all these new voters?
      Yup, right in the same ghettos they packed black Citizens.
      Hope and Chains? More like Hope and Chains…

  • Ted Cunterblast

    I hope DC cops unleash on these Zulu savages.

  • ImajWalker

    ARREST Obama for War Crimes while u’re there. Do the USA a favor. He can be the example for Congress who aren’t doing their job.

  • ImajWalker

    How to Create an Angry American


    Vigilante Justus


    Blindfolded Lady Justice

  • NotKennedy

    Does anyone really care? Let them protest, lame as it is, it will accomplish nothing. Another MSM feeding opportunity in a slow news cycle while losers howl and growl about things they cannot change. Obama will be gone, after awhile. The country could rehabilitate but why bother? Split this monster up and let the malcontents stay close to home when they have a hissy.

  • Ron Paulyes

    will holder/obama put out military show of force?

  • AZ Schumi

    Will the turnout be altered since the lead witness was arrested on a warrant for priors, is now proven to be a liar, Brown rushed the cop and his prints are on the gun?

  • Ike Eichenberg

    I suggest all law enforcement officers (of any race) who work in black neighborhoods stage a week long sick out to show solidarity with the “day of rage.”

    • Arty9Ways

      The ANimals who hate the police would go hog wild. the people who support and need the police would be terrorized. your plan lacks merit.

      • Ike Eichenberg

        Maybe it lacks merit, unless the plan was to demonstrate to the 57% of the black community who believe Michael Brown was a victim not a violent felon how fortunate they are that White police officers are willing to stand between the ANimals like Brown and the rest of the black community.

  • Robert Stevens

    Which rich, well financed liberal subversive group is making the tee shirts for the black folk to wear in these photo ops? Someone should mass produce some shirts that says “Stop Killing Yourselves.”

    • peggy6824

      The shirts should say;

      Stop committing crimes against others and your chances of being shot drop to zero!

  • Bridget

    What will the ” Day of Rage ” be about ? Are the ragers saying the cop shouldn’t have protected himself as he was being beaten by the “Gentle Giant ” ! What the heck the “Rage ” belongs to every cop who doesn’t get paid well enough, has lousy hours and then has to deal with miscreants and thugs ! Thank You to every honest Cop we owe you way more than you receive !

  • 5T4ND4RD-01L

    #BlackLivesMatter? So I guess that’s why there’s always a national demonstration each time someone is shot in Chicago?

    • lysosome


    • MooTieFighter

      All other ethnicities put the concern of American’s first, blacks ONLY worry about other blacks.

  • JohnnyBGood

    You kill yourselves

  • Jack Frost

    I guess these people are too ignorant to realize or care that the whole fiasco was based on lies….You people are an embarrassment!

  • KrustyLovesYou

    If you like your sh1tty president, you can keep your sh1tty president.

    • Tom Thumb

      At some point blacks will have to be humanely repatriated back to mother Africa. It’s the best we can do for them.

  • amongoose

    just remember as you march,
    you’re marching in a town that guns down black moms with children in the car.
    And no one even gets suspended.
    If you really want to make a statement,
    have a moonlight walk against blacks killed by guns in Chicago’s southside.

    • WBCarson

      9 year old girl gunned down the other day there.
      Where is Sharpton? Holder? where is the good Reverend?

  • Rhinobuster

    There once was a gentle giant
    who punched and assaulted a cop.
    And with Sharpton’s approval
    it gave the street the right to “go shop”.

  • aliswell

    “One week ago, people gathered nationwide to honor the unarmed teenager’s memory…”

    Honor the memory of a druggy, thief and bully? What is WRONG with these people?

  • Packard27

    Perpetual wards of the state…and it feels like it is getting steadily worse.

  • Gunny G Alz

    welfare leeches whining for more

  • Casca

    All working taxpayers should take a week off to protest feeding these moochers.

  • USSAmerican

    Let’s watch and see how the “reverends” Jesse and Al turn this rally into a circus. Just another side chapter in their plan to divide our country along racial lines.

    • debby

      the witness admitted he lied. jackson, sharpton, holder, all made fools out of.

      if i were that cop i would not forgive them. and the texas news person that posted his address needs to be sued. and how about that anonymous!

  • constantvigil

    You should protest the Sh*tty economy Obama and the democrats have given you and your children with an unsustainable $17 trillion debt and a shrinking labor force with a huge unemployment rate for blacks as well as giving jobs and welfare to new illegal aliens…

  • SA Wa

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer city.

    • lastconservative

      No. Couldn’t happen to a more DESERVING city. There is nothing nice about that cesspool.

  • Poor62

    No 60″ Plasma TV – No peace. No 60″ Plasma TV – No peace. No 60″ Plasma TV – No peace.

    • Inanimate Carbon Rod

      I have achieved peace with only a 50″ Plasma.

      • Babba Louie

        hilarious :-)

    • Max Watts

      Put a cell phone jamming transmitter in action. Give it a jamming radius of about 5 miles from the heart of the “action” in Furguson. Shut down the abiltiy of the “organizers” to stir up trouble.

  • Obamastein

    Let the games begin in DC. Your turn.

  • evoval

    “Stop killing us” Stop giving a reason to do so!

  • Max Watts

    Here is michael brown before his audition for altar boy:


    • O’Neill Clan

      No longer in the competition.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Headline we will never, ever see:

    Authorities Prepare for NAACP/Congressional Black Caucus rally to end black-on-black violence

  • jimbo

    Hands up!
    Don’t care!!!

  • Bob Marley

    This must be more of those Crazed Tea Party members and their shenanigans.

  • O’Neill Clan

    Black mothers don’t care about black kids or they wouldn’t keep churning them out at 73% out of wedlock rate for the government to support and setting them up for failure in life. The African American family structure has been completely destroyed and using the F word every other word in a sentence sets them up for complete failure. Martin Luther King weeps.

  • TeddyDNovak

    All they need are brown shirts and cute little red armbands.*

  • aberdeenvet

    Since 1945 there have been 34 years of Democrat presidents and 22 of those years had Democrat control of the Congress. There have been 36 years of Republican presidents and only 4 of those years had Republican control of Congress, Geoge W. Bush 2003-2007. There have been 44 years of Democrat control of Congress, 12 years of Republican control, and 8 years of split control.

    How much better off now is the American society, especially it’s Black citizens and veterans, than it was in 1945?

    Most of our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, and especially those who have been able to make a life’s work of government service, are useless hypocrites and deserve to be permanently excused from government service as soon as possible.

    If all else fails for the protesters, then they should follow the advice of one of Obama’s devoted supporters, Bill Ayers, who said “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that’s where it’s really at.”

  • thebobe

    The protests aren’t because of Ferguson, they are because of an anti-Islamic video. Oh wait, wrong excuse.

  • Arty9Ways

    Tea party gets told cant be permit..the looters get escorts and bottled water. no permit needed. Tired of the selective enforcement.

  • abu_al_salam

    Everyone is tired of the same old crap. Free meals at school. White people get arrested for neglect, blacks get free bicycles for christmas. It’s sickening.

  • abu_al_salam

    What do you call a planeload of civil rights advocates……..Air Pollution.

  • abu_al_salam

    Tired of Fake African Americans. If your so proud of Africa that you name your kids obango, just move back to your mother country. Oh wait, it aint all that is it.

  • yuppy

    Stop killing yourselves. Stop looking at race/color and follow what Martin Luther King said. Stop having premarital sex. Stop leeching off the welfare system and WORK for a living. Stop accepting “Jail time” as a normal circumstance/position. Stop trying to be the next rap artist/singer and stop watching those disgusting music videos. Take a break from social networking and world star hip hop. Be a role model to someone. Stop brainwashing yourselves with the music, tv, and “keeping it real” culture. Try giving more than you receive. Try to be selfless. Try reading the Bible and researching the history of your people. This does not just apply to the “typical” black American but anyone who it applies to. Thanks. Now let us close the borders and fix our Nation.

    • rosalina9877

      Stop being the commiepigs’ usefulidiots!

    • EmptyWallet


    • Progs Hate USA

      And stop voting Democrat!. Look at what it’s got them-50 years, and they are worse off. It’s hard to believe people are that blind.

  • Cactus1029

    So the loser holding up the sign says don’t kill us? Stop committing crimes and beating and trying to head butt a police officer who is in the possession of a loaded weapon, knows how to use it and has the right to defend himself.

  • 0_0

    Ease back, this is just a minor chimpout…nothing to see here, move along…

  • lastconservative

    DC is a sh*thole. Who cares if they burn it down.

    • rosalina9877

      Wouldn’t we all be so much better off?

  • Hancock Jon

    Co on.

  • NorthWestBolt

    Bunch of azzclowns with no life, coming in from the Northeast, San Fran, LA and Austin to protest something. What a surprise.

    • JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII

      How stoned are they?

  • peggy6824

    This so called “kid” was the size of a linebacker and apparently thought he could take from others by force because of his size.

    The way he shoved that store owner, who is to say he didn’t feel he could do the same to the cop?

    Note to criminals;

    Stop committing crimes against others and your chances of being shot drop to zero!

    Get a job and pay for your own things rather than stealing from others.

    People are tired of being bullied, beat up, robbed, etc. and they are not going to put up with it anymore.

  • Rhgates

    Anyone see the ferguson press conference Thursday night?


  • Sam

    Ok, black folks. Keep your eyes on Ferguson. Don’t watch Obama legalize a few million “undocumented immigrants”.
    Dang, the Democrats are masters of manipulation and slight of hand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much these days to be masters except the low down to do it.

  • robertmccabe

    I will bet that Obama already told his friend Sharpton to make sure they bring their own bathroom tissue as they always run out,in DC anyway.

  • Theodor Adorno

    Trying to condense all the Blacks killed by Police in the last year to one incident aint gonna fly.

  • Richard Mongello

    Finally, this is where the protest should be. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave North West.

  • Dan Chimo

    soooo, here we are, Friday morning, did the kidz have fun storming the castle?

  • jaxcane


  • WBCarson

    Anyone remember how the tea party people held rally’s in DC which were peaceful, courteous and they left the National Mall cleaner than when they arrived? Or the hundreds of Tea Party rally’s across the states? No violence. Yet they were accused of being terrorists, racists and violent gun types. Homeland and FBI watched them and the IRS targeted them yet they threw no Molotov’s, shot at no police and none were arrested.

  • JGTheMan

    This is election year agitation and nothing more. Michael Brown was no “gentle giant” gunned down in the street by a cop who hates black people. Michael Brown was a thug bully thief who probably should have thought twice before he bum rushed a cop with a gun. Until the race baiters are ignored and we can deal with facts in this country, we are stuck in neutral on race relations. Nobody wants to have or even allows a real conversation.

  • Shelly Pearce

    Obama Phoe!!!!!

  • Imahippyburning

    The picture above of the protester with the shirt that reads “stop shooting us” should specify “Blacks stop shooting Blacks” but that doesn’t fit the much needed racial animosity for the current corrupt Administration and equally immoral and corrupt Liberal/Progressive media!

    Sorry protester’s your Gentle Giant was a criminal who brought upon himself his own demise! Maybe if your race would actually have honest and intelligent debates without always pointing to the Mighty Whitey for all your troubles you might actually evolve!

  • Max17

    What do barack obama and Officer Wilson have in common?
    They both shot a hole in one last week.

    • Casca


  • Johnq1776

    “Doesn’t care about black kids” but it’s not Nixon that doesn’t it’s their parents brown had an arrest record just committed a strong arm robbery and was hanging with a guy with a criminal record were the parents totally clueless?

  • LC6624

    if the blacks are so mistreated, oppressed, etc, where do they get the money to travel from California, to Ferguson, to Washington DC. They always have the money to make it to a protest ! They are probably being paid.

  • MooTieFighter

    Do they even know what they are protesting? Only about 400 police-criminal shootings last year and almost all have absolute credibility regarding the need for lethal force. Now look at black on black and black on white crime. THIS is the real story.

    • WTFrontyardAmerica

      And only 96 of the shootings were black.

  • ronfromflorida

    Another Black cop killer to be sentenced today in Tampa Florida, proobably just a coincidence.

  • potus/punk/boy

    Tired of lawless kneegros yet?

  • Jay Edwards

    What the hell are they protesting? That a black kid got busted AGAIN stealing and robbing the attacking a cop?
    They are right I’m not Black so how could I understand!
    ………Understand how F’ing stupid this is!

  • disqus_O1zWUaMcEl

    The President with his Communi** Organizer experience should love the show.

  • Dirk Digler

    What, exactly, are these mentally deficient idiots going to DC to protest? Are they demanding that we railroad the white police officer involved in the shooting? Are they demanding for more affirmative action and EBT payments?

    And how are they getting to Washington, D.C.? We know they don’t work and I refuse to believe they would spend any of their ‘own’ EBT money to get to DC.

    Eric Holder is probably going to be driving a bus caravan to DC, with folks like Al Sharpton, Spike Lee and Cornel West whipping the dolts into an anti-Whitey frenzy. Lovely…

  • res1944

    Good time for a protest march in DC none of the politicans are there and if they were they really wouldn’t care.

  • MissV

    It doesn’t matter if this guy is innocent or guilty. Point is St. Louis pigs are the WORST! Went back there last year and did not even get to the interstate after getting off a 5 am flight over Labor Day. Pig that stopped me, said I was going over the speed limit. He was nice until he saw my CA license with my name. Due to having the same last name of people down south that can’t stay out of jail, he slapped me with one of the largest fines I have ever seen for 5 miles over the speed limit. They have NO preferences. Black or white, just don’t have the wrong last name.

    I got another ticket on my way back to the airport by having my rental on cruise control. It was set at 65 and when the 20 something macho kid wet behind the ears, playing cops pulled me over; he said that I was going 90 miles per hour and that he could throw me in jail. I offered to prove it to him, but he thought because I had an almost 80 year old woman with me that was from MO she should know the laws and started chastising her. My word, she doesn’t even drive!

    Never will I step foot near St. Louis again. My home town will be changed from St. Louis to Los Angeles. They have a black eye that I never want to be associated with. My attorney said we could file suit, but when it come to cops covering for each other, you will never win. It wasn’t worth the money it would have cost running back and forth. I will take my LAPD over St. Louis any day. My brother retired a cop in CA and told me firsthand that cops protect their own.

  • ted1478

    Support Officer Darren Wilson:

  • Reg Dunlop

    Perpetual Victim Hood brought to you by the White Liberal Guilt Voters of America

  • 39Mosin

    “Hands up”…POW!

  • P_Ang

    Every single person with a “stop killing us” t-shirt should be forced to read the unpublished, unblogged and unreported mass slaughter of whites by blacks.

  • Bruce

    MLK rolls in his grave as the content of their character is found to be non-existent in so many cases.

  • Amberteka

    White lives DONT matter to the MSM or to blacks including the Black Presidentt and the First Generation Immigrant ..anchor baby….Attorney General. White People in the USA ONLY HELD THEM DOWN. Don’t ya know it.

  • Amberteka

    I think Eric Holder should be forced to take a mental examination on his hatred for all White People. If he is mental, then holding such open hatred and contempt for an entire race of people……… dangerous. To the extreme.

  • Amberteka

    Illegal immigration. HAnding out millions of work permits to Illegal aliens. More legal foreign workers imported into the USA..IS FAR MORE DANGEROUS TO BLACK AMERICANS………THAN THE KKK EVER WAS. OR JIM CROWE. The White House WORKS to destroy Black Americans and their chances of ever getting a job again…………… they do create this phony crap………….to take attention from them and throw it back on the “white devils” who also are not going to be getting any jobs when the Amnesty Replacement of American Workers swings into action………….like any day now.

  • gessiewtf

    Good idea. Let these losers make a mockery of the White House for the entertainment if ISIS. Obama could not be more of a joke if he tried.

  • 5T4ND4RD-01L

    I guess those protests must have been so effective that we had a media blackout or something — because I ain’t heard nothing about about them!

  • Vette66

    Now those suffering in Ferguson would be the family members and the business owners that were looted. That’s what the DC protest and others around the county are for, correct?

  • Demorat

    The joke is on you Marrion Barry supporters. The real unemployment rate is now higher under Obama for blacks than with any other president in history. Maybe that ole adage “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time” doesn’t apply to blacks. They would vote for Obama again if they had the chance….

  • Progs Hate USA

    The protests were a huge dud.

    A smattering of dedicated protesters showed up in front of the White House, demanding the arrest of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Brown. The rally was largely overshadowed by a separate demonstration by Code Pink about hula “hoops not bombs,” according to The Hill.

    Downtown Tampa saw about 30 protesters. Maybe 20 people showed up in Denver. The scenes were about the same in Boston and Baltimore.

    The edge of downtown Des Moines saw about 20 protesters hoisting signs and holding up their hands, reports The Des Moines Register.

    “Is nobody else coming to #Oakland #DayOfRage besides the Oakland Police?” asked Twitter user Minister Flashes.

    A Facebook user indicated that there were “15 strong in Spokane at the moment!”
    Even in St. Louis, only about 12 miles from the suburb where Brown was shot, the “Day of Rage” fizzled. “I’m heading out of the park,” declared Twitter user Shay Horse.

    • dixiesuzan

      Fizzled Rage can happen. Fellow gets drunk and doped up on marijuana while waiting and forgets it. Next day when climbing out of the gutter, he is naught but fizzled Rage through and through.

  • dixiesuzan

    Quote — Downtown business owners and property managers in the District of Columbia are warning of the potential for violent Ferguson-related protests Thursday night. —- “Violent Ferguson-related protests” are generally called riots in other places unless Black persons are doing the protest. For violent protests are violent, but still a happy euphemism for the throwing of civil-rights Molotov Cocktails and other protesting methodologies.

  • Velma Trayham

    Was being brown Michael Browns problem?

    It was a warn sunny day in July of
    1999. The city was Fort Wayne, a medium sized town in the northeastern corner
    of Indiana. My mother saw me off and wished me well, as I drove due east to
    visit a college in an effort to ascertain a basketball scholarship. Paying for
    college was not even an option. If it were not for this great nation, and it’s commitment to higher education, I would have never
    been able to attend.

    I am the son of a single mother,
    who worked at Taco Bell to ensure her three children had food to eat and
    clothes to wear. She raised us in the crime ridden city of Gary, Indiana. We
    are famous for a few things: Michael Jackson, sports, and crime. Anybody who
    knows anything about inner city culture, knows that Gary often tops the charts
    as it relates to disenfranchisement and extreme poverty. Nonetheless, this is
    where I was born and raised, and I am proud to say so.

    I grew up surrounded by gang
    activity. I saw what a lack of jobs and opportunity does to a community and the
    psyche of the people who are inundated with such misfortune. As a kid and young
    teenager, my greatest fear was being killed by someone of my own race for
    mistaken identity or the stray bullets of constant drive-bys. The first time I
    lost a friend to a bullet was in the 6th grade. It’s still such a painful memory.

    When I think back over the
    survival tips my mother gave me upon leaving Gary headed for a town that was
    74% white and 15% black, her words were, “Don’t get into any confrontation with those police.” I didn’t know why she said what she said, because
    growing up in a all black town, combined with a financial position that did not
    allow for frequent travel, equated into a life with little to no racism.

    Upon entering Fort Wayne on this
    warm July afternoon, all of what she said would come full circle. I arrived on
    the main drag of the city; Coliseum Blvd. Like most men, I got lost. This was
    pre-GPS and smart phones. In those days “directions” written a sheet of paper or direction printed from
    MapQuest were the only options. Pulled over by a police officer, I was asked “for what reason are you prowling?” To be honest at that time I didn’t know what he was
    alluding too. But after a few years of education, and may more multi-cultural
    encounters, I have come to understand better.

    To prowl (Of a person or animal)
    means to move around restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of or as
    if in search of prey. Was I being called an animal because I was brown? This
    would not be the first time an African American would be referred to as
    something other than human. It begs the question: is being brown a crime in the
    eyes of some? Was Michael Browns problem his skin color? History says
    emphatically in the eyes of some: YES!

    None of us know what happened
    exactly at the moment Michael Brown was gunned down by officer Wilson. But we
    do know what happened to Rodney King, Eric Garner, and the unarmed black woman
    that was beaten by a Patrol officer in California. All of these events were
    caught on camera. I am certain that no citizen of Houston, Texas wants to think
    that our city could face such tragic occurrence. Could this happen here? Has it
    happened here? We must double check ourselves and ensure that these types of
    incidents are rid from our city.

    It seems that there must be a
    nationwide conversation and a conversion by the people who have sworn to
    protect and serve all citizens. The comedian Katt Williams has had many legal
    troubles over the past years, and his antics may not be agreeable to some. But
    he tweeted a statement that I believe sums of the matter in the minds of the
    frustrated people of Ferguson, Mo. “Black
    crime = gang violence, Arab crime = terrorism, Hispanic crime = illegal
    immigration, and White crime = insanity.”

    I recently made this statement in
    a room full of Hindus, Pagans, Muslims, Jews, and Christians. My comments were
    received with a standing ovation. In fact, one leader of this groups said, “I want to note that I was really surprised by the
    number of you that made advocacy around social justice and other moral issues
    of the day on of your top priorities for opportunities.”

    The fallout in Ferguson represents
    the pot of humanity sitting dead center in the flames of history. I’m afraid that the contents have reached a boiling
    point. There is an ancient book known as the Bible. Whether you are Christian,
    Buddhist, or Muslim, there is a message in Psalm 133 that is worth noting. “How good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell
    together in unity.” Houston let’s not have a problem here. Let stand for justice so
    that there can be peace. We are all created equal, and anyone who thinks
    differently does not speak for us all.


    Velma Trayham

    CEO & Founder at Thinkzilla
    Consulting Group


  • Tronderrica Rogers

    Please donate to “Hands Up, Dont Shoot!” campaign This issue is bigger than race and we need to be the change we wish to see in this world.

  • Tessa Yaeger

    A well-disciplined militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state.

  • eebest8 seo

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