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February 13, 2016

Donors Bundle Checks for H1-B Supporter in Congress

A U.S. Congresswoman received a bundle of $16,000 in campaign contributions from ten employees of a high-tech Texas charter school system that also receives federal grants.

Rep. Sheila Lee Jackson, D-Texas, reported receiving $16,000 in campaign contributions from Texas employees of Harmony Public Schools, which has 15% if its employees in the United States on H1-B work visas, most from Turkey. Yetkin Yildirim, superintendent of the charter school system, founded the school in 2000 saying that math and science courses in the U.S. were less rigorous than in Turkish schools. Rep. Jackson also reported $35,000 from physicians in the Houston area.

Rep. Jackson has been a strong supporter of the visa programs, including those for foreign medical students, physicians and high-tech workers. Rep. Jackson sits on the House Judiciary Committee and its subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement.

Jackson’s campaign committee reported receiving $100,550 and spending $24,198 during the fourth quarter of 2013. The committee has $269,783 cash on hand as of 12/31. The campaign committee received $74,050 from individuals and $26,500 from PACs.

The ten contributions from those at Harmony Schools were all received on 10/6, and included school administrative employees with job titles, such as, superintendent and financial manager, director, personnel specialist, director of purchasing, administrator, IT specialist, credit manager, technology director, network and data analyst, and project director.

In December 2012, Rep. Jackson announced the Harmony School system had won a $29 million “Race to the Top” grant.

Rep. Jackson received an earlier bundle of Harmony School employee checks on November 14, 2011, when her campaign received $18,100. Harmony School employees also gave $11,600 on other dates in 2011-2012.

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • hippie1367

    Its nice to see getting slave labor for donors while pushing Americans out of work is a bipartisan issue.

  • Ozgur Cengiz

    All over the USA these clowns are robbing the American Tax payers and money laundering through their layers of front groups that amount to nothing more than window dressings for the Movement or Cult which they follow. Shiela Jackson has also been to Turkey many times and is intellectually a mental midget. I would like to say she is unique to the politicians in the USA but the facts are many have been in the pockets of this “group”

  • Ozgur Cengiz

    Sounds more like the Gulen Shuffle, wanna dance a little? It sure beats being transparent doesn’t it.

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