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October 13, 2015

Meet David Brat’s Core Contributors

Money did not play a big roll in the primary defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, but David Brat will certainly remember his early core contributors.

David Brat, R-Va.., reported receipts of $206,663 from December 31st through May 21st, and disbursements of $122,792. His committee reported another $24,600 in last-minute contributions after May 21st.

Major donors included $5,400 from Gerry and Karen Baugh (owner, Baugh Auto Body, VA); $5,200 from Louis McAlpin (writer, artist, MI); $5,200 from Martha and Kenneth Schwenzer (retired, VA); $5,100 from Martha and E. Todd Walker (VP, Hydro Tec Inc., VA); $5,100 from Oscar and Beverly Walker (retired, VA); $5,000 from Lisa and Gordon Miller (CEO, G3 Systems, VA); and $5,000 from Michael Vickers (chemical process technician, Marathon Petroleum, TX).

He also received $3,000 from Elizabeth Powell (retired, VA); $2,600 from Walter Curt (president, Power Motors, VA); $2,600 from Elizabeth Jenks (retired, VA);  $2,600 from Yvonne Leveque (retired, VA); $2,700 from Will Denton (retired, Va.); $2,700 from Deborah Giffin (owner, Magenta Consulting, VA); $2,700 from Robert Keeler (retired, VA); and $2,700 from James Sanderlin (attorney, McGuireWoods, VA).

Also, $2,600 came from Daniel Brat (pathologist, Emory University, GA); $1,000 from James Brat (attorney, Pircher, Nicholas & Meeks (CA); and $1,000 from Paul Brat (retired, MN).

Other large donors included $2,500 from each of the following: Frank Bradley (real estate, VA); Martha King (retired, VA); Stephan Tetrault (retired, VA); Andrew Walker (supervisor, Covered Clearing Concepts, VA); Cary Katz (board member, College Loan Corporation, NV); and Lecia Smith (homemaker, VA).

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

Comments (7)

  1. pancheetah

    June 11, 2014
    10:48 a.m.

    Since Mr. Brat has seminary training, what are his views about the ethicality of accepting Koch brothers $$?

    • Layla

      June 11, 2014
      2:40 p.m.

      I DON’T CARE! This administration, THIS CONGRESS are destroying this country. Stop the politics and start thinking like an American.

      Mainstreet is now working with Soros and so was Cantor. We’ve had ENOUGH. This is what happens when you put your politics ahead of your country. NO AMNESTY! You can’t even secure our borders. You won’t curb this out of control President. GOODBYE, CONGRESS!

    • Bobby

      June 12, 2014
      11:06 a.m.

      I think the bible is fairly silent on campaign contributions.

      Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s.

  2. Layla

    June 11, 2014
    12:31 p.m.

    Aren’t you going to show us the Mainstreet Partnership contributors to Cantor? He had millions in contributions.

    This was a victory for the American people against those more interested in amnesty than jobs.

  3. Gavrila Derzhavin

    June 13, 2014
    8:27 a.m.

    Since our minds cannot anticipate their own advance, we must maintain leeway for learning the unforeseeable lessons of future experiences.

    • pancheetah

      June 15, 2014
      10:21 a.m.

      That reminds me that factors like the length of the human lifespan limit our ability to understand lessons of previous generations (plus we aren’t all that good at remembering the lessons from our own personal experiences). If we can’t learn from the past and can’t come up with even an approximation of what our future might be like, what does that leave us with other than the uninformed echo chambers of the present?

  4. pancheetah

    June 15, 2014
    10:10 a.m.

    Our Congress wasn’t elected by voters from another planet. You and other voters plus the people who didn’t vote got this Congress and complaining won’t fix it. The 2012 election showed that if people and groups work together, big corporate interests and Koch dirty money can be defeated. We did that in Albuquerque and now money is starting to flow back to our neighborhoods and the people who work here, not to large corporations who send it to a foreign country where it doesn’t do us any good. I’m working to change things in November and you should be too.

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