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February 10, 2016

John Bolton Super PAC Raises $768K


The Super PAC of John Bolton, a former ambassador to the United Nations and former Assistant Attorney General in the Reagan administration, has raised large contributions from Republican donors in the first quarter.

The John Bolton Super PAC reported it had receipts of $768,937 and disbursements of $89,043 during the first quarter, leaving $1,135,676 cash on hand as of March 31st.

The major donors were Warren Stephens, chairman of Stephens Inc. (AR), giving $500,000; August A. Busch III, retired (MO), giving $50,000; Lawrence Mizel, chairman and CEO of M.D.C. Holdings Inc. (CO), giving $50,000; Thomas W. Smith, investor, Prescott Investors Inc. (FL), giving $50,000; Marilyn Ware, retired (CO), giving $25,000; Andrew W. Swenson, investor, Rhone Group LLC (CT) giving $25,000; Stephen F. Brauer, chairman, Hunter Engineering (MO), giving $25,000; among others.

The PAC spent $24,000 on PAC management; $17,525 on website services; $12,737 for online advertising, among other expenses.

The Super PAC will not make contributions to candidates, parties or PACs, but will make independent expenditures and provide issue-oriented education.

John Bolton also has a federal PAC that can make contributions to federal candidates. The John Bolton PAC reported it had receipts of $304,151 and disbursements of $79,885 during the first quarter, leaving $318,039 in cash on hand as of March 31st. The committee reported debts of $28,535.

Victor Chaltiel, founder of Redhills Ventures LLC (NV), gave $5,200. Tatnall Hillman, retired (CO) gave $5,200. Donors giving $5,000 each included Ben Brigham, Dan Brouliette, Philip M. Darivoff, Ted C. Jacoby, Earle I. Mack, and Therese M. Shaheen.

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • Rita__A

    I want to hear more about John Bolton, I like him. From what I know he is brilliant and would run the country like a statesman. Digging the country out of the mess we are in now will take a special person.

  • View From The Left

    John Bolton was a close-minded, thumb-screwing technocrat who tried to bully and threaten out allies into joining the “Coalition of the Willing” and join our nefarious war in Iraq. Our allies HATED him and he helped to cause the rift with our allies that W. left behind when he quietly snuck out of town on January 21, 2008!
    Thankfully, the closest this man will come to being President is handing over those checks he collecting to the front-man for the President.

  • electricjack

    Josh was more man than you democrap fools can handle. You can always tell a Liberal alll they whine about is spelling. maybe if your mandated schools taught it we could use it imperialists….No liberal ever have ideas all they have is unintended consequences of failed polices.
    When a conservative does not like guns he just does not buy them. When a liberal hates guns its cause he knows he ia a criminal and trys to pass laws to prevent others from buying things to use on them…….:)

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    While this news might be of interest to many, the REAL news that’s not discussed lately, is the news about the more than two million unemployed workers, and their families, who have without their benefits since late December. These families have been treated terribly by the Republican party, and left hung out to dry, without any means of support. These Americans are not “Lazy”, or “unwilling” to seek employment. Most of them are “older workers” who worked for years paying into the system, in the hopes that help would be there for them, if they should need it. Unfortunately, after 26 weeks of benefits, they were abruptly shut off from that support. These workers have been seeking employment in one of the worse recessions in many years. Many companies are not willing to hire them, due to their age, and the higher insurance risk that might cost their bottom line. While the Republicans continue to play “party politics”, and continue using these workers as bargaining chips, and for political leverage, these families are facing evictions, home foreclosures, personal bankruptcy, and homelessness. This is REAL. These things are HAPPENING right now. The Republicans claim to be concerned about “budgetary issues” and “fiscal responsibility”, well at the same time supporting an aid package for the Ukraine worth BILLIONS of tax payer’s dollars. Why are they not “concern” or compassionate regarding their own people here in this country? Where’s their so called “family value system”? The Republicans have shown their contempt for the poor and disadvantaged in our country, and that they would win at any cost to make President Obama fail in the public’s eyes. This is their sole reason for being. Please SUPPORT these families. Call or write to your elected officials and demand that they ACT on behalf of these unemployed workers. DEMAND that they PASS the extension bill IMMEDIATELY in the senate.

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