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February 13, 2016

As Speaker Boehner Is Criticized, Cantor Reports Giving Out Checks

The leadership PAC of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., reported today it gave out $165,000 during May. The 35 checks of $5,000 each went to 31 candidates and committees. View list.  

The report was filed on the same day Speaker John A. Boehner was criticized by some of his own Republican members for his handling of the immigration issue.

Every Republican is Crucial (EricPAC) had given out $480,000 in 2013 through the end of April. In the full 2011-2012 cycle the PAC had given out $2,333,500 in contributions. View Political MoneyLine PAC profile for 2011-2012.

Top donors included some of the top lobbyists in Washington: Sam Geduldig (Clarke Lytle & Gedulding), Steven Hart (Williams & Jensen), David Hobbs (Hobbs Group), Mark Isakowitz (Fierce Isakowitz & Blalock), Susan Hirschmann (Williams & Jensen), L. Charles Landgraf (Arnold & Porter), John Feehery (QuinnGillespie) and L. William Paxon (Akin Gump Strauss).

The PAC raised $140,500 from PACs, including Google Net PAC, Verizon Communications Good Government PAC, Employees of Northrop Grumman PAC, BAE Systems USA PAC, Northwestern Mutual Life PAC, Zurich Group PAC, Allstate Insurance PAC, and MetLife Employees PAC, among others.

Fundraising events during May were at the BLT Steakhouse, Donovan House Restaurant and the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C. Other events were at the Sky Hotel, Il Mulino, and Brexi, all in Aspen, Colo. One was held at Restaurant Serenade in Chatham, N.J.

Fundraising consulting was provided by Red River Company. Legal consulting was provided by Wiley Rein. Staff payroll included William Dolbow, Melinda Allen, Rose Ann Janis, Neil Bradley, Sheffield Richey, Doug Heye and Maria Bond.

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • CJR

    The best Congress money can buy….

  • Drake Jones

    $5000 to buy a string of congressional votes. Can’t Obama get in there and give them each $10000 to by their votes?The unvarnished truth is that that is open-air bribery. But, I’d be willing to bet a $1 that bribing fellow congressmen is not illegal – so they must have nice name for it like “financial incentive”.

  • Susan Lindsey

    The report ignores the big lobby players like Wal-Mart ($9 million plus went to Womach the main House sponsor), Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears, Amazon. In fact they collectively gave over $50 million to the Senate (breakdown shows correlation with voting – those who got money favored the act) and the senate passed the vote in less than a month, without discussion.

    This bill is so bad that the AAA-CPA has determined that the amount of use tax collected won’t justify the cost the tax payer to pay for the collection (not to be confused with the tax that’s paid when buyers purchase on the Internet). More taxes and this time to further support big business growth. All those lobbying dominate with over 83% of Internet sales and ALREADY pay sales tax. So the MFA is a solution looking for a problem.

    The MFA is all about big business buying votes from big government. The consumer should be outraged!

  • Susan Lindsey

    Other big lobby forces include Sears, Amazon that now favors the tax
    because they’ve figured out how to make it work by establishing
    warehouse nexus throughout the US and beat competition by delivering in
    12 to 24 hours, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and many others that have
    real estate throughout the country.

    Given that these big nexus
    companies dominate 83% of Internet sales and ALREADY pay sales taxes,
    these big companies imo are shamelessly exploiting the American
    consumer, tax payer and smaller businesses that won’t be able to compete
    and will too often be closing their doors!

    With over $50
    million thrown at the Senate to get it passed on May 6, 2013 in a few
    weeks, without discussion, and the act flying under the public’s radar,
    the consumer should be rising up in arms and telling their congressmen
    to “can” the act. What right does big business have to deceive the
    public with false euphemisms, such as “leveling the playing field”, and
    require that they pay more taxes to fund their big business growth?
    That’s outrageous, but that’s what’s happening!

    The sad thing is
    that the smaller businesses have absolutely no money to lobby with. All
    that we can do is write op eds and write our congressmen carefully
    written, documented letters, something we have been doing huge hours
    each week. And it’s very disheartening to receive a from letter
    response to a carefully crafted letter that spells out in detail exactly
    how harmful the MFA will be to small business America and to Americans,
    in general.

    Now if I came with $9 million, like Wal-Mart is
    doing (and we don’t even know what the final amount might be), even
    Congressman Womack would at least respond with a personally written
    letter that would respond to the concerns raised in the letter.

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