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February 11, 2016

Lobbying by Ford Motor Company (Updated)

A multinational automobile manufacturer has increased federal lobbying during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Ford Motor Company spent $1,480,000 on lobbying during the fourth quarter, up from spending $1,360,000 in the third quarter.  For all of 2013, Ford spent $6,120,000 on lobbying.

Ford’s COO, Mark Fields, today delivered a keynote address at the Washington Auto Show. The show will highlight the Automated Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle and a C-Max Solar Energi Concept – a sun-powered vehicle.

Ford lobbies on issues such as automobiles, banking, science/technology, taxation, trade, consumer safety, environment, railroad antitrust, budget, labor, clean air, energy, fuel, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and retirement, among others. In the trade area, Ford has been pushing to remove requirements for U.S. car manufacturers match vehicle standards of the European Union, often requiring country specific re-engineering of vehicles, and added costs.

In September, President Obama visited a Ford plant in Missouri.

General Motors reported spending $2,000,000 – up from the $1,670,000 spent in the third quarter. Chrysler Group LLC spent $1,050,000 – down from $1,370,060 in the third quarter. Toyota Motor North America spent $930,000 – down from $1,200,000 spent in the third quarter. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers spent $1,600,900 – up from the $1,388,700 spent in the third quarter. Nissan North America spent $690,000 – up from $560,000. Honda North America spent $553,512 – up from $535,437.

Updated: A Ford Motor Company spokesperson stated they have filed an amended fourth quarter report on 1/22 showing they spent only $1,480,000. Their filing on 1/21 showed they had spent $6,120,000 in the fourth quarter.

Updated with 1/22 filings from Chrysler and Toyota.

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  • km

    Mark Fields is the COO not the CEO…

  • mmdave

    How much did “Ford increase federal lobbying in the fourth quarter” if they spent less than one quarter of their annual lobbying spend in the quarter? since the article doesn’t say, it sounds like Ford reduced spending on lobbying in the fourth quarter, While GM actually did increase spending in the fourth quarter and continues to spend more than Ford. Why isn’t GM the focus of this article?

  • Kent Cooper

    The third quarter figure has been added to the posting. Ford was the original focus after they filed a report saying they had spent $6,120,000 in the fourth quarter. They say they have filed an amended report today that will show spending only $1,480,000.

  • mmdave

    Ah the new edit clears this up. thanks. Also I guess now that Ford corrected their numbers (which once stated incorrectly that they had spent their full year amount in the fourth quarter) this is really no longer much of a story.

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