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April 25, 2014

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April 21, 2014

Republican Super PAC Raises Over $5 Million From Big Donors

A Republican Super PAC has raised $5.2 million in the first quarter of the year from 24 donors.

American Crossroads, a Republican-oriented Super PAC, reported it had receipts of $5,238,249 and disbursements of $613,597 during the first quarter. Twenty-four donors contributed a total of $5,237,500.

The Major donor was Andrew J. Perenchio, (Chartwell Partners LLC, CA), who gave $2 million. Three donors gave $500,000 each, including B. Wayne Hughes Sr. (chairman of Spendthrift Farm, KY), JWC III Revocable Trust of Joseph W. Craft III(OK), and Warren Stephens (chairman and president of Stephens Inc, AR). Two donors gave $250,000, including Kenneth Griffin (CEO, Citadel Investment Group, IL) and Paul Singer (founder and CEO of Elliott Management Group, NY).

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April 16, 2014

Online Advertising Helps Hillary Clinton Super PAC Raise $5.7 Million

A Super PAC encouraging a presidential run by Hillary Clinton has spent over $1.5 million for online advertising during the last 15 months and raised over $5.7 million.

Ready For Hillary, a Super PAC, reported receipts of $1,705,580 and disbursements of $1,597,306 during the first quarter of 2014, leaving $857,243 cash on hand as of March 31st. During the quarter, the committee spent $375,147 on online advertising; $227,796 on direct mail production, and $209,127 on payroll.

The PAC raised $813,162 from donors giving $200 or less, and $872,100 from 933 contributions of more than $200. Of the itemized large contributions, most came from New York, California, and Pennsylvania. The occupations of ‘attorney’ and ‘retired’ were listed most often.

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April 15, 2014

Fred Eychaner Gives $4 Million to Democratic Super PAC

On the second day of Spring, a Chicago multi-millionaire gave a $4 million contribution to a Democratic Super PAC hoping to keep the U.S. Senate in the hands of Democrats.

The Senate Majority PAC reported it had receipts of $11,074,108 and disbursements of $5,749,330 during the first quarter, leaving $8,530,805 cash on hand as of March 31st.

The major donor was Fred Eychaner, chairman of Newsweb Corporation (IL), who gave $4 million on March 21st. In the 2011-2012 cycle, Eychaner gave $14,050,000 to Democratic super PACs.

James Simon, president of Euclidean Capital LLC (NY) gave $2 million. In the 2011-2012 cycle, Simon gave $9,575,000 to Democratic super PACs.

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Republican Super PAC Spends Against Republicans

The war chest of a Republican-oriented Super PAC has been filled by three donors giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in March, but the funds are being spent against a Democrat and several Republicans.

Ending Spending Action Fund, the super PAC of a 501c4 non-profit organization, reported it had receipts of $1,350,000 and disbursements of $375,438 during the first quarter of the year, leaving $977,621 cash on hand as of March 31st.

The super PAC founder, J. Joe Ricketts, former CEO and chairman of T.D. Ameritrade, gave $550,000 on March 17th. Paul Singer, CEO of Elliott Management Corporation, gave $350,000 on March 18th. The Baupost Group LLC of Boston, Massachusetts, gave $450,000 on March 28th.

The super PAC was set up to educate and engage taxpayers about wasteful and excessive government spending.

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John Bolton Super PAC Raises $768K

bolton 002 041105 445x316 John Bolton Super PAC Raises $768K

The Super PAC of John Bolton, a former ambassador to the United Nations and former Assistant Attorney General in the Reagan administration, has raised large contributions from Republican donors in the first quarter.

The John Bolton Super PAC reported it had receipts of $768,937 and disbursements of $89,043 during the first quarter, leaving $1,135,676 cash on hand as of March 31st.

The major donors were Warren Stephens, chairman of Stephens Inc. (AR), giving $500,000; August A. Busch III, retired (MO), giving $50,000; Lawrence Mizel, chairman and CEO of M.D.C. Holdings Inc. (CO), giving $50,000; Thomas W. Smith, investor, Prescott Investors Inc. (FL), giving $50,000; Marilyn Ware, retired (CO), giving $25,000; Andrew W. Swenson, investor, Rhone Group LLC (CT) giving $25,000; Stephen F. Brauer, chairman, Hunter Engineering (MO), giving $25,000; among others.

The PAC spent $24,000 on PAC management; $17,525 on website services; $12,737 for online advertising, among other expenses.

The Super PAC will not make contributions to candidates, parties or PACs, but will make independent expenditures and provide issue-oriented education.

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Million-Dollar Donors Strengthen American Unity Super PAC

Two million-dollar hedge fund donors are helping to strengthen a Super PAC for the 2014 elections. The Super PAC had only a quarter of a million dollars in receipts last year.

The American Unity PAC, a Republican-oriented Super PAC, reported it had receipts of $2,753,687 and disbursements of $84,634 during the first quarter of 2014. The PAC has $2,776,397 cash on hand as of March 31st.

The major donor was Paul Singer, founder and principal of the Elliott Management Corporation, a New York hedge fund. Singer contributed $1,750,000 on January 16th, and provided $2,662 in in-kind legal services. Singer founded the PAC to encourage Republican candidates to support same-sex marriage. In 2013 the Super PAC spent $51,423 on independent expenditures opposing Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., in the 2013 Massachusetts special election to fill the vacant seat previously held by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.

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April 10, 2014

Firman Total to Pro-Kreegel Super PAC Goes Over $900K

A Super PAC that has been active in spending in Florida’s special election to fill the seat of former Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla., had receipts of $1.1 million during the first quarter of the year.

Values are Vital, a Super PAC, reported it had receipts of $1,102,000 and disbursements of $1,985,008 from January 1 to April 2nd., leaving $126,991 cash on hand.

The major donor was Ronald Firman, a retiree in Miami, Florida. Firman was given a $672,680 contribution refund on February 4, 2014, after having given $525,000 in December 2013 and $225,000 on January 13, 2014. Since January 14th, he has given $825,000. His net aggregate total to the PAC in 2013-2014 is $902,320.

Dave Brown, retiree from Sanibel, Fla., gave $50,000. Anthony Farhat, a home builder from Sanibel gave $1,000. Jack Stephenson, a real estate developer from Punta Gorda, Fla., gave $1,000.

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House Majority PAC Raises $5.3 Million in First Quarter

A Democratic Super PAC has reported raising $5.3 in the first quarter of 2014, including a million-dollar contribution.

The House Majority PAC has now raised $5,285,749 in the first quarter of 2014, leaving $6,968,195 cash on hand as of March 31st. The PACreported it had receipts of $4,262,862 from February 20th to March 31st. Earlier the PAC reported raising $1,022,887 from January 1st through February 19th.

In the first quarter, large donors included Full story

April 9, 2014

Million-Dollar Contributions Fuel Super PACs

Super PACs continue to be fueled during the first quarter of the election year by extremely large contributions, including million-dollar contributions.

Early filings of the 2014 first quarter campaign finance disclosure reports show two Super PACs have already reported million-dollar contributions.

Working for Working Americans – Federal, a Democratic-oriented Super PAC, reported it gave a $1 million contribution on March 4th to the Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic Super PAC. Working for Working Americans – Federal reported receipts of $757,237 during the quarter, all coming from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. Working for Working Americans – Federal has $2,263,378 cash on hand as of March 31st.

The RGA Right Direction PAC, a Republican-oriented Super PAC, reported it received a $1 million contribution on March 18th from the Republican Governors Association, a Section 527 organization. RGA Right Direction PAC has $999,471 cash n hand as of March 31st.

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April 7, 2014

Global Democratic PAC Formed

A top national law firm, which provides legal assistance to Democrats, has helped register the Global Democratic PAC with the Federal Election Commission.

The Global Democratic PAC registered as a Super PAC, with an address at the Washington, D.C. offices of Perkins Coie. Robert Carolina is the Treasurer. Carolina is the chairman of the Democrats Abroad United Kingdom.

The PAC registration was received on April 2nd, the day the Supreme Court published its opinion in the McCutcheon v. FEC aggregate contribution limit case. The PAC name is the sort of name that might be used for a national joint fundraising committee to take advantage of the Supreme Court ruling. View Roll Call articleSCOTUS Spawns Search for Son of ‘Super PAC.’

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April 6, 2014

Republican Attorneys General Association Starts Super PAC

A day after the Supreme Court made public an opinion on federal campaign financing, an association of state Republican Attorneys General registered a new Super PAC to make independent expenditures in federal elections.

This Spring political money appears to be crossing between branches of government, and between the state and federal levels.

The Republican Attorneys General Association became more active politically on Thursday when it registered a new Super PAC, RAGA Action Fund, with the Federal Election Commission. The committee registration states it intends to make independent expenditures and will not make contributions to federal candidates. The committee may receive contributions in unlimited amounts.

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March 28, 2014

Super PAC Spends $1 Million Against Thom Tillis

A Democratic-oriented super PAC reported late Friday that it has spent over $1 million against a Republican U.S. Senate candidate.

The Senate Majority Fund reported that it spent $1,018,130 against Thom Tillis, R-N.C., in the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina. The Super PAC reported paying $999,000 on 3/26 to Waterfront Strategies (DC) for media buys as independent expenditures opposing Tillis. The PAC also paid $19,130 on 3/26 to SKDKnickerbocker (DC) for media production costs as an independent expenditure against Tillis.

Tillis is Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives and is running against U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., in the 2014 election.

March 25, 2014

No Working Whirlpool Bathtub at Senate Conservatives Fund

Campaigning is often a dirty business and Republican leaders are increasing efforts to get tea party activists to come clean about excessive spending, which sometimes filled their own pockets.

Eliza Newlin Carney’s new CQ Roll Call article, “Steeped in Overhead: A Look at the Expenses of Tea Party Groups,” highlights their growing friction with Republican leaders and the lack of accountability or oversight in spending tens of millions of GOP dollars.

A recent radio ad for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. – who is under attack from the right in his own primary – blasts the Senate Conservatives Fund for spending its money “on a luxury townhouse with a wine cellar and hot tub in Washington, D.C.”

March 21, 2014

Big Donors Add to War Chests of Super PACs

Individuals and organizations are continuing to add more funds to Super PACs for use on independent expenditures in the 2014 elections.

New political finance reports covering February financial activity show wealthy individuals and organizations are strengthening the accounts of Super PACs with contributions of $100,000 or more.

The National Association of Realtors gave $2.5 million to its Super PAC, the National Association of Realtors Congressional Fund. The fund now has $3,267,693 cash on hand.

The Engineers Political Education Committee (EPEC) gave funds to two Democratic-oriented super PACs, including $200,000 to the Senate Majority PAC, and $100,000 to the House Majority PAC.

The leadership PAC of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., gave $100,000 to the Senate Majority PAC.

Boston Holding Company LLC gave $100,000 to the Republican-oriented Super PAC American Crossroads. American Crossroads also received $100,000 from Mel Sembler, a real estate developer from St. Petersburg, Florida.

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March 20, 2014

Club for Growth Action Gets $1 Million Donation

A conservative Super PAC has reported receiving a million donation from an investor.

Club for Growth for Growth Action, a conservative Super PAC, has reported receiving $1 million on February 19th from Virginia James, an investor from Lambertville, New Jersey. She is a strong supporter of school vouchers and is one of the founders of Club for Growth. She is a major contributor to the Super PAC and gave $500,000 to the PAC in August 2013, and $1.2 million to the PAC in 2012.

Virginia James is the former spouse of Richard Gilder, who founded the brokerage firm Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co. Gilder is the Chairman Emeritus of the Club for Growth.

Club for Growth Action reported receipts of Full story

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