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February 12, 2016

Super PAC for Campaign Finance Reform Swallowed by Fat Cats (Updated)

A Super PAC set up to work on curbing the influence of big money in politics has received more than a million dollars from a few donors, and hopes to get pledges from other large donors of $5 million more.

The goal of the Mayday PAC was to get enough Americans involved to dilute the dominance of big money from a few.

Mayday PAC claims it raised $1.2 million in amounts of $5 to $10,000 since it was launched in May, with an average May contribution of $82.50 prior to the match. Seven large donors then provided a $1.1 million matching amount.

The PAC received large contributions from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including $150,000 from Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linked-In; $150,000 from Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal; $250,000 from Chris Anderson, curator of TED; $100,000 from Brad Burnham, managing partner of Union Square Ventures; $100,000 from Fred Wilson, partner of Union Square Ventures and his wife, Joanne Wilson, angel investor, blogger, and co-founder of Women’s Entrepreneurial Festival; $250,000 from Vin Ryan, founder of Schooner Capital; and $100,000 from David Milner. 

The PAC, founded by professor Lawrence Lessig  and Republican consultant Mark McKinnon, aims to raise $5 million more by July 4th, with large donors planning to match that amount.

The PAC was formed to support those candidates who pledge to support campaign finance reform and work against those who don’t. Mayday PAC plans to make independent expenditures in five Congressional races in 2014, to be named later.


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  • eusebius

    This is an incredibly misleading headline, and poor reporting. The PAC was not “swallowed” by fat cats — its stated goal all along has been to recruit wealthy donors to match each fundraising goal. And why does this article use the past tense (“The goal of the Mayday PAC was to get enough Americans involved to dilute the dominance of big money from a few.”) when the PAC is still very much active and guided by the same objectives? This is sensationalist clickbait, not news.

  • Tribobo

    This headline should be changed as nothing in the simplistic article actual explains why it was “swallowed” up. Like eusebius said, MayDay is still active and has used wealthy donors to match small-donor contributions. Please fix this article.

  • Magic Newton

    As civilization’s complexity increases, our personal success depends more and more upon finding the best ways to apply our unique abilities.

  • Kurt

    Does anyone have the contact information of a good clickbait survivor support group? This article just about did me in.

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