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February 6, 2016

FEC Seeks Answers From Pro-Cochran Super PAC

The federal agency regulating and monitoring money in federal elections is seeking answers from a pro-Cochran Super PAC regarding what appears to be campaign finance violations.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has sent a Request For Additional Information (RFAI) to Mississippi Conservatives, a Super PAC supporting the re-election of Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss.  The committee has until August 1st to respond, or the failure to do so “could result in an audit or enforcement action.”

The FEC letter states the committee may have failed to file one or more of the required 24-hour report(s) regarding “last minute” independent expenditures. Specifically, the committee did not file a 24-hour report for a $15,000 payment on May 30th to Scott Howell & Company as an independent expenditures against Chris McDaniel, R-Miss.

The FEC also sought answers for an independent expenditure paid to Winning Edge that was reported on a 24-hour report, but was not correlated with the committee’s Schedule E for the 12-Day pre-runoff report covering 5/15 through 6/4.

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  • Dan Heizinger

    Thad Cochran needs to be arrested right now. The fraudulent votes, the vote-buying scandal, the racism libel, the radio ad illegalities, and now the FEC is involved!

    Chris McDaniel is the rightful next senator of Mississippi

  • AwakenNow

    Federal lawsuit and FEC investigation — voter fraud must be stopped.

  • RoBoTech

    Thad and Barbour, both, trusted the Commiecrats to win.
    THAT will be their undoing as Commiecrats would LOVE to see National Conservatives P.O.d at the National GOP. This will gradually get legs because the Commiecrats want it to.
    Commiecrats will be rolling over on ol’ Thad, before the Holiday.
    It has already started.
    They have nothing to lose as this seat will be going GOP, regardless.
    But to give Conservatives a buzzkill before November would be priceless.

  • Ryan

    Except out problem: Under the Mississippi law that people use to claim Cochran’s crossover votes were fraudulent, every single McDaniel voter who has said they will not support Cochran has ALSO casted a fraudulent vote. And McDaniel has refused to say that he’ll support Cochran in the general election, which would make HIS vote fraudulent as well.

    Furthermore, if you believe this law applies in this primary, that would mean McDaniel is not a “valid voter”, which is required under Mississippi Election Code Chapter 15 in order to be a candidate in the state. Meaning that if you believe that the voters who carried Cochran to victory were fraudulent, the same laws would make Chris McDaniel’s entire candidacy illegal.

  • RichardNC

    Sorry Ryan, but you have the wrong law. The law that is being challenged is that if the Democrats that voted in the June 24th GOP runoff had already voted in the June 3rd Democrat primary then their votes are invalid and therefore illegal.

    Do you actually believe that one person should be able to influence a Senate race by being able to vote for both the Democrat and Republican nominee in that particular race?

    Do you support voter fraud?

    The law you brought up and being used by many leftist bloggers to distract from the actual voter fraud is not enforceable and was only mentioned in the context of Cochran pandering to approximately 35,000 liberal Democrats to vote in the GOP runoff to push Cochran past McDaniel when it’s obvious the vast majority would vote for the Democrat in November.

    If they wanted Cochran then why didn’t Cochran get their support in the original GOP primary? Cochran only got their support after the race-baiting and fear mongering campaign against McDaniel along with big government promises from Cochran.

    Only a very small percentage of these voters if any would vote for Cochran in the general. Why would they when they can have a real Democrat and not the Democrat-lite candidate to deliver the big government promises being made to them by Cochran?

  • Gene McManus

    To assert that Democrats crossed over and voted in the Republican run off for Cochran is insane. The correct Democratic strategy would have been for the cross over to vote for McDaniel thus defeating Cochran. Then, in the November election, the Democrats would vote for the Democratic candidate, defeating McDaniel and capturing the senate seat for the Democrats. McDaniel’s’ argument makes no sense.

    Besides how do we know that the crossovers voted for Cochran? I assert they voted for McDaniel.

  • glenO

    It is immaterial to who they voted but the fact they voted Democrat on 2 June then voted Republican on 24 June. There end makes it illegal. Those voting for the first time on June 24th isn’t illegal. By law if you vote Republican on June 24 you are expected to vote for the party nominee in Nov by state law but a Fed Court has ruled that law is not enforceable.

  • Robert Crunk

    When was there a “Fair” election? FEC was chaired by Lois Lerner!!!

  • Steve Rogers

    It’s also true that about half of meteorologists don’t even believe in the story of man-made global-warming:

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