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February 10, 2016

Rating Change: Colorado Governor

Republicans appear to have avoided disaster by not nominating polarizing former Rep. Tom Tancredo in their effort to knock off Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Former Rep. Bob Beauprez gives Republicans a credible nominee and polls have shown him within striking distance of the governor. But he has also been underfunded, and this looks like a race the Republican Governors Association is going to have to carry across the finish line if the GOP wants to win it.

The overlap with the very competitive U.S. Senate race between Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner and the competitive 6th District race between Democrat Andrew Romanoff and incumbent Republican Mike Coffman makes Colorado a top state to watch on election night.

We’re changing the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating of the race from Democrat Favored to Leans Democratic.

  • Nathan Jessup

    The herky-jerky processes of technological advance are destroyed when those who preach from collectivism’s altar attempt to direct that everything be made equally available to everyone.

    • UBG

      Yes. There are too many people believing that might makes right and that they know what’s best for everyone.

  • fodderphil

    I’ll say it again, while Rothenberg professes to be right down the middle in his assessments, he actually Leans Left, to use his terminology. That said, if he has inched this race to Leans Democrat, then ChickenCooper is in more trouble than his big-money, corporate crony donors (the same as O-Bomber’s) think. Now that Tancredo, an honest, decent man who always happens to speak his mind, even if it’s not popular to leftist revisionists in both parties, is gone, let’s stop the cheap-shot,post-haste personal attacks while ensuring an across-the-board victory for Beauprez-Repella, Gardner and all GOP legislative entrants.

  • larryboning

    Tancredo is only polarizing to people who believe unlimited illegal and legal immigration is a good thing.

  • UBG

    What most of Colorado really wants is a pro-liberty candidate. This is a good thing. Hickenlooper definitely isn’t one and I have my doubts about Beauprez.

    • fodderphil

      So, like ’08 and ’12, you purists are going to sit out another election, or maybe throw away your vote in certain races at different levels to vote for a Libertarian, right? Beauprez might not be exactly a big Freedom candidate like Tancredo, but he’s no RINO and is a far cry from ChickenCooper. Ditto Gardner vs. worthless Frick, Udall.

      • UBG

        Wrong, but even if I did, it wouldn’t matter. The elections are decided by the unaffiliated voters. I’m trying to understand why it’s so difficult for most politicians to be at least 80% consistent on liberty. That’s not purity – that’s getting a B-. The fact that they aren’t means that they don’t get it and aren’t in it for the right reasons. I plan to vote for BB, anyway.

        Ryan Call (CO state R chair) asked us if the R Party should be more conservative or more moderate. How about more pro-liberty? He doesn’t get it, either. BTW on a related note (not directed at you), it’s time to drop the “C word” (conservative). No one knows what it means anymore, it’s been demonized by the media and it certainly isn’t synonymous with liberty if control freaks like Santorum claim it.

  • Drewbueno

    The RGA would have a couple hundred thousand dollars more to spend against Hickenlooper if they hadn’t already spent it smearing one of their own.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    Hickenlooper! Ear! Out on it!

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