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February 7, 2016

‘Koch Brothers Exposed’ Screening Set for David Koch’s Apartment

Image from the Facebook invite to the protest on New York's Park Avenue.

(Image from the Facebook invite to the protest)

When clips from “Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition” were aired in the Capitol Visitor Center, Republicans cried foul and Democrats lashed back.

Now, two days after a heated Senate hearing focused on political spending, activists in New York plan to take the film about the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch straight to David Koch’s door.

Liberal organizers, including members of and Common Cause, will hold a protest on Thursday night outside Koch’s Park Avenue apartment. As part of what they’ve deemed a block party, the activists plan to project clips from the film onto the sides of neighborhood buildings, along with images of 2014 candidates who they say have taken money from the Koch brothers.

Among the candidates to be featured are Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Reps. Bill Cassidy, R-La.; Tom Cotton, R-Ark.; and Cory Gardner, R-Colo., all of whom are running for Senate this year, and former Sen. Scott P. Brown, R-Mass., who is running for the Senate in New Hampshire.

Victoria Kaplan, lead campaign director for Political Action, alleged that the $125 million the Koch brothers reportedly plan to spend this election cycle is helping to flood the airwaves with “misleading attack ads in states with key Senate races.”

“When Americans learn about how David and Charles Koch are spending their wealth to try to buy our democracy and advance their own selfish agenda, they raise their voices to fight back,” Kaplan said in a release.

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald says his documentary is a tool to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision, which largely deregulated independent campaign spending.

“The film investigates the influence the Koch brothers and their political agenda have on the democratic process and how their sway is dangerous to communities across the nation,” Greenwald continued. “We must end this influx of money into our political system.”

The protest begins at 6 p.m. and organizers say more than 100 people are expected. A Facebook invitation to the event, which features an image of the apartment building with David Koch’s apartment outlined in red, has more than 500 RSVPs.

Thursday night’s event comes two days after a Senate hearing on a constitutional amendment proposed by Sens. Tom Udall, D-N.M., and Michael Bennet, D-Colo., that would give Congress the power to restrict political money and reverse Supreme Court decisions.

In response, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, introduced two bills to protect individuals’ First Amendment rights in the face of Democrats’ efforts to regulate political spending.

  • Texpal

    Of course no mention of George Soros or SEIU, AFLCIO, AFT or any other unions shoveling funds to Democ-RATS….. Sickening how the Democ-RATS portray the election process. As long as they can have it one sided they are fine. The Citizens United ruling only leveled the playing field…..

    • marijoca

      The money from Unions helps people directly, Soros money usually funds candidates that have a conscience left and voted for issues that makes people’s lives better, Dems don’t have as much money given by big donors either, but the Kochs, Waltons etc. only do things to enrich themselves, and eff you if that oil refinery plant is killing your family, or you can’t live on the piddly wages they pay you.. Kochs are trying to buy the government itself and do nothing for you, so stop defending them at all of our peril.

      • Texpal

        The union monies buy favorable legislation like the bankruptcy of Detroit and other Democ-RAT cities that were bought by union extorted dues. The goods manufactured by Koch industries such as disposable diapers, fertilizers for food production and many other beneficial goods help households. This doesn’t even take into consideration the number of jobs that they provide to help pay taxes for municipal services and upkeep. Also what would you do without oil & gas? How would you keep the engine lubricated in your car? You do change your oil don’t you? How about the gas to drive it, gas for electrical power generation? You Libs think this stuff just falls out of the sky into your laps…… Look up Al Gores house vs G.W. Bush’s in Crawford, Tx, it just might enlighten you….

        • marijoca

          You have been drinking too much Koch. All those goods that you mention were not invented by the Kochs, but by taxpayer funded science projects. Whatever donations they make is so that they can take it off their taxes, or put their name on another building.

          We can do without a lot of that oil and filthy tar sands, (Kochs are major shareholders of Keystone XL pipeline), and coal, if rich pigs like the Kochs would get out of the way so that we can develop and implement a renewable energy infrastructure. Oil companies including the Kochs still get subsidies and tax breaks for an energy source that is destroying our air and water. Do the Kochs pay for all the diseases, like cancer, heart attacks, asthma etc.their industries inflict on the population?

          If you are one of them or are getting paid to promote Koch industries, (They do a lot of that) you are part of our problem, if not you are working against your own and you family’s best interests. They have powerful lobbyists that do their dirty work, the people had Unions which leveled the playing field and people like you demonize them.

          GWB house in Crawford!? What a joke! That was a prop house for George’s image. You know he doesn’t live there right,? He wouldn’t know how to chop wood or clear brush if you did for him, why would he, he is a rich son of rich family, who only had the brains to clean my toilet.

          • Texpal

            Stop driving your car, don’t eat any vegetables, maybe then you can come out of your fog and think straight..
            Sent from my HTC One

            —– Reply message —–

          • marijoca

            ????!!!???!! and WTF?

          • Texpal

            Let me explain in terms you might understand. It takes oil to drive your car, and natural gas to manufacture fertilizer to grow food. Following along so far? The Koch brothers are major lease holders in the tar sands of Canada & the US, not majority share holders in Keystone XL. The tar sand oil is going to be produced with or without KXL, then the jobs go overseas. If you don’t want to breathe air by refineries move to Wyoming.

          • stuartgoldbarg

            Move your refineries. People were here first.
            And, if you don’t like it, go to commie China where you’ll be happier.

          • Nick10


          • Texpal

            What’s so puzzling, read the explanation below. Without oil no drivie car… Without natural gas no food to feed the world with as our agricultural base does… Think people think…..

          • stuartgoldbarg

            1. My car’s electric.
            2. We don’t feed the world. In fact,we are net food importers from India and commie China.

          • Texpal

            What produces the electricity to power your electric car?? Good old natural gas and coal…
            Sent from my HTC One

            —– Reply message —–

          • stuartgoldbarg

            Solar. I don’t want or need a 19th century solution to my 21st century problems.

          • Texpal

            Yeah sure…. Ha ha Ha

            Sent from my HTC One

            —– Reply message —–

          • stuartgoldbarg

            And, if the kochs businesses are so damn good, why are they always begging for commie subsidies ?

            Screw flint hills, blue planet, brawny, northern tissue, matador meat, and the the entire welfare queen koch empire.

          • Roberto M

            You are right, solar and wind are so 80’s……..1880’s

          • stuartgoldbarg

            You rip up like klans are sure like bossing decent folks around.

          • Roberto M

            You have absolutely no clue on how capitalism and free markets work.

          • stuartgoldbarg

            kochs beg for and take $2 B!LL!ON in subsidies annually. That’s not free market, and neither are the tax increment finance deals they get in TX, GA,and elsewhere. They’re a couple of welfare queens, sucking off the public teat.

          • Roberto M

            David Koch is a cancer survivor and has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to universities which are involved in cancer research. The only thing you know about the Koch brothers is what the character assassins at ThinkProgress and Occupy Wall Street misfits shove dowb your throat!

          • Honest Abe

            The Koch brothers have indeed done tremendous things philanthropetically. But they also have been an exceptionally corrosive uber-libertarian cancer upon our politics. Nothing has been “shoved dowb” anyone’s throat— but your denialism is quite cute.


        • Nick10

          For your enlightenment Texpal. The Al Gore correction.
          Gore has been on the board of directors at Apple computers and more for 10 plus years. New products development. So what about the cost of his house. He earned it. Does this make you jealous? It should.

          • Texpal

            You miss the connection Nick… I was referring to the amount of energy he uses in promoting his environmental campaign vs what GWB has done at his ranch in Crawford which he does still utilize to his enjoyment “marijoca”…

      • Roberto M

        No problem at all with that billionaire environmentalist hypocrite Tom Steyer, who made his billions in petroleum hedge funds and now funds Democratic candidates to the tune of millions of dollars, right?

    • stuartgoldbarg

      Why should they ? faux news, clear channel, ‘liberty’ broadcasting, & you don’t mention the kochs, adelson, the waltons, or the chamber of commies.

  • Cynthia Gurin

    “…activists plan to project clips from the film onto the sides of neighborhood buildings…” I love it. I simply love it.

  • ShadrachSmith

    The politics of the personal destruction of political enemies has reached an art form under Obama’s Democrat Party. And Hannah cheers them on to plumb the very depths of Alinsky’s most lawless methods.

    Read Federalist #10, one of the main goals of our constitution was to prevent a lawless faction from gaining control of the machinery of government. Civil riots directed at political enemies are stuff of the late Roman republic…for a reason.

    • Nicholas DeLuca

      Shadrach….It is too late. A “lawless faction” (the GOP/TP) are already overrunning the democratic process through obstruction, mendacity, and willful ignorance. Unfortunately, here in North Carolina they have in fact gained control of the state government to the everlasting sorrow and dismay of North Carolinians.

      • yahoouser1165

        When the Senate Majority Fund pays for political ads in NC it is OK but if anyone is else paying for (GOP leaning) political ads then it is outside groups meddling. It seems liberals forget those “obstructionists” in congress were also elected by their constituents to represent their interests.

        • Nick10

          Charles and David Koch brothers should be deported. Good riddance. Ship them to Afghanistan.

          • MNbobster

            George Soros.

        • stuartgoldbarg

          Leaning ? Baloney.

          And,it seems republicans forget those ads are attack smears.

  • alb822

    I’m all for giving the ReTHUG poster boys as much grief as possible. I don’t know if this is the best approach. If I was them enjoying my billions & using the 99 percent as door mats, I’d warm up the jet & cruise to 1 of the homes not on the continent.

  • David R. Yale

    KO2CH = Potassium Formate. May cause irritation of respiratory tract. May cause allergic skin reaction. Avoid contact with eyes. Harmful if swallowed, especially hook, line, and sinker. If allowed to dump in waterways, will cause H2 woes. http://www.BestPuns.Com

  • Defend Liberty Philly Dude

    Since the range of skills and talents varies between each of us, the same rules will naturally lead to a wide range of unequal results.

    • stuartgoldbarg

      Especially as there is unequal access to vital information.

  • rudy46

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  • Lo Wodor

    Even though the concepts of cultural evolution and biological evolution share similarities, there are important differences between them.

  • Honest Abe

    What you fail to understand– while hilariously insulting others— is that the XL pipeline would not provide ANY oil for domestic use.

    “Will save nearly 2 billion dollars in transportation costs”— by a Canadian oil company?

    “Not having to buy oil from Nicolas Maduro”— what does the pipeline have a thing to do with who we buy oil from? It’s an EXPORT pipeline.

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