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February 12, 2016

Medical Device Company PACs Favor Republicans

Medical device manufacturers are hoping the government shutdown battle will help them shut down a 2.3 percent sales tax on medical devices. They are looking for help from their friends in Congress.

The amendment to kill the medical device tax would save the industry $30 billion over the next ten years. A look at the records of the political action committees of the top medical device manufacturers show most are giving more contributions to Republicans than Democrats, so far in 2013. Many of these companies are involved in multiple issues before Congress.

Johnson & Johnson’s PAC has given $149,750 with 56% to Republicans.
Novartis’ PAC has given $117,000 with 51% to Republicans.
Cardinal Health’ PAC has given $108,500 with 78% to Republicans.
Abbott Laboratories’ PAC has given $98,500 with 78% to Republicans.
Siemens’ PAC has given $98,000 with 51% to Republicans.
Bayer’s PAC has given $98,000 with 67% to Republicans.
Fresenius Medical Care’s PAC has given $96,500 with 54% to Republicans.
Allergan Inc.’s PAC has given $76,500 with 63% to Republicans.
Boston Scientific’s PAC has given $67,000 with 81% to Republicans.
Medtronic’s PAC has given $63,500 with 61% to Republicans.
Covidien’s PAC has given $54,000 with 61% to Republicans.
General Electric’s PAC has given $48,500 with 61% to Republicans.
St. Jude Medical’s PAC has given $30,000 with 87% to Republicans.
3M’s PAC has given $44,500 with 90% to Republicans.
Becton, Dickinson’s PAC has given $27,500 with 58% to Democrats.
Hospira’s PAC has given $23,000 with 71% to Republicans.
Baxter Int’l.’s PAC has given $22,500 with 93% to Democrats

Allergan Inc. has also given $327,500 to Section 527 organizations in 2013, with $210,000 to Republicans.

The Advanced Medical Technology Association PAC has given $98,847 with 68% to Republicans. The association has reported spending a total of $1,358,419 on lobbying during the last two quarters of 2013 and the first two quarters of 2013. They spent $267,490 in the third quarter of 2013; $453,093 in the fourth quarter of 2013; $583,861 in the first quarter of 2014; and reported spending $653,975 in the second quarter of 2013.

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • hippie1367

    Like the moocher filth who make up corporate America would ever pay their fair share.

  • Jather Tripp


  • Jather Tripp

    If obomacare so good oboma. your family should use it.ALL..Washington..Don’t tell me it’s the law..& You. Don’t have to use it. NO OBOMACARE…Go J.B..Rep..Don’t Fund Obomacare…’s BAD*******

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