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February 12, 2016

Louisiana Ad Could Preview 2014 Democratic Playbook

A new television ad by a Democratic-aligned super PAC in Louisiana is more than an early attack ad in an important Senate race. It’s an important sneak peek into what Democratic ads could look like in races all over the country next year.

First reported by Roll Call, Senate Majority PAC’s first ad in the Bayou State criticizes GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy for voting to raise the retirement age, “to raise Medicare costs $6,000 per year” and to shut down the federal government. Cassidy is challenging Democratic Sen. Mary L. Landrieu.

The biggest takeaway might be the Democrats’ message on the government shutdown issue.

“And Cassidy voted 16 times to shut down the government. 16 times,” the narrator in the ad says as a series of bill numbers scroll quickly up the screen.

Not long ago, Democrats were feeling very upbeat about their chances in the 2014 midterm elections, after Republicans’ popularity slipped during the shutdown. But within a few weeks, the rocky rollout of took over the news, and President Barack Obama’s standing started to take a hit — taking Democratic chances next November with it.

Until now, it was unclear how Democrats would pull the government shutdown back into the political discussion. But this Louisiana ad looks like one way the party will try to shift the campaign back into its favor.

Among the 16 shutdown votes Democrats cite are the series of mini-continuing resolutions that Republicans offered to resume spending in targeted areas, such as the national parks, veterans benefits, and the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, while the broader shutdown continued.

House Republicans showed remarkable unity for those piecemeal bills, which means Democrats could try to use those votes against vulnerable House incumbents and members who are running for Senate.

But what could also be interesting is that Republicans could try to use Democratic opposition to those bills as examples of Democrats’ wanting to keep the government from providing certain services. Obviously Democrats don’t agree with that assessment of those bills, but that doesn’t mean Republicans can’t put their own version of the votes in front of the voters.

  • PureObamaHackery

    More Democrat lies, who would have thunk it?

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    Since each infant has thousands of genes and will experience innumerable environmental variations as it develops, it is impossible to foresee anyone’s complete future potential.

  • BoilerFan

    Democrat candidates for the Senate running in “red” states and in several “purple” states are probably going to discover that their standard campaign attack ads aren’t going to save their backsides this time around. In a normal election cycle, Democrats thrive on deceiving voters, running ads that endlessly demonize their GOP counterparts. But as the negative effects of Obamacare are experienced by millions of Americans not currently feeling those effects (i.e., lost jobs, full-time jobs being cut to part-time–just below the 30-hour floor established by the ACA, higher premiums, deductables and co-pays, people no longer being able to see the doctors they like, etc.), no amount of special interest-funded attack ads will save the donkeys in 2014 or 1016.

    The GOP-supporting ads that will highlight the blatant lies the Dems told while “selling” Obamacare to the American people in 2009 and 2010 will be one of the most powerful general election trump cards Republicans have ever had in their possession. Democrats who stubbornly insist on slamming the gas pedal to the floor regarding Obamacare, ignoring all warnings of impending disaster, are going to end up looking like the train engineer in NYC who tried to take a posted 30 mph turn at 82 mph. And I think we all know how that turned out. This isn’t going to end well for the Dems. Hubris comes with a price.

  • larryjrmarlyn

    In the past yours truly was content to merely vote for the GOP candidate against Mary Landrieu. Given her support of SoeotorCare-she cast the DECIDING VOTE in the senate- this redneck will contribute money to her opponent’s campaign coffers in addition to voting for the winner between Maness and Cassidy. Oh, how I wish I could do more to ensure Landrieu’s defeat!

    • teapartyidiots

      Hmmm, someone else said Pryor cast the deciding vote, and another said it was Begich. So confused….

  • Igor Shafarevich

    Liberalism is childish.

    • teapartyidiots

      Conservatism is reactionary and misogynistic.

      • Igor Shafarevich

        In this related YouTube video, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield laughs at the nonsense espoused by delusional liberal Charlie Rangel:

  • Lamb Chop

    The key to winning is deceptively easy, just pump out several million posters with a picture of Mary Landrieu on them, and below it this highly pertinent sentence: SHE WAS A GOOD GERMAN.

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