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February 12, 2016

Twenty-One Organizations Spend More Than $1 Million a Month Lobbying

Lobbying the federal government is a big business with twenty-one companies and trade associations spending over $1 million a month lobbying during the third quarter.

Organizations are required to disclose how much they spend on lobbying the executive and legislative branches and describe the issues that are lobbied. New reports covering activity in the third quarter of 2013 show that twenty-0ne companies and trade associations had spent more than $3 million during the quarter, averaging over $1 million a month.

During the second quarter of 2013 there were 21 spending over $1 million a month. Dropping below that threshold in the third quarter was Exxon Mobil spending $2,730,000; General Dynamics spending $2,254,157; Koch Companies spending $2,140,000; and the National Assn. for Gun Rights spending $1,030,000. Added to the list in the third quarter was the Grocery Manufacturers Assn. spending $7,470,000; Open Society Policy Center spending $3,900,000; the CTIA-The Wireless Association spending $3,130,000; and the American Chemistry Council spending $4,750,000.

The Top Organizations Lobbying in the Third Quarter of 2013:
1.   Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. $12,160,000 – down from $13,970,000 in Q2.
2.   National Assn. of Realtors $8,240,000 – down from $9,140,000 in Q2.
3.   Grocery Manufacturers Assn. $7,470,000 – up from $640,000 in Q2.
4.   American Chemistry Council $4,750,000 – up from 2,850,000 in Q2.
5.   Natl Cable & Telecommunications Assn. $4,440,000 – down from $4,660,000 in Q2.
6.   AT&T Services &Affiliates $4,300,000 -up from $3,740,00 in Q2.
7.   American Medical Assn. $4,270,000 – up from $4,120,000 in Q2.
8.   Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers $4,020,000 – down from $4,400,000 in Q2.
9.   Comcast $3,980,000 – down from $5,470,000 in Q2.
10. Open Society Policy Center $3,900,000 – up from $1,240,000 in Q2.
11. Northrop Grumman $3,800,000 – up from $3,430,000 in Q2.
12. Boeing Co. $3,790,000 – down from $3,940,000 in Q2.
13. American Hospital Assn. $3,750,000 – down from $4,450,000 in Q2.
14. US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform $3,690,000 – down from $4,930,000 in Q2.
15. Lockheed Martin $3,460,000 – down from $3,880,000 in Q2.
16. General Electric $3,420,000 – down from $3,630,000 in Q2.
17. Google $3,370,000 – up from $3,360,000 in Q2.
18. Natl Assn. of Broadcasters $3,260,000 – up from $3,190,000 in Q2.
19. CTIA – The Wireless Assn. $3,130,000 – up from $1,890,000 in Q2.
20. FedEx $3,041,394 – down from $3,089,644 in Q2.
21. Verizon Communications $3,040,000 – down from $3,270,000 in Q2.
Updated 10/22

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  • ivan

    ~!9 Organizations Lobbying congress….over 70 million dollars handed to members of congress. and we the voting public wonder what is wrong with our government ? Really ? And this is just a part of the lobbying numbers..this is just the big boys.. For all of the speeches congressional reps hand out…making claims of working for the citizens of this nation…all the while taking in this kind of money from lobbyist…and we wonder why big business gets all the breaks ? We wonder why the trade deals favor big business ? Tax breaks that favor big business ? How about farm subsidies that hand funds to corporate farms….and to members of congress who also have about paying yourself !

  • Victor E Thompson

    This reads like a list of industries where market failure prevails.

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