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February 10, 2016

Planes Flying Over D.C. for Aerospace Defense Tests

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Look skyward Tuesday and you might see some low-flying military aircraft over the District of Columbia.

But don’t panic: The planes are likely part of a practice run.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command will be practicing intercept and identification procedures over the region between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. More exercises will take place Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The flights are scheduled to take place in or around the District, Virginia and Maryland. People in those areas may hear and or see low-flying NORAD-controlled helicopters flying near military or military contracted aircraft.

NORAD has tested its systems throughout the U.S. and Canada on a rotating basis since the start of Operation Noble Eagle, the command’s response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The organization tests responses to a variety of scenarios including airspace restriction violations and hijackings. Tuesday’s test flights mark the first time NORAD has tested in the National Capital Region this year, according to authorities.

In June, Capitol Hill witnessed a NORAD interception. A rogue plane flying in restricted airspace on a Saturday afternoon caused a brief evacuation of the Capitol. The plane was intercepted by two F-16s under the direction of NORAD.

The Mooney M20C aircraft, which had departed from Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Mass., flew into restricted airspace over D.C. and was out of contact with air traffic controllers. NORAD escorted the plane out of the restricted area and landed at a Mount Airy, N.C., airport where it was met by law enforcement officials.

NORAD and its geographical component, Continental United States NORAD Region — which conducts exercises on a monthly basis — also will perform training flights over D.C. on Wednesday between midnight and 2 a.m.

A series of training flights involving Civil Air Patrol aircraft and Civil Air Patrol aircraft and a U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter are scheduled for overnight hours. The exercise, held in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Capital Region Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center, Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and CONR’s Eastern Air Defense Sector, is designed to hone NORAD’s intercept and identification operations. It also tests the NCR Visual Warning System, and training personnel at the JADOC.

Officials say all exercises are carefully planned and closely controlled. In the event of inclement weather, the exercises may be rescheduled or postponed.

Since the 2001 attacks in Washington and New York City, CONR fighters have responded to more than 5,000 possible air threats in the United States and have flown more than 62,500 defensive attacks with the support of Airborne Warning and Control System and air-to-air-refueling aircraft.


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  • Marc Iao

    Preparing for that False Flag they’ve been planning. Still haven’t found those missing nukes have ya?

    • Redbird25

      Just wait till the Average White Guy, who is armed to the teeth, finally gets ticked off enough to take to the streets. I can’t wait!

    • god

      The missing nukes…99.9% of the population has no idea what you are talking about and won’t believe anything but the official government lie when and if they use these nukes to stage a false flag. It’s sad people just believe what they are told vs using their minds for critical thinking. The people running the federal government are evil!

  • glock22

    People better get ready to fight. The country is a powder keg getting ready to explode and the epicenter is in the heart of St. Louis, MO. When the officer is proven to have acted appropriately, the race war begins…it will spread to every city in the Unites States prompting Martial Law. This event has all been planned out in advance. That’s why you have Eric Holder coming to town, Military presence, 50 FBI investigators…all for the shooting of ONE man. There were 10 killings last night alone in Chicago but nobody seems to care. We are on the cusp of fighting for the heart and soul of America. Are you ready?

    • welovetheUSA

      Its what Obama wants to happen..but it will not happen. The military cant stand Obama, the American people who work hard, obey the laws will not rise up over this mess over a black kid who broke the law.

      • Stellar Awesome

        they will if they see Obama doing an injustice to the cop and then add in the blacks will go ape shitt over it …..powder keg. Arm up its happening…

      • Redbird25

        I agree. I retired from the Air Force last year and, rest assured, Obama is despised among the ranks.

      • eze240

        While it is true that the military mostly hates Obammy……something like 75/25 is the typical split in favour of conservatives.
        But, we must also make careful note of other things happening here……things like:
        The on going demobilization of the military….they are still reducing the force size, this does a couple things for the socialist left agenda
        Less forces that could be arrayed against them.
        Replacement of remaining unit commanders who do not agree with the current gov’t actions.
        Also, they are rapidly disposing of equipment and materials, a portion is going to militarized police and “security” agencies, who have loyalty only to the left. The rest is being destroyed….ships,planes,tanks, etc,etc…..
        This is done to prevent or reduce the amount of weapons and equipment that can be used against the gov’t and the Socialists in event of civil war…..
        They forget or discount the numbers of veterans who will be likely to move against them….of course, they can’t just execute veterans and citizens just yet, so all they can do is make it more difficult for anyone to fight them……
        They’ll get around to mass extermination later….

    • Stellar Awesome

      Martial law will be declared so Dictator Barry can serve 3rd , 4th terms… you are correct AG Holder is here to make sure the story plays out. God Help us all, arm up and say good by to your liberal neighbor if you have any as you’ll be fighting them very soon.

      • ckirmser

        Except that there is no provision in the Constitution for Obama to serve any more terms, martial law or not – there is also no provision in the Constitution for declaring martial law, in the first place.

        • Bossman

          EXECUTIVE ORDER….. most abusive president ever on this and the Congress sits there with their finger up their butts.

        • Stellar Awesome

          ever heard of the nuclear option ? Harry Reid put it in place to pass such legislation. You honestly trust Barry and his Regime?

          • wesley69

            Reid still has to get such legislation past the House and the Republicans if they know what is good for them, need to kill it. It is time to defund every department and agency carrying out unconstitutional actions. This crisis, brought on deliberately by the president, is coming to a point of going over the edge.

          • ckirmser

            That has nothing to do with martial law or Obama serving another term.
            He is prevented from serving another term because of the 22nd Amendment. The only way he can bypass that is by getting another Amendment passed, repealing it. In order for an Amendment to pass, it must be ratified by 2/3s of the States.
            There is no “nuclear option” imaginable that can get the Senate majority leader to dictate to the States.

          • Ryan

            He doesn’t go by OUR Constitution, He derives his Authority from the NDAA- His Constitution by use of EXE ORDER

          • ckirmser

            No, he doesn’t. Loosen your tin-foil hat.

        • USDfiatmony

          Obastard’s motto: “we don’t need no stinking ole paper authored by ole white racists, I have a pen, phone and a crooked Attorney General and court system…”

          • ckirmser

            None of which will avail him in directly contravening the Constitution.
            If he can do it, then we may as well hang it up, anyway, because more than just the federal government will have been corrupted.
            Fine, you don’t like Obama, neither do I. But, that doesn’t mean you toss rational thought out the window.

          • Klaus

            Chief Justice Roberts will find martial law inside the Constitution. Right next to where he found the ObamaCare tax.

          • Ryan

            I have a pen, phone and –THE NDAA, that he derives his full authority from –a crooked Attorney General and court system..

          • Klaus

            Can you imagine how much fun Obama would have with the Line Item Veto that Reagan wanted?

          • Klaus

            Rex84, signed by Ronald Reagan in 1984, established the mechanism for declaring martial law in America.

        • Ryan

          Well, That is because the Constitution belongs to the US-The American
          People and HE doesn’t follow it.. The New OBAMA Constitution that is Sanctioned by his Puppet
          Masters in the UN is Called the NDAA.. And yes, ALL of his POWER of
          these ILLEGAL EXEC. ORDERS are derived from the power in that Document.

          • ckirmser

            Uh, no.

      • Josh Bond

        Constitutional provision or not, Barry’s not leaving the white house in 2017.

        • Dixie fan

          Although I agree that the levers of power are not controlled by the faces we see and recognize as our elected government, I fail to see what benefit would be derived by openly displaying a dictatorial government that no one could reasonably deny. Don’t the powers that be have a lot invested in continuing to convince the American people that the charade of electoral democracy is fair and representative of the public? I ask this not to be antagonistic, rather in an attempt to learn and exchange ideas respectfully. Thanks!

        • David Lemont

          Remember how many idiots were wrong about Bush not leaving? You are going to be one of them in 2016. Sadly you won’t come on here and say how wrong you were. Your precious ego wouldn’t allow for that.

          • Klaus

            Bush didn’t leave. He wears an Obama mask.

          • SWDC

            “The North American Aerospace Defense Command”

            Mexico, Canada, and USA Aerospace Defense Command run by foreigners for the benefit of foreigners as we have seen with their diligent and orchestrated performance at the US southern border where tunnels with trains and rail roads exist.


            Feeling really UBER safe with foreigners at the helm.

            NSA and Germany working together too.

          • Talbot

            Mexico is not in NORAD and never has been. It’s the US and Canada and it was originally created decades ago to protect the US and Canada from Russian bombers during the cold war. Learn some history morons.

          • SWDC

            Friday, 27 June 2014 12:30
            “After America Comes North America,” Gen. Petraeus Boasts
            “… Most of the establishment press missed Petraeus’ comments at the summit, as well as the significance of what he was saying. Outside of the alternative media and a blog post about the London gathering in the U.K. Telegraph, in fact, there was virtually no coverage of the comments on the “North American” superpower that the senior establishment figure openly claimed was going to take over after America’s dominance fades.

            One of the few to catch it all was reporter David Knight at Infowars. “He essentially dances on the grave of the sovereign state of America that he says is being replaced, or has been replaced, by NAFTA,” Knight said in a newscast about Petraeus’ extreme comments. “Of course, it’s ironic that Margaret Thatcher was essentially driven out of being the U.K. prime minister
            after she opposed the idea of getting rid of nation-states in the European Union when she went to Bilderberg.” In recent years, Petraeus has become a regular at the annual Bilderberg summits, where top globalists in Big Business and Big Government meet…”

          • SWDC

            Now we also know from a cable show about the Egyptian pyramids with Dr Zahi Hawass the USA gave him technology that identified undergrund tunnels and former/underground pyramid sites yet to be unearthed…

            Question: Since the USA has the ability to id lost tunnels in Egypt why has the USA not addressed the tunnels made to thwart US Immigration laws and smuggling goods into the USA. Some of those tunnels have trains on rail roads tracks that bring in human cargo as well as counter ban and … well?

            Oh I do know my history the real question is who do some think they are fooling?

          • allegra

            How neat is that more underground tunnels
            yet to be found in Egypt!!

          • Talbot

            You need to take your meds buddy.

          • Talbot

            Has zero to do with NORAD. NORAD predates all of this nonsense.

          • SWDC

            Talbot wrote 11 days ago “A dangerous isolationist who would abandon our alliances with NATO, Japan, South Korea, etc.”

          • Talbot

            I stand behind that statement. Seems you are now stalking my profile.

          • SWDC

            ‘Alive and safe, the brutal Japanese soldiers who butchered 20,000 Allied seamen in cold blood’ Last updated at 17:53 03 November 2007

            “… According to Blears: “One guy, they cut off his head halfway and let him flop around on the deck. The others I saw, they just lopped them off with one slice and threw them overboard. The Japanese were laughing and
            one even filmed the whole thing with a cine camera.”

            Blears waited for his turn, then pulled his hands out of his bindings and dived overboard amid machine-gun fire.

            He swam for hours until he found a lifeboat, in which he was joined by two other officers and later an Indian crewman who had escaped alone after 22 of his fellow countrymen had been tied to a rope behind the I-8 and
            dragged to their deaths as it dived underwater.

            Uchino, who was hailed a Japanese hero, ended the war in a senior land-based role and was never brought to trial….” (UK Daily Mail)

          • Checker72

            That would require some research and knowledge prior to spewing ‘information’. That’s something most in this country simply don’t do anymore.

          • Mobley22

            IMPEACH OBAMA NOW. The effects of energizing the conservatives will be more than the effects of energizing the communists that are everywhere among us, including in the Oval Office.

          • allegra

            Obama probably will be the first one out the White House door
            on 1/20/17……………

        • oilcanp

          Oh yes he will!!!!!!!!!! We will drag him out if needed!!!!~!!!!

          • allegra

            And so will the next president of the USA and O’s wife.

        • allegra

          Oh yes he wlll be..they tried the same rigamorole
          with Clinton and that gave us GWB!!

      • M_J_S

        I’m sure there is one brave soul that will put a stop to him within the White House.

        • Klaus

          Not when he’s the one signing their paychecks.

          • M_J_S

            They couldn’t pay a patriot enough. That one would be for the people.

          • Klaus

            Nobody who gets a paycheck from their Uncle Sam works for the People.

      • lee

        Hillary is not going to like this! She already got owned by Obama once…

    • Wally

      I will not fight my own countrymen. I think this is prepping for Nuclear Attack from Russia. Since this administration kept backing Putin into a corner that eventually a cornered animal will bite back.

      • zoozoo

        The EURO has to crash first, then the dollar shortly(3-4 weeks) after. That is about the time we will see a strike. Perfect storm type stuff to try and create as much chaos and hate as possible.

    • Perso Nasplit

      They have even been caught promoting the coming war…..

      http://www.theblaze .com/stories/2013/08/22/homeland-security-employees-hate-filled-website-to-prepare-blacks-for-the-inevitable-clash-with-the-white-race/

    • wesley69

      How many FBI agents investigated Benghazi??? How many FBI agents have been investigating the IRS scandal???? How about Fast & Furious??? How about the violence in Chicago?

      Yet we have 50 in Ferguson, Missouri. Is there something wrong with this picture???? There had better be no railroading of this police officer. We are suppose to be a country of law, not at the dictates of our ruler. Outsider agitators are pouring into Ferguson. Is this something sponsored by the Justice Department as it was in Sanford, Florida???

      Martin Luther King Jr. make major strides to improve the lives of Blacks and sought to incorporate them into America. The years that followed were slowly achieving that objective. Indeed, we are a stronger country, a better country, a moral country when we all are united and feel a part. It seems that under Obama, this progress has been lost.

      • Richard Nelson

        now it’s 200 FBI agents :)

    • David Lemont

      It is no more a poweder keg than at any time in our history. If people were better educated about the past they’d see that. It was a little over a hundred years ago California was sending troops to fight Arizona over water rights, that Maine declared war on Canada. Racial tensions had Missourians killing Kansans in bloody wars of the midwest. Nice attempt drama queen. And no most white Americans don’t care about black on black crime in Chicago, no more than they did 100 years ago.

      • Talbot

        You realize that very few people know even basic history anymore.

        • SWDC

          ‘Alive and safe, the brutal Japanese soldiers who butchered 20,000
          Allied seamen in cold blood’ Last updated at 17:53 03 November 2007 UK DAILY MAIL

          At Nuremberg Trials Germans were hung some for just following orders but not the Japanese who actually attacked the USA at Pearl Habour and on the main land with a balloon bomb killing one American family in Oregon May 05, 1945. In fact Japan sent over so many bombs on balloons US Military created its very own to address the attacks, The Triple Nickels 555th …

          Yup and Japan never repaid its WWII war debt to the USA never mind its commanders standing trial for war crimes biological ones against Chinese and our very own US troops and remember cutting off their you know and force feeding the parts prior to killing US troops ….

          So you wanna talk about history do ya?

          • Talbot

            Yeah. I want to talk about how you appear to be an ignorant nutcase. The Japanese were tried by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. Tojo was executed. And none of this has anything whatsoever to do with NORAD.

          • SWDC

            ‘Alive and safe, the brutal Japanese soldiers who butchered 20,000 Allied seamen in cold blood’
            Last updated at 17:53 03 November 2007 (UK DAILY MAIL)

            Reading is fundamental.

          • Talbot

            NORAD has nothing to do with Japanese war criminals.

    • doublehotdog

      oh please, powder keg my a**. This will all blow over just like the Trayvon thing.

    • Talbot

      Ridiculous. Not going to happen.

    • tea isstrongerten

      I have enough 5.56 NATO to supply a Battalion of US Army style Infantry. I will be supplying Civilian Forces when SHTF.

    • Daniel Petry

      No…it is a powder keg getting ready to explode against Washington DC. The black on black riots are just third world natives beginning to understand that their boy doesn’t give a d a m n about them.

    • stormykitteh

      Just because those who yearn for martial law want it, that won’t make it so. Pot stirring domestic enemies are trying so hard to divide Americans at every turn – racial, socio-economic, religious, you name it.

      It’s hot out now. Hot weather makes folks restless and irritable. When the weather cools, these flareups on the reservations will die right on down. Unless they bring Eldridge Cleaver fashion designs back. Then it might be on.

    • god

      What I find most incredible is that there are a bunch of people who agree with you on this board (me being one of them) and yet we’re being sold by the MSM how everything is fine and how wonderful the government is. It’s like we all know the truth and our federal government has now made us the American people enemy #1.

    • allegra

      Oh please you sound just like the late Richard Scaife Mellon..
      who was bragging about the very same thing during
      the Clinton years when Y2K was upon us.

  • Bossman

    Conditioning the sheeple…. Such easy pickings, the low hanging fruit is ready to be harvest.

  • veteran222

    Can they train at night? They are doing it during the day for a reason.

  • dano

    it’s called Military Exercise……..Hum, it’s been done throughout history!!

    • Bossman

      yeah, all the time flying above our cities (NOT)…. Go back to sleep.

      • dano

        conspiracy nutjobs ……….so bored with your life u have to create fake situations………enjoy your fun, ha!

        • Bossman

          your pathetic.

          • dano

            Relax, take deep breath, it’s not that bad………

    • Christopher Gadsden

      YOU are partially responsible for 911. When you understand why, you will have lost your responsibility. Until then, look in the mirror because you’re foolishness is what allows FALSE FLAG TERRORISM.

      • dano

        ok….yeah, uh huh…..sure I am……

  • Mystick

    I don’t really have a problem with them testing air defenses… that is their chartered duty.

    As long as they don’t use it for cover for another “event”.

  • Jason Priestley

    I hope they do as good a job protecting DC as they’ve done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Israel. Just throw some water bottles out of the plane if DC is being attacked. That’ll stop them.

  • Josh Bond

    Beware the nuclear false flag operation.

  • johnny99

    The article fails to mention what a failure and a fraud NORAD is. According to evidence presented at a Congressional hearing after 9/11, NORAD failed to scramble jets until after the terrorist attacks, then NORAD and the FAA lied to cover up their failure.


      They didn’t “fail”. Their actions (or lack thereof) were by design.

  • tony tyler

    maybe they should test their system over the southern border.. all of this is fake.. they say they are protecting the country when millions of thugs and illegals are coming across the southern border.. people we are on our own now… the system can go straight to hell.

  • Rush Izright

    i’m old enough to remember the civil air patrol, air raid sirens, black-outs and nike missile sites. what goes around, comes around.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    They had drills on 911 as well. Drills like crazy, but they can’t protect a single thing from beardies with box cutters. A drill always accompanies a FALSE FLAG! Why? Compartmentalization. Figure out how the foreign run government attacks the citizens.

    • Ryan

      9/11 Twin Towers and 7/7 London Subway Bombing and the FFE of Sandy Hook had ‘ DRILLS’ also just
      before they ‘WENT LIVE’

  • USDfiatmony

    A waste of fuel, we’ve already been conquered by Socialists and ignorant illegals…

  • Mr. Ed

    False flag coming soon, too many things going on that Obama can’t handle, exercises were going on during 9/11, sandy hook, boston marathon and the list goes on. During all those drills, the real thing happened. Be vigilant, be prepared, bad things coming our way. Han Solo said it best, I have a bad feeling about this.

    • Ryan

      9/11 Twin Towers and 7/7 London Subway Bombing had ‘ DRILLS’ also just before they ‘WENT LIVE’ and the FFE of Sandy Hook was one as well that ‘WENT LIVE’

  • TylerDurden0xb

    So first the interruption of the expensive vacation and now, NORAD operating training exercises over DC? My conspiracy theory tendencies are now kicking in.

  • Mr. Ed

    Two years ago, there was a social breakdown drill conducted in St. Louis, Mo., in fact similar drills like these have been happening all over the United States. The DHS has all the equipment they need and their personnel trained, all that’s left is a date for major chaos to happen. That date could be tomorrow or the next day, or next week. Will you be ready? Or what will you do when you hear the blackhawks over head and the roar of DHS armored vehicles rolling down your street. It’s going to happen sooner or later.

  • David Lemont

    Internet comments really demonstrate how unintelligent most people are, also how fear driven and rather primitive they are. We as a species give humanity too much credit for in terms of intelligence and reasoning. The founders understood this which is why they created a Republic. Direct Democracy would empower the average idiot as well as the 49% even dumber than the average.

    We all know the aliens will be here soon enough to battle the reptilians overlords who have assumed control of our government.

    See how easy it is to make up these foolish scenarios?

    • Bit Coin

      I dont understand what you say, so therefore you are racist.

    • JB

      Not so foolish….

  • Bit Coin

    Like NORAD does anything…. all they are good at doing is standing down. Remember 911!? Nothing but a bunch of Kappa’s in charge.

    • StarTripper

      Until 9-11 NORAD was configured to look for intruders coming INTO US airspace and not planes already inside US airspace. Add to that that FAA didn’t know how to handle planes that turn off their IFF’s and you have the essence of a well planned and executed attack.

  • LiberalPurge

    While were eating our own insides out in this country divided…..Russia and China are sitting back and laughing at how easy it will be to come sweep up the mess……………

    Start taking chinese and russian lessons………

    • Zada

      But, I don’t like Chinese food. Never tried Russian.

  • CommonSense033

    Yet they missed some dumb Chechens who even flew to terrorist training sites several times, till they blew up a marathon.

  • Bruiser in Houston

    Pity the tanker couldn’t empty the contents of their bathroom on the White House.

  • JB

    Cant most of you feel it..Something is not right.. It feels the southern border and let God Knows what games to the US theater like protecting out skies..Fema Zone 3 alerts..Fema camps..Under the airport hidaways..The president playing lame..Ebola patents , ISIS ….racial /authority unrest….Oh something’s coming all right…hold your children close…

  • ???????

    Oh, you mean we still have a DOD, The King’s administration has not dissolved it completely yet. Trust me when the S$@#t hits the fan, it will be the American Patriots doing the fighting.

  • <–Hold My Crown While I Lie

    We know this gub-ment better than any citizen in recent memory, with that said, Barry’s gub-ment knows, that we know, something really big is brewing here.

  • Gary Smith

    Fix is in. He will be declared innocent of murder, because he is. Light fuse to keg, BOOM! This is being stoked by the media on purpose same as Trayvon. OJ got off and I didnt loot one store, did you?

  • Storm

    Be nice if NORAD could try flying over the southern borders..Might be good practice on a real invasion…!!

    • Kelvinator

      It’s not practice. It’s a real invasion, and they’re rehearsing in DC.

  • dachu3

    Norad, when’s the next false Flag going to happen?

    It’s kind of overdue since 9/11/01 when you had a drill about airplanes flying into the world trade building while the same thing was occurring at the same time..

    and don’t let me start on the NORAD stand down to send F16s after the aircraft that got off course…

  • ohgeewiz

    He’s finally figured out he’s on everyone’s trash list around the world. Nobody gives a rat’s rear for him. Before long….it will be Obama against the entire world. Who ya think is gonna lose?

  • dwchu

    Does ECOMCON ring a bell?

  • OSR1

    Yo chemtrail DC.

  • Dell Richards

    Silly. Not going to be a cruise missile. Our enemies will use a donkey and a wooden cart to smuggle into Texas and a hand cart to deliver their devise of terror on 1600….

  • Rollo Tomasi

    Great, Tell the Russians the best time to come and see what our defenses are…

  • Will setag

    I really don’t think this has anything to do with terrorist or Russia..
    I believe this has to do with the people here in this country going to revolt once all these illegals swamp our cities and towns.
    The government has been planning for this …but they need those democrat voters to come across the border.

  • Turk Sandwich

    Herp DERP!

  • laxmom1

    The biggest and most deadly threat to this country is currently living in the white house.

    • Stelex

      And the 51% of the populace that put him there.

  • oilcanp

    Hold on to your hats guys & gals.

  • Tipi Rick

    They testing for a reason; a clear and present danger. So much for the War on Terror ending, BHO. Hell, we haven’t hardly even started the War on Terror… here or even in Iraq & Afghanistan. The next Mooney pilot will smile back from under his head dress and with a big toothy Arab smile at the F-16s and detonate, right on target.

  • Sensible

    Maybe the space aliens don’t like the idea of a one party congress. After all they are in charge of earth right? /sarc

  • albermarle19

    @ glock22 Do you work for CNN or MSNBC, the same people fanning the flames in St. Louis?
    I think you are going a little over the edge with your speculation…leave that up to the “professionals” in the MSM or Obama Media Syndicate as I like to put it!
    Do have a great day, buddy, take it easy!

  • Jon_Babtist

    We all know NORAD was forced to stand down during 9/11 which
    is why we know it was an inside job. Only one person in the world
    could force NORAD to stand down and it wasn’t Osama Bin Laden.

  • Ryan

    Better look out for ANOTHER False Flag:
    Where was NORAD on 9/11? 24/7/365 for 60+ YEARS, NORAD was “standing by” yet on ONE day…..? FUNNY how NORAD is NOWHERE when it is NEEDED.

    How do THREE buildings fall STRAIGHT down? Since WHEN does THIS Government come rushing out handing BILLIONS of Dollars left and right to victims of something that the Government has not (yet) been PROVEN to have been part of !? This government denied WWI Bonus Army, It denied leaving 8,000 POWS alive in Korea, it denied Agent Orange Vets, It denied Gulf War Syndrome Vets, even TODAY it denies CURRENT Vets treatment for PTSD and injuries from Iraq …….. And people don’t think throwing those BILLIONS around before the dust settled on 9/11 was SUSPICIOUS ! Meanwhile, OBL puts out more videos than Madonna, whenever THEY need one ………..

  • Artcraft Printing

    Just like 911…stay tuned….more lies to come!

  • Norm

    More TIN FOIL needed down here in the comments section!!!!

    • Lenny

      Let’s hope those NORAD planes drop their nuclear payloads the next time they fly over D.C.! Total tinfoil solution!

    • Jon_Babtist

      Get with the times. We don’t use tin foil these days.
      It is ALUMINUM FOIL. Also did you know Tin Foil Hat
      was a psy-ops term developed by the CIA after the JFK

  • bt1

    Nothing new. This happens three or four times a year it seems…

  • RUsure

    Remember Obama comment about a Nuclear Strike over Manhattan?

  • Jon_Babtist

    Obama and Holder have said they fear a nuke terrorist attack in New York City.
    Could this be a hint of the next big false flag operation being planned?
    Also could this be a threat that if there is any serious challenge to Obama’s
    ongoing jihad against America that there will be consequences?

  • aquaviva


    Those are just NORAD planes flying “intercept procedures” over our nations capital.


  • bobfrapples

    I’ve got a basement full of Beans just in case..
    as they say…
    Beans Beans……….

  • Johnny Knoxville

    Sounds like they know something, and they are drilling…………just like 9/11.

  • fake like fake

    This NORAD thing is a failure.

  • Mark III

    DC is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the US Congress, and is not a part of any US state.

    Beware the D&R oligarchy in DC, they function as a corporation and frequently act in interest of self or globalists.

    In 1932, they sent active duty troops to attack unemployed WW I veterans who had marched on DC to demand payment of their promised soldier bonuses.

    See bonus army march 1932 footage – youtube.

    Read: “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” – Gary Allen, 1971 – read online

  • WBCarson

    How about doing something about the Russian thermonuclear bombers which have invaded our airspace this past year, the Chinese planes harassing us in international airspace?
    Oh thats right, its the Citizens who are the real threat to the government.

  • SYwHvVmhe

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