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February 13, 2016

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5:27 p.m.
RATINGS CHANGE: Minnesota’s 8th District
1:57 p.m.
Gomez-Sanford Comparison on Obamacare Fails the Smell Test
1:47 p.m.
Twitter: Smart Strategy or #ElectronicPressRelease?
3 p.m.
Is the Senate More Volatile Than the House in 2014?
RATINGS CHANGE: Connecticut’s 5th District
RATINGS CHANGE: Illinois’ 10th District
3 p.m.
The War on Women vs. The War on Children
RATINGS CHANGE: Minnesota’s 6th District
RATINGS CHANGE: Pennsylvania’s 7th District
3 p.m.
I Would Fly 5,000 Miles Just to Help You Get Elected (Updated)
2:15 p.m.
A Good Test of Exactly How Screwed Up Washington Is
RATINGS CHANGE: Virginia’s 2nd District
RATINGS CHANGE: West Virginia’s 3rd District
10 a.m.
It’s Never Too Early to Fight About Polls
RATINGS CHANGE: California’s 52nd District
RATINGS CHANGE: California’s 31st District
6 a.m.
Was the Massachusetts Senate Special Ever a Tossup?
1:11 p.m.
Whither the Competitive Open-Seat Race?
5 a.m.
Why Emasculating the Speaker Is Rarely a Good Idea
6 a.m.
The Barn Jacket as a Secret Campaign Weapon
1:42 p.m.
Search for Anti-Mike Rounds Continues in South Dakota
2 p.m.
Brad Pitt and Minnesota’s 8th District
11:55 a.m.
When the Nation Has the Blahs …
6 a.m.
Where Will the Millionaire Cattle Rancher Run in Nebraska?
2:33 p.m.
National Democrats Buy Airtime in Massachusetts Senate Special Election
1:14 p.m.
Pollster Breaches Thin Line in LA Mayoral Campaign
6 a.m.
Should Republicans Recruit a Candidate Against Their Own Incumbent?
3 p.m.
Two Democratic House Challengers Worth Watching
1:27 p.m.
New Jersey Senate Remains Safe for Democrats in Long Term
6 p.m.
RATINGS CHANGE: Rhode Island Governor #RIGOV

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