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February 14, 2016

Ron Paul’s Million Could Help Rand Paul in 2016 Presidential Race

A former presidential candidate is sitting on almost a million dollars that could help his son in a 2016 presidential race.

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee of former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, reported it has $972,450 cash on hand as of December 31st.  During the fourth quarter of 2013, the committee raised $10 and spent $33,464, including $24,220 paid to Arent Fox LLP and LeClair Ryan for legal consulting.

Although a federal candidate may not use left over funds for personal use, and the campaign committee could only contribute $2,000 to another candidate per election, there may be nothing to prohibit a candidate from contributing all the left over funds to a super PAC. The super PAC could then make independent expenditures supporting or opposing a federal candidate. The PAC might even make independent expenditures encouraging a candidate to run, such as Ron Paul’s son, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations relating to excess funds do not specifically prohibit left over funds going to a super PAC, but the FEC often handles issues relating to excess funds on a case by case basis.

To search detailed money-in-politics databases, visit Political MoneyLine.

  • Rob_Chapman

    The personality cult that the peerless Pauls have built among libetarians is Rand Paul’s only political asset or qualification.

  • Will_I_am

    How was Lincoln qualified? What made Bush Sr. or Jr. qualified? Because they made hundreds of millions in Saudi oil? Is that what made them qualified?

    Do you really WANT another career politician, lawyer turned congressman to be president???

    No thanks…I’ll take a Doctor with common sense and conservative values, and the ONLY congressman talking about the Federal Reserve and privacy.

  • Rob_Chapman

    So typical of you authortarian types attracted to the House of Paul.

    Change the subject and bully the dissenter, Ron Paul was a quack and never did a thing in Congress but talk.

    Rand Paul’s toughest decision is figuring out what tie to wear.

  • Will_I_am

    I love it….anyone using terms like “quack” or “loon” is either indicating their points are valid but you refuse to admit you can’t refute them OR you are scared.

    Ron Paul was known for voting CONSISTENTLY rather than accepting money from huge corporatoins, or big oil, or big pharma, or big insurance, and then passing legislation that will help those big donors.

    Is that what you disagree with? So you’re one of the 12% remaining idiots who still think the way Congress is being run is a good thing? Lol, so sad.

    He never voted FOR pork spending…in fact when the vote to extend pork goes around, he voted no for 23 years. He also voted NO every single time the congressional pay raises were needing approval.

    So yeah, every pay raise went through, but you think he should vote YES just because he knows he can’t win?

    That’s called having principal, and it shows a lot about your character that you would bash him JUST so you can stick to your vestment of a policetical “side”.

    If he had a (D) next to his name you’d be licking his butt crack and worshiping him……follow much?


  • Will_I_am

    And I didn’t change the subject, I answered your question, you just lack the capacity to understand a non-direct hyperbole as an answer.

    Let me dumb it down for you.

    The very idea of “qualification” is that you are an American. Most people would agree that you should be a true blue patriot to be president, but these days…the establishment and the people like yourself who get all your information from CNN / .FOX, are promoting the idea that you should vote for them just because they have your teams letter next to their name.

    YOu are programmed to attack anyone with an (R) beside their name, and if logic fails, well then just call them a racist and call it a day. Battle won, right?

    I guess people like you don’t realize how insanely dangerous we are teetering on the edge of extinction….and I’m talking about America, not man-kind.

    Our nation is circling the drain, neither “side” does what they say. Democrats start wars, and republicans raise taxes, while both promise the opposite.

    I am not going to change your mind. You are too vested in your side for that, and are firmly rooted with all the other sheeple.

    However, I refer to one of my favorite Ron Paul quotes….

    “Speak loud and speak often, and don’t worry about the negative reaction at first….all you are doing is planting a seed…..they cannot un-hear what you tell them and will figure it out eventually.” – Dr. Ron Paul

    Also, did you know that Ron Paul was the ONLY OBGYN in the state of Louisiana that would accept mixed race couples? Therefore a lot of them came to him.

    One couple in particular was refused emergency surgery that his wife needed in order for the baby to survive….Ron Paul took him in after several refusals, and gave them the surgery they needed.

    He told them pay when you can, whatever you can. This was not just a single act of kindness, this was policy for his clinic.

    People would often come in and pay with baskets of fruit, live stock, or offer to repair Dr. Paul’s car….whenever and whatever…and he never put anyone’s name in collections. He has more in receivables than you or I will ever see.

    This particular black couple though, they had medicaid….so why you may ask would they not use that and pay their bill?

    Because Paul refused it. That was another clinic policy. He would flat out NOT take one dime of money that comes from federal income tax.

    That’s called principal.

    There hasn’t been a better candidate since Kennedy but you sheep will do whatever it takes to push your team.

  • TI GS

    imagine that, Ron Paul couldn’t get anything done in CON gress because he was surrounded by conmen and women, it’s not that hard to figure that one out Rob. An honest politician in DC can’t get anything done, you are right about that.

  • TI GS

    Are you a doctor Rob, Rand Paul is I am sure his qualifications far exceed those of the lawyers we have as politicians in DC right now. Lawyers by law were not even supposed to be able to become politicians, and DC is full of them.

  • Rob_Chapman

    I have no respect for Ron Paul.
    He is a deceitful, slippery, malicious politician who is one of the early developers of the racial code words that white supremcists use to communicate.
    In over forty years of public life, he failed to speak out against the differing incarceration rates of minorities and whites until he needed it to attack an African-American President.
    I use words like quack and loon to keep things light.

    Ron Paul is the spear of the American descent into facscism.

  • Rob_Chapman

    There are hundreds of honest elected officials in the US Congress. Ron Paul is not one of them.
    Honesty and integrity are real world values TI GS, not a state of ignorant denial.

  • SmartL

    LOL. That is funny.

  • Rob_Chapman

    Funny enough to keep Ron Paul’s vote to 15% of the minority party.

    Paul only wins in state caucusses when his strong arm, jack boot tactics aren’t countered.

  • Rob_Chapman

    Honest politicians get a lot done in Washington, DC.

    Your mistake is your assumption that Ron Paul is something other than a phony and a crook.

  • Rob_Chapman

    Jesse, try Thomas, the informatiion of Congress.

    Play around with it, look for bills sponsored by Ron Paul, acts passed, statements he has delivered.

    Go to the source, do your own research and make up your mind based on educating yourself.

    Live and be well.

  • Jason

    Step away from the drugs.

  • Rob_Chapman

    One cannot help but comment on the way Libertarians depend entirely on insults and bullying to make their points.

    These are exactly the characteristics one would expect from devotees of a personality cult.

  • jrsaindo

    Where do you get your info Rob, wow. Read more sources rather than biased drivel.

  • jrsaindo

    Oh, its just another comment troll. I see now.

  • Rob_Chapman

    As oppsed to you who has nothng to offer but to call people trolls.

    A typical Libertarian power move.

  • Rob_Chapman

    In reading more sources you mean I should subscribe to Ron Paul’s magazine and blog sites?

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