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February 9, 2016

TransCanada Pumps Ads Into Washington, D.C. Area

The company that is trying to win support for a major pipeline through several mid-western states has contracted with more ads to be seen by Washington, D.C. area policy makers.

The Federal Communications Commission made public on Wednesday two contracts filed by Washington, D.C. area television stations. The filings indicated TransCanada Corp. has contracted for $123,900 of television advertising between now and the beginning of May. The ads support the approval of the $5.4 billion Keystone XL oil pipeline.

TransCanada bought $42,500 of time from WTTG-TV for ads running from February 17th to May 4th.

TransCanada also bought $81,400 of time from WUSA for ads running from February 23rd to April 27th. The ads will run on Face the Nation and CBS Sunday Morning.

Last year, TransCanada bought $40,000 of time for ads running from October 6th through November 17th from WTTG. The ads ran on Fox News Sunday and Fox 5 Morning News Sunday.

Also on Wednesday, a Nebraska judge struck down a state law that permitted the Keystone pipeline to proceed through the state. The Governor stated he would appeal the ruling.

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  • northstate

    If the Keystone Pipeline is so important to Canada, to bring dirty shale oil from Canada to offload to China, why did British Columbia refuse to allow the pipeline to cross the province, claiming that a possible spill would be devastating. Would a spill be less devastating over U.S. acquafirs? This appears to be one of those times when it is important to follow the (campaign) money. And, what do we owe Canada? Why should she pipe her dirty shale oil over U.S. territory, rather than her own? We have enough issues with fracking, now we accept an unacceptable risk with a miles long pipeline. And, the jobs would be few, maybe 1,000, and short term. Maintenance jobs are very few. Has the President addressed these questions? No.

  • Beto Sabio

    If Canadians want to SELL Tar-Sands OIL to China……. Let Them Pump it
    From Alberta West 200 miles to Vancouver on Pacific Ocean !

    Vancouver Nixed Refineries being Built in British Colombia ! Now Trans
    Can wants to Take U. S. citizens’ private property for a Private Foreign Corporation Profit?

    So, PUMP Hot Tar-Sands OIL 1,600 Miles…. “Across The United States to
    Cushing Oklahoma, Refine in Texas, and Export” ? Since Tar-Sand Oil
    Costs about $ 100 a barrel to heat and remove the tar from sands with a
    lot of water wasted in the process, then heated and pumped, “When this
    Crude reaches Gulf, ALL U. S. produced OIL….. CANNOT GO BELOW $100
    Creating Permanent WINDFALL PROFITS For ALL U. S. OIL COMPANIES” !

    … and U. S. Consumers Will Pay Higher Fuel Prices, Forever after !

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