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February 12, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Adds Contributions to His Lobbying for Immigration Reform

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has increased his lobbying efforts for immigration reform with contributions to a U.S. Senator.

In August, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, met with Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., at Facebook’s Menlo Park, California campus to discuss comprehensive immigration reform. In April, Zuckerberg’s political advocacy group,, ran ads in conservative areas with urging support for a bipartisan Senate immigration bill.

Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign committee reported this week that it had received $5,200 on 9/25 from Mark Zuckerberg, including $2,600 for Rubio’s 2016 primary and $2,600 for his 2016 general election.

Rubio reported receipts of $433,243 and disbursements of $182,039 in the third quarter, leaving $2,227,790 cash on hand as of 9/30.

View posting on third quarter fundraising by the Rubio Victory Committee.

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • Dave Francis


    President Obama following the
    government shutdown ended in an address to the nation. “You don’t like a
    particular policy, or a particular president, and then argue for your
    position,” Mr. Obama said in the 15-minute statement. “Go out there and win an
    election. Push to change it. But don’t break it.”

    The only quandary
    with that issue “How can the Conservatives anticipate a win in a candid
    election, when unknown numbers of non citizens ignore the law, and vote
    illegally? This administration offers deception about the proportion of illegal
    aliens that are in this country from an inaccurate Census or they don’t want to
    know? Going by the Census Takers in the last election, the truth is millions of
    people shielded themselves from the Census collector. Those foreigners in OUR
    country are devoid of documentation, which does not exclude the “Overstays”
    playing the quasi tourist, visitors game, so the true number is unknown? Unless
    we THE PEOPLE do more to stop this travesty to “Citizen Rights” and the “Rule
    of Law”, the establishment of our freedoms will collapse. Just one method can
    save this diabolical criminal offense, is the federal government to issue a
    mandatory biometric Social Security ID card.

    A similar card
    to the “LAWFUL IMMIGRANT” Green Card would be available, once you proof your
    identity through birth records, baptismal certificate or even church birth
    registrations or other means? The existing
    outmoded Social Security card can easily be copied, as we all now know from the
    victims of credit fraud that is a growing business to shelter our personal
    information, that it wouldn’t surprise me if our politicians have shares in
    this type of security. When issued we would have some release from the criminal
    predators who roam the internet for SSN and other personal data. Its practical
    worth outweighs the cost that the lawmakers have reported. 2 Billion dollars is
    petty cash to the demented spending spree of the Democrats of 7 trillion
    dollars, Obama’s socialist people who have added to the current rising federal
    deficit of 17 Trillion?

    As I have said repeatedly the only true
    winners are the “Deadbeats” who have no idea what work is, since they live of
    the motivated population and individuals who hold integrity–sacred. By every
    American carrying a national ID card, we can stop the instant citizen racket of
    “foothold Babies” whereas an illegal parents achieve financial freedom for
    themselves, through their progeny. A cost to both state and federal government
    in the high billions of taxpayer dollars that the agencies in most instances
    carefully conceal, except strangely enough California?

    In Los Angeles Michael Antonovich, the City Manager gives
    you the facts on the State site A snapshot from the California government
    page states Nearly 100,000 children of 60,000 undocumented parents receive aid
    – for a total of 160,000. If incorporated into a city, it would be the 6th
    largest city in Los Angeles county Also, one in fifteen people in California
    is an illegal immigrant – costing our State $3 billion dollars annually.

    These costs alone exceed one billion dollars
    annually –which excludes the cost of education. IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED, YOU WILL

    We cannot let this fiasco keep on happening, just like the
    1986 Amnesty. There are no safeguards for the out-of-work American? President
    Obama pushed for amnesty for illegal aliens in his first term. Now Obama’s
    2nd-term dream is an America’s nightmare. The Regime is plotting to sneak through a
    backdoor boiler-room amnesty scheme to import millions of illegal aliens.
    Tell Congress NO AMNESTY for people here illegally! We need to mobilize folks to take action right away…

    The numbers of those preyed upon by pariahs is
    a statistic on a data base and not seen as human suffering to Politicians from
    the elite special privileged in the Congress. It’s time to read their records
    of what they have done for the American People? Not the wealthy “K” Street
    Lobbyists, not other special interests, not radical advocates for citizenship
    for illegal aliens, not Obamacare or whatever they have arranged to spend the
    taxpayers money on? Fortunately Americans are now getting together under the
    freedom banner of the TEA PARTY; all despondent political party members, the
    Tea Party and other moderate Conservatives; people educated enough to see the
    damage done by a Congress unrestrained. We could demand this one ID card, which
    could save trillions of dollars. It bring to a screeching halt illegal aliens
    claiming citizen entitlement, taking jobs they are not entitled to, when 10
    million plus US citizens and lawful Residents are out of a job, working on
    temporary basis or just as likely given up seeking a job.

    Other security
    applications would stop the voter fraud and have a definite end to credit
    thieves. Never since I took the obligation of a voter would I have entertained
    such a radical action. But today we live in a different world, especially under
    the tyrant thumb of the Obama administration. I consider a digital ID card the
    least of the evils, to end this constant bickering between the two warring
    political tribes. These last two weeks millions of
    Americans stepped up to rally for what they believe in, only to be hit by a
    bombshell: the shutdown was a scam. Republicans were led straight into a
    carefully orchestrated trap by President Obama and his closest advisor, Valerie
    Jarrett. The White House purposefully forced a showdown over Obamacare in order
    to demonize and cast blame on Republicans all so that Democrats could win back
    the House in the 2014 midterm elections.

    it seem anomalous to you, that illegal immigration is not a FELONY violation,
    as Mexico and other foreign countries? Is it even stranger that the
    legislators in Washington, has concluded that a biometric ID, with photo, finger
    print and possible retinal scan is not worth enacting as a law? It tells me
    that either political incompetent are not interested in protecting Americans or
    enforcing immigration policies, as years back E-Verify at ports of entry would
    be the law of the land, the double layer fence would have been built and
    illegal aliens would not be living of citizen taxpayer cash? Hundreds of
    billions of dollars could be added to the government deficits, if the elected
    public servants didn’t genuflect to Special Interests? The treachery is real,
    the financial abuse is real, and the absolute neglect of the taxpayers is real,

    People, Patriotic Americans this is what our nation has been reduced to under a
    president that has done nothing but perpetrated massive frauds on the American
    people. We were duped—lied to and bullied again—but it will not stop us
    from moving forward.

  • Mayer Rothschild

    We need deportation reform.

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Do you think that Karl Marx is thrilled about his resurrection by American liberals?

  • HeSaid1

    Why did Rubio accept Zuckie’s money? He definitely will not become a presidential candidate any time in the next century.

  • ConradCA

    The Tyrant’s immigration reform pays democratic front groups to council the new citizens so they will be new democratic voters and so they will have lots of money to donate to democratic candidates.

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