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February 12, 2016

Cochran to Seek Re-Election in Mississippi

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran has decided to seek re-election and is expected to announce that decision shortly. The Republican incumbent will likely face a competitive primary election against state Sen. Chris McDaniel.

The Mississippi Senate race is rated Safe Republican by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

Stuart Rothenberg contributed to this report.

  • FoxIsForRetards

    mississippi = America’s A N U S

  • HongryHawg

    I’m sure McDaniel will make much of the fact that RINO Cochran voted to fund Obamacare. He’s surely hoping that will be forgotten by election day but it will actually be worse by then and his constituents need to know he is partly to blame.

  • Layla

    I won’t be supporting ANY RINO who voted to fund this FRAUD. His constituents know, don’t worry.

    Voting out ALL DEMS AND RINOS.

    • dennisc200

      You are a fool.

  • dennisc200

    I am glad that Senator Cochran is running for reelection. It is so hard to find sane Republicans these days. Most Republicans running these days are ignorant, provincial, racist, bigoted Tea Party Followers.

    • George Blumel

      Note that the low-information voters always resort to insults rather than facts on issues. Hard to communicate that way.

  • kafantaris

    It’s good that Thad Cochran decided to run. Maybe his fight with Chris McDaniel will help the Republican Party find itself. The boneheads had their way long enough.

    • dennisc200

      The Mississippi Republican Party is racist to the core. I think that it will be difficult For Senator Cochran to win.

  • George Blumel

    Rothenberg is wrong to call this a “safe Republican” seat as Cochran has drifted over to the other side over time. he’s been there. Now, at age 78, he’s been in congress for 35 years! he’s never worked in the private sector, has no clue of how we must live today under the Leviathan that he helped to create. He had a large part in crating the $17 billion debt that we’re passing on to our children. Now he helps fund Obamacare and he has a safe Republican seat? i don’t think so..

    • dennisc200

      So you voted for the crook who is now the Governor of Florida. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • George Blumel

        Please advise the crook part. I understand that low-information voters don’t question their party’s talking points but you should rise above it by looking at facts. Our governor Scott in Fla is the most successful businessman who brought his common sense and experience for our benefit –he’s attracted hundreds of thousands of jobs already, cut taxes reduced regulations and we’re prospering more than other states (right there with Texas).

  • wttexas

    Do not re-elect anyone !!!
    It is guys like this ,who have been around,who have destroy’d America,,,

    • dennisc200

      There is no god. The concept of god was made up to control simpletons like you.

  • Robert Hankins

    Cochran is not a RHINO. His record on social issues and gun control prove it.

    • George Blumel

      His record on profligate spending is abysmal. He’s been there too long! We need more guys like Cruz, Paul, Lee, Rubio, Johnson,. and Chris McDaniel. Tenure corrupts.

  • Robert Hankins

    Need OI remind people of the 2010 races in Delaware and Nevada and the 2012 races in Indiana and Missouri. If the Federal Judges would have kept out of the Texas redistricting we would have had our 2012 primary in March and David Dewhurst would have one and spared us Ted Cruz. I have never voted for a Democrat and never will.. It was great news in Alabama and I expect more good news in Florida against the Tea Party.

  • Robert Hankins

    Oh and another thought blacks in Mississippi vote more Republican then any state. They will help decide who wins this race and I am not sure they will vote as a block for the tea party candidate.

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