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February 11, 2016

Congresswoman’s Round-the-World Trip Cost Taxpayers $23K

The House Judiciary Committee reported Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, traveled around the world on an official trip in February that cost $23,646. The Feb. 16-22 trip on commercial flights was to Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Jackson Lee did not travel over or back with CODEL Landrieu that included several members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption. The delegation was to meet with local community leaders, adoption officials, and other government officials, such as the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.Jackson Lee took commercial flights over and caught up with the delegation in Seoul, South Korea. After visiting South Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, she then left the delegation early for her return commercial fight through Frankfurt, Germany.

The trip costs included $19,970 for transportation, $1,292 for per diem and $2,385 for other purposes.

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • lifeonabudget


  • djm159

    Who cares why, she is of the entitlement mentality and she is famous for wasting taxpayer money. Everyone forgets, these people “deserve” to go anywhere, anytime, on the taxpayer dime. The only ones that do not have that privilege are the taxpayers.

  • Jeff

    I heard Menendez got “round-the-world” for only 250$.

  • Cornball_Kenyan

    “Congressional Coalition on Adoption” WTF is that?

    This is why you tax paying deadbeats are not taxed enough. /sarc

  • pnkearns

    At $20K to Asia, then back through Germany, I can tell you she didn’t fly coach or business class. It was first class all the way.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Is this the same sheboon that wanted to see Neil Armstrong’s footprints on Mars??!!

    On Mars….FFS.

  • Rusty Bender

    Remember we “do not have a spending problem” purely a revenue generating problem… Not to worry, taxes will be raised to generate more funds so these leeches can continue life with a blank check!

  • ustserv

    She is still searching for the rocks that the astronauts brought back from Mars!

  • Brent B

    Sheila Jackson Lee has always been a piece of Chit and represents her race and district well in action and words.

  • Bruiser in Houston

    I’m Queen Sheila, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM???

  • Spartacus

    She’ll point out the the trip cost less than $1 per mile and claim that everyone complaining is racist.

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Sheila still thinks that around the world is played on a basketball court. Are we sure she didn’t realy go to Mars to see where the astronauts planted the flag?

  • longliveUSA

    Where does this ni66er get her nerve?

  • Tom Roberts

    The story will not see the light of day in Houston; the media are afraid to disparage and get accused of racism.

  • longliveUSA

    Oh yeah. From Moochele.

  • ConservativeRedneck

    Because to the Socialist left. Those hard earned taxpayer dollars mean nothing to them. They want even larger government with more taxpayer money and a smaller weaker military, however benefits to them that are unbelievable. Who need the Mafia when you have the socialist left..

  • blancojoe

    I am from Texas and for the most part I have pride in this state and its constituents. This woman is an absolute disgusting embarrassment to the state, black community, the city of Houston, and the female gender. She gets to parade around the city of D.C. and other parts of the world as though she had something to offer. The only thing I would like to see her offer is her total and complete resignation.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    I’d pay triple that to leave this communist trog in Congo.

  • tickle

    “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx) did not travel over or back with…”

    Who does she think she is…? Michelle.

  • Mikie Joyner

    And what did this trip by SJL net us taxpayers ? nothing . Any thing SJL needed to know about any issue overseas could have been handled by a telephone call and online video conference and same with anybody from overseas needing to find out somethng from SJL or anybody else over here in America , just pick up a phone and call and ask, if you need something from U.S. just place your order online and FedX, UPS or DHL will bring it to you.

  • Hopsaregood

    I want my taxes raised now. She and her ilk need more of our money so they can travel even more. They need some relaxation after all the hard work they do for us in DC. Well yes, certainly she is entitled. She has been told so since childhood. It would be cruel to stop her now. Sheesh.

  • TaxedUpTheWazoo

    Did the airlines charge by the pound? The money would have been better spent on a gastric bypass.

  • nvrat

    Democratic Socialism at it`s best.

  • Crashing Boulder

    Amen to THAT Blanco Joe! You Texans need to dump this piece of garbage ASAP!

  • theironcross

    Adoption is a foreign term to the queen of abortions… maybe that is why she needed to go.. she had no idea what adoption even was.

  • libertytribune

    Of course, she is entitled after all just like the Thug in the WH.

  • Franklin Jacoby

    and the millions of mindless minions approve and applaud

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    Her District is rightly proud of her. She probably the best representative that money can buy! And she’s easily as smart as Hank Johnson and better looking than Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.

  • john nichols

    she is a democrat,and a congresswomen so lead forward and grab

  • daunt43

    She is looking into adopting her spirit sister Maxine Waters.

  • bvee


  • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    Any expenses incurred beyond the salary of any Senator or Congressmen should go directly to the constituents in their state, all these junket trips would immediately disappear for fear of losing reelection.

  • Rwe Thryet

    Is this the most egregious example of tax money waste we can find? She is a dingleberry, but I’m certain there is lower hanging fruit out there to be reported.

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    That braided helmet she wears must cost that much alone to delouse!!!

    What’s with that woman’s “stream of consciousness” manner of speaking, is she on limited time, is her shot clock down to single digits?!!

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Cue the theme from “The Jeffersons”!

  • Farray

    Well, the voters of her district must like her. The trip is her reward. You can bet she’ll get re-elected. Oh, the voters there are idiots; therefore they elect an idiot!

  • Felix Rodkin

    And still the toad will be elected again and again and again.
    We can harp as much as we want on our conservative websites, but the drones will never know the facts from mainstream fascist/commie media. The media is proud to be the makers of “new” America. They are not here to report anymore, they are the part of the ruling class and they love it!

  • A/S

    $1,292 for per diem…says it all right there.

  • mike

    Hey, hasn’t anyone told you guys miggers are thieves! Look at the imposter Barry Hussein.

  • Michael D. Strowbridge

    Sounds inexpensive. How long was she gone? Biden recently just spent $585,000 for one night in Paris.

  • Paladin

    needs to go afrika and find a good silverback… if there is one who’ll have her.

  • Mark Santeramo

    24k… considering it was for her job there’s no issue here.

  • Mr_Art_Vandelay

    “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee did not travel over or back with CODEL Landrieu that included several members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption. ”

    “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee took commercial flights over and caught up with the delegation in Seoul, South Korea. After visiting South Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia she then left the delegation early for her return commercial fight through Frankfurt Germany.”

    What part of this are you not getting?

  • James Madison

    Socialist ruling elite entitlement mentality.
    There is no conception that being a representative is public service.

  • Ma Gilbertson

    This is our own fault. Years ago, when they were raising our taxes,, we didn’t say much. Years ago when the liberals told us that it was the white mans fault that blacks are lazy and violent we just grumbled as we handed over our paychecks. When the politicians to us that we needed to give billions to Israel or some fat oil shiek or some tin-plated dictator we just sat their waving the flag. When they tell us that a man taking another man in the rear end is natural we just changed the channel. When they talk about talking our guns while they’re buying up a billion rounds of ammo and buying tanks for domestic use we don’t do a thing other than complain.

    Sending this Welfare queen around the world is small potatoes compared to the other stuff we allow. Shame on us.

  • Ma Gilbertson

    This is our own fault. Years ago, when they were raising our taxes,, we didn’t say much. Years ago when the liberals told us that it was the white mans fault that blacks are lazy and violent we just grumbled as we handed over our paychecks. When the politicians to us that we needed to give billions to Israel or some fat oil shiek or some tin-plated dictator we just sat their waving the flag. When they tell us that a man taking another man in the rear end is natural we just changed the channel. When they talk about talking our guns while they’re buying up a billion rounds of ammo and buying tanks for domestic use we don’t do a thing other than complain.

    Sending this Welfare queen around the world is small potatoes compared to the other stuff we allow. Shame on us.

  • David Brown

    Just like her, a waste of good air.

  • nine14six

    Whenever I see a picture of this humanoid I get the impression she was the model for the Hungry Hungry Hippo.

  • Ma Gilbertson

    What is the primary demographic of her constituency?

    Is it hard working white families?

  • sharinite

    Why does anyone suppose these progressives do whatever they can to stay in office…look at Weiner….Rahm got the mayorship of Chicago….the perks are just too good and now they are exempt from Obamacare and inside trading laws!! And you picked the perfect picture of hate!

  • calimani

    I’m thinking Donkey Kong.

  • SamIamtwo

    Dems are in control so the fraud wast and abuse goes unnoticed. You’ll see the outrage when a REP farts.

  • bigone4u

    The sad fact is this sheboon is still unable to identify on a map any of the countries she visited. She still would not be able to tell you what language is spoken in Korea (Korean) and Vietnam (Vietnamese). She also would be unable to articulate her purpose in going on the trip. She is the reason the south seceded from the union once and will have to do it again. The alternative is that we’re all going to be bled dry by the likes of this ignorant ape.

  • caligula

    she’s so dense, she probably doesn’t even understand what she did wrong. all these…ahem…(how can i say this tactfully, we’ll just call them democrats) democrats who are installed purely because of their race are the dumbest people to ever walk the halls of the capitol. LOL.

  • william_stanley

    Lucky for Rep. Lee that if she’s ever caught and prosecuted for a serious federal crime she can claim insanity.

  • Scotty G.

    No, he is a Moby. Fake.

  • Kropotkin

    I hate Jackson Lee-next district over…I hate idiots who think they’re clever-ni66er.

  • Al Weezey


  • Al Weezey


  • delong003

    As far as I am concerned—both of those females can go to Hades and stay there for the rest of their lives. Both of them are totally useless.

  • 17_woods

    Look at her, and imagine how dumb the people are who keep voting her into office. Mind-boggling.

  • StealYourSoul

    We the people have allowed our Politicians to become what they have. You can revoke these privileges by putting it on the ballot and voting to end these worthless trips. I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams spending $20K on one trip for just air travel. I wonder how many school lunches and hungry kids could have used this money? I thought Liberals cared?

  • WeHoldTheseTruths2


  • CJ Haze

    Congresswoman Lee wasn’t on C-Span for a few days and now I know why.
    Usually, she’s there blathering on about more entitlement spending, Republicans, Saint – Trayvon, or whatever until the speaker has banged the gavel 10 times and said “the – – – gentlewoman’s time has expired” repeatedly.
    Nobody does — or should — take her seriously, especially when she looks like she’s – – – – attending church at a Walmart.
    Take this one example of waste into account the next time she mentions sequestration.

  • Smith Greg

    The government has destroyed my country.

  • DeBaliviere

    I would have paid twice the amount to send her halfway around the world. #WelfareQueen

  • Carley Rowling

    just another entitled ni99er doing what they do best, spending others money. $20,000 to fly to Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia then back through Frankfort? It did a similar trip for $2500 flying coach, this scumbag entitled C U N T obviously flew first class all the way. The worst part about this is the district she represents is poor and BLACK and they wouldn’t be able to pick up the bill on this. SO YOU rich WHITEY that the Black are always bad mouthing as not doing enough, not paying enough taxes and the ones who picked up the bill for her on this one. Just like you do for all the riff raff in this country. You’re footing the bill for them gorging themselves at the buffet of entitlements but you’re still not doing enough. Reparations are next you crackers.

  • ELefevre

    I’m pretty sure she flew to Germany because she thought it was shorter that way…

  • Kamano1955

    Isn’t it time we start requiring these POS politicians to take a test upon returning from these “Junkits on the tax payers backs” and “Justify” every dollar spent? A board of tax payers can pass or fail these moron politicians on their little excursions. If they fail…….we take every dollar spent out of their paychecks

  • idiotmitten

    Yeah, riiiiight!

  • Frank_Lee

    Uh-oh! Looks like some n i g g a done stole your man. See, this is why you should stick to your own kind – white trailer park trash.

  • idiotmitten

    She never met a camera she didn’t get in front of.

  • bubba_moscow

    WOW! $25,000 to fly this loud mouth fata*s peanut cruncher around the world is a wonderful bargain. The Gov could have spent this money on a new dress for our 1st lady clown.

  • Bill

    when are you in congress going to kick her butt out for her corruption and scandalous activity. why are you not prosecuting her for her crimes.

  • CJ Haze

    Was it you, Frank?

  • stevesharkman

    I bet she didn’t sit in the back…
    she flew first class…
    and that’s the white man paying the black what she deserves!

  • Monty Capuletti

    can you imagine the thoughts of those around the world who look at this degenerate and think she is a part of the us
    government. she is from the state of sewerpipe.

  • Rich Lehmann

    Big surprise “Queen of the Ghetto Sheila Jackson Lee” feels she is entitled to go on vacation at the taxpayers expense.

  • MichMike

    The majority of children born in her district are born out of wedlock. The demographics for children born out of wedlock are so very disheartening and disturbing. Children born out of wedlock are 17 to 30 TIMES more likely to: end up in prison, not graduate high school and have out of wedlock children (the 2 biggest, by far, precursors of poverty), be substance abusers, be victims of or perps of physical and sexual abuse, and a wide variety of other social ills. If she cared at all about her constituents, specifically “the children” as we so often hear, she would focus her efforts on understanding how much government policy and programs contribute to this. Poverty should be measured by local crime rates, the standard of living for all but .000001% of our population is exceptional in other regards. But lee would be an unlikely proponent of this based on her track record and of course a recent statement relative to gun control: “Don’t condemn the gangbangers…. And the local black “leaders”? Like everywhere else, their lifestyle and power comes from supporting the status quo, plus more money. Their silence is telling and specifically the media providing forums to the few leaders who actually care. How disgusting.

  • Timmy225

    Was it North Korea, because she and the rest of her fellow Demo☭Rats are a bunch of commies.

  • Marbran

    Sadly, that’s too much work for about half the adults in this failing country.

  • Brandon Donavan

    Really? $1,300 per diem? What kind of food is that cow shoving down her gullet to spend that kind of money?

  • austin_millbarge

    for what possible reason is a talking monkey, ostensibly representing crack-addled retards in the projects of houston, tx, traveling to viet nam, and cambodia? the esteemed representative’s constituents couldn’t locate the aforementioned countries on a map of the world with a flashlight, and professional assistance.

  • Phil Humphrey

    She has built her nest and feathered it quite well at our expense. Lucky for her that her constituents are ignorant.

  • Marbran

    Just take a look at the demarcation of her Congressional District in Houston. Its obvious that the lines were drawn in order to keep her (or another Dem) in that seat forever.

    Sadly, the Republicans do the same thing.

  • AJFoyt1966

    A huge disgrace. and a colossal waste. But a note to the posters below. Citing her race is actually like handing the Leftists more ammo. The Leftists, aided by the Leftist Lapdog Media will readily cite your racial posts as “proof” of how racist America still is and how more taxpayer-funded programs need to be established to fight it. Complain all you want, but cite her party affiliation and NOT her race. Otherwise, you are treading water at best or even going backwards. Still need to be convinced? Research the AA senator from SC, Tim Scott.

  • Mark Allen

    This woman is as worthless as worthless gets. But, the folks in district 18 will not vote her out as they are not the cream of the crop. She is as dumb as a used bar of soap.

  • StealYourSoul

    Rahm Emanuels brother Ari is the CEO of the most powerful agency in Hollywood, the “William Morris” Endeavor Talent Agency. It is any surprise then why the President has a free pass when it comes to Hollywood and the Media?

  • Marbran

    Prosecuted like Charlie Rangel?

  • MadBag

    I guess I place myself at the same risk that The Dixie Chicks did by saying “I’m from Texas and I’m embarassed that she is too.” Of course, I don’t sell records, so maybe I’m safe.

  • GarandFan

    Hey! Shelia’s “entitled”. Just ask her.

  • AJFoyt1966

    It was 7 day trip…not defending it, just clarifying.

  • James Busse

    a one way ticket (to anywhere else) would have been more appropriate and a lot cheaper..

  • CindyBP

    Wow, she could have gone to mars, and seen where the Americans put the flag for that kind of money.

  • Marbran

    I’m just not getting your reference to the south seceding… Because the north was putting negroes in positions of authority?

  • Dugway

    Round trip for SJL: $24K
    One way trip out of the country for SJL: Priceless.

  • fred1724

    Looks like there’s no chance the idiots in her district will wake up to her stupidity.

  • Guest

    I’m watching you, Saul“>It’s alright ‘cuz Sheila’s verrryyy sjpecial

  • Nancy Robinson-Jackson

    she is also famous for being really stupid to

  • goofy173

    it’s something we’re going to have to live with. We’re never going to be able to convince big-city dwellers to not vote Democrat. I think they live in the big cities because they like big government. You can see this not only in TX, but NY, IL, MI, CA, and even here in dinky IN. Its the reason that places we think are Dem strongholds still elect Republican govs once in a while. Places near Chicago, and all of Indianapolis vote Democrat every time. The rest of Indiana goes Republican. The bad part is that the big cities hold more power than the country areas because of their population.


    The pitiful thing about Lee–she has no clue she is clueless. Sadly she is representative of many equally ignorant.

  • Azzmador

    It was the flag. When the Mars Rover landed she asked if they could show her the flag Armstrong planted.

  • alio

    Hey, they’re taking applications for the shot to Marz taking up people to set up a community and never have a way back to our planet. Can someone pay for that fool of a woman, user of her position, to take that trip?

  • darrell_b8

    “Queen” Sheila; and the fools in her district keep re-electing her. ‘Vunnable voters’ = “STUPID”

  • Clearhead

    “…..When they told us terrorists had crashed airplanes into the twin towers we bought the lie hook line and sinker…..” Do you mind telling us what you’re inferring here? Are you one of the lamebrains who proclaim that President Bush actually did that with remote control — as with drones? (Your credibility rating — .02%)

  • alio

    It’s been hinted that this woman keeps her community down & out in order to keep her voter base. Throw the dogs a bone? and they will be loyal.

  • Kevin Stowell

    Sheiiiillllaaaa, your limo’s here

  • Stephanie Payne

    Is this the best that blacks can do? She is such a disturbed woman. Just the braided crown of hair that she always wears is indicative of her inflated ego. I have heard this woman speak, and her grammar is terrible and diction is boorish. Even worse are the idiotic points she makes, such as where the equipment from the moon landing was… on Mars. And I ask again, is this the best qualified black person. Yes, she has to be black because her constituents cannot see past her race… but couldn’t they see past her stupidity, at least? Or is this truly the smartest black woman in Congress?

  • Steve Yuhas

    Don’t judge her too harshly, she is, after all, a newly freed slave who got elected to the House. Who can forget her moving (and bizarre) speech on the House floor: and her spending $23k to travel the world is wonderful – we need to send freed slaves to Germany to talk about labor issues.

  • WBCarson

    I spent years in foster homes in Ohio. I experienced horrors i just dont tell people. Why it is easier to adopt a Chinese baby than an American child? But after you are around 7 people in the USA wont adopt you, they want infants. I guess i am one of those kids that Liberals say are a drain on society and i should have been aborted. But i have done well and have my own family now.

  • L K

    This is the same fool who asked a NASA spokesperson at Congressional hearing to, if you can, “pan the MARS Rover camera to show the flag that American astronauts planted in the 70s!” ON MARS! lol!

  • Mark Davis

    And how is a round the world trip on adoption, doing the American people any good? All of the congress scum seem to think that once they get into office they get all the pork they can stuff in their snout!

  • james thomas

    Did she teach the obama’s how to fleece the taxpayers or was it the other way around?

  • alio

    Wrong person………that was the self important, Reece Witherspoon.

  • Marbran

    Maybe she should be focusing on the people of Houston instead of worrying about what’s going on in South Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Since when does she work for the State Department?

  • WBCarson

    From Obama on down this is what happens when you give an entitlement minded African American a credit card. The blacks that do work, save and take care of their families, like Cain and Dr. Carson, are race traitors and house n-ggers to Liberals.

  • alio

    With some help from a decent person representing them, watch them start pulling themselves up by their own boot-straps when they discover they’re more important as citizens instead of only potential voters.

  • First Bird

    We look at this and think “outrageous” who would stand for this? SJL’s constituents think that if she didn’t live high on the hog, she wouldn’t be doing her job. The flash counts more than anything. Why do you think rappers aren’t respected if they don’t flash cash and have a gangster background. Values are different in Ms. Lees neighborhood.

  • Ken Hand

    Since Sheila has been around the world, thanks to taxpayers, her next trip should be the moon.

  • Pan_Europa

    Go Gators!

  • JP Herr

    No, it’s not our own fault. That belongs to ignorant who voted for Obama at least twice.

  • O.g. Shocker

    What the heck did she spend $1292.00 per diem on? IRS would NEVER allow that much for you and me, JQ Public!

  • bodymass1

    Ms. Lee is getting while the getting is still good! There is a great chance she will not be reelected, as her district has been redrawn, and she can no longer count on 97% of the black vote. The district is now more white, Asian, and Latin than black, and that does not bode well for Ms. Lee.

  • Tigerclaw1

    In her defense she requested coach but none of the airline staff knew what “korch” meant.


    Forgot the hot sauce and grape juice. Oh, pigs feet…

  • Tigerclaw1

    She thought a “doption” was a weenie dog.

  • Ma Gilbertson

    Even though it should be clear to you in context, I will spell it out for you: the events of 9/11 were not as the laughably inept NIST report purports. Rather, there is an abundance of evidence from the behavior of the demolition to the energetic materials found in the debris, to the unexplained take-down of the entire North American air defense system, to the speculation on airline stock to the eye witness testimony of those in the building, to the fact that building 7 fell without any provocation, that the event was a preplanned demolition.

    Since I have a MS degree in mechanical engineering and a BS in physics and have spent a lifetime simulating mechanical and structural systems, I am prepared to debate this with you in the forum of your choosing tough guy.

  • tankette

    She should be “redistricted” out of the Congress….

  • William

    I’ve got nothing good to say about his woman so I’m not going to say anything.
    Just sayin’…

  • Stephanie Payne

    Why not stay there forever?
    But to answer the original question… Yes…she flew first-class the whole way. No surprise! This woman wears her hair in a braided crown. That reflects her very inflated ego. This is the smartest black woman in Congress.

  • Rodger Peden

    but I am sure her “around the world trip” was to gain insight and to help the people of the great state of Texas! Right? Thank God you have her in Texas! Best of luck!

  • stop2think

    I wonder if she found the flag that Neil Armstrong placed on Mars?

  • Jim

    YET they keep electing that Piece of Trash. Can’t you Texans make a law or something.

  • alio

    She needed her own space, doesn’t like rubbing elbows with those who can’t vote for her.

  • Jim

    As long as she keeps giving them “Free stuff”, she’ll keep getting elected. SHAME.

  • Jim

    Of course you’re just saying it about Shiela Jackson Lee, not the PRESIDENT. AND not during a time of war while OVERSEAS. SO its ok,

  • ches31

    Come Texas wake up you are our last hope…

  • MikeCumpston

    That’s pretty cheap for an around the world trip and worth every penny. While Shitheala Jackson-Lee was out junketing, she was not in the united states fecundating up the republic.

  • Tangair

    Utterly useless imbecile…Houston can do so much better.

  • Azlecitizen

    This ignorant, arrogant piece of dog excrement is an embarrassment to, the state of Texas, women, blacks, Congress and every organization she represents, (and of course that changes depending on her meds and the amount of money that changes hands) She is the epitome of the current crop of blacks in government! I am personally against abortion, but if there ever was an argument for it, she would be right there at the top!

  • Truth

    so who let the duma$$ back in the country?

  • wildeagleone

    Blacks are for blacks no matter ehat the qualifications. that is a fact and Obama is the Proof along with Jackson, Waters, Jesse Jackson Jr., et al.

  • Michael White

    What a complete pant load.

  • Jesse McKay

    Sheila Jackson-Lee aka “Shield Blacks Only” (sound it out, it’s funny) actually defended LOOTERS saying that “riot is the voice of the unheard.” These are the folks who believe that the CIA invented crack cocaine to destroy the black community, that President Bush used the Navy to smash down barrier walls in New Orleans during Katrina. This level of BS is becoming common currency on the secular-progressive side, and we are seeing democracy malfunction due to disinformed voters and corrupt, spend-crazy leaders. The country is dissolving before our eyes and at least 51% of us won’t do anything to stop it.

  • zagnut64

    The worst part is, the idiot was representing the US. She has to be the dumbest person on earth, aside from those who voted for her.

  • Brad Manzenberger

    Every time I see her name I am assured that copious amounts of stupid will be involved.

  • Brian Astby

    I hear her trip was really an educational experience so she could learn about how modern communism still exists, and apply it to the USA.

  • GozieBoy

    One of the most arrogant, ignorant and STUPID people on this planet. Dangerous combination…

  • Hoof Hearted

    Now I know where I saw that hairdo before…it was the business end of my neighbors new donkey.

  • Bruiser in Houston

    You don’t know Queen Sheila. That is a line she uses often. She was refused service by Continental Airlines because she used “Don’t you know who I am” to try and wangle a free upgrade to first class.

  • The Phantom

    Is anyone surprised?

  • JAL

    What a class act she, BHO and family are, They will misuse and overuse anything they can..They will always be a source of pride to their culture she is a comrade.

  • Michael Palma Sr.

    She IS the Neighbor Hood!!!

  • Don Nolen

    Actually, I think you have a BS degree in BS!


    Now here is a real “WELFARE QUEEN” !

  • Sharon E.

    I’m not in her district, but if I was, I wouldn’t vote for that piece of trash.

  • indy56

    who is to complain this is only an afternoons worth for mooochel

  • Knowsbettah

    Exactly why we need to MOVE Ms. Lee’s neighborhood back OUT of the USA. And her with it. Or, there’s always the shallow grave option, coyotes gotta eat too.

  • Allan Jones

    Well isn’t SHE special??!!! Kind of reminds me of those people who live in the White House.

  • Helen Admanns

    We have the same problem in CA. The coastal areas have the population and vote welfare and DemoRAT every time while the central valley, North & South CA vote Repub but the coastal areas voters out number the Americans

  • pmxpilot

    I see it differently, Organizer. All her expenses should be charged to her constituents in Houston. They would elect somebody frugal rather quickly.

  • John (magnum)

    Where are the J O B S???

  • John Perilloux

    The taxpayers paid for me to go on a round-the-world cruise on the USS Midway in 1954-1955. We departed from Mayport, FL, in Dec 1954 and docked at NAS Alameda, CA, in Jul 1955. There was the excitement of a visit to the Formosa Strait and the opportunity to evacuate about 38,000 Chinese nationalist troops and civilians from the Tachen Islands, along with their pigs, ducks, chickens and cows, and take them to Formosa. Chow was great, but working hours not too good. Sheila Jackson should be given the opportunity to take one of those cruises.

  • TWF

    Oh, no, another Alex Jones fan…

    If Bush did it for popularity, he sure bombed at that…

  • sean patriot

    This idiot is an embarrassment to Texas

  • StealYourSoul

    $25,000 could have bought 1000 pairs of new sneakers for kids who need them, but it’s nice to see she had a memorable trip, and I wonder if she pinned them on her travel map at Trip Advisor? I can’t imagine there was any regard to price of food, pretty much brought the GOLD card, and maxxed it out.

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