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February 7, 2016

Big Checks Strengthen Super PACs

Super PACs collect contributions in unlimited amounts for making independent expenditures, and new disclosure reports show some donors are willing to write a check for a quarter of a million dollars, or more.

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic-oriented super PAC reported the following major donors: Mark Heising, investor, Medley Partners Management CA), $500,000; Ann Earhart, investor (CA) $400,000; Susie Buell, retired (CA) $250,000; Amy Fowler, author (NY) $250,000; and Phillip Ragon, founder, InterSystems (MA) $250,000.

Friends of Democracy, a Democratic-oriented super PAC reported receiving $500,000 from Jonathan Soros, CEO, JS Capital Management LLC (NY).

Americans for Common Sense, a Republican-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $500,000 from Angelo Tsakopoulos, chairman, AKT Development (CA).

Character Counts PAC, a Republican-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $322,000 from Gary Davis, president, AAT Carriers(TN).

Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC, a super PAC formed by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., reported receiving $250,000 from Kelly Dale, homemaker (CA). They also received $100,000 from Louis Bacon, CEO of Moore Capital Management (NY).

West Main Street Values PAC, a Republican-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $250,000 from Michael Bloomberg, president of Bloomberg Inc. (NY).

Americans for a Better Future, a super PAC started by Nick Morris, a real estate broker in Monmouth, New Jersey, with a $330,000 contribution on March 26, 2014, from Morris, reported refunding the $330,000 to Morris on April 1st.

Other super PACs reported $100,000 donations, for example:

Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, a Republican-oriented super PAC, received $100,000 from Sam Fox, chairman and CEO of the Harbour Group (MO).

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $100,00 from James Davis, chairman of New Balance Shoe Inc. (MA), and $100,000 from the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

Virginia Progress, a Democratic-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $100,000 from David Mixer, consultant, Middleland Capital (RI), and $100,000 from Eric Schmidt, executive chairman, Google Inc. (CA).

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • Hetero Lingo

    Without the buffers of private property and free enterprise, collectivist charlatans are more easily able to force people to chase superstitions such as “social justice”.

  • Manny Bartow

    Liberty is an adaptation to our own ignorance regarding much of the knowledge we make use of each day and the uncertainty associated with future events and circumstances.

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  • William LaSalle

    Are you sick of George Soros’s and Saul Alinsky’s Hope and Change yet ?

    Not one Damn Incumbent.

    Why shouldn’t the FCC be as corrupt as the EPA, IRS, and the Bureau of Land Management under Obama’s Administration ?

    Barack Obama, George Soros, and Hilary Clinton should be in prison.

    Is any of George Soros’s money used for anything other than violence, Terrorism, and Coups ?

    Why would the monsters in charge in the Islamic Nations that support Terrorism all over the world and the communist George Soros support Hilary Clinton ?

    Why wouldn’t they ?

    Barack Obama’s and Hilary Clinton’s support and praise of Mohamed Morsi’s and the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Group’s Arab Spring was Treason.

    The Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist in Palestine.

    CAIR works with Terrorists.

    Not one Damn Incumbent.

    George Soros is an Undesirable Illegal Alien and his Global Warming Fraud is a disgusting lie.

    End the Patriot Act, the Monsanto can Poison the United States Bill, Obamacare, the NDAA, the Patriot Act, Operation Jade Helm, and shred Barack Obama’s Executive Orders. Get CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Obama out of our Government.

    In the United States our heritage is not being slaves to our government.

    Our heritatage is Freedom.

    This is not Kenya.

    Not one Damn Incumbent.

    Islam has spread child abuse, abuse of women, torture, murder, and war since 600 AD and does the same today.

    In the nations of the United Nations with Islamic Law there are no Human Rights or Freedoms.

  • EdwinJDelong

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