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February 11, 2016

Tax Proposal Draws Protest From Capitol Hill Gyms, Yoga Studios

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Betsy Poos tries to keep politics out of the classroom at Capitol Hill Yoga.

The co-owner of the Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast studio spent a decade working for members of Congress and the Democratic Party before opening, in March 2009, the small business  six blocks from the Capitol. When teaching, her classroom philosophy is: “This is the time to let your day job go.”

But a tax change working its way through the D.C. Council has recently caused Poos to “measure the line” on her credos. The city is looking at implementing a 5.75 percent sales tax on gyms, yoga studios and other health club services as part of its fiscal 2015 budget, part of an effort to revise its tax structure and reduce the overall burden on D.C. residents. Poos and other wellness practitioners are worried the proposal will hurt their industry.

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“This feels like a tax on healthy lifestyles,” Poos said Monday in an interview with CQ Roll Call, explaining recent efforts to mobilize yogis to push back on the proposal. Although she doesn’t believe the price increase — an extra 69 cents on a $12 class that lasts an hour, or $1.04 more for the 75- to 90-minute classes that currently cost $18 — would keep most of her current customers away from their mats, Poos is concerned the modest increase could deter the new students that are a key part of the studio’s revenues.

“In the past five months, 25 percent of our sales revenue have come from consumers brand new to our studio — first-time walk-ins,” Poos said. If “even 10 percent” are dissuaded from spending their first dollar at the business due to the tax on services and higher prices, “we stand to lose much of our overall profit margin.”

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The proposed tax hike was made public just 18 hours before the initial May 28 budget vote. It was part of a package of changes that would also revise the individual income tax, and it immediately sparked an opposition from the fitness industry, including the owners of Capitol Hill’s Biker Barre and local CrossFit trainers, plus the Capitol Hill Association of Merchants and Professionals, or CHAMPS.

“Once again the D.C. Council has let down small businesses in DC,” CHAMPS President Scott Magnuson, owner of Atlas District mainstay The Argonaut, wrote in a June 4 letter to the Hill’s small-business community. Magnuson criticized the last-minute timing and said the council’s actions “do not build confidence in an already fragile relationship between the District government and small business leaders.”

Others organized an online petition to try to convince the council to strip the sales tax on health-related services before the final budget vote, currently scheduled for June 17.

Despite the criticism, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson is standing by the so-called gym tax, which was recommended by a blue-ribbon tax commission chaired by former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams; it is part of a package that would also revise the individual income tax. Other services that would be subject to the 5.75-percent sales tax beginning Jan. 1 include bowling, billiards, car washes, carpet cleaning and water delivery.

“The goal of the [D.C. Tax Revision Commission] was to recommend an overall tax structure that is fair, equitable and reduces the overall burden on District residents,” Mendelson said in response to the petition.

“If an individual’s health club membership is $75 per month, the tax will add $4.32 to the cost,” he reasoned. “On the other hand, the revised income tax (also part of the tax package) will save the average resident taxpayer in the $50,000-$75,000 adjusted gross income bracket about $36.33 per month ($436 per year).”

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells cast the lone “no” vote on the 2015 budget after expressing concerns about cutting planned funding for the city’s streetcar project. He was not available by press time for comment on the health club service tax.

Councilmembers Muriel Bowser and David Catania, who are both campaigning for mayor, voted in favor of the budget, but say they do not support the tax on wellness services. D.C. Committee on Finance and Revenue Chairman Jack Evans has also said the city does not need the gym tax.

Wellness leaders say D.C. does not need to tax gym memberships, boot camps and yoga classes to offer a great tax break. They say the policy is misguided and raises the cost of preventative health care services.

“If a doctor prescribes you a pill, there’s no sales tax,” said Ian Mishalove, co-owner of Flow Yoga Center in Northwest D.C. “If  the doctor prescribes you yoga, there’s a tax.”

Mishalove said the city should be encouraging wellness and thinks the tax sends the wrong message. For those who are already stretching their budget to afford a $100-per-month gym membership, an extra $50 or $60 annual increase could change their behavior, he said.

Later this week, some of the city’s most physically active people will get politically active. Mendelson has agreed to meet with local wellness leaders, according to Mishalove. The coalition may also organize a day of action at Freedom Plaza, as it did to protest a similar service tax in 2010.

Poos still keeps the politics out of the practice at Capitol Hill Yoga, but she said some students have approached her after classes to talk about the issue. She acknowledges the fact that teaching people who are professionally involved in advocacy, lobbying and government could be an advantage when it comes to the gym tax.

“Word is starting to get out,” she said.

  • wiseoldfart

    Keep electing those damn “tax and spend” socialists, you fools!

    • truthteller13

      The insane demØnRAT party mujaheddin waging their economic and cultural jihad against normal Americans.

      • Mike

        If that’s the case then maybe we can dig up Reagan so he can give them some weapons for their cause. Again.

      • Winston

        Jizya tax on infidels.

    • Sally Smith

      .She campaigned for Dems for ten years, but is now complaining about higher taxes? What a hypocrite!

      Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 694 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

      • Dugway

        Likely Ms. Poos will whine when the flush tax arrives, too.

    • Eric

      Reminds me of a poem by Maurice Ogden, “The Hangman” I took the liberty of adapting it for the current situation.

      You tricked me, Taxman!” I shouted then. “That your taxes were meant for other men. And I no henchman of yours,” I cried, “You lied to me, Taxman, foully lied!” Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye: “Lied to you? Tricked you?” he said, “Not I. For I answered straight and I told you true: The taxes were made for none but you. “For who has served me more faithfully than you with your coward’s hope?” said he, “And where are the others that might have stood side by your side in the common good?” “Broke,” I whispered; and amiably “Taxed to Death,” he corrected me; “all the taxes that have been pushed through… I did no more than you let me do.”.”

  • Jason

    ahhh, always like breaking out the popcorn when the collectivists decide to eat one another.

    Lol… this is what happens when you put a bunch of people in charge that think money falls from the sky.

    • Jack Schitt

      Here Here !!!

    • artfuldgr

      actually, i can describe the process even better… (give me a thumbs up if i got it!)

      ok… the people who do this sit around, and they want to help the poor by voting the wealthy to pay
      however, they do not take a moment to identify who is the wealth… they all assume they are poor.
      like a friend of mine, who has a home in upstate ny… i said to him “you have a million dollar property, a house on it, pension, savings, etc…- YOU are the wealthy”
      all he could do was compare himself to a wealthier neighbor and say – i am not wealthy, they are.
      i said, i grew up in an inner city slum, with family who could not speak english that were refugees from stalin/hilter and i know i am richer than people from my wifes country, indonesia.
      i said, on an international scale, your very wealthy, but not super wealthy
      since these are not national socialists, but international socialists… YOU are the wealthy they are going to tap

      years on.. they are bitching about what theyhave to pay, and yet, they dont realize that if they are paying, and its reaching them to pay, they are thr rich they wanted to tap to pay!!!

      its that simple.
      she compared herself to soros, and thought she was poor
      she demonized individuals and effort
      she demonized capitalist business

      now, she finds out soros is so rare, that he is not even in the scale (and wholly untouchable compared to resident millionaires)
      that she was an indvidual and wanted to work hard.
      and she demonised her future self

  • lysosome

    This is idiotic, but then so is anything socialists do.

    • Tomas Cruz

      Corzine taxed all gym members in NJ. For all those who believe Christie is a conservative, it still stands today

      • Donald Wade

        Not saying Christie is conservative, but can the Governor of New Jersey override a law that was in effect when he took office?

        • rlo

          He can lobby for tax cuts and list what should be cut. Has he done that?

          • Donald Wade

            I don’t know, I’m not from NJ.

        • PAP

          Christie don’t like gyms. Can’t you tell?

  • Charles

    You voted for more taxes. Pay up!

    • Mountainhiker

      LOL, you were stupid enough to vote for the socialist democratic party so get a grip, will you be stupid enough to vote for them in the next election? If the answer is yes then clearly they are not asking for a large enough tax increase….

    • squidettevet

      But I only voted to tax other people more!!!

    • Sally Smith

      She campaigned for Dems for ten years, but is now complaining about higher taxes? What a hypocrite!

      supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 694
      examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  • Troy

    Hang the rats.

  • Tom Thumb

    All those workout gyms are stupid anyway.

  • Mike Alan

    YEAH, another tax. What the fukkk is wrong with liberals?

  • gadsdenamn

    The liberals are going to tax every part of your life, they want more money to spend on low information voters who vote them into office.

    • Cathy

      They’ll have all your health records and tax you accordingly, and if you don’t do what they tell you to do you’ll get a penalty. Everyone knows what is best for you. Doctors won’t be considered. Because the government knows best. And we’ve already seen the death panels at the VA and how that works. It won’t only be a doctor shortage but how old you are before you get treated.

    • KCGranny

      Wait until they confiscate everything you worked for…bank, property, retirement accts, etc!

      • Vitt

        Damn straight. It is amazing how few truly get it. Everything you own was purchased using notes of debt to the federal reserve bank. That money is to be paid back with interest. Meaning, if you dont have that money, your property is the collateral. They can and will take whatever they want until we Americans wake up to the true controllers of our nation.

    • squidettevet

      More like, they want to spend more of your money on new programs that the useful idiots can be sympathetic to or think they will benefit from. The reality is, they are enriching themselves and their buddies through these programs while continuing to grow government.

  • joeysdad

    When I saw the headline I thought they were going to tax people for being overweight. That would be surprising since that makes up much of the Democrat constituency. But after reading that the tax would be on gyms where they can get more money out of people trying hard to do the right thing, it all made sense.

    • KCGranny

      Oh yes it does! Libs are senseless!

  • timmaguire

    As with so many other Democrats turned small businesspeople, she did it backwards. She could have contributed far more to her community if she tried to run a business first, and then got into politics.

    • PAP

      DemonRats eating each other. Savor.

      • artfuldgr


  • Cathy

    Well one tax I won’t be paying LOL Why not put a bigger tax on sporting events. That won’t bother me either. Let’s tax those that don’t do anything that is taxed too much already and let them finally figure out why others are po’d

  • Tmost

    How many times did someone say “reduces the overall burden on District residents”. What??? What burden?

  • Carl Mertz

    Have you had enough of these Liar b@stard Democrat’s yet. You dam worthless want-to-be never learn do You.

  • Yippie Kiah

    at first I thought it said a goyim tax

  • Tmost

    I suggest that every one look at their own tax burden. How much money do we pay in taxes. To start 30-33% income tax, 6% every time I spend money, how about all the taxes on my phone bill, water bill ,cable bill, electric bill. Not to mention my property taxes. Oh, Then I have State income tax, Then if you give money away you pay taxes, and I cannot begin to fathom all of the new taxes to fund Obamacare. Bank transaction tax, etc, etc. This has got to stop. When does it end. We only have new taxes, no old taxes are done away with.**JUST STOP AND THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU PAY EVERY YEAR IN TAXES**

    • PainInMyASS

      Then think about how much of your tax dollars you havnt even paid yet are pledged to the ever expanding Govt debts.

      • Tangair

        No, don’t think about our forward burden…your head will explode!

    • KCGranny

      Also don’t forget that every dollar of expendable income in your pocket that you spend, charge, etc. is taxed! Nothing escapes tax..not even a 401k plan. That’s down the road. If your family or you make $75k, then 1/2 of income is going to some part of government!

    • PAP

      It’s over 40% for the average wage earner.

    • artfuldgr

      When does it end?
      when the kulaks are dead and utopia abounds…

  • Richard_Wiggler

    i knew when they got done with cigarettes
    they’d go after the fat people.

    • Lamdog

      Not going after the fat people but the healthy people, which makes the irony even more profound. Use to be the sin tax, now sin must not be as profitable.

    • Donald Wade

      Says the guy that didn’t read the article.

      • Guest

        G F Y

        • Donald Wade

          Low info voter, are you?

        • Donald Wade

          Sorry to point out your shortcomings (no pun intended)

  • John Schilling

    She worked for the Democrap party and now is surprised at this? Poor, stupid little girl.

    • meeester

      84 ups…hehe
      Tax was okay until she had to pay

    • Sally Smith

      She campaigned for Democratss for ten years, but is now complaining about higher taxes? What a hypocrite!

      Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 694
      examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  • Mark Knopfler

    Why not a breathing tax? Why not a blonde hair tax? Why stop there? Jesus H, these democrats are mad with power. I know I know – show me your shocked faces.

    • juan767

      makes sense as the supreme court has ruled CO2 a pollutant.

    • jon doe

      Many cities already have a “rain tax”. Where the property owner is charged for the rain water runoff on their property. Look it up folks. And Kalifornia now wants a global warming tax due to the commie EPA declaring CO2 a pollutant. So they ARE going to tax “air”. Soon it will be “thought tax” i guess.

      But remember folks… Big Brother is Love. All Hail emperor Obama!

  • Sojourner Truth

    They made up global warming so that the government can create “carbon footprint” taxes and now they want to tax fitness. What’s next, the wind? Oh yeah, they already taxed that too.

    • ChappySinclair

      Don’t forget the “rain tax” in Maryland.

    • artfuldgr

      their going after cow farts… is that taxing the wind?

  • Ricardo Queso

    Rail about how unhealthy lifestyles drive up the cost of health care – which has now been “nationalized”, but out the other side of your mouth demand that the choice to live healthier be taxed. Only the deranged mental disorder known as radical liberalism could come up with something this ridiculous without spontaneously combusting into a cloud of hypocrisy.

    • Kevin Davis

      You think they wanted to do the opposite.. Mind you I will be against taxing ‘bad’ foods…

    • artfuldgr

      i work for a major top research hospital… the prices are so high because only management gets raises… this means they do with bad employees, bcause those are the only ones that dont leave. i work in research computing, and am too old to bother and want my pension, so i stay… but thats why its all expensive and idiotic… while a fortune 10 company will pay their workers better, and so make more money and so their management gets more… here, they pay crud, the best young leave, the worst stay, and they are so bad that they go through millions without a blink… now they are worried that they may actually have to earn the cash as the state is not ponying up that much… so its really weird seeing the socialist academics figure out they need people like Icahn cause they were too busy making bon fire paper and not making things that can be made, sold, and earn lots as IP…

  • John Maddy

    “I’m at the breaking point,” said Gretchen Gardner, an Austin artist
    who bought a 1930s bungalow in the Bouldin neighborhood just south of
    downtown in 1991 and has watched her property tax bill soar to $8,500
    this year.

    “It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes,” said
    Gardner, who attended both meetings. “I have voted for every park, every
    library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that
    will make this city better. But now I can’t afford to live here
    anymore. I’ll protest my appraisal notice, but that’s not enough.
    Someone needs to step in and address the big picture.”

    • Ford289HiPo .

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    • KCGranny

      STOP voting YES! My kids and g-kids live in an Austin suburb and what they don’t pay in state tax seems to be eaten up in Real Estate taxes! Oh and love those private toll roads nobody uses!

    • squidettevet

      It’s the liberal cycle. They vote for ever increasing benefits for themselves and everyone they are conned into feeling pity for until they can no longer afford to live there. So after they’ve made their own town too expensive to survive, they move and eff up someone else’s town by doing the exact same thing. You would think they would learn…

    • artfuldgr

      THIS was the lady i referred to in my other post… THANKS for putting this up!

    • Toxophilite

      “It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes,” …………. ?

      Then you should be ecstatic now. Don’t know why you’re complaining, YOU voted to increase tax for everyone else whether THEY could afford it or not. Now your own tax goes up and you have the gall to whine about it?

    • Toxophilite

      “Someone needs to step in and address the big picture.”

      Someone needs to address a brick to your head! Typical liberal rich – since I have money I don’t mind paying higher taxes. Don’t even consider that not everyone has that money to spare. Hurts doesn’t it?

  • dixiesuzan

    The unfit can escape the tax. It pays to be unfit.

    • artfuldgr

      actually, people who are not pretentious enough to get on a walking machine and walk towards themselves in a mirror for a half hour… can walk outside…

      • dixiesuzan

        artfuldgr – Thank ya’ll for your reply.
        To do walking like that requires turning off the soap opera, getting up from the recliner and going to walk to no place in front of a mirror. And then getting taxed for it too.
        To walk outside gets you gunned down by a drive bye or knocked out by muggers and/or rapists. This motivates being first to draw your 357 magnum, slam home a full large capacity clip of 124 grain hollow points, and taking them out prmanently. This all means you miss the next episode of the soap with fiddly diddling. Is all this really worth it when you could have just stayed in the recliner?

  • talljohn777

    Democrats never saw a tax they didn’t like…. Yipee…

  • Darin Clements

    What the Hell is wrong with dems? All we hear is “we’re too fat”, “too many sweets”, “ban sodas”. And this is their brilliant solution? Taxing exercise? This is what’s wrong; the welfare recipient, who wouldn’t step foot in a gym, will gain from this attack on healthy living. You people on the left suck.


      They will give them free access to the gym in the future under the guise of saving money or some other fantasy excuse. I dont even have texting on my phone because it costs extra but the govt gives it to people with my tax money. I should stop working I may not be any worse off.

  • Carl Mayo

    when a 300-lb welfare queen develops diabetes, libs blame the 140-lb guy with a JOB.

    liberals then stick a gun to the head of the 140-lb guy with a JOB and say, “see that 300-lb welfare queen over there? it’s YOUR FAULT she’s sick! give her your money, NOW!”

    • Tangair

      Good one. That’s a corollary to the old line, “A Republican is just a Democrat who’s been mugged.”

  • flyboy

    I don’t want to hear ONE PEEP from liberal Democrats over this latest tax hike. NOT ONE WHINY WHIMPERING PEEP!

    Sit down and take your medicine, useful idiots.

  • Azarkhan

    95% of the people in DC vote for Democrats so f**k them, they should pay more taxes.

    • Lamdog

      That low?

      • veteran222

        that real.

  • Gam Davo

    “Poos and other wellness practitioners are worried the proposal will hurt their industry.” She’s not a smart woman. She’s only finding out now that taxes hurt industry. Any tax, all taxes that take from the productive of society hurt productivity. Some taxes are obviously necessary, but they should be limited as the government they fund. Poos finally reached her limit. Your limit? My limit? She hasn’t reached that yet.

  • DesertEagle1776

    liberal chickens coming home to roost…

  • Tangair

    The yoga teacher profiled in this story worked for the Democratic party. And she didn’t see any of this coming?????

  • MicheleLloyd

    And DC cannot understand why it cannot be trusted to handle its own money, nor why it will not become a state but doomed to remain a ward of the US Government. DC= derelicts and convicts

  • Jayson H Huggins

    She should Moochelle for an exemption.

  • wyllow

    Tax ALL the things!!!! Ridiculous.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Embrace the suck, libstains. These are YOUR “elected” officials, the ones you commit voter fraud for, to ensure they enter, and stay, in office.

    • jon doe

      Embrace the suck. That’s good. I will have to use that one.

  • B662

    How about taxing the POTUS for fake running up and down stairs like he is athletic. This guy is a wanna be at everything he does, even President!

  • zombietimeshare

    That’s the Democrat motto, “If it moves, tax it; if it doesn’t move, regulate it.”

    • Martin Weiss

      No … the Democrat motto is “Hey, that guy has a dollar – get him”.

    • CommonSense033

      Misquote. It was Reagan who said that government’s mantra was “If it moves, tax it, if it keeps moving, regulate it, if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

      • zombietimeshare

        Or the old military quote, “If it moves salute it, if it doesn’t move paint it.”

    • CharlesKaye

      Maybe it’s time to remind people that any time the gov gets its hands on an industry, prices rise, quality falls and the number of choices becomes less.

      Straight out of my ECON601 textbook…

  • Jack Coyote

    The Beatles Taxman Lyrics
    Let me tell you how it will be
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
    Should five per cent appear too small
    Be thankful I don’t take it all
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman
    If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat, sponsored links
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.
    Don’t ask me what I want it for
    If you don’t want to pay some more
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
    Now my advice for those who die
    Declare the pennies on your eyes
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
    And you’re working for no one but me.

  • Billy Batson

    Soon we’ll be taxed for fitness levels.
    The more out of shape you are, the more CO2 you expel, which mean you’ll be paying more Climate Change taxes. Obamacare will tax us for fitness level as well. Fun times await us. Yea. “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME…”

  • Christopher R. DiNote

    I’m just here for the schadenfreude.

  • Allen West

    Isn’t liberalism as about as stupid as it gets. We’ll reduce the people’s burden by taxing the businesses. So how does that help the people? IT DOESN’T YOU MORONS. The cost of doing business determines the price of goods and services. Costs go up, prices go up. Who pays – the PEOPLE YOU MORONS. And let’s add the 5.75 sales tax. Who pays that? if you’re an idiot liberal you say the business. But the people pay for everything. Hey DC, if you’re sutpid enough to keep electing liberals then you deserve to be parted from your money and your freedom. I doubt you even know what freedom is anymore.

  • libertees

    Ain’t seen nothing yet. Just heating up

  • shooter2009

    Soon you will be taxed on the oxygen you inhale and the C02 you exhale.

    • harleyrider1778

      Perhaps you would rather just outlaw yourselves and all the other human carcinogen machines from even existing! Or the New Building VOC’s that release constantly in new buildings that also can create a cancer risk. He should also want to ban Cooking,Campfires, Industrial output, Barbecuing,Breathing,having indoor plants that release constant Isoprene! You see no matter the contempt and daily scares these folks toss out you will never escape natural elements and chemicals such as whats in tobacco smoke or the normal everyday air we all breathe and exhale. We are all sources of the same thing these prohibitionists are trying to outlaw and criminalize!

      NIH report on carcinogens

      If you want to learn about which chemicals cause cancer, or just want to feel more paranoid about getting cancer, check out the 2012 NIH report on carcinogens.

      One of the more exciting findings is that human beings themselves are possible carcinogens, by virtue of their natural emissions of isoprene:

      Isoprene is formed endogenously in humans at a rate of 0.15 µmol/kg
      of body weight per hour, equivalent to approximately 2 to 4 mg/kg per
      day (Taalman 1996), and is the major hydrocarbon in human breath
      (accounting for up to 70% of exhaled hydrocarbons)

      Don’t breathe on me!

      Natural occurrences[edit]

      Isoprene is produced and emitted by many species of trees into the atmosphere (major producers are oaks, poplars, eucalyptus, and some legumes). The yearly production of isoprene emissions by vegetation is around 600 million tonnes, with half that coming from tropical broadleaf trees and the remainder coming from shrubs.[1] This is about equivalent to methane emission into the atmosphere and accounts for ~1/3 of all hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere.

  • dilajoe

    Stupid DC voters,

  • CharlesKaye

    She should do what a restaurant owner did regarding the 0bozocare tax… He held his prices steady, but printed all the receipts with a second line detailing the amount of tax customers were now paying for him to abide by the 0bozocare guidelines. Customers can see plain as day how they are the ones paying for that asinine law.

    Same could be done here…

    • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

      Remember, they insist the way to prevent bad behavior is to tax it out of existence. You don’t want people to smoke, you create onerous taxes to make them quit. Are they now going to insist that a 5% tax isn’t going to force people to quit healthy activities? Of course they are. That’s the kind of logic that drives our tax code, it’s why even experts don’t really understand our tax code.

  • I Art Laughing

    They don’t want you to be able to run far, you might be able to escape the cockroach hotels that cities represent if you can.

  • oldcrankyyankee

    The wealthiest area in the country.
    Boo friggin’ hoo.
    Welcome to the club.

  • rickahyatt

    What they need to do its to tax sex in DC. What a fortune the politicians would generate! Only trouble is, they’d probably declare themselves exempt.

  • Lab Rat

    The only no vote came from a councilman who was getting his sacred cow streetcar funding cut, so he was probably on board with this tax too. Once this tax is in place it will never go away. Will anyone be surprised when the percentage goes up to 7.75 % or higher?

  • FedUp

    So we stop going to and paying for gyms! More jobs lost. More businesses lost, thanks to the A $$-h ole-in-chief!

  • RedRyderz

    Sit down, shut up and eat your peas.

  • Black Eagle

    WashDC political pigs will tax the air you breathe if they can.
    Just keep voting Democrat and eventually they will.
    That is, if you arent put in a “reeducation” death camp so your job and home will be made available to more “worthy” people, like the new immigrant invaders from Latin America.
    LEGAL IMMIGRANT LATINOS do you really think all those poverty-driven gringo-hating people are going to treat you nice?!
    You don’t even speak good Spanish anymore and wear gringo-clothes, drive gringo-cars and have a gringo-job. They hate you also.

    • Jack Thompson

      They do. It’s called the EPA.

      • harleyrider1778

        I wouldn’t count on the political lifespan of the EPA for much longer!
        Ya its gotten just that bad people actually want it ABOLISHED.

  • KCGranny

    What does she expect?

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    The government pays you to persuade you to buy an electric car and then they decide to tax you by the mile to get the taxes out of you you’re not spending on gas. They tax the crap out of cigarettes to persuade you to quit smoking then say they’re going to have to tax the crap out of the healthier alternative you turn to to make up for lost tobacco taxes. They raise a stink about how fat you are then tax the crap out of you when you try to get healthy. These are really government solutions to government created problems. The road to hell is paved with the unintended consequences of good intentions and we’re building a superhighway.

    • Dave Turner

      California did the same thing with increasing the cigarette tax to fund mammograms for low income women then were shocked when cigarette sales went down and that source of income dried up.

    • circadia

      This exactly. Whenever government tries to use taxation as a behavior control it ends up relying on the revenue. When the taxed behavior starts declining, government doesn’t cut back its spending, it reaches into other pockets to make up the difference. The cycle never ends. Government always grows and spends and taxes and grows and spends and taxes.

  • Emperor Zurg

    They should tax ammo at a penny a round. The way this government’s going, they’d be able to pay off the national debt inside a year.

    • harleyrider1778

      Owebummer already did that back in 2009. A tax on primer caps for reloading…………….It was about a 300% tax increase and a federal transport tax to boot!

  • Snowdenfan

    Please get some of the stupid Fairfax Dems to move to DC with the other socialists before they screw up our county and make it like DC. What a complete mess that place is.

  • Seemore_Justice

    I wonder if she laughed at the taxes placed on cigarettes and regulations regarding menu information changes that cost small businesses money. Was it fine as long as it was happening to the other guy? What, you think you were never in the crosshairs of big government? You’d be a laughed at tool! Enjoy your transformed America and your new taxes!

  • Fellow Traveler

    What about a fatness tax?

    Should we REALLY be taxing fitness?

    • Poor62

      Well the leftists believe that only the rich can afford to workout, go to the gym, take yoga classes, etc. The poor get their exercise when they run after robbing a person or store, so it wouldn’t be fair to tax the poor on their undeclared income.

    • Dave Turner

      Given the actresses on World Star Hip Hop, I would venture that a fatness tax could be construed as racist.

    • Lamdog

      You are forgetting the number one credo of the Democrats: If it moves tax. Fat people do not move they will subsides them.

  • David Mowers

    Panoptic Tax Policy; “Everything that can been seen with the eyes must be taxed!”

    • Jack Thompson

      And if they don’t see it they’ll just make it up.

      • David Mowers

        Like the myth of “Trickle Down” economics.

        • Donald Wade


          • David Mowers

            It has been proven to be a myth because nothing ever “trickles down” it all stays at the top.

  • odysseus660

    Obama is doing a great job. Taxing the rich Republikkkans to help minorities with there healthcare. He does this after inherited Bush’s mess.

    • Dave Turner

      You lose more credibility with your inability to spell Republican than your partisan comment.

      • Jack Thompson

        Or there instead of their.

        • Dave Turner

          Good catch, missed that one. =)

    • Jack Thompson

      What’s wrong with being rich? And they are not helping with healthcare, they are paying for it completely. I found it interesting how you structured that sentence “taxing the rich republicans to help minorities with there (their) healthcare.” It’s as if you are attempting to ignore where the taxes (money) come from – republicans. Hence a big d*man thank you to republicans for paying for someone else’s stuff.

      • 1930s_all_over_again

        He’s a paid regime troll or smoking some of Obama’s stash.

  • frankjohnson221

    When you tax something you get less of it–so therefore the DC brass must want everyone to be less fit.

  • Dave Turner

    The woman worked to elect politicians in DC and then gets pissed when they want to take a larger slice of her pie? Seriously?

    • harleyrider1778

      She can always use the health gym front for another occupation D.C. is famous for PROSTITUTION!

  • juan767

    when you tax, penalize something, anything, you get less of it.

    • 1930s_all_over_again

      Stop with your truth!

  • Chuin_masterofsinanju

    Lets decrease the tax burden on residents by increasing taxes. Good idea.

  • harleyrider1778

    Who knows this might just make her vote libertarian or tea party in the future!
    When the DC leftists outlawed and over taxed everything else we knew it wouldn’t be long until they turned on their own kind and especially the health Nazis!

  • TruthDetector

    This is all about ensuring equal outcomes.

    They will tax anyone who appears to be more ‘fit’ than average.

    “Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it.”

  • harleyrider1778

    When you see the Blacks leaving D.C. you will know its over.

    • donottreadonme

      The Democrat Plantation gates are locked from the outside.

  • harleyrider1778

    Just think how much money D.C. businesses could make by repealing the cities smoking ban!

    This DESTROYS all the fabled second hand smoke myth!

    Lungs from pack-a-day smokers safe for transplant, study finds.

    By JoNel Aleccia, Staff Writer, NBC News.

    Using lung transplants from heavy smokers may sound like a cruel joke, but a new study finds that organs taken from people who puffed a pack a day for more than 20 years are likely safe.

    What’s more, the analysis of lung transplant data from the U.S. between 2005 and 2011 confirms what transplant experts say they already know: For some patients on a crowded organ waiting list, lungs from smokers are better than none.

    “I think people are grateful just to have a shot at getting lungs,” said Dr. Sharven Taghavi, a cardiovascular surgical resident at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, who led the new study………………………

    Ive done the math here and this is how it works out with second ahnd smoke and people inhaling it!

    The 16 cities study conducted by the U.S. DEPT OF ENERGY and later by Oakridge National laboratories discovered:

    Cigarette smoke, bartenders annual exposure to smoke rises, at most, to the equivalent of 6 cigarettes/year.


    A bartender would have to work in second hand smoke for 2433 years to get an equivalent dose.

    Then the average non-smoker in a ventilated restaurant for an hour would have to go back and forth each day for 119,000 years to get an equivalent 20 years of smoking a pack a day! Pretty well impossible ehh!

    • harleyrider1778

      Prohibition always works out so well ehh!

  • David

    You tax those things you want less of. This is insane.

    • harleyrider1778

      Cigarette smuggling costs states billions

      Many state governments are struggling to make ends meet, and many are laying off cops and teachers.
      CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports that, as a result, some states are losing billions of dollars to smugglers in an illegal trade that can be more profitable than drug dealing.

      On Interstate 95, at the Virginia-Maryland border, CBS News observed police closing in on a suspected smuggler. He was not running drugs, but something even more profitable.

    • 1930s_all_over_again

      Liberalism is insane. We fought wars against countries run by people who think just like the Democrats of today. Research Hillarycare. It was criminal.

  • AZfederalist

    Sucks when those you supported all your life to “make the rich pay their fair share” start thinking you are one of those eeevil rich, doesn’t it?

    • donottreadonme

      The Democrat plantation must be fed you know.

  • MacFly1

    Let me tell you how it will be
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

    Should five per cent appear too small
    Be thankful I don’t take it all
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman

    If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.

    Don’t ask me what I want it for
    If you don’t want to pay some more
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

    Now my advice for those who die
    Declare the pennies on your eyes
    ‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
    And you’re working for no one but me.

  • candidviews

    It’s like California. They all but force you to buy fuel efficient cars then realize gas tax revenue is down and float a proposal to tax you by the miles you drive!!

  • candidviews

    Aw da poor little girl who supported Obama now finds out the truth about what that means! Foolish fools fooled!

  • Ralph Swindler

    Here’s a novel idea, don’t pay the tax. If Obama can avoid the law, every American should do the same. Heck, isn’t that how we became independent in the fist place?

    • A P

      Well, like any good tax, it will be hidden in gym fees.

  • Relentless Incompetence

    “So-called gym tax, which was recommended by a blue-ribbon tax commission chaired by former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams.”

    We aren’t even trying to be a serious country anymore.

    • artfuldgr

      was the blue ribbon won at the westminster dog show?

  • Mystick

    If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

    Don’t ask me what I want it for
    If you don’t want to pay some more…

    • 1930s_all_over_again

      Reminds me of the John Lennon associate who revealed how much Lennon came to love Reagan.

  • brimp

    In the 1990’s, Al Gore, Ken Lay, and the Club of Rome came up with the idea of taxing what you exhale – carbon dioxide. To sell it, they said that your breathing is going to increase the temperature of the planet. The temperature has not gone up in 18 years but these scammers found other nitwits (Obama) to continue the fraud. If you work out, you will exhale more CO2 therefore, you need to pay your fair share for heating the planet.

    • jon doe

      Warning! Warning! Independent thought alert! The ministry of fairness has been notified and the thought police are being dispatched to your location! No more of this questioning of authority form you citizen!

      • artfuldgr

        they used to be the phone police but when ma bell was broken up they had to find something else to do

  • 1930s_all_over_again

    LOL. Betsy, most of us were young liberal fools at one time…welcome to reality. The Democrat Party is run by lunatics who want to control you, mostly through taxation and regulation, every minute of every day. They are fascists, communists and just plain control freaks who will shut down your business if you disagree with them. Now go tell your friends what you’ve learned.

    • artfuldgr

      she has friends?

  • Cincinnatus

    If smokers can pay a tax for their lifestyle choice why can’t fitness nuts bear the same burden?

    • A P

      So the logic is, “Because we can tax people addicted to a chemical, we therefore should tax all activities?” I think you have a future in the Dem party.

      • Cincinnatus

        No, the logic is why should they tax either thing. Tobacco taxes are punitive to discourage a frowned upon activity. I guess “choice” is only applicable when it comes to killing unborn children?

  • SevenofNine

    Aww, Ms. Poo is having her fudge packed by the government control freak tax and spend libs she used to work for…now that is $hitty. A little KY and some downward facing dogs might ease the impact of these crappy regulations…

  • amongoose

    Elections have consequences, now live with what you voted for.
    And next time instead of insulting and deriding all of us “rightwing nuts”,
    maybe you ought to listen so we won’t have to remind you
    “we told you so”.

  • V S

    Love it how the first tax she opposes is the one on her business, this woman is a model Democrat. It’s all good as long as its someone else’s money.

    • jon doe

      Bingo.. Do you know how many people that originally support Obamacare were furious about it after they found out that THEIR premiums were going to go up? They were all just fine with everyone elses going up, but when they discovered that they would have to share the burden suddenly they didn’t like it anymore. This is the progressive liberal mind personified.

  • Tk69

    Taxes are immoral. They should be based upon needed revenue, divided up by the population, and applied equally per person, and be voluntary without filings, penalties, or liens. What ever happened to thou shall not steal?

    • 1930s_all_over_again

      Liberalism is immoral.

    • Andrew Arnold

      No, there should be a national sales tax and that’s it. The more you buy the more you pay the less you buy the less you pay. The rich pay more, the poor pay less. it’s as fair as you can get.

      • Tk69

        Giving more money to the state only means it grows. In addition, a national sales tax would eventually mean people would have to prove that they paid tax on their purchases and possessions which would make it far more intrusive than it is already.

        • Andrew Arnold

          “In addition, taxes should be collected locally with both federal and state collecting form local governments.” “Giving more money to the state only means it grows.” You’re arguing against yourself buddy, not to mention taking giant leaps in tax logic.

          • Tk69

            no, you have lots and lots of smaller governments with various revenue streams which can keep larger governments in check. It is nothing more than decentralizing tax collection and thus means more protections from concentrated governments.

    • Tk69

      In addition, taxes should be collected locally with both federal and state collecting form local governments.

  • Opaque Blinders

    Just tax vapid ideas and inane comments. The left would go broke.

    • Andrew Arnold

      The national debt would be gone in a few weeks…

  • Shaggy

    Well she voted for it. Take your medicine baby….

  • Blair Brian

    tax fried chicken, tax McDonalds…….not people who live with respect to their health

  • VioletLoganGirl

    Lefties love taxes until they have to pay.

    • thiswonthurttilijamthisdown

      I am happy to pay my taxes. it is the price we all pay for HAVING civilization. It beats the alternative to civilization.

  • chunky

    Only rich people exercise?

    • Guest

      Only rich people pay someone else to watch them exercise.

  • Dino

    They are broke and desperate! Next they are going to tax the air you breathe.

    • Justanaveragejoeinmd

      Martin O’Malley, Maryland’s Guv, taxed the rain.

      • A P

        And his loyal servants say, “Tax me more!” Gotta believe at some point that people get the gov’t they deserve.

  • veteran222

    elections have consequences.

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    Again, Democrats have never seen a tax they didn’t like. DC wants to punish its citizens for get fit. Before, it was that empty suit of a governor, Maryland’s Martin O’Malley taxing the rain. How about cutting the budget in a corrupt and wasteful government before raising taxes.

  • nyboy

    Hard to believe DC has run out of ways to tax vices and now has to tax the good things. Well it goes to a good cause, DC needs the money (sarcasm).

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    They should tax the Congresscritters slush and campaign funds. After all, the bastards work in the city. Say 25% on every campaign dollar raised.

  • kcsparky

    Giggle, giggle………idiot progressive liberals keep electing socialist DemoRats. This is your mantra and your fate……love thy taxes! There are many more to come!! There has never been a tax that a DemoRat hasn’t, or wouldn’t jump in bed with! Remember that the next time you’re standing in line at the grocery store behind an illegal who is cashing in their WIC vouchers and EBT that you paid for!

  • lmjenn

    Instead of a tax on gyms and such there should be vouchers given to those who need it and can’t afford it. Also Obamacare and health insurance should be made to cover this expense since gyms and exercise classes should be considered a part of preventive healthcare.

    • A P

      How about good food ? That’s as much important to health as anything else – yes free food for all !

    • azgirl

      And illegal immigrants should be given free yoga “just because”.

  • TheHof

    DC Gub’mint – we’s jus’ be lubbing taxes on people’s money. Word!

  • takwita

    Stop your whining! It’s now your turn to PAYUP Betsy Poo.

  • A P

    A Dem pol wakes up in the morning and thinks, “How can I steal more from the electorate without stirring revolt.” Such a delicate balance.

  • orenthal

    Leftists are disgusting. Every time I think they can’t stoop any lower with their tax and spend craziness, they surprise me with something like this.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Why do people think Moochelle wants Americans healthy? Healthier people pay more taxes than unhealthy people. They should be levying crippling taxes on street hot-dog vendors! Say, 150% on each hot-dog sold? C’mon, in for a dime, in for a dollar!

    Come to think of it, they should be considering a $10 tax on every cholesterol-lowering “statin” tablet sold. There’s some real money there.

  • Condensate

    LOL so they want to make fat taxes supposedly to encourage people to eat “healthy” eh? They raise your insurance premiums and now want to tax fitness establishments. Makes sense to me…….

  • jimkress

    How about NO TAX INCREASES and cut spending? The Left is irrational.

  • Chris King

    Boo hoo. Are you reflexive leftists sad that leftist policy always means more taxes and intrusion into your life?

    U didnt know that before you voted?

    • A P

      Yes, any politician should change last name to ‘D’ and pick up 90% of the Dem vote.

  • Hillaryisababe

    It is quite amusing to see these people elect socialists, and then wonder why they are being overtaxed.

  • dem816

    Reap what you sow (and helped elect) FOOL!

  • Wareagle82

    let’s live in an area governed by people with a tax-first mentality and then act outraged when they live up what we know them to be.

  • Bruce

    Keep voting for the silly libs everyone, because I find it hilarious to see what sort of new thing they will try to tax in order to get more of my money to spend.

  • SilverBullet77

    America was founded on a tax revolt. A little revolution is good for the republic.

  • gimmemymoney

    Damn… they found something that isn’t being taxed… why that is unAmerican… Everything MUST have a tax attached to it… Why don’t we apply a tax on all money spent on political elections… so for every dollar spent on campaigning, there would be a 6% tax on it… Can you imaging how much money that would raise? Now this is a tax I could get behind.

    • Mike

      Actually because taxes should ONLY be for providing the funds to perform the very few tasks constitutionally mandated for government a general sales tax with ZERO exemptions and ZERO loop holes would begin to solve all the sins of the Progressive tax system and elimination of 99% of the IRS.

      Every citizen needs to contribute to the funds needed to run the country and those on fixed, limited income also should contribute. A sales tax would automatically force the evil rich people (that hire others and donate to charities) to pay more for their expensive toys.

      As it is now we have a permanent sub-species of Americans who actually receive more in tax rebates then they pay in yet they also drive on the same roads, are protected by the same police, the same firemen, can send their many children to “free” schools but somehow they don’t feel the need to contribute.

  • conk

    When will our very breath be taxed?! Enough of these f’ing taxes. The vile SOBs want to tax EVERYTHING.

  • Tony Holmquist

    What do we see about these particular businesses targeted in theses tax increases? They are all activities that people with a little, or a lot, of extra money, engage in. It’s NOT FAIR that they have extra money like that! This is thinly (or not so thinly) disguised INCOME REDISTRIBUTION…Cup of TEA, please…

  • Freedom Jackson

    Taxes is how the government shows you love.

  • azgirl

    What would be a really cool revenue-generating idea would be to add a tax to each tax. Like maybe a $25 flat tax onto all the other taxes. Then government would have all the money it needs… for now.

  • John Chester

    Normally I am very anti-tax, but part of me enjoys this, because let’s call it what it really is, a gentrification tax.

  • barbara

    So yes, we’ll encourage you to exercise because after all that will help keep you healthier and then health costs will go down, but now that’s gonna cost you more… sorry. Of course we could tax the things that make people unhealthy like soda… but we don’t want to piss off corporations who are most likely going to donate to our party.

  • TomfromWB

    What do we call the opposite of a sin tax? A virtue tax? Next some idiot will want to tax private sector healthcare for our good….

    • odetocentipede

      Well, they were already looking at punishing those who make charitable donations.

  • Syrin

    So when the Nazis you keep electing act like Nazis, you’re surprised? You have to have the IQ of whale s*** to be a liberal.

  • Simon Franke

    Pay your fair share Betsy.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Healthy people cost society much less (missed days from work, health care, etc) than unhealthy people.

    Tax the unhealthy people. Tax sodas, sugary snacks, etc. That would make MUCH more sense.

    • Mike

      That statement makes you very dangerous and truly the enemy within.

      A tax should only be for funding the Constitutionally demanded functions of government but way too many people like you have allowed it to be used for social engineering so that the government can force you to do things their way.

      The founders would be very displeased.

    • odetocentipede

      “healthy” people suffer missed days for physical injuries from their activities. “Healthy” people also develop chronic issues related to the physical stress.

      Your willingess to divide people into groups and target people for punishment (taxes) based on the decisions they make is part of the problem. You scream that they impact your health costs without asking why some out of shape, lazy, smoker impacts your costs in the first place. Think about it. It will hit you when you get far enough back in the chain of events… if you get that far.

  • idiotxx

    “Conserve water” they say…and when enough do it, they will raise rates and taxes to recover the lost “revenue. Same with gas, same with everything. Now the Government says “BE HEalthy!!!” adn when they get enough looped into that lifestyle, have suckered enough entrepreneurs to start “Health” related businesses they will tax it. When businesses fail, and folks stop going, Governemnet will offer you a “Tax Rebate” to re-join! What a scam.

  • Sally Smith

    She campaigned for Dems for ten years, but is now complaining about higher taxes? What a hypocrite!

    Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 694 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  • luckyintheorder

    Prog’s always turn on themselves eventually. How can someone who knows these people be surprised that they become the target? Crazy idiots.

  • lcky9

    fat tax.. skinny tax.. stay fit tax.. entertainment tax.. YEP that’s what the DEMOCRATS are like in IL also.. TAX AND SPEND DEMOCRATS is what we call them

  • TDubin

    Poos said. If “even 10 percent” are dissuaded from spending their first
    dollar at the business due to the tax on services and higher prices,
    “we stand to lose much of our overall profit margin.”

    Policy has consequences. Welcome to reality.

  • cobrasixfour

    Progressives don’t do irony. Aren’t they the ones constantly telling people to go exercise? Morons. As usual, morons.

  • TDubin

    Sadly ironic: Spends 10 years working for pols that, for the most part, advocate raising taxes on business then is shocked when the same party wants to raise taxes on HER business.

    Did she think that resistance to the effects of tax policy were all false political arguments? Or the genuine concern of business-owners and entrepreneurs?

  • BruceMoran

    I am Audrey, your government. feed me, Feed Me, FEED ME.

  • caleejr

    it’s all well and good to ‘stick it to the man’ and tax that evil rich person….until democrats realize they can’t stick it to them anymore because there’s no more to glean, so they come after everyone else and show their true colors….and people are like – “whoah, hold on a second” and the revelation of the true nature of the party exposes itself.

  • Younis Mourabi

    Next will be the fat tax, priced by the extra pound. Then, citizens will be forced to choose between the lesser of the 2 taxes.

  • PenelopeAnne

    Swim in it until your fingers are pruney. You brought this on yourself.

  • TheLibertine

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    – Martin Niemöller

    • K. Chris C.

      “First they came for my Liberty, and I did not resist. Next they came for my Property, and again I did not resist. Then they came for my Life, and I had nothing to resist them with.”

    • Navyvetew1

      Well the socialists are getting their revenge since they are the ones coming for us all now.

  • Curmudgeon10

    Liberal love taxes on everyone ELSE.

  • E. Newton

    DC public school student expenditure is what, around $32,000/kid. They clearly need more money to educate these little rocket scientists.

  • slobotnavich

    What DC needs is not a fitness tax but a fatness tax. For every pound of excess weight, DC residents should pay $5/pound annually. This would reduce the funds available to DC residents for potato chips, Fritos, fatback, pop wines, beer and sodas, barbecued ribs, and candy bars. The health and welfare of our capital city’s residents should be uppermost in our minds.

  • JamesDrouin

    Will B. Hussein Obama be subject to the tax based on this recent video:

    How about when he rode a girl’s bike???

  • Billy

    Ha…ha….ya get what ya vote for. Dems would tax breathing if they could.

    • odetocentipede

      The EPA already unilaterally declared CO2 a hazardous gas to the planet, so yes… carbon taxes could be applied to breathing.

  • Bang Stick

    LMAO….and you thought it would be great if they taxed fat people…..didn’t you?

  • jon doe

    Had enough progressive liberalism yet America? No? OK. I’ll check back tomorrow after the next catastrophe / scandal. Keep on blaming conservatives from the Tea Party for America’s woes you fools. One way or another you gong to learn what these damn democrat collectivist are really all about.

  • WesMantooth

    The “government” is a PARASITE.

  • rlo

    So the taxes have finally hit home for her, have they? Welcome to what you helped push onto others as a democrat operative.Of course, RINO operatives are not much better.

  • andrewwhitehead

    Isn’t it odd that where democrats predominate, taxes are high, services are crappy, and it’s all “Bush’s fault”? Detroit is a great example of what happens when you allow democrats to run amok with the “peoples money”. Chicago is next, someone needs to let the current mayor, “Rahmbo” know, so he can start printing the “It’s Bush’s Fault” lawn signs when democrat policies do for Chicago what The One(TM) is busy doing to the rest of the country.

    Yes, the party that brought the country the Civil War, KKK, Jim Crow, (“Step to the back of the bus, boy”, “That water fountain ain’t for you, boy”, and “You git in the gutter when a white man walks by, boy”) and opposed EVERY SINGLE civil rights law proposed up until the 80’s (when the democrat party discovered that blacks could, in fact, read and understand English. Who knew?) now runs on the mantra of “higher taxes” to pay for services designed to keep minorities poor and in the gutter.

    Good job, that! You democrats keep on with your policies of divide and conquer, keep the minorities “on the plantation” where “they belong” and we conservatives will continue to plan for the day when the black man wakes up and realizes exactly what the democrat party has done, not for him, but to him, for all these many years.

    Me? I’m buying stock in companies that make tar, cut rails, and pluck feathers. Oh yeah, I’m gonna get a permit for a lemonade stand. Should be a great day!

  • jack carter

    I see the problem. Sales tax isn’t collected from attorneys or lobbyists because if it were there wouldn’t be any sales tax at all. Can you imagine the howl from lobbyists and attorneys if they had to pay 5.7% of their GROSS revenue to the city?

  • AnAverageJoe

    How about a limit on total tax liability of 25% of our income. Then let the different taxing authorities fight over how it is divided? Might be interesting to see them fight? Worthy of some popcorn.

  • paraducks

    They have exhausted the “sin taxes” that the liberals all applauded. They need to tax the heck out of Star Bucks, Tofu and Brie. Taxing fitness ? Just plain ole logic. Those folks are going to live longer and suck up the retirement and healthcare resources that the government has seized.

  • robinj369

    Take, take, take, take until there is no one left to take from appears to the motto. And for what? – so that we can build a larger government to take, take, take, and take some more.

  • Navyvetew1

    Liberals and Demoncrats have never seen a dollar they did not want to tax

  • konc1

    Poos, you need to pay your fair share to support the “collective” since you are a democrat and have no problem voting for people who love to take other peoples hard earned money and pass it out to parasites who will vote to keep them in power. Pay up Poos’ you freeloader.

  • Yellow Devil

    Ok, so let me get this straight, the Government wants the people to be healthy and exercise, but than wants to impose a tax on going to the Gym. This is insane. It’s similar to when the Government wants people to drive less to save the environment but are shocked at the drop in tax revenues as a result.

    • johnleehooker

      my favorite is the gubmint cry to “conserve water” and when consumption goes down, the cost of water goes up to keep the cash coming

  • AdmiralAkbarf

    “…an effort to revise its tax structure and reduce the overall burden on D.C. residents.” By increasing the burden. Genius with a capital J.

  • Crenshaw

    Marxists s u c k.

  • David Scuncio

    here they go again, TAX just quit an when they go out of business they only have the politicians to blame, get this tax mentality out of your heads, it is called only spend with what you have coming in, quit the free hand outs, wake up people enough

  • daibutsu

    DC is too small (69 square miles) to do this… people will just go to MD and VA, idiots!! and typical!!! Home rule? We can’t manage ourselves, we prove it over and over.

  • Anthony Jerk

    Poo hoo.

  • Me

    How about a sales tax on pork rinds, fried chicken, and the ingredients needed for “purple drank”……….. Oh wait, that would impact D.C.’s majority welfare parasite population.

  • artfuldgr

    There are a lot more people
    who didn’t work so hard for this that are hurting from it because of you and
    they deserve a lot more sympathy

    seems that when they were loading people in to ovens as long as you werent going in, its ok
    but now that they have turned to you, fulfilling Neiomollers poem “first they came for”
    your now poor me, poor me…

    too bad you demonised your future self and now are going to have to eventually get on welfare and all that. but good news… you were stupid enough to destroy your independent future, but you were smart enough to make sure you had a collective hell to fall back on.

    bed, see bed, make bed, lie in bed…

  • psuforever

    Democrats think killing businesses and targeting individual industries is more fair than everyone paying the same percentage income tax…only in progressive fantasy land…

  • Libra

    how about those politicians not raping the American people for once. i am soo dang sick of tax , tax that, tax this, tax the dam tax. we already pay plenty of tax. its not a tax problem you idiots its a spending problem.

  • Brutus974

    I wonder if she realizes that all of those government programs she supported when working for the Democrats cost money.
    Time to pay up!
    What I hate is when Democrats vote everyone higher taxes then can no longer afford to live there. Then they’ll move to a red state where taxes are lower and there are still jobs, and start voting for more taxes. The cycle continues.

    • johnleehooker

      OR, the NJ folks scream about their taxes and move to NC where they vote for the same idiots who taxed them in NJ…as a rule, libs/dims/progs are just not that smart

      • t from NJ

        Those “NJ” residents moving to NC are originally NYC residents. NYC residents moved in my conservative area and stank up the politics-taxes went up tell NYC folks to go back home.


    Wonder why they were exempt from the sales tax in the 1st place.

  • ForestWilson

    Your Party needs your support Poos…

  • Liberta Columbia

    We no longer speak English in America. Our official language is now Newspeak. Raising taxes on certain types of businesses, not all, is “fair”. Having to pay more money for everything you buy and need eases your burdens. At least you don’t need to put your yoga class in a 5¢ bag to take it home. That 5¢ is going to clean the Anacostia. Is it clean yet? If so; is the 5¢ bag tax repealed yet?
    Maybe the yoga tax will pay to make fat people who don’t do yoga skinny. It will be worth it to make everbody healthy. It’s only fair and it will ease the burdens of those people carrying around all that extra weight.

  • Middletown

    Nelson Muntz’ catch phrase from the Simpsons come to mind.

  • Quit_Lying

    w/ obamacare.. now that they WILL SOON know everything about you,
    including your DNA
    – get ready to be taxed on the very air you breath
    being over weight tax , smoking tax, blood pressure tax, cholesterol tax, being white tax, etc etc

  • cac5555

    Come on over to NYS. My county has a 8.75 percent sales tax, then there is the town and county and village property taxes. Then the school taxes. (its for the CHILDREN- not) Then there are the toll booths where you pay for using the roads. Then there is the water tax. Meanwhile I live a hop skip and jump from the Niagara Power Plant that provides electricity for NYC. We actually pay more here and more taxes. Then there are the fees the county charges for mortgage tax (whenever you refinance a mortgage or purchase a home) and licenses (all types). Taxes on everything. They currently take half my paycheck for social security and state and federal taxes and with what is left, I get to pay all the taxes above. Isn’t that special?
    And what do I get for all these excessive taxes? A state government that doesn’t reflect anything I stand for. AND a federal government that wants to destroy the US.

  • PaultheConsultant

    Ha, ha, ha! Betsy you’re a Democrat! Taxing is what Democrats do and you must absolutely know that. But now the taxing barrel is turning toward you and shock! you don’t like it because it will hurt your business and your profits. You have helped thrust this on others likely with glee and now that it is coming home to roost on your stoop, oh my goodness, make it stop!

  • My Shocked Face

    I can hear her now, “I never thought this was going to cost ME any more, just everyone else!” Reap what you sow, sucker! Better yet, WE TOLD YOU SO!

  • kerri

    Aw geez…lol…thought the headline meant he was gonna tax fatties
    .I should have known better…it would hit the wrong demographics.

  • johnleehooker

    tax the “rich” but NOT ME…I’m not RICH

  • Greg

    DC needs a Dimwit Tax. That would solve a LOT of problems at the same time.

  • TeaRunner

    As a former smoker…. HAHA!

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Obama and his HyperProgressive Push to the Extreme Left has done more for Libertarianism than anything else in the last century.

    Bravo Barry, Bravo!

  • Gerald Boesen

    Then those three or four “fit” people in DC will just go across the river and work out in Virginia.

  • glassa

    Poor Betsy…she voted for these Dems and now it’s finally coming back to bite her in the @ss. Honey, you brought it on yourself when you voted for the person with the D behind their name.

  • Blandly Urbane

    Sometimes you get what you vote for. I don’t pity the foolish, only those brought to our current extreme low via Present Obama.

  • Chris D

    DC is the landfill of the USA. A layer of sod and lots of ventilation shafts are needed to start over

  • redleg71

    Her last name is Poos?! That’s worse than actress Imogene Poots! hahahahahahahaha!!!

    • t from NJ

      Imagine if her husband’s name is Colin

  • Mainah

    How about reducing taxpayer burden by not spending so much money on “entitlements”.

  • Nathaniel Talcott

    I’m not fan of taxes but this article is misleading as hell. The fact is that everyone in DC pays sales tax at that rate… except the gyms which lobbied for a special exemption. This proposal is to close the loophole and require gyms to pay the same sales tax as everyone else in DC. To say that the tax is somehow targeted at gyms is simply not true.

    • KinghenryvIIIiI

      It’s targeted towards the consumer, and your post suggest you are a fan of taxes.

      • Nathaniel Talcott

        To say that they are instituting a tax on gyms is not true. Period. They are eliminating a tax loophole.

        It’s bad enough to have to pay a sales tax… it’s even worse when the political class starts writing up exemptions for themselves and their donors. If you can afford a gym membership then you can afford to pay the sales tax just like everyone else does.

        • KinghenryvIIIiI

          And you are a fan of taxes, which you denied previously. I’m helping you realize that you are a legitimate tax and spend liberal, go with it.

          • Nathaniel Talcott

            Lol. You’re helping me realize you’re a troll 😛

          • KinghenryvIIIiI

            What’s the tax rate for being a troll? I’m asking you, because your the one that will know.. $$$

  • josetoyou

    You get what you vote for…no sympathy from me…

  • Eric

    Reminds me of a poem by Maurice Ogden, “The Hangman” I tool the liberty of adapting it for the current situation.

    You tricked me, Taxman!” I shouted then. “That your taxes were meant for other men. And I no henchman of yours,” I cried, “You lied to me, Taxman, foully lied!” Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye: “Lied to you? Tricked you?” he said, “Not I. For I answered straight and I told you true: The taxes were made for none but you. “For who has served me more faithfully than you with your coward’s hope?” said he, “And where are the others that might have stood side by your side in the common good?” “Broke,” I whispered; and amiably “Taxed to Death,” he corrected me; “all the taxes that have been pushed through… I did no more than you let me do.”.”

  • Rhinos are just obese unicorns

    I think Al Qaida and the Taliban have infiltrated Congress and started to pass more taxes to terrorize the American people….

    • Seldom Seen Kid


      • t from NJ

        A Fat-wa

  • KinghenryvIIIiI

    This would be a good way for Obama to take an extended vacation.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    If you tax something you’ll get less of it. So why not tax poverty or homelessness or plain stupid behavior, since DC seems to have a glut of those commodities. Make being poor or homeless (or stupid) so expensive that those folks will either pay up or go somewhere else. Some bleeding hearts may think I’m being facetious, but nope, I mean every word of it.

  • Edw Brown

    LET’S TAX ALL THOSE WITH TYPE TWO DIABETIES! Something that diet and exercise will cure.

  • Yanksta

    Water delivery tax? If your not drinking DC municipal water, your meter is not spinning out dollars for DC. So this is the obvious solution…..for a prog.

  • Ralph Wiggum

    Ms. Poos probably crapped her pants when she heard of the tax.

  • AlltheWay

    Tax people who are working and trying to stay healthy to give the fat, lame, lazy and non-motivated DC dwellers more programs with taxpayer money? Sounds like the Feds. DC deserves everything it gets.

  • Mikeyoung6

    You can’t complain about obesity and enact a tax like this. (Uless you are a liberal.)

  • jaycee1258

    suck it up honey, if there is a fat tax there should be a fit tax too!

  • U.S. Grant

    Liberals love taxes until the taxes start hitting them.

  • Thersander

    Ah! I feel so bad for these idiots who elect consistently politicians who will raise their taxes and then find out they are the ones who have to pay.

  • DILKe

    Hey Betsy Poos: You get what you vote for, enjoy!!!! Another Brain dead progressive that still doesn’t get it, and she never will. Hypocrite!

  • chloe24

    there is no climate change but there are liberal fools who do not have brains to even try and think.

  • vperl

    This is payback, sorry they do not tax you for breathing. Keep electing those political morons that spend tax monies on pet useless projects, and wonder why they need more cash to waste.

    I laugh at those that support tax and spenders, and wonder why the monies for useless projects empties the treasury. To solve problem, install any fee and licensing fees without a vote. Great job, suckers.

    • 1lumpsum

      They do tax you for breathing. Ever heard of ObamaCare?

  • garylee123

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • bikerdogred1

    How about a politician tax.

  • garylee123

    And just for the fun of it……..

    Let me tell you how it will be

    There’s one for you, nineteen for me

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman

    Yeah, I’m the taxman

    Should five percent appear too small

    Be thankful I don’t take it all

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman

    Yeah, I’m the taxman

    (If you drive a car, car)

    I’ll tax the street

    (If you try to sit, sit)

    I’ll tax your seat

    (If you get too cold, cold)

    I’ll tax the heat

    (If you take a walk, walk)

    I’ll tax your feet


    ‘Cause I’m the taxman

    Yeah, I’m the taxman

    Don’t ask me what I want it for

    (Ha ha, Mr. Wilson)

    If you don’t want to pay some more

    (Ha ha, Mr. Heath)

    ‘Cause I’m the taxman

    Yeah, I’m the taxman

    Now my advice for those who die


    Declare the pennies on your eyes


    ‘Cause I’m the taxman

    Yeah, I’m the taxman

    And you’re working for no one but me


  • chiefpayne

    Well WHY NOT a tax on healthy lifestyles? You have NO PROBLEM with them taxing the lifestyles of those NOT so healthy.
    HOW does it FEEL having the shoe on the other FOOT???
    How about the government not tax ANYONE’s lifestyle? How would that work for you???
    It would DARN sure WORK FOR ME!!

  • Rex

    Tax ’em straight to H3LL! They’re dem’s, so what’s the problem?

  • Stan Hill

    Doing something positive to keep healthy? We’re gonna penalize you for that! We gotta come up with money to keep people laying around eating junk food all day fed!

  • BarryBarry

    All those fit people are embarrassing Obama’s obese supporters.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Empress Caboose says “Let’s Mooooove” while the other liberal fascists TAX fitness centers.

  • rally2xs

    Should tax UNfitness And since so many of DCs libs hate the military, we can dissolve that and go back to militias. Since U must stay fit to serve in the militia, you’d be taxed 1% of your net worth for each day you failed to show up for morning exercises Acer a year of that, anyone who hasn’t skimmed down to at least less than a 30 BMI would be taxed 10% of their income for the year. Should make the gov’t enormous amounts of money, and with no military, we could balance the budget, too!

  • 1lumpsum

    I hope this passes and this lady has to pay it. “We need more tax revenue! Do it for the children! Wait, what? I have to pay it? I meant other people needed to be taxed, no me!”…. Lol, enjoy the suck.

  • Grendel007

    The funny part is that these morons complaining will NEVER understand that it doesn’t have to be that way.
    If they could only figure out how to elect people that didn’t promise them everything they want for free and then give them nothing for far more

  • Grendel007

    But don’t worry, soon there will be a “non-health” tax for those who don’t workout, so it will all balance out.
    And don’t worry about the small amount of the tax driving customers away. It is the thousand other taxes that will do that, and your yoga-tax will only be that low for a few years.
    Expect the percentage to rise regularly.

  • 1stAfterburner

    D.C. Council’s practice of Killing the gold egg laying geese is nothing new.
    Why not just drop the facade and call it what it is,…the Success Tax,…”You didn’t do that,..someone else made that possible” Where did we hear that before?

    Did you earn those type A personality genes? No,. fact is, you personally had nothing to do with the genesis union of the alpha male and female sperm and egg that initiated your existence, therefore a lifetime tax of at least 20% for anyone who shows a native intelligence and inclination and drive to succeed, this tax should not surprise anyone, is simply a new category of the gift tax or advantage tax that should have been paid all along. A further 30% extra success tax above the normal income tax will be levied due to the fact that those endowed with these success genes tend to be hired by employers at a much greater percentage. A proposed advantage heritage taxes has been submitted A family that has produced three or more consecutive generations of ” successful Alpha individuals will pay an additional advantage heritage tax. Inversely, a disadvantage heritage deduction wll be offered to individuals who come from families who have produced three or more consecutive generations of underachievers. “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”.

  • ron

    Tax, tax, and then tax them some more is and has always been the liberal way. Someone has to pay for those unemployed couch potatoes’ life style….

  • Kaptain Kanada

    The State lectures us about the cost of poor health, then taxes those who try to be healthy. Government is NEVER the solution; it is always just another PROBLEM.

  • Jan

    Let the gyms go underground like the illegals jobs….problem solved.

  • Fed Up

    Typical Democrats-harp for years that we are overweight and have to get it under control and now that folks go to the gym and exercise and workout lets tax them. Bull shita.

  • vegasdomar

    Many of you libs, voted for these tax and spend libs. so do like the rest of us in the hinterland. Suck it up.

  • Ron Morisseau


  • ded2me

    LOL. This one worked with Democrats and Congress to get her liberal views passed. Now shes facing a major Tax increase and complains. You voted for it lady. Now own it.

  • laguna

    The residents live off the federal taxpayer so i have little sympathy for them

  • remmy

    What a great idea. A special sales tax on gyms. Open a business right across the DC line.

  • Neils Clausen

    This is funny! No matter weither you are coming or going, they tax ya….. so one hand gives, the other takes it away. TOO FUNNY!!

  • Oboy_must_go

    If more minorities went to the gym they wouldn’t tax it. Its a white thing don’t ya know?

  • epp.opp.ork.ahh.ahh

    She worked for a decade helping the Democrats to screw over everyone else that was trying be successful but now she’s upset that she’s the one being screwed. Awww, poor baby.

  • sniffles09

    somebody gotta pay for the FREE Obama phones

  • rentslave

    Corzine started a health club tax in New Jersey years ago.They needed the money for their 400 lb.loyal voters.

  • Wilkins Micawber

    If DC taxed the ignorance and stupidity of its population it would be in the black. Pun intended.

  • Shagnasty1

    “The co-owner of the Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast studio spent a decade
    working for members of Congress and the Democratic Party before opening,
    in March 2009, the small business six blocks from the Capitol.” I refer Betsy Poos to the song “The Snake” by Al Wilson which is about a woman who took a snake into he home and it bit her. When she asked the snake “Why?” it said “Because that is what a snake does.” For years she worked for members of Congress and the Democrat Party and they bit her because that is what Democrats do.

  • twinstick1

    LOLOL!!! Better pay that tax. If you don’t, King Putt will issue a proclamation via Executive Order to shut down those pesky gyms…

  • Jasonn

    TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX !!! Don’t you Liberals have any other ideas?

  • MonarchPass

    Y’all know the story of the frog and the scorpion, right?

  • BradfordVonDaserdyly

    Ba hahahahahaha …… pay your king surfs ….. you elected him, hope and change and taxed up the wazoooooooo ……. bahahhahahaha

  • tc

    One question Betsy Poops, who did you vote for the last two election cycles? Now tell me you didn’t think it would directly affect you. Hahahahahahahaha.

  • mwmichaels

    Okay to gore the rest of the populace but “unfair” that it will apply to them. Typical Democrat. As per P. T. Barnum. “There’s a sucker born every minute.” What a hoot.

  • lowCal90

    Not only is competition the most efficient resource allocation method known, it provides a guide for our efforts that is free from the meddling of authorities.

  • Chewie

    Another Tax.. tsk! I understand that the government only wants to improve the community and give less burden to the residents. But all I can say is if they will implement it, they are giving them a bigger burden because the tax they are collecting is added to the payment of the residents. The government should be more thankful to this establishments because there will be more chaos and unhealthy these establishment and practice weren’t built.

    • BradfordVonDaserdyly

      I think you have it backwards, the government only wants to improve their control and power and give more burdens to the residents.

      • Chewie

        Ideally, the government’s moves is for the wellness of the people. They collect taxes to improve infrastructures and services to people. But if they impose more tax that will burden more people with less reasons and purpose, then it’s the time to negate them.

        • BradfordVonDaserdyly

          That is very optimistic of you.
          Nothing close to the “ideal” has existed for about 80 years.

          • Chewie

            oh. Sorry but that’s the way I think. I’m Cherry Hope so “Hope” will always be there. I just said what I think and I am not taking any sides. SO, Sorry if I said anything that hurt you. :)

          • BradfordVonDaserdyly

            No worries, no offence taken, I was just surprised at the level of optimism.

  • Jorge Orwell

    We rely on learned rules because our intellect cannot fully comprehend all the details of our complex, distributed, modern civilization.

  • thiswonthurttilijamthisdown

    it is not a tax on healthy lifestyle. it is keeping people from conducting commercial activities on PUBLIC property. Also not allowed: selling sneakers in the public park, selling gas in a public park, selling, furniture in a public park… selling anything in a public park. Now, while those things I mentioned were goods, not services, are accountants allowed to do tax audits for their clients in the park? Are stock brokers allowed to set up their office in the park? What services should be allowed in the park, which fall under PRIVATE commerce in a PUBLIC park? The answer: none. The only time it is allowed is when it is SANCTIONED and people PAY the public park system for use of their land (ie the PUBLIC gets paid for their park being used)…. it’s called a tax. Pay it you deadbeats or stop conducting business on public land (the park).

  • Fiji’s Best

    Collectivists attempt to justify centralized power with the notion that order must be imposed with the leaden threads of central control.

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